celebrity incest m/f f/f m/m

Started by traci80, March 23, 2013, 01:23:35 PM

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I can play either of the following...

  16yo Cody Lohan is fed up living with his mom and travels out to California to be with his oldest sister, Lindsay. The 26yo bad girl gives her younger brother freedom and a sex life. First with her friends, then with her and maybe other guys too. Eventually their 19yo sister, Ali, may join them. The sex will be rough with some non-con. There will be cigarettes, pot use and booze. Lindsay will be dom. Her brother is learning to be.

  I can play Lindsay, or Cody.


This sounds quite interesting. I might be interested in playing Cody. Would you rather see him as the innocent, beholden to his sister and submissive, or more of a spoilt brat, entitled and demanding?
ons and offs

They left their home of summer ease
Beneath the lowland's sheltering trees,
To seek, by ways unknown to all,
The promise of the waterfall.