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Author Topic: F looking for F/F plot  (Read 1858 times)

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F looking for F/F plot
« on: March 22, 2013, 05:03:33 pm »

I have been role-playing for a good few years now and recently a took about a two year hiatus from it because of the stress of real life. I am once again looking for a little distraction and stress relief that comes from writing role-plays and currently am looking to revive this old request thread. For this specific idea I am very insistent on the look of the character you'd be playing. It seems obvious I really like Michelle Rodriguez. I have a look for my character as well, but I am completely opened to change my own characters looks to one that you might prefer. Be it some random image or a specific actresses you might have a liking for. Send PM if interested.

Next post is ONs and OFFs for this role-play.

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ONs and OFFs

This are specific to this role-play, which means these are a must for this plot idea. What it doesn't mean is that there can't be more or that I'm not willing to take something out. If there is something you absolutely don't like we can scratch it and feel free to add something else you would like as well. We can comment over it through PMs. Other things I'm opened to can be found in my preferences list in my profile.



It’s pretty obvious since I am looking for an adult role-play that I am looking for scenes that include sex or sexual tension in most of them, of course not all of them because I am looking for story build up.

Hair pulling:

Is a favorite of mine and given that this role-play is F/F it just seems it can be given and received. Be it in the middle of some sexual act or just to get the other’s character attention, make them stop talking or even just to annoy the other.


Another favorite foreplay of mine. Using the tongue to tease the other in pretty much any part of the body.


Much like hair pulling it can be in the middle of anything and for whatever reason, and most likely will always arise some kind of sexual response from my character no matter what. Hickeys: Hard bites that leave marks behind are also nice, but no actual drawing of blood please.


This one is a favorite to give more than receive, but is open to both either way.


There’s no much explaining this one really.

Light restraint:

I’m all up for bondage, but in this role-play the most I would go for would be maybe something to hold her wrist or arms back.

Use of force:

This is sexually and non sexually. The character I’m looking for you to play is one that isn’t afraid to use force to get her way mostly at time of higher frustration.


Is the disagreements and verbal fights that lead up to everything else and makes it o so much more fun.


And though I have a thing for force and pain I really can’t go long without a bit of semblance of romance in it, no matter how small. As much as I like them to fight I also like them to care and think about and comprehend one another.

Mirroring of post:
This is what I always try to do and 1-3 paragraphs is a nice average. I can do more as well, but usually takes me longer to do so, since it just means I get more time to really use my words.

Anything that should belong in the bathroom.
Actual torture

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Things for this role-play that I'd also like to play out:
Alcohol “mistakes”
Power struggle both in bed and life

(Looking for someone to play character B) Alice was taught everything she knew by her father. How to con people, how to make them fear you, how to be smarter than the ones below you, how to handle the money, how to hide it, how to lie to those closest to you, how to kill without a second thought, and how to feel nothing as you walked away from the corpse. It hadn’t always been like this, at first she had lived a very normal childhood, some would even say she had been spoiled rotten, but then she had turned seventeen and everything changed. She had never question what her father did for a living until the day he began to teach her.


At the age of seven she met your character B. No one ever understood how the two of them could be so close. They just seemed so different; where Alice was rich, educated, well mannered and used to getting things her way with a cry or a smile, character B came from a poor, hard working family, and didn’t seem to know anything beyond what she needed in order to help out her family. Character B knew how to fend for herself relying on no one and maybe getting in a bit of trouble for expressing her honest opinion on things.

Now to another group of people it couldn't be more obvious why the two stayed close to one another. Alice would plea and cry for character B not to get into trouble or not to start a fight and just like that character B would listen. And when Alice acted spoiled or tried to get her way all it took was character B’s anger or reprimanding word to make her stop and apologize for once. It was like a tug of war that lasted ten years, one would push boundaries and the other would pull her back. Their attraction and curiosity for each other was such, that on their last weeks together they had ventured into the blurry lines of friends/lovers. Some shared touches and kisses under the pretense of experimenting with someone close.

But things weren't meant to stay that way forever. Character B wasn’t blind, she could see there was something wrong in Alice’s family, but Alice never wanted to face the truth about her father. Somehow Alice's family became the single topic Character B was not allowed to bring up no matter what the reason. Then one day just like that Alice disappeared along with her father, just after her seventeenth birthday. Without notice, without a goodbye, without another word.


Now, five years later, character B has gone into a career in law enforcement and is the leader of a special unit who just caught the head of a criminal organization. Imagine her surprise when she recognizes him as the father of her long lost friend. Now that her dad has been arrested Alicie is left with nothing and no one to turn to. Thousand blame her for her father's actions and those that have died by his hand or orders and others don't want to get involved with her in fear of ending up in prison like her father. Character B sees her distress and doesn’t doubt to offer her a place to stay, welcoming her old friend with open arms. She knew that she had nothing to do with her father’s work; Alice could never take part in that kind of business. Character B’s, 2 year long, girlfriend and coworkers aren’t too happy and advise her against it, but she could never really turn away from Alice, not when she was in trouble or pain. To her she was innocent maybe a bit mischievous and manipulative, but nothing more.

But it had been years since they had seen each other and people can change depending on what they experience. A life without someone to set boundaries for her or teach her what was really right from wrong didn't do much good for Alice. Alice inherited her father’s line of work and those five years she was away she’d slowly molded herself into something far from innocent. Lying, killing, and stealing are simple things for Alice, but seeing the friend that used to stop her from taking advantage of other's isn't as easy. So instead she feels the need to want to corrupt her as well before she finds herself feeling guilty for the things she has done, or maybe she wants someone to punish her for what she's done even if they don't know they're doing so.

The fleeting looks, seemingly casual touches, suggestive words, and your character finds herself trying desperately to hold on to the life she's made and staying faithful instead of giving in to the girl who had once always been able to pull her close with just a smile. The lust and want between the two is clearly evident, yet Alicie seems to make it very clear that she’s willing to take the next step, but your character must say yes first. To make matters worst rumors run around that there’s a new boss hard at work and your team needs to close the case once and for all. The lies and holes in Alice's stories bring out the old short tempered teenager character B used to be and sometimes it seems like Alice is almost trying to provoke her not only into giving into her advances but giving into her anger as well.

This role-play in summary is the good and the bad roughing it out with each other. How many boundaries can Alice push before the other gets mad? Or how many times does your character have to argue with her before Alice has had enough? Is a test on each other's limits and trust. Violence and aggression is in their nature and daily lives, so if things get violent it’s fine (slapping, pushing, hurtful words).  Little by little character B can begin to figure things out, but not right away. Confrontations about lies are also welcomed through the role-play.

Character B inspiration:

Alice inspiration:



Fair skin and light colored eyes meant you were part of the royal bloodline. For years it had been this way, but soon after Katherina was born everything had changed. Her parents were slaughtered by those wanting their power and every royal in the kingdom met the same fate soon enough. Katherina was the lucky one, too small to be noticed yet perfect to be carried away quickly. For nineteen year she lived in hiding with those that called themselves rebels. They wanted to protect her and save the kingdom that was now being run by tyrants that drowned the kingdom in death. Yet no one every really wanted to train her or even approach her, she was royal and was supposed to be treated as such, they said. Of course one person though differently, a skilled resistance fighter who came only some nights and yet never showed anyone her face or spoke to anyone. Katherina heard that she was a valuable asset to the resistance, so she felt honored when one night the fighter gave her a sword and began to teach her how to defend herself. Truly though what she enjoyed most was the company of the other, everyone else treated her like glass while the fighter truly listened to her and was not afraid to bruise her up a little during their training.  Soon she found herself longing for the fighter to return and train her only to be able to be close to someone, and she could not deny she enjoyed it on a level she probably should not. Three years of simple training in defense, but it didn’t do much good once someone finally attacked the camp. One look at her and it was as if they had found treasure. Katherina was hauled off and offered to the royals in exchange for money and land. She was now a prized slave of those who had murdered her parents.


The tyrants, or king and queen, had one daughter close to Katherina’s own age and with the upcoming birthday she was offered as a birthday present to the….princess, he own personal little servant. A princess for a princess, it seemed funny to the new royals. As the weeks passed Katherina learned to despise the princess the most of them all. The princess complimented her on her looks constantly forcing Katherina to remember time and time again who she used to be. But it was not only that, but the forced touches and kisses the other seemed insistent on giving her whenever they found themselves alone. Whatever infatuation the princess seemed to have with her, she wanted no part of, and she tried to avoid or resist the other.

The princess was strong for a royal, almost surprisingly so, Katherina had learned this the first day there. She had fought back and for the first and last time verbally insulted the princess. In the end her actions had gotten her a purple cheek and he body pinned against a wall for several hours by the princess own powerful grip. She had never in her life been hit before not even by the masked fighter who pushed her away and made her fall but had never truly laid a hand on her. Katherina convinced herself that the only reason she sometimes didn’t fight back was because it would do her no good to do so, and yet she knew there had never been a threat of death or any other harm greater than a harsh slap to the face. She didn’t want to find herself comparing the touches and holds to those she had enjoyed from the resistance fighter that had trained her. She never verbally gave her consent and she did everything she could to avoid the princess, ignoring her calls and escaping from the room as soon as she was finished preparing it, but that was how she found herself in her current predicament.


She had been hiding away at the stables cleaning them as an excuse so that no one would be able to find her for a while. And that’s when she had seen her, leading a horse inside the stable. The same masked fighter that was part of the resistance, the same one that was now taking off the mask. She had all but gasped as she saw the princess face behind the mask and now the princess had also seen her and knew that she knew. She moved away from the stable door and away from the princess or resistance fighter, or whoever this person was and ran. She knew and understood nothing and if things with the princess had been bad before, now they had just become a lot worse.

The princess (20-22 can be older, but staying in the 20's range):
Some background details:
Joined the resistance at 13, the reasons for joining are up to you.
First saw Katherina at thirteen and has had an infatuation with her ever since.
Excellent fighter.
I'd like her to have a bit of short temper and pride seeing as she was brought up by the "tyrants" and as a princess, but any other personality trait is up to you.
How honest, good, bad, mean, nice, rough, or how good her intentions really are or aren't is completely up to you.

Katherina (20-21)
Personality traits:
Mouthy (gets punished when speaking out in front of guests or other servants)
Even though she was never raised in the palace she was still raised as a princess so most of the time she does feel entitled
Smart enough to keep quiet in front of those who would actually do real harm to her (king and queen)
Emotionally open: can't keep almost anything in
Bossy (once she has more leverage)
Loyal to her people and those that helped her

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Re: F looking for F for F/F plot
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2013, 04:27:00 pm »
Added second plot.

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Re: F looking for F for F/F plot
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2013, 02:47:25 am »
Request open once more and looking for new partners.

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Re: F looking for F/F plot
« Reply #5 on: October 30, 2016, 01:07:23 am »
Looking to start things up again! :)