A new craving (m x f)

Started by bandit, March 19, 2013, 03:35:53 PM

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Young, beautiful, and talented, that's what she is. She is, in fact, one of the youngest designers in the world with a major fashion line that has all the respect that lines like Gucci and Armani have. For the last four years she has been a part of every major fashion show in the world and is internationally famous.

Also known for her philanthropic work, she has donated millions to charities all over the world. Having been an underdog from the beginning of her career until now, she has a soft spot for anyone who struggles to get by.

Not everyone is crazy about her though. Some groups take issue with the charities she chooses or how outspoken she can be about the issues she supports. The latter is exactly what comes back to haunt her in the beginning of our story...

After her gay assistant is the victim of a hate crime, she is unable to stay silent, blasting the hate group responsible in the media. She even goes so far as to pull some strings with NYPD to make sure they are investigated with the hopes that this wont be an assault that goes unpunished. However, the group really doesn't appreciate her actions and decide to punish her for them.

Michael Whelan just finished up his time in the US Army and for the first time in a long time he is neither in a uniform or in the middle east. Struck with a bit of wonder lust, Michael had decided to pack a rucksack and hike from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Living out of a ruck for long period of times is nothing new for him and he happily starts his journey in New York City.

The first day of his travelling things are off to a good start. Mike gets some bagels and walks and eats. The cash he has on him comes as the result of emptying his bank account and selling off everything that he couldn't carry in his ruck. His only form of protection two knives, a kabar and a boot knife, both of which he had while still in the Army. More than one Rambo joke went through his head before setting out like that but carrying a gun was simply too difficult with so many states having such confusing laws about handguns.

While walking through a row of brown stones he noticed a car come to a screeching halt and two guys jumped out. At that point the two men grabbed a woman, and tried to force her into their car.

The ex-army drifter realized that the woman up ahead was being kidnapped and didn't hesitate to help. Ditching his rucksack, he raced in to help and beat the shit out of the two would be kidnappers. One got away but Mike managed to pin the other to the ground in an arm bar until the police arrived. Unfortunately the police found his knives and wanted to arrest him for carrying concealed weapons.

The woman he rescued turned out to have some contacts and by the time Mike arrived at the police station there was a captain waiting to tell the officers that they weren't going to press charges. Turns out that the woman he rescued knew the mayor who told the chief to drop it.

Mike was impressed and was ready to get his stuff and move on with life but when he tried to leave he was stopped by the chief himself....

My idea is that she feels so grateful and just assumes he's homeless (which he technically is) and wants to do something nice for him. That night she has the chief bring him to her apartment in Manhattan. Perhaps she whisks him off for a night of fancy food and drinks or maybe takes him to some fashion show as a thank you for saving her. Regardless she falls for her rescuer who's just not sure he wants to stick around and deal with the people who populate her world.

For a little extra excitement there could even be continued issues with the hate group. He could find himself forced to stick around to testify against her attackers. There's all sorts of things I could see coming of it or popping up to stir up interesting drama.
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