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Author Topic: Midori no Terikaeshi [Lexandria and Fiver214]  (Read 837 times)

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Midori no Terikaeshi [Lexandria and Fiver214]
« on: March 18, 2013, 01:32:04 AM »

Midori no Terikaeshi
Lexandria and Fiver214

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A New Arrival

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Re: Midori no Terikaeshi [Lexandria and Fiver214]
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2013, 01:34:32 AM »
Character Quick Reference

Yuhara Midori
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Rank: Academy Student
Eyes: Large, wide, and gray in color
Hair: Cut short in a haphazard and choppy style, black in color
Distinguishing Characteristics: N/A
Image Reference: Age Progression, Adult

Yuhara Kenjiro
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Rank: Civilian Traveling Merchant
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black and cut short in a haphazard and choppy style, similar to his daughter's
Distinguishing Characteristics: A slight limp in his right leg when he has been traveling for too long
Relation to Midori: Midori's Father.

Yuhara Ayaka
Age: 21 at time of death
Gender: Female
Rank: N/A
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Light brown, kept long and tied loosely back
Relation to Midori: Midori's Mother.

Yuhara Kanetaro
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Rank: Civilian Merchant. Owns a shop in the southern district.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black hair, kept longer than his brother and very wild. It is difficult to tame.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Looks like a younger, more relaxed version of his elder brother, but without the limp.
Relation to Midori: Midori's Uncle.

Yuhara Jinmi
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Rank: Civilian Homemaker
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Long and straight, kept loose it reaches mid-back
Distinguishing Characteristics: Currently five months pregnant
Relation to Midori: Midori's Aunt by marriage.
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Re: Midori no Terikaeshi [Lexandria and Fiver214]
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2013, 04:23:39 AM »

Chapter 1: A New Arrival

"Come along Midori-chan. You don't want to be late, do you?" Yuhara Jinmi called softly down the hallway, her voice carrying without her having to raise it much. The woman was good at that, Midori had noticed in her short time with Kanetaro-oji and his wife. Before, whenever Otousan had brought her to visit, it had just been Kanetaro-oji. Otousan did not like to to go Kanetaro-oji's house, so she had never met his wife before even though she had hard of her. It was different now that his wife was pregnant. She was not very far along, as far as the nine-year-old could tell. Not that she had much experience with judging the progression of pregnancy. Still, it made Kanetaro-oji act differently, and Midori was not quite sure if she liked the change.

"No, Jinmi-sama." she answered politely, scooping up the sandy-colored ball of fur that had been insistently attempting to climb up her leg. Midori was not quite sure what to call the woman her Ojisan had married, having only known the woman for two days, but as she set Sunako on her shoulder, she hard the reply she had been getting every time she tried to be polite to the woman.

"Midori-chan, please do not be so formal. Call me Oba." Kanetaro-oji's wife was nice, she did not demand it, but the words did not seem right yet. Too familiar. Maybe soon she would feel close enough to be so informal. Maybe.

Emerging, if somewhat slowly from the room she had been given use of, the small girl eyed the unfamiliar woman shyly, unsure what to do now. She was dressed in her normal t-shirt and shorts that Jinmi-sama disapproved of, had Sunako on her shoulder, and had eaten breakfast before getting dressed. What else was there to do before going to the academy? Midori figured that she would hear of anything she forgot soon.

"Come on, Midori, I'll walk you to class. Here, I've packed a bento for your lunch" the woman handed a neatly-wrapped package to Midori.

"Thank you." she said softly, inclining her head formally as she took the package from Jinmi-sama. The woman sighed, making Midori wonder what it was she had done wrong. But no correction came, and instead the woman lead her out the door and down the street. The walk was a little long, comparatively to the one they had taken to the market the day before so that she knew the way from Kanetaro-oji's shop to her new home, but it did not seem so bad to the young girl. Eventually they arrived at a large building with children playing outside, rushing to greet their friends as parents dropped off their offspring. To Midori's relief, Jinmi-sama lead her past the children and into the building. It seemed like she knew where she was going, and Midori payed attention so she would hopefully learn her way around. It was not difficult, luckily.

Into the third door on the left she was lead, with Jinmi-sama ahead of her, speaking to another adult with a mark across his nose. Eventually, he turned and addressed her with a nice, friendly smile. "Hi Midori, I am Umino Iruka, I'll be your instructor. You can call me Iruka-sensei."

"It is nice to meet you, Iruka-sensei." holding her small hand out, Midori waited to shake his hand, as her father had taught her was polite upon meeting people. Her new instructor had an odd smile on his face as he shook her hand, sending a look to Jinmi-sama who shrugged.

"Bye Midori, I will come pick you up after class."

"I can walk back Jinmi-sama, I remember the way. Goodbye." That made the woman frown slightly, but shrug and wander out the door.

"Class is about to start, Midori. Why don't you wait up front here, and I'll introduce you when everyone comes in?"

Midori nodded, trying to hide her nervousness, though she began fidgeting enough that the movement of her shoulders upset Sunako, who whined loudly for such a small cat...

____ ___ __ _

Jinmi found herself in a quandary with Midori. The small girl was so formal, so unused to interacting with anyone other than Kenjiro, and sometimes Kanetaro, that it was almost painful to watch her try. Forever, the young girl was trying to follow the social rules her father had taught her: how to be polite, how to keep from offending others. But what the man hadn't realized is that the girl thought that was how you dealt with everyone and not just other merchants and businessmen. The girl hardly spoke unless spoken to, except when she was talking to that cat her father had given her. Jinmei did not think that was healthy either, that the only being the child felt comfortable talking to was her kitten.

Hopefully, a stable home environment and exposure to other children via the Academy would do her some good. Eventually, Jinmi wanted to be able to dress her more like a girl, and let her grow her hair out. The poor thing looked like a little boy right now, and would probably be teased about it for a while. But, the look on the little girl's face when she had taken her to one of the clothing stores yesterday and pointed out a dress let Jinmi know it would not be easy. And she did not want to force Midori into becoming what she thought a little girl should be; that would be the quickest way to ruin their relationship. Maybe, if she had a little girl, Midori would show some interest in feminine things as she introduced the baby to them. That would be nice...

____ ___ __ _

Midori's anxiety only grew as the children began filing into class and taking their seats. There weren't very many left untaken by the time class began.

"Okay class, listen up." Iruka-sensei began, raising his voice over the many children's voices. "This is Yuhara Midori. Midori will be joining our class as of today. Please be welcoming. Midori, you can take a seat." With his hand on her back, Iruka-sensei gave her a little push forward when she faltered, giving her the boost needed to wander up into the seats and take the first open one she found, near the aisle. Sitting quickly, Midori tucked the bento from Jinmi-sama under her seat, determined to pay attention and do well in class.

Iruka-sensei started with a review, probably because she was new and had not heard any of this before. That was even more reason to pay attention. The last thing she wanted was to be behind the other students just because she was new. Otousan had taught her a lot about reading and writing and many other subjects that he knew, but what Iruka was going over was completely new: chakra theory. That was definitely something to pay attention to. Why hadn't Otousan told her about this?

The lecture went on for most of the morning, Iruka-sensei would call on students occasionally to fill in answers, and Midori payed as best attention as she could. Sunako had climbed down from her shoulder to take a nap in her lap while class went on, but that small puppy one of the boys had with him might have something to do with that. But, the little dog did not stray from the boy, and Sunako stayed securely in her lap, so all was well. Eventually, they were released for lunch, and reminded to return within forty minutes for the rest of class.

Midori pulled her bento out from under her seat, intending to remain in the classroom to eat, but Iruka-sensei walked up to her. "Midori, you should go outside with the other children. Jinmi told me you have not yet made any friends in Konoha. Lunch time is a good time to meet people, and students are not allowed in the classrooms over the lunch break."

Heart sinking, the young girl nodded and stood, lifting Sunako as she did so, "Yes, Iruka-sensei." she murmured, gathering her lunch with her other hand, she wandered outside to the playground. There was a nice spot under one of the trees, a bit away from most of the rambunctious playing of the other students. That looked like a good spot to eat quietly. Once she made her way over, Midori sat down in the soft green grass, set the little furball down, and opened her lunch to see what Jinmi-sama had packed...
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Re: Midori no Terikaeshi [Lexandria and Fiver214]
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A sleeping form stirred at the announcement of a newcomer. Groggily, Shikamaru picked his head up to ritually greet Yuhara Midori and her cat to the class. Then, thinking a review a perfectly good excuse to fall back asleep, Shikamaru set his head back down.

"Wow, a new student. Don't get many of those, do we Shikamaru?" Choji asked, interrupting his friend's first silent mental steps into dreaming.

"Nope," Shikamaru agreed.

"She has a cat, too. Like Kiba's dog. Do you think that'll make them opposites?"

"Maybe." Shikamaru didn't think it worked that way, but he wasn't going to try and explain that to Choji when he himself was so close to sleep. Why go to the effort?

"That'd be bad. They'd fight, if they were opposites."

Choji's fears washed over a sleeping Shikamaru, who grunted absently.


Choji attacked his food with his typical enthusiasm. Standing next to him, Shikamaru watched, amused. He himself had eaten a small portion of his food; having slept through most of the lessons, Shikamaru knew he wouldn't need much. If Choji asked, as he sometimes would, Shikamaru would hand over the rest. He simply couldn't be bothered to finish it, or keep it to eat later. Choji was a simple solution to the problem of carrying around half a lunch all day.

"Hey, Shikamaru," Choji began, putting a halt to his meal for a moment. It must have been at least marginally serious.

"What?" Shikamaru asked, letting his head recline back against the wall of the school so he could look up at the clouds.

"That new girl. Yuhara-san." Choji looked over at the lonely girl, adopting his slightly worried expression.

"What about her?" There was a cloud that looked a bit like the Konoha leaf.

"She's alone."

From anyone else, Shikamaru would have simply dismissed the statement of the obvious. With Choji, however, Shikamaru knew it had special connotations. Before Shikamaru had abandoned a game for Choji and their subsequent bonding, Choji had been alone. It was only the first day, but Choji may have feared a little for the girl; was she alone as he had been? Maybe she was like him, and they could be friends like he was with Shikamaru? Shikamaru could read his friend easily. He decided he feared a little for the girl's social life too, since his friend was so concerned. Still, he would poke at Choji, even while helping him satisfy his need to be kind to the newcomer. "What, do you like her or something?"

Shikamaru didn't need to look at his friend to see him blush and begin to form firm denials. "Whatever. Let's go talk to her," Shikamaru said, standing.

It was such a bother. Couldn't the girl get up and speak for herself? What was her name again? Yuhara. Yuhara Midori. She must have been shy, like some other girls Shikamaru could think of. Shy didn't mean she would be outcast, but if Choji wanted to go through the trouble of meeting and greeting, Shikamaru figured he would tag along, annoyed as he was.

"Hey, Yuhara-san," Shikamaru said. "I'm Shikamaru. This is Choji," he jerked a thumb.

"Hello, Yuhara-san. Welcome to the school!" Choji produced a bag of chips from somewhere and offered it to her. "Here. Have some. Shikamaru and I like to eat and look at the clouds, and..." Choji blushed. "You can join us, if you like?"

"Not everyone likes looking at clouds," Shikamaru observed. "Maybe when your finished, we can pick up a game of Ninja with the other students. They usually try to have a quick game before class starts again, so you just have to finish eating a bit sooner. It'll be a bother, but we can do either."

That said, Shikamaru sat down next to her, and watched Choji sit on her other side inclusively. That easily, Shikamaru and Choji insinuated her into their little "group", and it was up to her if she wanted to reject their offer of friendship.

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Re: Midori no Terikaeshi [Lexandria and Fiver214]
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Sunako flopped and rolled around in the grass, prowling through and sneaking up on her human to jump on her feet and bat at the toes poking through the tips of sandals. It was fun to be out in all the grass and fresh smelling outside, away from that canine that that other human had with him. The little canine had not noticed her, she did not think, but it had still been safer in her human's lap. Plus it had been warmer: a very good place for a nap.

She was not sleeping now, though. No, now she was hunting toes. And what was that furry thing she kept seeing out of the corner of her eye? Must chase that! But it was too fast. Almost.. almost...There it wa-- oh. It was her tail. Maybe her human would feed her now...

____ ___ __ _

Carefully unwrapping the bento, which Jinmi-sama had put in a pink and white flowered cloth of all things, Midori lifted the lid to examine the contents. There were two large rice balls. They kind of looked like panda bears or little dogs or something that she did not quite understand the point of, some smoked fish, raw vegetables, fruit, a noodle dish, and a little thermos of juice that had been set on top of the box. It was almost as large as dinner the night before had been, and Midori had no idea how she was supposed to be expected to eat it all. It would be rude to take it back to Jinmi-sama only partially eaten.

The fish and the fruit looked quite good though. "Itadakimasu" she murmured softly, as Otousan had taught her, grasping a piece of fish with the chopsticks Jinmi-sama had supplied. It was only half way to her mouth when Sunako grew bored of chasing her tail and came pouncing over eagerly. She must be hungry.

"Are you hungry, Sunako?" It was so much easier talking to the kitten then to other people. And Sunako always acted like she understood, weather she did or not Midori couldn't tell.

"Muuurh! Maaaoou!" tiny paws and sharp claws dug into her knee as the insistent little animal tried to climb up and gain access to the food.

"Hey! Do not be rude, Sunako." dropping the fish back into the box, Midori grasped the kitten up and set her back down an arms length away. "Here. Please ask nicely next time" she set the fish she had been about to eat on the ground in front of the furball, who immediately began purring and nibbling at the offering. Experience told Midori that the demanding little thing would not be able to finish the whole thing, anyway. It would keep her occupied for a while.

In the mean time, she started on her meal, working slowly through as best as she could. Though she managed not to eat any of the noodles, only one of the panda-dog rice balls, most of the vegetables, half the fish, and all of the fruit and juice. She would just have to tell Jinmi-sama that there had been far too much and maybe offer to eat the rest for dinner? That seemed like a good compromise and apology.

Just as she was contemplating the rest of her food, Sunako, who had become bored with her fish and abandoned it only slightly eaten in the dirt, clamored into her lap, humming loudly for attention. "What is it?" but the cause became obvious as two boys approached and began talking to her. The boy with the ponytail and put-upon attitude gave their names, but only their given names, and not family names. How was she supposed to know what to call them? To use only given names was far too familiar, and so was adding 'kun', even if it was a little less familiar. But tacking on 'san' or 'sama' to their given name was improper too, according to Otousan that was for last names. What was she supposed to do? She should stand and introduce herself correctly, but her lunch was balanced on her knees and Sunako was settled in her lap.

It was too late now, anyway. The other boy, Choji, was offering her some chips. Her stomach was already rather full, but to refuse the offer would be impolite as well--

"Sunako!" Midori gasped and grasped the kitten, who had stretched up, using Midori's knees to brace her front paws on, in an attempt to see into the bag of chips. Setting her back in her lap, the girl mumbled "Do not be rude. Stay here."

The kitten glared and flicked her short, fluffy little tail back and forth violently.

Belatedly, she realized she hadn't greeted the boys yet, or responded to them at all. "I am sorry about Sunako. Sometimes she is rude. It is nice to meet you, and thank you, also." She took a chip from the bag, stalling a moment. They had asked more questions anyway, and sat down, so now she did not have to stand up to shake hands.

"I have never played ninja before: I do not know the rules and I am not very good at group games." because being around too many rambunctious people made her nervous and confused as to how to act. "I think that looking at clouds sounds very calm." That was the other thing she did not like about large groups of children, even those her age: they were always very energetic, loud, and turbulent. They reminded her of that huge waterfall Otousan had shown her once when they were traveling.

She still did not know what would be right to call them. Should she ask? It felt awkward, but it was probably better to ask than to accidentally offend them when they were being so nice and friendly.

"Um.." now it was harder to talk to them because one was on either side. Eye contact was important when speaking to others. It could not be helped in this case. So, while speaking, Midori tried to alternate who she was looking at. "How would you like me to call you? You can call me Midori, if you want to instead of Yuhara-san." That was how friends did, right? And they seemed to want to be friends, maybe, according to what Otousan had said about how friends interacted. "But I do not know either of your family names, and I do not want to accidentally offend either of you by being too familiar too fast. A-and I kind of thought asking would be better than guessing." now that she was nervous and unsure, the words just started tumbling out.

"Also! Thank you for sharing with me. I have extra of my lunch, I already ate a lot of it, but Jinmi-sama made way too much food. You can have some if you w-want." she was speaking too quickly, but it was hard to stop it now. And speaking to two people at once was hard, "Jinmi-sama made the tsukudani onigiri look like a panda I think. I don't know why though, because inside it is normal tasting..." That had been puzzling her since she had opened the box. "If no one wants any I can take it back home and maybe eat it for dinner. I do not want to offend Jinmi-sama..." belatedly, she nibbled the chip Choji had given her...
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Re: Midori no Terikaeshi [Lexandria and Fiver214]
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"Don't worry about it, Midori," Shikamaru said. "Playing Ninja is a bit of trouble anyway, and with so little time to do it in we wouldn't finish it really. We can just sit back, and relax."

Choji, meanwhile, had stuttered out a few thank-yous and taken the offered food. He seemed to enjoy them, and kept glancing over at Midori every now and again.

The pair sat quietly, one munching delightedly on the food. Shikamaru let his head lay back, watching the clouds. He didn't feel the urge to say anything, given that he had thought over the possible conversations. "Hey, where are you from?" Didn't matter, she lived in Konoha now. "Hey, why'd you choose to become a ninja?" Same reasons most everyone did. Family tradition, hope for a cool career, dedication to the village. "Do you like living here?" Didn't really matter. If she didn't she'd leave. He also thought of torturing Choji a bit, but figured it wouldn't be worth the effort, since he hadn't gotten much of a reaction for his earlier poke.

"So, where you come from, how much did you learn? Are you playing catch-up or is the review old news for you?" Choji asked, perhaps lacking a little tact.

"Chakra theory is challenging for some," Shikamaru said, subtly excluding himself from that 'some'. "Iruka-sensei is pretty good about keeping people up-to-date on all the lessons, though, if asked. If you're having trouble, you should talk to him."

Shikamaru let his mind wander after offering that little piece of advice. Soon, time was up and they all had to return to class.

"Hey, you could sit with us; I think there's an empty space, right Shikamaru?"

"Huh? I don't know.

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Re: Midori no Terikaeshi [Lexandria and Fiver214]
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"That sounds nice." Midori offered quietly, taking Sunako out of her lap and setting the kitten in the grass again to play. Relaxing sounded good, especially when the alternative was a bunch of rowdy kids running around and being loud. Loud noises were not something Midori appreciated anyway. "You are welcome..." No one had answered her on what to call either of them, but she could still respond to Choji's thanks politely. Maybe she could get by without addressing anyone by their names? That seemed a little rude. But maybe because Shikamaru had used her given name, in a familiar sense, then she was supposed to address them as they did her? She would wait and see, maybe.

It was nice that Choji was helping her eat her lunch. She would have to tell Jinmi-sama that she had made too much today, and maybe she could make less tomorrow? Now, though, it was nice to just be. To sit quiet but not alone, enjoying the time before class began again. Maybe making friends was easier than she had thought, easier than it had seemed before. Or maybe she just hadn't found the right sort of people to try to be friends with? The ones she had tried with before were all excitable and rude and mean sometimes.

"Oh! Um... well, I was born here, but Otousan travels, he's a trader, so he taught me a lot because I got to travel with him before he left me behind. But nothing about Chakra theory or... or anything like that. Mostly writing and math and history and those sorts of things... I suppose I should talk to Iruka-sensei, I don't want to be too behind everyone else. I do not quite understand how to know if I am mixing the chakra correctly or not..." It was a good suggestion, speaking to the instructor. She should do that after class, before going to Kanetaro-oji's home.

Lunch concluded and they returned to class, Midori scooping Sunako, carrying her back with them. "Thank you. That would be nice, if there is space." There was, so she sat in the empty seat, deciding that it might not be so bad, living in Konoha without Otousan. At least she was not lonely now, and Choji and Shikamaru seemed to be friendly. So they might spend more time together also?

As class resumed, Midori turned her attention to Iruka-sensei, struggling to catch up and make up for what she did not yet know...

____ ___ __ _

Iruka smiled as he observed Yuhara Midori enter the classroom with Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Choji. They seemed the sort who would get along with the quiet, awkward girl. He felt quite pleased that pushing her outside had worked so well, including that little lie about students not being allowed in the classroom during lunch. Perhaps now the girl's guardian would stop worrying about her so much. She was fitting in just fine.

____ ___ __ _

The review continued for the rest of the day, until Iruka-sensei finally dismissed them. Midori gathered her empty bento and set a sleepy Sunako on her shoulder. The small kitten seemed less than enthused about being woken up, but she would just have to deal with it if she did not want to get left behind at Kanetaro-oji's house. It would not be fair to Jinmi-sama to have to care for Sunako when it was her responsibility to do so.

Was she supposed to tell Shikamaru and Choji that she was going to stay behind to talk to Iruka-sensei? Friends did that, right?

"Um.. I am going to ask Iruka-sensei about the things I do not understand..." Midori turned to look at the two boys, trying not to feel so awkward in speaking to them. They were probably going to go home, as she was supposed to. But maybe she could sit with them tomorrow again, if they wanted...
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Re: Midori no Terikaeshi [Lexandria and Fiver214]
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Shikamaru nodded. "That's probably a good idea." Chakra theory could be difficult for some. Though, he felt as if Midori would catch up soon enough. The rest of the students had already been over the information, and the review for them had been quite boring. With Midori's limited education, it was probably all new information. Transferring put you behind, which is why it didn't happen very often.

"Well, bye-bye!" Shikamaru said, turning away with Choji to begin walking away.

Passing by at almost the same time was a rather frustrated-looking older man and a young boy with excited, eager green eyes that drank in every detail. Just looking at him, Shikamaru became tired. That boy had a lot of contained energy.

"Hey," Choji said. "Who are they?" The older man and the boy walked into the building, brushing past Midori at a fast walk.

"No idea. Another transfer student?"

"Oh. Midori, you won't be the newest tomorrow!" Choji called over his shoulder with a wave.


Kitsu ignored the press of his father's hand on his shoulder, pushing him along into the building where he would learn to be a Ninja. It would be the place of the birth of his story, he knew. He loved the building already. He loved the rooms, the desks, and he had a great liking for the man with the headband, who would become his teacher.

"All the paperwork is arranged," Kitsu's father growled. He made as if to push Kitsu forward, but before he could Kitsu had already stepped forward.

"My name is Kitsu." The boy grinned up at Iruka.

"Well," Iruka said. "It's nice to meet you. Do you think you're ready for all the work? You are quite far behind the rest of the class you have been placed into."

Kitsu's father grunted. "He loves this stuff. The brat might even be ahead."

Kitsu took it for praise, and his grin grew even larger, were it possible. His green eyes didn't focus in on Iruka, but instead swiveled farther than his head as the chin made swooping arcs; e was trying to take in every detail. Every single one. It was only when Iruka spoke again that his eyes went back to the man.

"Well, we will have to see I guess... If he needs help, I'll be able to tutor him. Luckily, he isn't the only transfer student, even though he's later than we would have liked."

Kitsu's father grunted.

"So... I start tomorrow, right?" Kitsu asked.

"Well, yes. We have to get you into the groove of things as quickly as possible. I made some notes on the lessons we've done the past few days so you won't be too far behind so long as you ─"

"Can I read them now?"

Iruka blinked in surprise. He wasn't often interrupted, and it was certainly interesting to find a student so eager to learn that they interrupted him. "Well... Yes. I suppose..." Iruka reached for the papers he had made for Kitsu, and then remembered he had written some for Midori as well, and forgotten to hand them to her.

Kitsu took the notes, and began reading them where he stood while Iruka spoke to his father. Chakra theory. Evasion tactics. Basic poison education. Even math, surprisingly (though not entirely unexpected). He must have made a strange sight, looking at class notes as if they were a best-selling fiction novel, and an expression of focus misplaced in a young boy who was just a little shorter than he should have been.

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Re: Midori no Terikaeshi [Lexandria and Fiver214]
« Reply #8 on: April 29, 2013, 05:34:48 AM »
Midori nodded, following her new friends out of the classroom, walking them to the door as she thought, perhaps, was polite. Or showed desperation for companionship. Either way, she smiled shyly and waved after them as they left, calling out a soft "Bye" as they did so. As she began to turn around, Choji hollered after her, and she felt a bit more encouraged. If there were two late starters, maybe Iruka-Sensei would be more willing to give more information, and let her catch up with the others.

She had noticed the adult and boy who had entered and walked past, he seemed much less nervous than she had felt just this morning, when Jinmi-sama had brought her to the classroom. He seemed to be very excited. Maybe they would not get along, as she hoped they might, as they were both new. Perhaps, he might be more like the energetic and mean children she had encountered before, in other villages while traveling with Otousan. It took her a moment to gather her bravery and re-enter the classroom. Just as she did, she caught the tail end of Iruka-sensei's conversation with the boy's father. Or guardian, as Midori remembered that she had been with Jinmi-sama earlier, who was definitely not Okaasan.

When Iruka-sensei seemed finished speaking with the boy and his guardian, Midori sidled up to him, standing off to the side, waiting quietly and unobtrusively to be noticed. It did not take long.

"Yes, Midori? Can I help you? Here, by the way, I had forgotten to give you this information to help you catch up" he handed her a packet of papers, which Midori gladly accepted.

"Iruka-sensei, I am sorry for interrupting you," she began politely, "I wanted to ask you to clarify some information about chakra theory? I do not understand how I am supposed to feel the chakra, especially in order to mix it properly in order to use it for jutsu? Can you explain what you meant to me in simpler terms? Or in more detail? I understand that I am behind, but I would like to catch up as quickly as possible, please." It was odd to feel so demanding of an adult, but Midori knew that sometimes, if she were not clear about what she was looking for, she might never get what it was she sought.

"Hmm..  I will have a session for you, and for Kitsu here, tomorrow after class, I have a staff meeting soon to get to this afternoon. Please, review the packet of information, it might explain what you are looking for, and in either case, we will work on this, and any other questions you have, tomorrow. Please let your guardian know about the delay so that she does not worry when you are late getting home tomorrow, okay?"

"Yes, Iruka-sensei. Thank you." Midori took the bunch of papers and, with a shy glance towards the new boy, slipped quietly out of the classroom and out of the school. Though, once she had exited, she sat at one of the abandoned lunch tables, just outside the school entrance, and began to flip through the packet, to see what sort of information had been left for her.

The math was easy, and something the girl ended up skimming over. As a merchant and trader, one of the things Otousan had focused on in his education of her had been basic and complex math concepts, as they were very important to his livelihood. She had gotten quite good at the math concepts that had been presented to her. The rest, though, was fascinating and rather new, though some had been gone over in the review earlier. It was definitely something she would want to go over in more detail at home.

Feeling better about her time in the classroom, and about tomorrow in general, Midori stood, intending to walk home now that she felt secure in the knowledge she had been given...

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Kitsu read the papers Iruka had given him while he waited for his turn to speak again. Excitement practically boiled his blood. He felt giddy, and even a little light-headed. This was it! This was the path he had chosen ─ a ninja! He could do it. There was nothing that could stop him. He would be remembered, after his life was over. He could ─

"Well, boy, now that we've gotten everything arranged, I'll be going now. You already know the place you will be staying..." Kitsu's father paused for a moment, eyes centering on his son. The pause was brief, yet significant enough to cause Kitsu to look up from his papers and to meet his father's eyes.

"We'll be leaving now," Kitsu's father told Iruka-sensei. Then, grabbing his son by the shoulder he steered the young boy outside.

As the sun died on the horizon, his father let go of his shoulder. "It's not too late, Kitsu."

"I want this."

Kitsu's father stared at him for a moment longer, then grunted. "Good-bye." Then he was gone.

Kitsu didn't watch him leave ─ his eyes were on his papers. He began moving on auto-pilot, and when the light had gone he grudgingly stuffed them away until he got to his unfurnished new home; a sleeping mat and blanket were all that awaited him. He flicked on a light, and finished reading the papers long before midnight arrived. He fell asleep then, notes impressed into memory, and dreams of stories about himself the only things to keep him company.

He never thought about the other girl, except to think: "I should say hello tomorrow," and slip off into sleep.


Kitsu arrived perhaps a bit earlier than most of the students, despite having no way to be sure. He wanted to be there the moment the doors opened to allow him into the classroom. He read a book on famous ninja in the meantime, and kept a look-out for anyone he needed to say hello to. He made himself conspicuous: reading, but open. Were it possible, he'd stop to talk to anyone.

Some did ask, including a pink-haired girl who only briefly introduced herself before leaving to moon after a dark-haired boy. A kid in orange clothing also appeared, and he left a good (if stupid) first impression on Kitsu. The boy left a moment later after asking Kitsu where the pink-haired girl went. More came, more left, and while Kitsu wasn't an outcast, he was new and not necessarily welcomed. He could feel it; a few minutes before the doors would open for class to begin, he was alone again.

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As she made her way half way out of the school yard, Midori heard the doors open behind her, and so glanced back. The new boy, Kitsu, spoke with his guardian for a moment, and then the man left. It sort of reminded her of how Otousan had left, in that it seemed that Kitsu was being left behind. Though, it did not seem as though the boy was very effected by the abandonment. Midori could not help but correlate her situation to his, even without having heard their exchange. Maybe leaving children behind was just something adults did. After a moment of hovering near the edge of the playground, hoping maybe she would make another friend today, Midori turned and continued home, leaving the boy and the still painfully raw memories he had brought up behind.

The walk to Kanetaro-oji's home did not take long, and was not as confusing as Jinmi seemed to think it was. As she wandered through the door, Sunako jumped down from her shoulder and tore off through the house, straight for their room. "Jinmi-sama, I am back from school." it seemed right to announce herself, so the woman would not think she had become lost or something.

Jinmi hurried out of the kitchen, her expression odd, perhaps worried. "Midori-chan! I was about to go out looking for you! Did you get lost? I knew I should have gone to pick you up, even though you insisted you were fine!"

Kanetaro-oji sure married an excitable woman. "I had a few questions for Iruka-sensei, so I stayed after. I did not mean to upset you Jinmi-sama. He suggested that I should inform you I will be staying after tomorrow as well, to try to catch up on subjects I do not yet understand fully. Also, Otousan told me it is unwise for me to cause you distress in your current condition: please do not worry about me, Jinmi-sama. I am good at remembering how I got to where I am, and how to get back to where I have come from. I will not get lost."

"Muuurah!" Sunako exclaimed from the doorway to her room, causing Midori to turn from her worried, and somewhat put-out guardian, to isolate herself in the room with her cat and school work, reading it over carefully until dinner. And then again after dinner, even though Kanetaro-oji tried to lure her outside to play. Normally, she would have gone: playing with her Ojisama was one of Midori's favorite activities. But not now that she needed to worry about being behind in school. When she was caught up she would worry about playing, not before...

____ ___ __ _

The next morning started out like the one previous: Midori woke, ate breakfast, got dressed, met Jinmi in the kitchen, picked up her bento and her kitten. Today, though, Jinmi did not insist on walking her to school, and only wished her a good morning, if somewhat softly. It made the young girl regret having been so insistent on doing it herself. Maybe after school she would try to do something to make the woman happier; she had been taking care of her, and been being very nice. Just because she did not know what to do, or how to act, did not mean she should inadvertently hurt Kanetaro-oji's wife's feelings.

"Goodbye Midori-chan, have a good day in class. Please try to be home before dinner." It seemed the woman was still trying, and Midori was certain she had a way to make her happier.

"Goodbye Jinmi-oba..." it still felt weird, but the pleased look of surprise on the woman's face seemed to make it worth the strangeness of it. Perhaps it would grow on her. Midori hurried away to class, before Jinmi could say anything else.

The bento felt heavy again today, as it had yesterday. Maybe Choji would like to have some of her lunch again today...

____ ___ __ _

Arriving at school, Midori looked around, hoping to see Shikamaru and Choji, though there were so many students around it was a little hard to tell. After a few moments she determined that they had not arrived yet, as the school doors were not open and thus they could not be inside the building either. The new boy was there, though, reading near the doors by himself.

She had been by herself yesterday, and it had been lonely. Maybe she could be friendly as her new friends had been the day before and greet him. Make him feel better about being alone too? Quietly and shyly, she moved closer to the boy, and hovered a moment near him before speaking, "Um.. hi. My name is Yuhara Midori. I sort of saw you yesterday after class, talking with Iruka-sensei? You're new? I'm new too, and I thought maybe you would want a friend? I did not have any friends before yesterday, but they are really nice, and.. and I just sort of thought maybe I could be your friend too..."

Maybe she should have thought out what she was going to say, first, before just going up and opening her mouth. But, what was done was done, and maybe he would like having an offer of friendship, as she had...