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Author Topic: "Witness Protection"- She's blind ||-F for M-|| Supernatural || DETAIL WANTED  (Read 408 times)

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Offline Alive Until DeadTopic starter

    Witness protection: Micca Takatori
    (OOC:  John = your character. John's the protector, he's calling the shots and she's a bit terrified. Micca is Blind and this will play a big part in the story line. )
    (--) Modern, Present Day. Supernatural Aspects. Whatever happens. (--) 
    • --- Setting ---  Micca's studio Apartment. The public isn't yet aware of paranormal people or creatures. There are special divisions of most law enforcement and government agencies tasked with monitoring and protecting the public from these paranormals coded as "alphas". (Creative freedom on these departments and such is allowed) The FBI has been working with local law on cases surrounding a group currently dubbed "The ASH", Alpha Supremacy Horde. Believed to be a group of alphas targeting both human and alpha alike. There are currently several pending investigations. It is not yet  on record or common knowledge that Micca is an alpha; she can astral project. This information should come out in RP.   
    • --- Plot ---  Micca Takatori is the first known case with advance warning. She contacted a Private Investigator after she learned of the writing on her wall, the PI happened to be connected to the Alpha Unit at the local law level and word quickly passed up the line which brought the Marshals in coordination with the FBI and local law to her door step. John has been assigned to her for Witness Protection, but the FBI wants to use her as bait first. Their plan is for her to remain at her apartment under careful watch with the hope that the message left on her wall was a promise for someone from ASH to come get her as past cases with the blood-code on the wall have resulted in missing persons.   
    • --- The Male Lead --- For sure the one thing he will be required to have is a certain ability to understand and work with a potentially traumatized witness. So he should have confidence and the ability to be reassuring. He may or may not have prior experience with a blind witness but he was selected because the Marshals believed he was best for this particular job.
    • --- The Female Lead --- Micca used to be one of the best Trauma Surgeons in the US, she was an active member of Doctors Without Borders and happily married with a son. A little over two years ago Micca took her family on a 3rd tour with Doctors Without Borders and it was there that Michael, her husband, and Tyler, her son were killed in a bombing that also took her sight. This information has been flagged in her file as a warning that she may be prone to an emotional breakdown and reliving of past events if the fear and terror of her current situation mirrors that of the past.   

    Miss Micca E. Takatori
    Eyes : Milky light green -- BLIND
    Age Range : 33
    Height : 5' 2''
    Nationality : American, Miami - FL native
    Occupation : Sculptor, former Renowned Trauma Surgeon
    General Personality : Conflicted, humble, reserved, reliant on others, Charismatic, Loyal, Compassionate, Passionate, Considerate, Helpful, Self-Chastizing, Responsible, Motherly, Genuine, God Fearing, Witty, Resourceful, Attentive, Quiet Confidence, Intelligent, Innovative, sometimes goofy or theatrical (usually to cheer others up or keep light a bad situation), Likes to be independent when possible, Expressive,

    Terms: Micca Takatori here by agrees to cooperate in an effort to gather information and possibly capture a member of "The ASH"; in exchange, Miss Takatori is entering WITSEC under a new identity. She agrees to leave everything of her old life behind including friends and relatives.

    Case Notes :

    CASE FILE - Images: Apartment Layout, Blood Code on the wall

    The Above black and red image indicates how many times each symbol/combo was used.
    The last two combo's are in the same string shown below.
    As an FYI, the "]" looking symbol indicated the same ending letter as the beginning of the next word.
    [know - where]
    [from - micca]

    Above shows the grouping of symbols that match and the two cases of a symbol appearing consecutively.
    Scanned and uploaded into a database for symbols, no results will be found.
    Researched for similar symbols via the Internet, no results will be found.
    There are some references to a written code only ever written in blood, and always removed from reference.
    No available online image comparisons.
    News article correlations to the "blood code" mirror missing persons cases.
    (In other words, there's a suggestion it's a warning of abduction)
    All news articles relating have missing information and imagery leaving vague references and details.
    There are a few references to a cipher located among a collection of Benjamin Franklin donated books.
    Location: Franklin Public Library, originally Exeter Public Library.
    (118 Main Street, Franklin, MA 02038 -- said to be the first public library in the US)

    • Entering Witness Protection under the new name of Micca Dawson.
    • A dead raccoon was found in the drop ceiling of her bedroom
      • The night she found it, she stayed with her downstairs neighbor and discovered the next morning, the writing on the wall
      • Micca's neighbor helped her take Polaroids which she brought to a PI who informed the Alpha Unit of the local police
      • The Local Law contacted the FBI who looped in WISEC
      • The ceiling tiles were replaced and the raccoon removed and writing washed off and painted over
      • The agreed objective in this case is to use Micca, with her consent, as bait for the ASH
      • A WITSEC official has been assigned as her in-house protector for the duration of the stake out
    • Outside surveillance is minimal and pulled back a few blocks to avoid spooking or alerting the ASH


    THREE days ago Micca, a widow of two years, was believed to be targeted by a group called ASH, Alpha Supremacy Horde. A group of individuals with extraordinary and inhuman abilities, though it's yet unclear why they are targeting the former renowned trauma surgeon. These supernatural people aren't common knowledge and Micca's apparent lack of knowledge about any such culture leaves a mountain of questions to be asked. A task given to the US Marshal, (Your char, "John") who was assigned to her case. Miss Takatori agreed to be bait in the quest to capture or identify any members of ASH in return for a place in witness protection under the new identity of Micca Dawson.

    As of yet the security around her apartment has been kept at a distance and officers have remained in plain clothes or as delivery men with art and sculpting supplies in the event ASH is watching. It's taken two days since the FBI first learned of her case with the blood-code on the wall, and with an immediate loop of the Marshal Service an inter-agency task force was assembled and Marshal Emory deployed to her apartment as a friend invited to stay for a few days. (John) was briefed on the speculations of the case, the fact that the code formerly written on her lavender bedroom wall above her dresser was only ever used by the ASH. Too, that in the cases they knew of where such writing was coded in blood, the people they pertained to went missing.

    Perhaps most importantly he was briefed on the fact that his witness is blind, the pitch-black dark kind. He's been implored for the sake of her past trauma's, to do his best to accommodate her way of living -- without, of course, compromising her safety. He was given a secure phone and a list of check in times and a speed dial number should trouble arise. During his time with Micca, he was also instructed to try and get a better understanding of why ASH might be targeting her. 


    Blood wasn't that easy to wash off a wall though Micca had done her best and opted to paint over the rest. It left her previously relaxing lavender wall splashed with a darker purple like a splat of paint rolled out. She couldn't see the color difference and wasn't really all that interested in caring about it at the moment either. According to the surveillance team down the block who'd phoned her, the Marshal who was going to be staying with her, was on his way. Paint fumes still tainted the otherwise jasmine inspired air.

    In preparation for his arrival she'd set out a folded sheet, blanket and pillow at the west end of the large couch. She'd decided to ask him if he preferred the couch or the pull out bed, leaving it as the maroon crush velvet sofa. There was no set color scheme to her apartment though you could easily say the feel of it was warm. It was a fairly open space with somewhat sparse furniture and very few lamps though she did manage to keep one in every area on a night stand. Being blind, she had no need for the light though of accommodation to guests she'd kept a few fixtures.

    Considering it was approaching the evening on day three since the raccoon bled on her and coded writing had been fingered on her wall, Micca spent the afternoon prepping for the dinner she was cooking now. A three cheese and beef lasagna it was, complete with a sauce she'd cooked most of the morning and a proportionate layering of the cottage-- not ricotta cheese, sauce, meat and shredded cheeses. They hadn't really told her if there was any proper etiquette to housing a Marshal but she didn't want his first night to go without a dinner if she was expected to provide it. Too, she rationalized that if he couldn't accept her food, it wasn't like she couldn't eat it later.

    In an effort not to change her life more than she needed to just yet, the artist stuck to her favorite acid-wash blue jeans and white cotton tank top with a red plaid flannel thrown over. The cuffs were rolled to her elbows as she worked her way around the kitchen, setting plates and utensils on the breakfast bar, since she didn't have a dining table really. She danced a little to the tunes of Godsmack playing fairly quietly from a set of speakers on the pottery shelf in front of the couch. Micca couldn't rationalize her desire to listen to their music at current but there was a relaxing nature to the dark twisted chimes of Voodoo.

    The snake-charmer turn of her hip was stalled at the sound of a knock on her door. Micca cautiously stepped forward, feeling the rubber mat under her bare feet as she neared the door. "Who is it?" she asked with a cool confidence to her voice, like she wasn't as nervous as the swipe of palms down denim wrapped thighs would suggest. Only after confirmation of his name would she unlock the chain and two dead-bolts that barred her front door.