[NC-EX]Possessed (M LF F, Demons, Probably Incest)

Started by Rhaegar14, March 14, 2013, 10:30:44 PM

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Hello, people of Elliquiy. I had a fun idea for a roleplay that I'd like to share with you all.

Basic idea: Character 1 is angry at Character 2 over something. Deciding to do something about it, Character 1 turns to dark magic, summoning a demon to take his/her revenge on Character 2. However, Character 1 makes an error, and Character 2 ends up possessed by the demon. Empowered and controlled by the demon, Character 2 turns the tables and rapes Character 1. The roleplay continues with the aftermath of this event.

The above is the most basic skeleton of the idea I had. If you'd like to play around with any variation of that, send me a pm with your thoughts. Below is an expanded version that fills in some specifics.

QuoteSophia's father has been getting on her nerves lately, to say the least. After her mother died in a car accident last year, he had become overprotective to the point of suffocation. Sophia had a strict curfew, had to call her dad every hour when she wasn't at school or home, and was not allowed to hang around "bad influences" like her best friend Kelly, among a million other stupid rules that might have been appropriate for a little girl half her age. She understood his pain, the reason for it all; his fear of losing her like he had lost his wife. So at first Sophia had tolerated it, and then she had tried to reason with her father. Of course, neither approach had worked, and after months on end of this treatment she just couldn't take it anymore.

Though her dad was being too strict, it turned out he was right about Kelly. Sophia's friend was the perfect example of your stereotypical angst-ridden, teenage Satanist, but with one exception. Kelly claimed her magic actually worked, and Sophia had seen one or two examples that, while subtle, made her inclined to believe the girl. So when, one day, Sophia was ranting to Kelly about her problem and her lack of options, Kelly offered to help her change her father's mind. However, after nine bitter months of what was little better than prison, Sophia did not just want to change his mind. Sophia wanted revenge. After the two talked for a while, they agreed on summoning a demon to punish the man.

Kelly's magic did really work, but she was less knowledgeable than she pretended to be. She thought that the spell would summon a demon in physical form, bound to their will, to execute Sophia's petty vengeance. Kelly was completely wrong. In fact, nothing at all seemed to happen when they performed the complicated ritual in the attic of Sophia's home while her father slept. She and Kelly even had a fight over it, as by all appearances, Kelly had lied to her friend about the effect of the spell.

For a few days, life continued as it had for Sophia under the sickening grip of her father, until one seemingly ordinary night. As Sophia sat in her room doing her homework, her father stepped into the room uninvited, smiling coldly with eyes of pure black.

Names could be changed, as those were just the first ones that came to mind. Anything else you don't like could be changed, for that matter.

So, interested? Then send me a pm. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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