Vampire RP 1X1

Started by Ishreyna, March 13, 2013, 07:39:31 PM

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Hello everybody,

I am currently looking for a good vampire roleplay. I'd like if it could be at least semi-literate {Which means 3-5 paragraphs with at least 3-5 sentences each.} I've been lacking in inspiration lately, and now I'm finding that I have a sudden and surprising burst of writing energy. Anybody interested?

Please send me a pm if you're interested.

Thank you very much,



I would also like to say that the reason I didn't post a specific story line is because I'd like it to be a personal RP for both me and the person I roleplay with. We would rap ideas and eventually pick one that we're both into. I don't want this to be an RP that only I like.