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Author Topic: Avengers! (m/m, m/f, Marvel) - Taken  (Read 372 times)

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Avengers! (m/m, m/f, Marvel) - Taken
« on: March 13, 2013, 07:16:27 PM »

Revelations - Taken

What if, two words that when combined have the possibility of changing everything.  In this case, what if Loki, instead of being devastated, enraged, and betrayed about finding out about his real origins, is completely and irreverently relieved; not because he actually wants to be a frost giant(as if), but because he no longer has to keep a secret he's held for years.  And with that in mind, proceeds to fuck it up in amazing proportions.

Growing up in a society that values strength, tenacity, and bravery, Loki has always felt...lacking, when compared to his brother Thor.  But when he reached a certain age, his resentment grew into something altogether inappropriate for one brother to feel for another, and therefor grew sullen, his resentment growing even larger.  When his brother was banished to Midgard, he was devastated, but when he finds out that he and Thor aren't really related, his mood takes a complete 180 degree turn.  Deciding that he no longer needs to feel ashamed for wanting to bed his brother, he concocts a rather....idiotic plan to seduce him, that involves first bringing him back to his full power by sending the Destroyer to attack Thor, and than forcing his own way to Midgard to claim Thors affections(because trying to kill a man will definitely guarantee his affection.)  Successful in the first part of his plan, he arrives to find his brother more than a little pissed off, and in the arms of a woman of all things!  Enraged, he than goes about the process of gaining his brothers attention by, what else, attacking him again!  Violence ensues, and than we'll see where it goes from there. 

What I'm looking for is someone to play Thor, in this rather...okay let's just call it comedic farce of a courtship.  This pretty much follows from the movie Thor.[/s]

A Science Experiment Gone Wrong

It's been some time since the "God falling from the sky" incident, and Darcy is no longer Dr. Jane Fosters research assistant.  So what has she been up to since then?  Well, nobodies really sure, since she's all but dropped off the radar.  But when the Avengers are called to assemble for an emergency situation in the New Mexico desert that involves giant mechanical spiders, who should wander by, completely naked, injured, and covered in blood, non other than Darcy herself.  Except, well, Darcy isn't really Darcy, and Steve, feels oddly protective over her. 

What Steve, and the other Avengers will soon find out, is that Darcy had been kept prisoner, along side other abducted women, and experimented on.  Injected with a mad organizations failed attempt at recreating the super soldier serum, Darcy is less than 100% lucid, and just a tiny(a lot) bit dangerous.  And almost like an imprinting baby bird, Steve is the first person Darcy seems to imprint on(figuratively, not literally.)  Entrusted with her safe keeping, until Shield can figure out what to do with her, he's thrown into a situation where he's more than a little attracted to her, but is too nice to take advantage of her...or is he?

I need someone to play the part of Steve Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America.  Also, this plot wasn't made by me, but was taken from Merideath's unfinished fic, The Only Thing That's Real, which, btw, is a really good read so far.[/s]
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