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January 23, 2017, 03:06:16 PM

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Author Topic: IntensePlayer's request for detailed partners- Con/non-con/Humiliation (M for F)  (Read 256 times)

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Offline IntensePlayerTopic starter

Hello and welcome to my request thread!

I'm looking for a partner who is creative and doesn't mind writing a few paragraphs per reply.  I've been roleplaying for years now however I only have one thread Elliquiy.  I'm going to use it as an example of how I write as well as roughly the length of my posts.  One thing that bothers me is when the beginning of a thread will have at least 6 paragraph replies then as the thread continues the replies dwindle down to a few sentences.

Sample of my writing style:

For those who are still interested I'll just get a few more things out of the way before I get to the plots.  I love scenes that are sexually driven however the plot is just as important to me as the smut is.  The characters need to make sense, and it is always great when you can see the reasons behind the decisions each character makes.  That sums it up for now, so here are the plots I would like to play out.

Housewife/neighbor (Consensual version)

A middle class family with a house in the suburbs, The husband is in his mid to late 30s, he has a desk job that isn't particularly exciting however its enough to afford him and his wife a comfortable lifestyle.  I see the husband as more of a background character but he is still going to have his own personality.  The wife is somewhere in her early 30s, the couple have been married for a good 10 years.  While they're not high school sweethearts the wife did meet her husband right out of high school.  The two fell in love, got married, the wife more or less turned into a housewife.  While they don't have a bad marriage the wife has always felt something is missing in her life, could have been that she never got to finish college, or the realization that she missed out a lot of fun and excitement as a result of getting married so early.  The neighbor in this scene would be in his early 30s just like her, slightly closer to her age than her and her husband.  There has always been an attraction between the wife and the neighbor, to make things complicated the neighbor is actually really good friends with her husband.  The wife and the neighbor end up having an affair which involves a lot of naughtiness and sneaking around, all while trying to keep their affair a secret.

Housewife/neighbor non-consensual version

The setting is similar to the first plot, except this time round the wife has a happy marriage with her husband.  The neighbor is someone who has always lusted after the woman next door.  The Neighbor in this scene is someone who would be slightly older, I'm thinking in his 40s, possibly a widower or just a single.  There are two ways I see this scene potentially playing out 1. The neighbor assaults the wife and from that point on guilt trips her into keeping what happened a secret so he can continue is 'fun' with her or 2. The neighbor finds some dirt on the wife, whatever it is its something that she knows she has to keep a secret from her husband at all costs.  This scene has the neighbor getting the wife to do all sorts of twisted and perverted things behind her husbands back, and for the most part against her will.  The wife would have to put up with the neighbor's twisted sexual desires as well as balance keeping her husband in the dark by appearing as if nothing is really going on.

Reluctant wife/various men

Basically I'm thinking that its a husband and wife, we could even say they're newly married, say a year, or maybe two.  Both are young and in their early 20s at most.  I was thinking the setting to be in the country, maybe a small country town.  The husband is a farmer, something of a family business, his parents having passed away a few years back which would explain why someone so young is running a farm.  Now the husband obviously knows a lot about farming since he was raised in the lifestyle.  I'm thinking that they mainly specialize in crops?  I figure if we ever actually do the scene we can work on some kind of background about how the husband/wife met.  So the interesting part would start when the crops die one particular harvest.  Even though the husband owns the farm they basically make their living/money from season to season, as farming isn't exactly cheap, cost of things, the bad economy, etc etc.  So.. One season they pretty much lose all their crops.  Their house and land are both tied up in loans and they are on the verge of losing everything.  The wife is an attractive young woman, a dedicate and loyal wife, but also someone who is very obviously desired by others in the town.  This is where they would stumble onto the idea of possibly using this to their advantage.  Maybe the idea was to use his wife's body to make money.  The idea being that it would be a very private matter that no one would really know about, and it would be just until they can get back on their feet, the idea would be something that neither would enjoy but almost feels its a necessity.  Once the wife agrees it is something that they would approach very cautiously, finding 'customers' who were quite wealthy and willing to pay a good sum for her 'services'.  They manage to keep their new little business a secret at first, but it isn't long before word spreads and because they're still in need of a lot of money the husband and wife have no choice but to keep the wife working. 

mom (reluctant) in her 30s/guys around the age of 16+, could possibly lead to mom/son later down the line

The scene starts off as a middle class family, the parents would be in... Their 30s or something, the son being 16 or 17.  Essentially the crux of the scene is that the son is having bullying problems at school, I'm thinking with the dad being the breadwinner its the mom's responsibility to take care of the schooling aspect when it comes to their son.  She goes to school, talks to a few of the teachers, even the principal but ultimately nothing is really done about it, meanwhile the mom sees that the situation isn't exactly getting better but worse.  It's then that the mom kinda decides to take matters into her own hands.  I'm not really sure on the details just yet as I only have the general idea in mind, but basically the mom very reluctantly offers the bullies some kind of deal, for them to lay off the son if she does something with them sexually.  It wouldn't exactly be the greatest thought out plan on the mom's part, I'm thinking she'd even hoped it would be a one time act however she soon finds the situation spinning out of control.  The mom starts off getting blackmailed into doing more and more, and while they've kinda started to ignore her son completely they've got her trapped.  She has no choice but to keep submitting to the twisted desires of the teen bullies because they could always expose what shes done, or they could go back to bullying the son.  I'm thinking of all sorts of twisted scenarios that the scene could build into.

Another path the scene could take is the mom all too quickly gets addicted to the danger and naughtiness of being sexually promiscuous with guys that are essentially the same age as her son.  She becomes a willing participant with the guys all while trying to keep her actions a secret from her husband and son.  He need for adventure and thrill makes her take all sorts of risks that she knows she shouldn't take.

That more or less sums up what I have in mind at the moment, I will be adding more plots in the near future.  If you find yourself interested feel free to drop me a PM or reply to this thread.