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Author Topic: Ana's Playhouse (FxF/M)  (Read 439 times)

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Ana's Playhouse (FxF/M)
« on: March 07, 2013, 12:23:52 PM »
A Foreward
Posting Frequency I can post about every one to three days. If a post is going to come later than three days I will alert you immediately. I promise that posting is not subject to whimsy, it is subject to my schedule.

Smut vs Romance My tastes will depend on the story. If we design the story as mostly strings of sexual encounters then that's fine. However, we will both need to work hard enough to make sure that it remains interesting. Because pure smut stories can lose their excitement over time, I gravitate towards romantic stories.

Writing I won't use words like "expect" or "demand" to describe my tastes in your writing. If characters are engaged in conversation, we needn't be worried about several paragraphs worth of text for a post. If they aren't, and we're doing exposition posts, a couple paragraphs wouldn't hurt  Brief smut descriptions of sexual encounters might do me fine over IM games but they won't suffice here.

Things I like
Non-con stories that eventually become "consensual".
Master/slave relationships
Rough sex
Demihuman characters
Non-humanoid creatures
Sexual Tension

Settings I like
Golden Age of Piracy

Fandoms (No canon characters)
Mass Effect
I'm open to just about any F/F pairing in the Mass Effect universe, but here are some obvious ones
Asari / Human
Asari / Asari
Human / Human
Extra points for employing biotics.

Final Fantasy XI / XIV
I'm open to basically any pairing, but anything involving Miqote/Mithra or Hyur/hume is a good idea.

Boarded Up Two young girls in an all-girls boarding school begin to kindle a romantic relationship. The boarding school has a reputation for being a place where such relationships kindle, and it's not exactly uncommon to see. The story would be a long-term romance courting story in which we both might need to temporarily (rarely!) play other characters to increase the relationship tension. Or at least control them in narration. Less focus on the "taboo" of the relationship as it's not really seen as taboo in the school.

This one's taken.
Running the Gauntlet This is a game I've wanted to try and handle for a while and just can't seem to get it right. The basic nuts and bolts are that in a fantasy world, a young woman is captured by a sorcerer and subjected to all manner of horrifying creatures. It's predominantly going to be a smut story. At first it will be non-consensual but I envision her resistance failing after time. We can establish a cause for why this is happening, but that'll be better worked out in PMs.

Us Against the World It's a fantasy realm, and a time of great strife. The empire is collapsing, enemies of all kinds are overrunning the lands from the outside and it's every man for themselves. Our characters are during their best to survive amid the chaos, moving from place to place to survive impossible odds with the evil hordes of orcs, gnolls, lizardfolk and whatever else may be at the doorstep.

Pairings include, but are not limited to characters like...
Aes Sidhe
Futa (Any race)

Untitled Cravings
I'd really like to do a story with a futa character involved.

Tentacles. Tentacles. Tentacles.

Fantasy settings are always a draw.

Please feel free to PM me about any of my suggestions or with any ideas. My ideas tend to be very incomplete for games because I like to work things out with prospective partners.

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Re: Ana's Playhouse (FxF/M)
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2013, 09:31:39 PM »
Bumped for the addition of "Us against the world"