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Author Topic: Cravings of the Pen (M seeking F)  (Read 685 times)

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Cravings of the Pen (M seeking F)
« on: March 06, 2013, 05:26:04 pm »
Major Craving Found Here:

A College Romance

Peter wasn't the most social person but he did join the Outdoors Club in college. He liked hiking and camping and other such activities. He also founded the Cycling Club, since there wasn't one, and he had found a group of like minded cyclists who wanted to band together. Of course, people with similar interests find it easy to talk to each other and Peter met a beautiful girl named Jessica through the Outdoors Club.

The more he talked to her, the more he liked her, and not just because she was good looking. She had also recently lost her virginity to what Peter thought was a douche-bag of a BF that she sorta had. Peter felt excited (he was a virgin, so dating a girl that wasn't could lead to sex) and let down (she did have a bf) but he still really liked the girl. And apparently she liked him. She asks him out to dinner one night, 'just as friends', but end up hooking up before their dinner date.

Peter and Jessica soon embark on a relationship, with all its ups and downs, on a college campus.

If interested in this one, there are plenty of details to discus and flesh out beyond what is written here.

An Office Affair:

Andrew works in a cubicle tucked away in the corner of the office. He is the IT manager of the floor, tasked with keeping the entire floors computers online, check the server, check the security, fix the printers, and take care of the Copy Room. No body seems to notice him until they need his help with some thing. But he notices them. Especially Sarah.

Sarah is beautiful. All the men in the office want to get in her panties and constantly flirt with her. Andrew has tried speaking to her before but she barely even knew he was there. But Andrew is about to change all of that. And it all starts when an anonymous user sends her an email with a still-image-capture from a video she made in college. A very drunk video in a frat house, involving her naked with several guys at the same time.

The perfect sort of blackmail.

This will be a story of Dom/Sub play. Andrew will task Sarah with various things, from wearing no panties to masturbating in the bathroom during lunch. He'll meet with her in the unlit supply closet and fondle her. He'll make her go all the way with David, the one man who is always after her, before showing her what a real man is like.

Teaching the Slut

Professor Simon is a sexual freak. He writes about fucking his students and other people, posts them on Literotica. He writes about his real encounters. He goes to Glory Holes, to have his dick sucked (and usually fucked) by a female stranger through a hole in the wall. He goes to strip clubs and has sex with strippers and prostitutes. He bangs single moms and married women. No one is off limits to him. But he has never banged one of his high-school students. Until now.

He catches a very pretty girl sucking off one of the boys behind the school bleachers. He knows the girl has a growing reputation of being the HS Cum Queen, since she sucks of everyone she can. Professor Simon is about to ensure she wins that title once and for all. Instead of suspending her, for starters, he has her suck him off, showing her what a real cock is like. He pleasures her and fucks her in his own house. He takes her to the park and puts her in one of the stalls, letting her suck as many cocks as come poking through the Glory Hole. He makes her the centerpiece of a gangbang, the other men all teachers in the school.

And she loves every minute of it.

Slight Dom/Sub themes in this one as the teen student goes on a sexual Odyssey she never expected when she was first caught.

Teacher Student Affairs

Miss Mary Ross is a hot teacher. All the boys like her. Even her other male teachers. She isn't interested in any of her coworkers though. Her attentions lie centered on her students. Not just one student, but several of them. She doesn't know where her urges come from, or why, but all she knows is that she needs to teacher her male students how to make lover to her.

Looking for a teacher to seduce a variety of students - from the shy nerd to the jock. Each will present different challenges. This will culminate in a party she throws for them, all her students gang banging her and covering her in cum.
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Re: Cravings of the Pen (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2013, 03:59:01 pm »
Updated with a new idea (college romance).

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Re: Cravings of the Pen (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2013, 12:59:57 pm »
Removed Teaching the Slut due to high interest.