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November 23, 2020, 09:43:25 AM

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Author Topic: ZOMBIES!!! (zpoc requests m/f)  (Read 356 times)

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ZOMBIES!!! (zpoc requests m/f)
« on: March 06, 2013, 11:00:45 AM »

I'll take your questions now...

How does it spread? Is it airborne?

Airborne is a possibility...we don't know.

Is this an international health hazard or a military concern?


Are these people alive or dead?

We don't know.

This is how the world ends...
It happened nearly overnight. By morning the whole world was fighting outbreaks in every major city with reports coming in from rural areas that it was there too. In less than twelve hours an untold portion of the population was part of the walking dead and the governments were in a bigger panic than even the people. In the US, FEMA and the US Armed Forces attempted to set up rescue stations but with all the sick and injured showing up they fell, one by one, during that first day.

This is how the world ends...
By the second day, the aid stations were all but unheard of, and only those crazy or brave enough to loot them actually ventured close. Reports started coming out of some of the cities on the third day claiming that law enforcement had sealed up their station houses and precincts, the 72nd Precinct in Brooklyn famously painting "Alamo" on the outside of the building. By the fourth day, many tv stations and radio broadcasts were simply playing the emergency broadcast signal and outdated information requesting people to go to the aid stations.

This is how the world ends...
By the end of the week rumours were spreading that there were no more governments and gangs were looting, raping, and pillaging in large groups. Anarchy set in during the second week and people were in a full blow panic. People were now getting all of their news via word of mouth as no one was still broadcasting. Supplies were running thin and soon, even the peaceful caravans started growing competitive. Society (or what was left of it) started to take huge steps backward as people did things "for the better of the group" and "looking out for number one" became more common place.

Not with a bang, but a whimper.
By the time the dead became the dominant species, man found himself hiding in holes, scurrying about when he thought his predators were not around. A few hundred thousand years of evolution and we were back to rodents hiding in caves and living life as scavengers. Large settlements are unheard of as any time a group gets too big to be mobile or too large to be hidden, the dead have a way of finding out. They swarm like army ants until the settlement is destroyed usually resulting in the deaths of all within.

If you've made it this far then I'm totally pumped to start writing with you! haha I have a variety of ideas I'm hoping to play out that all sit within a zombie apocalypse setting and not all of them take place months or years after the outbreak!

Operation Sundance (US Soldier x First Lady of the United States)
If you want to skip over the story part just read the italicized part at the end!

This idea takes place during the opening days of the outbreak. The President of the United States was in Nebraska making an appearance at a school when the first reports came in. By that night he was already on Air Force One but they didn't go back to DC. Instead they went to Norad, considering it to be the safest place for him and the Joint Chiefs as well as some members of Congress and the Senate. Not everyone was lucky enough to get out alive but the Secret Service were working hard to save everyone they could.

DC was hit hard by the outbreak and Capital Hill was overrun pretty quickly. The White House was cut off almost immediately and while there was a bunker for the First Lady to stay in under the White House, she and her husband were insisting on being together. When it became clear that the Secret Service wasn't going to be able to move the First Lady out of the White House the military was quickly involved. It was decided that a team of available Delta Force Operators would be sent in with cover from Marine gun-ships and extract the First Lady. The Air Force was going to provide additional close air support as needed, hell even the Navy was prepared to drop shells if needed. The full might of the available US Military was prepared to do everything it could to save the wife of their Commander-in-chief.

The beginning of Operation Sundance (Sundance having been the Code Name of the first lady since just before her husband took office) went pretty well. The Marines laid down heavy fire to push the dead back away from the house as the Delta Operators fast roped onto the White House roof. Communications had gone down with the White House so there had been no way to give the First Lady or her detail advanced warning. That meant that once the operators were on the roof, they had to go down, floor by floor and find the First Lady.

The problem became the noise. With all it's might, the operation would have likely left a human enemy cowering and too afraid to fight back but the dead do not fear anything. The explosions, the whirr of the helicopters, everything drew thousands of walkers who came pouring through the fence line of the White House. To make matters worse, the heavy guns on the choppers weren't accurate enough to consistently get the head shots needed to take down the dead. Even the rockets did more to main and slow down the dead than it did to kill them. The choppers just weren't killing enough of them fast enough. The White House was overrun and soon it became quite obvious no one was getting out. The choppers pulled back and the mission was abandoned, considered a total failure.....

Inside the White House, the Delta Team, lead by Lieutenant David Fischer, refused to give up the First Lady. They found a bottle neck and stood their ground. It was grizzly and desperate. The brave soldiers quickly found themselves low on ammo, some having to draw knives and fight it out that way. They were the first to die. In those last moments of Chaos, Lieutenant Fischer grabbed the First Lady and told her to be brave before stuffing her into a simple coat closet and dropping a bookcase in front of it. He fought bravely beside his men until it became clear that there was no end in sight to the zombies. His best friend, Sergeant Xavier Guzman demanded that he try to hide himself as the First Lady would need some one to protect her if she survived it all....

Still with me? lol I know it's a long set up but I really like this idea. Might as well consider that an opening post as much as anything else. So the idea is that the next morning the First Lady hears some one pull the bookshelf away from the door and it turns out to be Lieutenant Fischer. They escape DC together and start travelling west in the hopes of reuniting her with her husband. During the travels, as it becomes that the situation is far worse than anyone could have imagined, they turn to each other for comfort. For those of you who've see the Walking Dead this idea was inspired in part by Shane and Lori. We can even have it turn out later that the President is still alive and see where that drama could lead us. I'm up for whatever!

Paging Dr. Frankenstein (Scientist x Beautiful Ex-Professional Theif
If you want to skip over the story part just read the italicized part at the end!

This story takes place well after the outbreak in a little fortified settlement near a big city. The entire place is run by a rich man who managed to surround himself with all the right types of people to be able to survive the apocalypse and to do it rather comfortably. There are recovery teams (IE raiders) who are sent out to acquire anything that can't be made within the compound. This often means medications, parts for machinery and cars, etc. However there are specialists who go after high dollar items like cigars, booze, and fine linens. These items are typically still resting in the infested cities and that means that bands of raiders can't go in and get them. Instead, brave or crazy individuals who are sneaky and resourceful enough will go into the cities to pick up items that they can then trade or sell for nearly anything.

Our girl is one of the latter. Before the outbreak she was a high end professional thief and wanted by nearly everyone from the FBI to Interpol. As tough as she is beautiful, she has survived as much in this world as the one before it and with the same skill set. She works for the rich man, fetching the things that no one else is skilled or brave enough to get for him. In return she's able to live rather comfortably. There are plenty who hate her but it's all water off her back.

One day the rich man has a new job for her and it's unlike anything he's ever asked of her. On the other side of the state there is a government facility that was studying the dead, trying to figure out if there was a cure or a way to kill them more efficiently. Rumours of grizzly experiments have come from the place since just after the outbreak. The rich man has received word that the facility is being overrun and put out a distress call. If there's a chance to kill the things more effectively, to take back the city, the rich man wants it. He'd even be willing to settle for a cure as it would make him famous and rich beyond compare. He asks the thief to go to the facility and look for survivors. If there aren't any, then he wants her to bring back as much of their research data as she's able to obtain. In return, he offers her nearly anything she could want.

When she arrives at the facility it looks as though it's too late. It's burned out with a few lingering dead wandering the premises. Once inside she discovers that there was only one survivor. Dr. Stephen Poole, the lead researcher and he's managed to grab a couple of hard drives full of data. It's a long hard trip back to the settlement as the walkers have been alerted by the activity. Not only that the nerd she has in tow isn't exactly Rambo. Despite all this, he's the first guy she's met since the outbreak who's still polite and very intelligent without acting like a Bond villain...

This is a story about a hard ass chick falling for the sorta dorky guy. The idea was inspired by the model on the right here and I'll link to softer more feminine pictures of her so you don't think I'm crazy. Anyway the idea is she's a tough, independent woman who until now has never met the right guy. Lord knows there's been other guys but they were over glorified sex toys as far as she was concerned and entirely disposable. Stephen, though, challenges her on an intellectual level and despite how fucked up things are, he still has a sense of hope. He's the nice guy to her bad girl and despite the fact that she's never dated anyone like him before, there's just something about him...I see many hiccups along the way. Fights over him not being tough enough or her being too cold, etc as well as other issues. A thought that occurred to me as I was typing this was perhaps we could even include a love triangle with the rich man. Again, I'm up for discussing this one and trying to iron out something we'll both enjoy!

More pics of her.

Outlaw Survival (Outlaw Biker x Investigative Journalist
If you want to skip over the story part just read the italicized part at the end!

JD was a legacy and came up through the ranks of the MC, doing his father proud. The club asked him to perform a hit which he did without question. Unfortunately the murder was pinned on him as one of the guys in the club was actually a deep cover ATF agent. Half of the club went to prison and JD was no exception. After five years in, the outbreak started and at first the prison officials held fast, insisting that the military would pull through. When it became clear that this was the end the guards started abandoning the prison. A few hold outs made a deal with some of the prisoners, letting them go in exchange for helping them get out of the infected area.

It worked, and the cons and their CO's fought their way out of the prison and into the country side where they all went their separate ways. JD traveled with the MC, their bikes being perfect for getting around. The choppers didn't burn as much gas as cars or trucks, could go nearly any where...They would only stop to scavenge gas and beer, moving from place to place and avoiding walkers as much as possible. Every once in a while they'd get drunk enough to go on a hunt, killing zombies entirely for sport.

It was this activity that would eventually bite them in the ass.

One night they were out on a hunt and found a mall that was absolutely crawling with walkers. The entire club went in and started slaughtering the zombies and having a great time. All seemed well until they started taking sniper fire. It turned out there were people living in the mall who had been fending off the zombies as best they could and it seemed that they were not welcoming JD or his friends. The three way fight meant that the zombies ultimately started to win. JD barely go out with his life. Suddenly alone he had to get real about how he was surviving and had to put aside the drinking and the pointless hunts. Sticking to outlying areas, playing it safe, JD continued to make his way around, not going any where in particular.

Then one day while scavenging for food, he heard a noise. Pulling his gun he checked into the source of the noise and found a woman he immediately recognized. She'd been on CNN or MSNBC or one of those stupid channels. A talking head who'd covered all the big stories, often finding herself in the field reporting while things went on behind her. JD wasn't impressed and quickly went back to scavenging. Turns out she had found herself all alone and grossly under prepared. Swallowing her pride she asks for his help which he promptly responds in the resoundingly negative.

And that's when the walkers find them. They would escape together and he would begrudgingly take her in, helping her get by. They can't stand each other but how many times can some one save your life before feelings start to blossom?

So the general idea is that while she's been to war zones and to some of the biggest natural disasters of the last five years but she was never prepared for this. She was sent into the field with protection. Could be police or military and a camera man but they were all killed pretty quickly trying to keep her safe. The camera man straight up abandoned her and she's been hiding out in a little 7-11 since. Once they're thrust together the idea is that a relationship blossoms as he actually takes pretty good care of her, even if he does give her a mountain of shit for it.

More to come!
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Re: ZOMBIES!!! (zpoc requests m/f)
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