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Author Topic: The Elven Kingdom (M Looking for F)  (Read 876 times)

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The Elven Kingdom (M Looking for F)
« on: March 05, 2013, 08:10:36 pm »
Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

This is my first post after being approved, so I hope you will bare with me. I have been looking around for rules to read and just trying to hunt down as much information as I can before doing anything. This site is indeed overwhelming at start,  but after collapsing some of the sub-forums, I've been able to navigate a bit faster and easier.

I have several years of experience, both non-sexual and sexual roleplaying, but I am by all means not perfect. However, I have standards and expectations like everyone else. Below you won't only read about a person who is looking for a person to play with, but also about the desire to keep posts to a certain quality. Now, I might write all this for nothing as I've seen that many posts here are rather decent and that I will most likely fall short with this one in both length and quality, I hope it'll be at least something as a first post. Do know, however, that the quality of my posts are usually of higher standards than this post.

When contacting me through PMs, don't be afraid to write long and proper paragraphs. While I know that there are people not wanting to go too much into detail in fear of not getting any answers, I can assure you that I will answer your posts. If not straight away, then within reason.

So, before I get to what kind of scene I want to play, I will write what I look for; So you can either stop reading or continue.

-You must be a woman.
This is not because I think men are incapable of entertaining me, but mostly because I am straight. (By reading below, you might understand this one a bit better)

-You must be submissive.
Since I am the dominant one here, there will be a clash of interest if you are dominant. The dominant one will try to dominate the other part and that would make out a good fighting scene, indeed, but that's not what I am after here. Are you a switch? I don't mind playing with you at all. I find it refreshing now and then, but keep in mind that I am mostly looking for a sub for this plot.

-You must be literate.
While I have lots of experience in «one-lining» and short posts, I came here to do proper roleplaying and a couple of paragraphs. Details are good, but there can actually be too much details.

-You must be intelligent.
I am one of those guys that finds brains sexy. I'm not the usual guy that will take anything that can be humped and just call it «fuckmeat», but I want my partner to be interesting and even surpass myself in both creativity and intellectual conversation. You need to be slightly more intellectual than the average person, but no Einstein. But then again, intellect is a rather relative subject.

-You must be open-minded.
While I don't have problems with many kinks, I have a little problem with people with "tunnelvision". Those who will forever claim that their four kinks rule over everything else in the world without have tried anything else before. If, however, your "only" kinks happen to be my favorite ones, then I believe we can get something working. What my favorite kinks are? You'll have to tell me yours first~

-Be in the same timezone as me.
While I won't say that I will not roleplay with those who are from for example Japan or America just because they live on the other side of the world from me, I'm simply pointing out that living in GMT+1 will make our playtime much more likely match and we are more likely to get more posts out(Well, all depending on your schedule since I have rather much sparetime). So, in short - GMT+1? Awesome. 6 hours difference? No problem, but no plus for you.

-Please be informative.
I completely understand if things doesn't go as planned either in roleplay or in real life. But that is no excuse to leave your roleplaying partner hanging(in most cases). Simply tell me you will be going away, or something came up so we will need to halt our roleplay and it's all good. I'm a human too and understand these kind of things. But don't say that you will be gone for a week and then disappear on me. I would much rather get the «Sorry, I don't like our roleplay anymore and it feels more of a hassle than something I enjoy doing» instead of nothing.

-Be able to form sentences.
While I am by all means not perfect myself, I at least have a rather decent grasp of the English language(so I like to believe at least) and I'm Norwegian. Perhaps as far from the English language you can get? Getting the common spelling error now and then is alright. Saying «fihs» instead of «fish» is just fine for a typo, but saying «conservation» instead of «conversation» can give something a whole different meaning and is something I don't want.

-(Not required but very much appreciated)Roleplay for pleasure.
While this isn't anything I can demand from my partner at all, I can only hope. And what I mean with pleasure is that the roleplayers gets stimulated through the means of writing longer texts involving sex and story instead of just for the entertainment. I am outgoing enough to say that I roleplay solely for pleasure. I've had my period where I roleplayed because I found it fun and the offspring of that period was better skills in writing properly and the beginning of two books.
The stimulation I am talking about above is sexual stimulation. Perhaps one love to read about the naughty details happening in their roleplay so they can fantasize about it themselves, getting turned on and getting a climax out of it, or perhaps knowing that there is another person out there that takes time out of their daily life just to share a few moments with you is enough to turn one on.

^Again, not required in any way, but if you happen to share my point of view on that one and telling me about it before we start to roleplay doesn't only make me happy, but it will also increase the quality of my posts, my creativity and devotion.(But with that said – my initial posts isn't bad either)

I believe what I've written above is enough for me to truly enjoy a partner through the means of roleplaying. Now, I don't really mind playing over PMs or over thread, but playing over PMs are perhaps a bit... suffocating with all the other posts coming in? I personally prefer PMs over threads, but only slightly. Knowing that our naughty roleplay is out in the open for everyone else to see, exposing our naughty desires and fantasies through roleplay is indeed arousing as well.

If you read down here and think that you want to roleplay with me, by all means, do continue. However, I must say it's not easy. While I am all on the first impression, I'd love to have a decent and properly written pm sent my way if I am to get interested. Many of you might dislike sending carefully written PMs that's been thought through several times as one might not get any response at all, or at least a poor response back which will remove all interest. But I can assure you that that won't be the case with me. I will write properly back. Even if you didn't interest me!

You might ask yourself when I will get to the scene I'd actually like to play and what it involves. Well, I will now.

The plot:

A young human warrior is serving a mad king that rules over a large kingdom. While the people of his kingdom loves their king, it's all thanks to the queen that whispers her dark words in the king's ears and have him act out her wishes. Being the mastermind that she is, she is able to keep the morale high in the kingdom and amongst the guards. However, not everyone find the queen as lovely as she poses as. An old friend of the king found out at the last banquette the king held for his friends that the queen had him under his spell. Wanting to save his dear friend, he sent his army towards the kingdom in hope to overcast the evil queen. The young man whom was named Sherran had of course to participate in this war to defend his beloved king and set out for the war. The friend of the king's army didn't show up at the time the mad king's tactician had planned. Being afraid of an ambush, he sent out a few scouts to figure out what reallty had happened.

Upon exploring the closest woods just outside the king's kingdom where the army were supposed to emerge from, they didn't find any trace of any army at all. Going deep into the woods a little spread, one by one they would start to disappear. Sherran was a part of this scouting party and was suddenly knocked unconscious as he was eventually walking through the forest alone and woke up in a dark dungeon cell. Panicking, he screamed out for the warden and it was then he realized that he had been taken captive by the elves living in the woods. Elves that excelled at agility, magic and bending mother nature to their will.

Not being able to escape the well-made prison, Sherran quickly noticed a young woman checking in with the warden now and then and having a stroll around in the prison, taunting the prisoners to her own amusement. She would even ask the warden to open one of the cells so she could call for some guards to beat the prisoner up if they had given her the evil eye. Sherran figured eventually out that she was the warden's daughter and that she had taken a little personal love-hate relationship with Sherran as he refused to let himself get riled up of her taunting and showed little to no effect to the beatings he was getting.

I'm willing to discuss different aspect of the plot, however, I would prefer if we could keep it the way it is, unless your ideas really interest me. Our roleplay could start from where he would get visited by the warden's daughter one evening where she was bored and wanted to beat up prisoners for her amusement.

Kinks involved can be many. What can't happen in a prison? Keep in mind that I will play the dominant part, but as for the start of the roleplay, you will have the upper deck of cards to play with till I get mine.

So, you loved the plot and just want to know how to contact me in a way I will be interested in sharing exactly this plot with just you? Below are a few tips about how to approach me.

-Be creative.
I get lots of posts every day, and think to yourself that your PM should to stand out from the crowd.

-Be honest.
Why would you approach me and start lying? Honesty might not last the longest. Approaching me, lying about what you like and who you are might get you to the point where I want to roleplay with you, but honestly, doesn't it just feel better to just be honest from the start and perhaps get the «sorry, you're not who I'm looking for» and get going with you life? I really encourage honesty and have actually a little history on rewarding people who have been honest with me when they could've lied and made things so much better for themselves.

Again – grammar is important for me. I don't want to read every sentence four times just because you can't formulate them. While I don't consider myself a grammar nazi, I just want to be able to read a sentence without spending lots of energy to understand what this individual on the other side is trying to say.

-Don't make me look up your characters.
I've had so many people come to me and telling me to look up their character if I am interested in playing with them. That's not how this is going to work. This is where you need to get interested in playing with me and coming to me with the relevant info is what will get you somewhere. Imagine going to the store. They're indeed interested in making the sale for something you want, but they're not going to come home to you and sell it to you. You are coming to them and giving them what they want so you can get what you want.

-Include a piece of roleplay in your message.
Knowing your roleplaying style might be one of the most important things. «What I see is what I believe I get» is something I would say apply to a roleplaying forum. However, if you write that you will exceed your previous work or go below it, then I'll have to take you up on that till otherwise has been proven.

-Be outgoing.
I know that there are perhaps not everyone that are as outgoing as the next person but it will help you here. Asking yourself «What does he want to know?» And then writing what comes to mind can be a good idea. But please try to keep it relevant. Knowing that your cat can do backflips is amusing, yes, but not relevant to our roleplay. Shyness is something I find cute to begin with, but irritating in the long run.

While I don't say that you HAVE to have any of the points above in your PM, I am simply saying it will increase your chance for me to be interested.

But you might ask yourself «What can he offer me?». While this is a little easier to show you, I'll try my best to tell you here.

I can offer you Dominance. - The plot might start out where you're in charge, but that can(and most likely will)change.
I can offer you entertainment. - While this is nothing I can guarantee, it's something I like to believe that you will be. Entertained by my posts that is.
I can offer you loyalty. - Loyalty in the way where I won't set our Roleplay behind other roleplays and if things come up in real life, I will of course inform you about them and for how long I believe I will be gone. Things might happen, yes, but I will always do my best to inform you.
I would also like to say that I can offer you pleasure, but that would entirely be up to you to decide.

I don't think there's much more to write now. I've told you about my meeting with the site, what I am looking for, the plot, what I can offer, how you can contact me and tips to make the first impression being successful. With all that written, there's some few more things I want to put out here. I'm not trying to be an elitist jerk of any sort. I'm simply asking for decency. I'm prepared to give decent posts of quality and I expect the same back.

Final words: If you are looking for quality, someone to share moments of your time with and on top of it all; enjoy to get sexually stimulated through roleplays, then I believe I am the man for you.


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Re: The Elven Kingdom (M Looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2013, 05:57:37 pm »
Applying a bump.

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Re: The Elven Kingdom (M Looking for F)
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2013, 12:42:53 pm »
Applying another bump. It would appear that I might have scared several people off as they have contacted me with the wish to roleplay with me and then stopped answering after I answer them.

If you're going to do what I just wrote above - Don't contact me. Serious offers only. And again - Decency please.


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Re: The Elven Kingdom (M Looking for F)
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2013, 08:20:12 am »
Applying yet another bump. Hoping to get some nice responses this time. I had a few last time, but a few... Well, rubbish ones.

I have another story in mind as well, perhaps a bit more of a drama. However, that's reserved for those who complete this one with me.

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Re: The Elven Kingdom (M Looking for F)
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2013, 01:20:35 pm »
Once again - I'm applying another bump.

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Re: The Elven Kingdom (M Looking for F)
« Reply #5 on: March 31, 2013, 02:14:35 pm »
I've sent you a message some time ago. You're not easily satisfied, are you?

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Re: The Elven Kingdom (M Looking for F)
« Reply #6 on: April 14, 2013, 10:50:41 am »
I guess one could say that I'm not. However, at the moment I am trying to find myself the best possible partner out of the many replies I've received. After all, why would I settle for something less when I can have it all in the selection?

*Ahem* But yes, this is another bump. The role is still open, but will be closed if nobody else that meets my qualifications messages me.