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Author Topic: Kishi's Request Thread [M/M]  (Read 814 times)

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Kishi's Request Thread [M/M]
« on: March 05, 2013, 02:29:57 pm »

I'm only interested in M/M pairings. I don't care what gender YOU are as long as your character is male.

Mix and match:  You can request a character, a plot, or both.  If none of the plots grab you, but a character does, I'll work with you to create a story for him.  If none of the characters are to your liking but a plot is, I'll create a new character for that plot.  I'm easygoing and adaptable. 

I’m not new to RP writing.  I’ve written adult and non-adult RP in a variety of settings for eight years now. 

I write in third person past tense with quotations to denote speech.  I don't care what format you use as long as it's readable and not distracting.

Post length varies.  I have no minimum or maximum post length.  I feel it depends upon the writer, the character, and the scene.  That said, I do want you to post substantively.  Please don't mirror me!  I really hate this trend.  Write whatever length works for you and your character for that particular post.  I'll be doing the same.  If it's short, it's because he was succinct, not because I'm slacking off so don't take that as an opportunity to stop giving your best.  It's as much your responsibility to keep the story flowing as it is mine.
Addendum:  An ultra-short post here or there is perfectly acceptable.  Consistently posting only two sentences ... is not acceptable.  If I don't feel you are posting substantively and/or helping to move the story along, I will PM you about it, and if nothing improves, I will drop the story.  I don't have time or inclination to carry the stories by myself.

Posting frequency varies.  I'm pretty active and regular with my replies.  That said, I'm also a mother and a FT+ student so there may be times when my replies slow down.  I keep my status updated in my signature and the personal text line below my avatar.  I don't have an A/A thread; feel free to poke me via PM if you're curious where I am. 
Edit:  I do now have an A/A thread; it can be found under the link "excuses" in my signature.  I'll try and keep it updated.

I'll keep a thread for a month with no response before I'll assume the thread is dead.  I'd ask you to let me know if you're going to poof but ... most of you won't so that's why I have a thread life limit.  I will ALWAYS let you know if I'm going to drop your story.  I will PM you directly. 

I prefer active writers.  I can't stay in the mind of a character that I'm posting with only occasionally.  I'd like you to post once a day.  I'll take once a week at the most.  I know that life gets busy but if you can't take a few minutes once a week to reply then you shouldn't be RPing.
Addendum:  The occasional month-long lapse is understandable; I just went through one myself.  If it becomes consistent then I will lose interest in the story and I will probably drop it.

I only write male characters interested in other male characters.  I play seme, uke or seke.  I primarily play seme, usually more by default than choice.  I'm good at it and I do enjoy it and since everyone wants to be a uke, if I'm to have any hope of writing, I play seme.  If you happen to be a seme needing a uke, I'd love my turn!

Writing samples can be found on my Shutterfly share site (public).  Please feel free to view them any time.

Status as of July 7, 2013:  Temporarily unavailable   
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Kishi's Characters
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2013, 10:31:50 am »

Please PM requests for these characters.

TAKEN means that I'm actively writing with the character.  I give partners a month of non-response before I list the character as available again; so even if a character is taken, if you're interested in him, put your name on the wait list. 

PENDING means that a writer has expressed interest and we're in the discussion/plotting phase.  If after two weeks, no progress has been made, the character will become available again. 

All characters are 17+

Rhys Kavanagh

Name:  Rhys Kavanagh
Race:  Human or Elf
Personality:  determined, loyal, independent, headstrong, reckless, emotional, forgiving, kind, thoughtful, tender, affectionate, hesitant to express feelings verbally, shies from PDA, loyal to his kingdom, fair military leader with high expectations, fun and jovial during practice, given to sharp wit and easy banter, will not tolerate insubordination, considers it a personal failure if anyone dies under his command, very hard on himself, claustrophobic. 
Backtory:  Captured at 15 and pressed into service as a concubine to Emperor Jai Lin, he quickly became a respected and beloved leader of the harem.  He banded the boys together and made the harem a place of refuge and safety rather than another spot of contention and competition.  He even secretly trained many of them in hand to hand combat.  At 19, he led an organized escape but lost a full third of the boys to death or recapture, including his best friend, Riku.  Fleeing to a neighboring country, he enlisted in the army there and now is a mid-ranking soldier in a small battalion of elite soldiers able to accomplish feats otherwise thought impossible for normal groups.

Darian Ainsley

Name:  Darian Ainsley
Race:  Vampire*
Personality:  quiet, intelligent, given to brooding, a bit masochistic, empathetic to humans, an avid reader, gentle, tender, cautiously affectionate, shy, Catholic – enjoys sitting in empty cathedrals, lights candles for lost souls, pensive, and thoughtful.
Backstory:  Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he was Turned at age 26 (on 12/31/1999) by his friend, Jared Astor+ who was (and still is) madly in love with him.  Initially rejecting all advances by Jared, Darian met a mortal woman, Miranda, whom he loved and Turned but less than a year later, they’re relationship dissolved and he was left devastated.  Very near to suicide, he finally engaged in a relationship with Jared, and they have had an on-again, off-again cycle ever since.  Vowing to never Turn another mortal, he has withdrawn from vampire society.  He is indiscriminate in his killing, not willing to ‘play God’ by judging mortals of their worthiness to live.  He will kill any man, woman, or child who happens across his path while he is hunting.  He believes himself a monster that is damned to Hell should he perish.  He is a loner, and very lonely.

+ Darian and Jared come as a pair.  They are inseparable even when not engaged in an active relationship with one another. 
* Follows Ricean ‘rules’

Jared Astor

Name:  Jared Astor
Race:  Vampire*
Personality:  reckless, impetuous, arrogant, cold-blooded killer, mindfucker, blasphemous, sensual, needy, clingy, possessive, (I’m making him sound terrible but he’s really awesome), affectionate, adoring, blunt, matchstick temper, protective of loved ones
Backstory:  Descended from John Jacob Astor.  After the death of J.J.A. on the Titanic, it became practice for the oldest son to be turned into a vampire upon reaching maturity.  Jared was the youngest in the third generation following J.J.A.  Not willing to remain mortal, Jared coerced a cousin into Turning him, against the Family’s wishes.  He’s considered a black sheep and under tight supervision by his older brothers.  He’s made only one childe, Darian,+ whom he loves deeply and for the most part, unrequitedly.  He flits from lover to lover trying to find one who will stick with him and accept him as he is. 

+ Darian and Jared come as a pair.  They are inseparable even when not engaged in an active relationship with one another. 
* Follows Ricean ‘rules’

Seiji Kaneyoshi

Name:  Seiji Kaneyoshi1
Race:  Human / vampire2
Personality:   soft-spoken, sweet, devoted, thoughtful, observant, loyal to a fault, driven, sadomasochistic, affectionate, deeply spiritual, patient, playful, effeminate, dresses as a woman (and fools everyone) just to get a reaction, intolerant of cruelty.
Backstory:3  Born into a samurai family during the late shogunate period, he is a prodigy of Tennen Rishin-ryu.  By 18 he had mastered all techniques of the school and by 19 was head coach of the school.  At 24, he became captain of the first unit of the Shinsengumi.  Seiji is sent to retrieve his best friend and lover, Vice-Commander Keisuke, who has defected the Shinsengumi due to a difference of ideals with Commandor Kondo and 2nd Vice-commander Hijikata.  Upon their return to headquarters, Keisuke is ordered to commit ritual suicide (seppuku) and he asks Seiji to stand as his Kaishajunin – a loved one who beheads the suicide victim at the moment of agony, sparing the victim and any onlookers the prolonged, ghastly death throes.  Still reeling from that horrific loss, Seiji has contracted tuberculosis.  He is looking for an outlet for his grief and anger.

1 Based on the real-life person of Okita Souji.
2 If we go with the Haruouki angle.
3 Tweakable to fit an alternate universe / original world if we keep the same flavor of details.

Kiran Noelani

Name:  Kiran Noelani
Race:  Human or Elf
Personality:  elegant, lonely, shy, quiet, melancholy, wistful, romantic, affectionate, easily hurt, spontaneous, hates to be alone, agoraphobic. 
Backstory:  Born blind, he nearly drowned at the age of five and since then, has been able to receive prophetic visions through water.  At the age of eight, he was sold to the House of Lords by his parents for an insane sum.  His visions became the crux of their methodic takeover of the city, the country, and neighboring lands.  He was kept in a windowless room with very little active stimulation or socialization.  Lonely and desperate for contact, he invaded the dreams of those sleeping near him to vicariously experience their adventures, good or ill.  He wants to die but cannot see his own death nor bring it to pass.  Despite several suicide attempts, he was always saved in the nick of time, resulting in a strengthening of his powers, much to his dismay.  Having learned that his powers increase with each near-death experience, his caretakers force him into a pool of electrically charged water every two years.  As he drowns, data is collected through the electrical ions, and once he fully drowns and stops moving, he is fished out, resuscitated, and forced to continue having his now even stronger visions.  His mind is fractured, unable to delineate between reality and vision anymore. 


Nikolai Kael


Name:  Nikolai Kael (aka Niko)
Race:  Demon of sensuality
Personality:  free-spirited, exuberant, sadistic, clever, funny, rebellious, creative, open-minded, caring, affectionate, sensual.
Backstory:  He’s a low ranking demon of the first level of Hell.  His job is to torment the unfaithful lovers doomed there.  He and his fellow demons of sensuality keep the doomed souls in a constant state of arousal with no hope of release.  He’s not allowed to engage in intercourse with them as it could cause them to have release so he is also in a state of frustration often.  Fortunately, lesser demons are able to withstand the surface / mortal world and so he goes there often to satiate his needs.  He can and does give his lovers any material item they wish.  He’s grown lonely for true affection.  He wants to be loved by a mortal for who he is, not what he can give them.

Raiden Seji

Name:  Raiden Seji
Race:  Angel
Personality:  strong willed, driven, intelligent, analytical, slow to anger, dangerous when angry, loyal, believes in authority and hierarchy, perfectionist
Backstory:  warrior angel in a corrupt ‘heaven,’ in charge of identifying, tracking, and dispatching fallen angels.  He was severely abused as a young angel which led to his wings being defective; he is unable to fly.  He has a contraption that helps him open and close them but they can’t withstand full flight.  He rescued Gemini* and raised them, eventually becoming a sort of incestuous father type figure to them. 

* Raiden and Gemini come as a trio.  Any partner with Raiden needs to be comfortable with his continued relationship with Gemini.  He won’t have sex with Gemini AND his partner, only one or the other but he will never give up Gemini.  Their relationship, while somewhat incestuous, does not impact his ability to love a lover because his love for Gemini is truly more paternal than anything.


Name:  Gemini*
Race:  Angel
Personality:  horrendously sadistic, bratty, selfish, clever, playful
Backstory:  A pair of born angel twins.  Born ages are exceedingly rare (compared to angels made from human souls) much less a pair of twins.  They were condemned to death at birth because of superstitions leading others to believe they were ‘evil’ and dangerous.  Raiden was supposed to carry out the execution but instead adopted and raised them as his own.  They worship Raiden completely and nothing could ever shatter their faith in him.  They are not interested in individuality and have no friends or lovers other than themselves and Raiden.  They are voraciously sexual, engaging in sex with each other (twincest, yay!) when Raiden is unavailable. 

* Gemini is not a playable character outside of a story with Raiden.  I would play them only as part of a Raiden story.  I list them here only so anyone interested in Raiden, understands who Gemini are because they are part and parcel of Raiden’s story.

Kira Mikashi

Kira Mikashi

 Personality:  outgoing, friendly, cheerful, quiet, studious, athletic, trusting, sensitive.  Second year student active in sports and social clubs.  Very popular with the girls and guys alike.  Has never taken a partner.  Studies hard on top of performing in sports and clubs.  Jogs daily.  Is a star track team member for the sprint and the long jump.  Laughs easily, cries easily, is frightened easily.  Often teased for his girlish features.  Laughs it off which endears him more to his fellow students.  Teachers also like him and dote on him.  Lives with his drunk father and is often the brunt of his father’s drunken rampages.  Takes the beating without fighting back or hating his father.  Merely becomes melancholy.  Misses his mother whom he was close to.  Open, honest, and direct when speaking. 

As a lover:  Has never had one.  Thinks he prefers girls as that is what is expected.  Is shy concerning physical affection but usually won’t reject it.  Rarely makes eye contact.  Is readily submissive.  Wants to please the one he loves.  Is very tender and nurturing.  Remembers everything his lover says and always tries to meet his lover’s every desire.  Is willing to accept criticism and better himself.  Doesn’t get hurt easily as he doesn’t expect anything.  Doesn’t feel he is worthy of love so doesn’t expect it and rarely will truly believe any declarations of it.  Won’t say it in return unless he’s certain.  Once he falls … it’s head over heels and he gives himself, heart, body, and soul to that person. 

Habits: Jogs at dawn along the forest trail.  Returns home and showers and prepares for school.  Makes breakfast for him and his father who is usually passed out but he wraps it and puts it in the microwave for him.  Pretty much self-sufficient.  Takes care in how he dresses.  Enjoys modern “skater” style clothing in dark colors with bright accessories.  Has several tattoos and piercings.  Adores jewelry.  Sleeps with his door locked to keep his father out.  Watches a lot of porn but is embarrassed about it.  Likes to watch himself masturbate.  Is organized and cleanly both in his person and his room.  Like fresh air and almost always has a window open.  If he can’t sleep, he will jog the lantern lit streets at night.  Loves the rain. 

Takeo Li

Takeo Li  

Personality: proud, bold, independent, honorable, friendly, optimistic, fiercely loyal, reckless.  Is very proud and will take affronts to his honor or character very seriously, usually dealing out physical repercussions.  Bold to the point of brazen.  Unafraid of approaching others or showing affection.  Often forces affection upon those for whom he cares whether they want it or not.  Will not accept rejection.  Does not like to be alone but will not rely on others.  Is generally gruff with rough gestures of affection.   Has great pride in his country and will attack anyone who says a bad word against it.  Enjoys fighting and doesn’t mind being injured and almost seems to relish in his injuries.  Is reckless in battle for the purpose of showing off.  Is a huge crowd pleaser and will shamelessly flirt with everyone.

As a lover: he is a predatory seducer.  If he sets his gaze upon you, he will not remove it regardless of your words or actions.  He will relentlessly pursue his “victim” until they submit.  Often he loses interest once they do.  He is very open in his preference for men and will make no attempts to hide it and in fact flaunts it.  Is manipulative and sadistic but also loving and even tender once in awhile.  In bed he is dominate and demanding.  He is known to play games and physically restrain his lovers.  He is also known for a violent streak in bed.  Those who fight back are rewarded.  He loves fiercely and demands complete submission, fidelity, and obedience.  He will tolerate absolutely no breach of these rules and the consequences will be severe.

Habits: like all arena fighters, he trains most of every day.  He will kidnap younger / newer fighters and force them to train against him.  He eats hearty meals and drinks heavily.  His preference is amber whiskey.  He rarely gets drunk but when he does, he’s emotional and unstable and dangerous.  He likes to lie in the cool grass at night and stare up at the stars.  He often fantasizes of other lives he may have lived.  When in a relationship he will bring his partner outside for midnight romps.  He goes out of his way to break lower rules that will earn him non-lethal punishment.  He sleeps with his hair down and no clothes and the windows open.  He likes it cold in the bedroom. 

Killien Riuken

Killien Riuken

Personality: confident, cheerful, flirty, playful, sensual.  Hard to tell when he’s joking and when he’s serious.  Also hard to tell when he’s sincere.  Opportunistic.  Gives to get.  Rarely gives without expecting something in return.   Likes luxury and decadence.  Is crazy about jewelry.  Hates to be alone.  Will not cook or clean.  Lives at the brothel for all the above reasons.   Is doted upon and fawned over by both men and women though he prefers men.  He’ll sleep with anyone who pays him and/or gives him affection but his preference is men.  Can be petulant and bratty when attention starved.  Has no real set of values or morals other than making sure he gets what he wants by any means necessary.

As a lover:  he’s pretty selfish.  He responds to compliments and kindness and bribes.  He is ready with affection in return and has no qualms showing it in public.  He will often question the legitimacy of any claims to love and will brush them off with an insincere “I love you too” in return.  He has never been in love and doesn’t believe anyone could love him.  Despite his cheerful appearance, his past is dark and painful and he buries it beneath layers upon layers of apathy and recklessness.  He will often provoke an argument to “test” his lover’s devotion.  If the lover leaves then he feels vindicated rather than sad.  In bed he is eager and sensual and a tease.  He does not like being teased as much as he likes teasing.  He doesn’t particularly like being restrained but has come to accept it.  His favorite thing is when his partner will allow him to be on top.  He likes to control the motion. 

  He is very fastidious about his appearance and hygiene.    He takes great pride in his thick, long hair.  He will brush it nightly until it shines.  He can often be seen twirling it through his fingers idly.  He doesn’t eat much but he likes strong flavors.  He does drink a lot of red wine.  He is almost always cradling a glass of it in his delicate fingers.   His work keeps him up at night so he sleeps during the day.  He doesn’t force himself to sleep or wake at a set time, just whenever he feels like it.  He can sleep anywhere though he prefers curling up on a couch if alone, tangling himself in his lover’s arms and legs if with a partner.

Akira Leyhan

Akira Leyhan

Personality:  aloof and guarded with strangers, warm, caring, playful, even rambunctious with family and friends.  Protective of those he cares for.  Will do anything to protect his loved ones regardless of the danger to himself.  Fiercely loyal and devoted.  Persistent – will never give up on something he’s started.  Willful with a strong sense of pride.  Will never submit under pressure.  Will fight as long as he’s conscious even when he knows it’s a losing battle.  Does not fear death.  Fights because it’s all he knows how to do.  Always fights fair and will brutally crush any opponent who attempts to do otherwise.    Is uneducated but not lacking in intelligence.  Once his trust is earned, it’s difficult to lose.  Once lost, it’s impossible to regain. 

As a lover:  he is a passionate lover in every aspect.  When he falls in love, he falls completely and absolutely head over heels and will not be swayed from his target.  He will hold a candle far longer than he should in some cases.  He will be completely faithful and expects such in return.   He values companionship and partnership.  He is very affectionate and enjoys it in return though is shy about it in public.  He abhors arguing and will do almost anything to avoid it including avoiding the person, submitting to the person’s argument and swallowing his own, walking away from the argument until the other person drops it, changing the subject through laughter or sex.  In bed he is rough and playful.  He will nip, bite, claw, slap, and put up a gentle fight that he doesn’t want to win.  He wants to be defeated and taken roughly but lovingly.  Condescending remarks or postures will turn him off.  He will always have red wine after sex.

Habits: he trains vigorously and religiously.  He will allow nothing to get in the way of training.  He spends a good part of every day doing this.  He eats hearty meals but abstains from alcohol except after sex.  He will eat a light meal prior to a fight.  He has no real aversions to food and will eat almost anything put before him.  He doesn’t like to cook and will rely on raw fruits, vegetables, bread, and cheese if left to fend for himself.  He tends to be messy and disorganized.  He abhors cleaning and will hire a maid if he doesn’t have a partner to do it. 

Misari Naharu

Misari Naharu

Personality:  distant, reserved, aloof, quiet.  Walks slowly with head high and back straight.  Not shy but not social.  Speaks softly and with perfect grammar using very few, if any, contractions or slang  Will speak if spoken to but usually in monosyllabic often rude and/or sarcastic manner.  His trust is difficult to earn but once earned is nearly unbreakable.  He will forgive all but outright betrayal.  Highly intelligent.  Reads voraciously.  Will not tolerate affronts to his intelligence.  Values rules, authority, and loyalty.  Is very rigid in his routine and rarely tolerates changes to it.  Once someone gains his respect it is unquestionable.  He will follow that person into any situation regardless of danger or morality. 

As a lover:  is extremely uncomfortable with affection, both giving and receiving.  Will initially rebuff all physical advances, especially in public.  Even as the relationship develops, he will be likely to brush away affection as a knee-jerk reaction.  Affection in public will always anger and offend him regardless of the state of the relationship.  He requires patience and can be won over slowly with respect and compliments toward his values and abilities.  He needs a strong yet gentle counter to his snark or he will verbally steamroll over his lover.  He rarely smiles but when he does it’s incredibly beautiful.  Hardly ever apologizes verbally but may give a small gesture of affection instead such as the brush of his fingers, a quick kiss, an elegant dinner, or a gift.  In bed he is shy and reticent and will never make eye contact.  He will never initiate but will reluctantly submit after a period of protest.

Habits:  wakes early and reads by the window with a cup of tea.  Eats light meals in a delicate fashion.  His movements could be compared to those of a ballet dancer.  Sleeps with the curtains open so the moonlight can touch his bed.  Has an unexplainable love for and almost worship of the moon.  During a new moon he will sleep very little and that only with a lantern lit.  He becomes irritable and emotional often forsaking all but the most pressing of responsibilities.  He will barely care for himself and will not clean.  Once the cycle is complete he will go on a rampage of cleaning.   

Takumi Takahiro

Takumi Takahiro

Takumi was raised in the household of the king of a small land sandwiched between three larger ones.  He was schooled in calligraphy, music - singing and koto playing, dancing - he excels at fan dancing, and various courtesan arts.  Takumi is a confident and quiet, if outspoken man.  He is direct to a fault and holds little regard for status when something needs to be said.  That said, he's not rude, just very blunt.  He is tender and sensitive, loyal and devoted, affectionate and caring.  Best friend and lover to the king, he is given liberties with his speech that others of his rank would never enjoy.  He is highly sought after by neighboring nobles for his exotic beauty and exceptional fan dancing.  Thus far, Kaito has refused every offer of purchase for Takumi. 

War has begun to devastate their land.  Two of the three surrounding countries are engaged in a civil war and they use the land between them, namely Kaito's kingdom, as their personal battlefield.  Kaito doesn't have the troops to send to chase them off.  Villages and towns have been ravaged by enemy soldiers stealing rations and slaves.  One of those villages was Takumi's birthplace.  His family was killed or taken.  Now he harbors deep guilt for having been safe within the walls of the palace while his family was murdered. 

He loves Kaito deeply but knows his place in the social system and knows that he may not be able to remain always at Kaito's side.  There may come an offer Kaito can't refuse.  Takumi is also willing to sell himself to any who will aid them in defending their land against the warring countries.  He is passionate and driven and not afraid to take chances to accomplish his goals.  He has no qualms about his status or his role.  He harbors no ill will regarding it either.  He is content to be a slave or a companion. 

Kouji Itou

Kouji Itou

Kouji is a second year student at a prestigious, private college studying business administration.  He comes from a wealthy family.  Both his parents are foreign dignitaries and rarely home.  He's spent his entire life surrounded by wealth and raised in private schools.  He basically raised himself since his parents were never home.  In spite of all this, he is a down-to-earth, friendly, and energetic man who is generally adored by everyone who knows him.  He's sweet and compassionate and goes out of his way for his friends.  He's top of his class, a very hard working student, and a moderately serious member of a small theater troupe on campus.  He adores acting but can't commit the time to it to be a part of one of the larger groups. 

He's recently come out that he's gay and is unashamed of it but still somewhat hesitant of the reactions of others.  He's very shy about showing affection in public.  He hasn't had the chance to explore his sexuality much and thinks he's a seke but isn't entirely sure.  He's open to exploring new territory.  He's not currently with anyone and hasn't dated significantly.  He is not the type to just sleep around so his experience is very limited.  He's had a couple girlfriends in high school, before he fully realized he was gay, and then one boyfriend in his first year of college but it was brief. 

He's not out looking for a relationship since he's still very focused on school but he wouldn't turn down an opportunity either.  He's very unlikely to make the first move.  He's affectionate and sensitive and likes lots of touching and kissing.  He can be slightly aggressive when highly aroused.  He's not at all clingy or possessive, though he does prefer monogamy.  He doesn't mind giving you your space and he needs his.
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Kishi's Plots
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2013, 06:21:25 am »

Please PM requests for these plots.


The titles are just for you to have something to reference when contacting me.  We'll create an original one for our story.

MC = my character
YC = your character

I'll use these abbreviations even where I say I can play either character just because it's easier. 

Seme = Dom / Top
Uke = Sub / Bottom
Seke = Switch

Dom and Sub are very subjective terms.  When used here they neither imply nor deny the possibility of a d/s relationship, nor do they express how Dom or how Sub a character is.  They're simply a general reference to position and personality.

Even if it's not directly mentioned in the plot idea, it's assumed that the characters will develop a relationship with one another.  The exact details of that relationship are open to discussion.

Status:  Open
Setting:  fantasy - modern or medieval
MC:  messenger with amnesia
Position:  uke, possibly seke

The world is being devoured by dark magic.  MC carries a message that could turn the tide of war.  Bound inside a crystal powered by his life force, is the secret to defeating the dark magic.  Attacked on his way to deliver the crystal to the High Council, he is knocked unconscious.  When he wakes, he has amnesia.  He has no idea who he is or what he was doing or what the crystal is around his neck. 

Are you a good samaritan who comes across the battle and helps him?  Are you willing to help him regain his memories?

Perhaps you're just pretending to be a good samaritan so that you can gain his trust and have him divulge his secret message, if and when he remembers it.

Or maybe you're one of the attackers and after knocking him out, you take him to a place where you can interrogate him more thoroughly until he spills the information.

Status:  Open
Setting:  fantasy - modern or medieval
MC:  either
Position:  mage = seme, vessel = uke

Magic is commonplace, and the laws of magic follow the laws of alchemy (for every action there is an equal reaction), meaning that when a mage casts an offensive spell, he will take damage as well.  If he casts a healing spell, it draws from his life force.  Mages have subjugated humans to take the reactive damage the mage would have taken when casting a spell.  Humans take much less damage from the reaction than the mage would have because of their natural desensitization to magic.  These humans are called 'vessels.'  The bond between vessel and mage is created and maintained by intimacy.

You could be a willing vessel in which case your intimate moments with the mage would be mutually fulfilling.  He would shield you from as much damage as possible and would be cautious in his use of magic.  He'd shower you with gifts and luxuries to make up for your pain.

Or you could be a captive and unwilling vessel which would result in the opposite of the above - intimate moments would be non-con.  He'd let you take the full brunt of the damage as well as be less cautious with his use of magic.  You'd live as a slave.

Status:  Open
Setting:  any
MC:  either
Position:  MC = uke, YC = seme

MC and YC were very close friends, maybe even lovers in a past life.  Raised together in the same orphanage, MC was severely abused by the headmaster and YC protected him when he could and nursed his wounds when he couldn't.  YC was three years older than MC.  They try to escape several times but are always caught by the authorities and returned to the orphanage.  One day the headmaster goes too far and beats MC to death.  YC finds out and kills the headmaster and lands in jail and is executed. 

Many years later, after several more deaths at the hands of the headmaster, the orphanage is finally closed.  It's an historic building so it's not torn down but rather converted into luxury apartment homes.  Both characters are living in separate units in the building unaware of one another.

One character may remember their past life and searches for the other character only to find him right in the same building.  The other character may or may not remember their past life and may or may not want to.  It could go a lot of ways. 

Neither character remembers their past life but both start to have dreams and visions as memories are forced to the surface by living in the same place.  They both end up in the depths of the basement on the same night and start talking and become friends.  The closer they get, the more they remember and it's traumatic for one or both of them.  This one could go a lot of ways too.

Status:  Open
Setting:  any
MC:  fallen angel
Position:  seme or seke

MC is a fallen angel who resides in a cold, dark Hell.  He was betrayed by his friend and lover in a corrupt Heaven and feels he is unjustly banished.  He longs for light and beauty and warmth and love.  And revenge.  He sneaks out of Hell often to wander the mortal realm.  Fallen, like vampires, are unable to be in sunlight so he only comes out at night and returns before dawn.  He visits cathedrals for a taste of his former home.

YC is a priest who either is questioning his faith or capable of doing so after meeting MC.  They meet in the church and initially their only interactions are within the church. 
   YC is good and kind and tries to help MC overcome his need for revenge. 
   YC helps MC enact his revenge.
   MC uses YC to enact his revenge but regrets doing so.

YC is an angel of light who disagrees with the corruption in Heaven but isn't in a position to say or do anything about it.  YC also comes to the mortal realm sometimes and one night, sees MC.  He is drawn to MC and, depending on how fearful he is, approaches MC that same night or several nights later.  As they grow closer, YC decides to escape Heaven and live with MC.  This brings both Heaven and Hell down upon them as their relationship is discovered as well as the amount of time they spent in the mortal realm.  Each is banished and must live within the mortal realm. 
   A twist could be to have the light angel unable to tolerate darkness the same way the fallen angel is unable to tolerate sunlight which would limit their time together to dusk and pre-dawn.  When they are banished from Heaven and Hell, they could be made mortal and therefore no longer suffer this.
  (TAKEN - 4/12/13)

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