[Ex] Extreme desires

Started by BK Geno, June 10, 2008, 04:45:16 AM

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BK Geno

Kind of want to try this, and just see what a game in extreme would be like.

1)A young woman wants to get away from the city for a month or so, and decides to head out to a nearby ranch. She gets hired on to help service the animals of the farm, and ends up doing ALOT more for the animals than she expected.

2)A young woman goes for a walk in the woods, and finds herself attacked by dozens of animals, all of them intent on savaging her.

These games will be extreme, either modern or fantasy.

All filled out with games for the moment, so no more games will be accepted for a bit. Thanks for the interest.
Panic is ALWAYS an appropriate answer!

The Great Triangle

Getting attacked by animals sounds kind of fun.

Will the animals be coming in groups, or all at once?

Do you have any problem playing with a fellow Lord?
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