Cherri's RP ideas~ (F seeking M)

Started by Cherri, March 03, 2013, 12:36:35 AM

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*Note: Please read my Ons and Offs before inquiring ^_^
*Side Notes: -I'd prefer it if the Male characters playing would range in between the ages of 20-35, I plan on playing a young adult and would rather not get too high of an age difference .
                     - I enjoy a well thought out post and an imaginative partner, I'm not perfect in that area, but it helps if your partner is at least trying. It bothers me when I get posts that are 1 sentence or just dialogue, be creative!

Story Ideas: (Mainly based off of Anime/Manga ^_^ )
*Note: Even if you haven't seen the anime I don't think the stories will have anything to do with the series, just what its based off of :)

-InuYasha Based Rp~ This wouldn't involve the actual characters but more OCxOC, basically I was looking for either a Demon SlayerXDemon pairing or a PriestessXDemon pairing,

Its the warring states era in Japan, Demons and bandits have been running a muck and destroying villages. While regular humans tend to the bandits, there is a group of slayers who specialize in demon hunting and have taken the responsibility to protect the local village. A young man (you) is the rising star amongst the hunters, a hero who has slain countless demons and won the hearts of the young women. During a demon raid on the village, A young female demon is caught in the crossfire, she wasn't involved in the raid, but stands accused of leading it, she takes off but the hero chases her and plans to kill her, but for some reason he can't and so he decides to bring her to the village as a captive. During her time there love blooms between the two and peace seems to be back to the village, but strange occurances begin to happen as village women start to disappear. The young Demon is to blame again, but something much bigger is brewing...   

Lame summary I know, but its the basic idea of what I'd like. ^_^ I'd be playing the Female role.

-Summer Vacation ~Step BrotherXStep sister (Been raised together since childhood)

Its summer vacation and the parents decide to take a weekend trip leaving the teens at home... 


Added another Plot, will add more later :)