Kitten's Search for Someone to Worship (sub f for Dominant F)

Started by PenitentKitten, February 20, 2013, 04:51:25 PM

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Ons and Offs link is in signature.

Please PM me if interested.

If a D/s relationship is involved, for the time being, I'm only interested in playing in the submissive partner.

Breaking Teacher: She was a new professor, fresh from having gotten her own degree. She knows better than to be in relationships with students, but when one student decides to break her and own her, can she resist?

Her Mother's Best Friend: (age as well as BDSM and a lot of humiliation!) Her mother's best friend was a beautiful woman and old enough to be her mother, but since she'd graduated from college and returned home while she looked for a job, she found herself fantasizing more and more--fortunately, she wasn't the only one.

Slowly Becoming Her Sister's Pet: It started out as a drunken dare, just kissing, and then more. Slowly, things spiral further and further: a smack on the ass during sex becomes a spanking becomes a riding crop becomes a full whipping; hair pulling becomes degrading talk becomes public humiliation becomes a collar and a leash; etc. Craving

Mom's Pet: Over summer vacation, Mom begins to train her now adult daughter in how to be puppy. Should start as NC. CRAVING!

Boss' Pet: Everyone knew she got preferential treatment, and hated her for it. Her lunches tended to be longer, she was allowed to goof off on the internet, etc. However, to be fair, she also worked harder and more efficiently than the rest of the team. However, their jealousy changes when the charade ends and instead of working at her desk, she know sits on the floor, tethered to the boss' desk. Can involve several different elements--all up for negotiation.

Priestess and the Acolyte: It's well known that the priestess of Aleri were lesbians. Women, noble and not, often came to them to worship. What was not so well known was that not all Acolytes became Priestesses--some were claimed, collared, and used in a different kind of worship: the kind that Aleri preferred. When a noble born Acolyte is chosen by a priestess, she tries to resist, until she discovers how much she enjoys humiliation and pain.

Roommate's Secret: Assigned roommates do not always get along and become friends, and that seemed to be the situation for these two. Their personalities and upbringings simply were too different. The quite introverted roommate has a few friends, but is just as content to stay in and read or play on the computer and gets uncomfortable when her more extroverted and popular roommate brings over her gaggle of friends. However, it turns out that they might be more compatible than they realize. While the popular student is gone for a weekend, the quiet student indulges herself, including some self-bondage. Not expecting her roommate to come back early, she's caught naked, gagged, and bound when her roommate comes in.Taken

Debt-Slave: In a world where the difference between the haves and the have nots has increased so that some are never able to pay off their debts, debt slavery has become completely legal and socially-acceptable and most often takes the form of sex-slavery. Individuals who get in debt that is more than they can handle register themselves, have most human-rights stripped from them (they have the right to food, water, basic protection from extreme abuse/disfigurement/killing), and are sold at auctions. Auction days are festival days, when the poor-not-yet-having-had-to-sell-themselves and the rich all mingling together. Slaves are often despised by the poor, and a new slave's family will often hold a funeral as if the former-person-now-slave has died. Slaves are often used in public, as there is no taboo against a whipping a slave in public or using your pet as a footstool in restaurants. Slaves also tend to be same-sex.

Twin Problems: Who doesn't love a good twincest story? Identical twin sisters, went to very different colleges, but have decided to live together after graduation. There was a catch neither of them expected, when on their 22nd birthday, one of them was presented to the other as a gift by their parents and formally collared in front of all the guests at their shared birthday party. Craving

Escaping Misery: She was a married woman (to a man), but she was miserable. Sex almost never happened, and when it did, it bored her as often as it disgusted her. She had never meant to cheat, but when she meets a slightly older woman, they form a deep friendship. Eventually, she confesses how miserable she is and upon being encouraged to share her fantasies, finds herself pulled into the woman's world and discovering that her true identity is as a lesbian slave/pet/sex toy.

A Different Kind of Cinderella Story: Cinderella served her step-mother and step-sisters. They used her horribly, making her do all the chores around the manor, the cleaning, the cooking, the serving meals. She helped them into their complicated dresses and washed, brushed, and braided their hair. All in all, she was fairly happy with her life--she got to serve three beautiful women, except they missed one thing, or perhaps it never occurred to them to use her that way, or maybe they were all straight and had no interest in using her. She wanted more. She wanted to be switched and spanked and whipped when she was good, not just as a punishment. She wanted to lick feet and suck on toes. She wanted her step-mother to rest her feet upon her back. She wanted to pleasure them and be used by them. Her fairy god-mother, she thought, missed the mark when she got her to the ball. She was not crying because she wanted to go, but because she wanted to serve more completely. Little did she know that the prince she danced with was a princess, a beautiful and beautifully sadistic and dominating princess who was not looking for a princess to rule by her side, but for a slave girl to serve at her feet, sexually and domestically--and the feet of whatever future princess she did marry. (Also, available as a threesome where her eldest step-sister is the bride). Taken

Fandoms I'd be willing to play in:

Sailor Moon (any senshi (or other) played would be over 21/young adults)--Particularly interested in the following: Neptune submitting to Uranus; Mercury submitting to Neptune and Uranus; or Mercury being the slave of the rest of the Senshi.


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