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Author Topic: A vampire! Fun sex! Social conflicts! {Male character for any.}  (Read 737 times)

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Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

A vampire! Fun sex! Social conflicts! {Male character for any.}
« on: February 15, 2013, 05:20:42 am »
Alright, so, let's see how I do here, shall we?

THE WORLD: Some approximation of real Earth! Except four to five years ago, vampires went all over TV and radio and told the world they were real. They want nothing more than to live in harmony among human beings. See, the Japanese invented synthetic blood that can sustain them, so humans need not fear their appetites. At this point, vampires remain uneasy members of the citizenry. It's illegal to hunt them down, it's illegal to steal their blood, but legal marriages and legal land inheritance remain uncertain, among other things. Many still believe they're monsters with no place among decent human beings. They claim all they want is them to go underground, but how true is that? Rumor has it that the Fellowship of the Sun is always amassing an arsenal full of silver and wood, and that they strap vampires to outdoor altars in large ceremonies. . .

(Look familiar? Congrats, you've either read the Sookie Stackhouse books or seen True Blood. We'll get along famously. New to you, but interesting? Great! I'll ramble at you if you need it. For fans of the series: I'm not looking for canons. The basis stops at the end of season 3, and is really only involved with national concerns. I also change some things around. So if you're looking for something faithful to the series then I'm probably not yer girl.)

THE TOWN: Crystal Springs, California. In the mountains near the Oregon border, it's a largely pleasant town that houses an art school of growing renown. The student community coexists, sometimes uncomfortably, with the old money fossilized in the ritzy parts of town. It seems damned near vampire free on the surface, except for. . .

THE CHARACTER: Maxwell Garrington! Art school hipsters might recognize that name as the singer of a band called The Sinkillers, all passion and hypnosis. Art school hipsters also recognized him, for a time, as that vampire who landed himself a teaching gig at the school, easing fledgling writers into their craft with unexpected prowess. That is, until that one vampire went nuts on TV, and those fossils decided that he was ripe for some copycat killing. Could a monster really be expected to control himself in a room full of their young, healthy children? Why, it was only a matter of time! Little do those hipsters know, Max has a third job. In effect, it helps Crystal Springs to keep looking quiet and peaceful. Why, he's only got that headsman's ax in his trunk so he can donate it to the charity auction! What are you saying about how sharp it looks? Who carries around fully-primed medieval murder tools? Never seen a vampire laugh so much in your life, though. . .

(Note: See this post for a full profile. You can decide from there what side of him you want to engage with.)

THE STORY: That's where you come in! Word has it that Maxwell's pretty seductive. He'd also really like his teaching job back. Some people seem to think he pours his bottles of TruBlood right down the sink. Julie swears she watched him do it, once. But the bite's not so bad. He's got such a soothing voice. That garage next to his house wasn't there six months ago. Why's he suddenly need a garage? Who owns that black Impala that's shown up in the driveway a half dozen times by now? What's this his blog says about the injustice of his indefinite suspension?

OOC THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: I write long posts. Really. Most of them are 1,250+ words. If that's too much for you, I'd probably bore you, sorry. I won't kick you out of bed for writing less, so to speak, but do come prepared, yeah?

This universe is kind of a True Blood/Supernatural crossover. If you watch and enjoy those series, that's probably interesting to know (or, hopefully it is). If you don't, disregard this line. I mean, you could watch them if you wanted, but don't strain yourself.

On that note, if you're into Supernatural and, specifically, into Dean Winchester, you're in luck! Max and Dean are often available as a pair deal, though not without consulting Dean's player. They're registered here too and up for interesting plots, most times. Just don't expect Dean to bone your character if she's a lady, this Dean doesn't swing that way. This need not come in quite so directly if you're not interested, though, so again, if it's not your bag, disregard.

Max is a pretty witty guy. Characters that can keep up are adored.

Sex scenes will be fun. There will be laughter involved. They should be having a good time and expressing that. Sex organs shouldn't dry up and wilt because somebody started giggling at where his dick decided to land.

While I do have a handful of more specific ideas than I've let on about here, realistically, most good RPs are the product of brainstorming. Y'know, mutual effort. So, hit me up!

Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

Re: A vampire! Fun sex! Social conflicts! {Male character for any.}
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2013, 03:17:29 am »
I've just thought of an idea I like! I think it would be really cute if Max wound up becoming a drama student's acting partner. While his only on-screen experience was a performance of his being included in a well-received German film, being a vampire living among humans prior to the Great Revelation was a very practical form of acting. So much so that he considered teaching drama before falling on writing, because he figured humans would find it distasteful for a vampire to be teaching them how to play convincing human beings, ha-ha. He'd be a great acting partner, and I think it'd be really fun to write. There are a couple ways this could come about. One, they could simply respond to one of his many ads offering a room in his home. I've been trying to stray from that, but realistically, Max will want as many people as possible in the house (seeing as their payment is in blood), and the rooms aren't filled yet. I think the promise of being able to the acting thing would make me sufficiently excited, despite the mess that I've come to associate with that plot idea. Secondly, they could simply hear that he'd be good for that from a friend. There's a cafe in town that Max hangs around frequently, and it's got all kinds of students working at it, all of whom know him pretty well. So it'd be a friend-of-a-friend deal, maybe! I kind of prefer a female character for this role, because I feel like I've been writing so much with male ones, haha. Really, though, I'm likely to be excited for any response. This plot idea has plenty of sexual potential, I think. . .Max flirts relentlessly when he likes someone, and he has a way about him that tends to make people interested, haha.

I've also got an idea that involves a werewolf hunting Dean down to get justice for another were that he killed a year ago, probably on the other side of the country. Obviously Max isn't Dean! Max's involvement is that the were would find out about the relationship between him and Dean and, while Dean's out of town, decide to hold on to him in hopes of luring Dean into a trap. With regard to how a were would get the upper hand on Max, well, I've decided that there's a symbol that can hold vampires like him in place, similar to the devil's trap from Supernatural. Something to do with the magic in their blood. That'd honestly be the only way for a werewolf to hold a vampire captive and expect any interaction with it, since silver is necessary to subdue them otherwise, and that's a weakness vampires and werewolves share. This would involve another person coming into the RP later, but that's probably going to take a while.

I'm especially excited for the drama student thing, so please contact me if you're interested.

Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

Re: A vampire! Fun sex! Social conflicts! {Male character for any.}
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2013, 04:05:01 am »
Here are some specific settings I use and very vague scene types.

The Robin St. Cafe: Run and frequented by students of the art school, this establishment serves as a coffee shop, bakery, diner, very basic bar (small beer and wine selection, might spike your coffee) and small performance venue. It regularly hosts open mics which, in turn, feature things such as musical performances, poetry readings, comedy and dramatic performances. This is the only place in town at which Maxwell is allowed to perform; the effect his voice has on mortals sees him barred from anywhere else.

Image References: 1, 2, 3 (Note: Decor might not be identical, this is just for an idea of the layout/size/style. I based it off a place I went to a punk show at once.)

Likely Scene Types: Default social gathering spot, performance (my character or yours), likely to be a recommended meeting spot if such a thing is needed.

Maxwell's Home: Built in the style of stick-Eastlake architecture, Maxwell's house sits on a hill and is surrounded only by naturally-occurring plant life. Consisting of two and a half above-ground stories and an undetermined amount of basement floors, it's a sizable but modest abode when compared with the mansions of the more monied section of the town's population. The ground floor has a marble-dominated interior at odds with the charming exterior decoration of the home, its front porch having a wooden swing and a small set of wrought-iron table and chairs for hosting guests. Its numerous antiques and art pieces inside make it seem more like a museum than a home. A room on the right side of the home gives a much warmer impression, wood-floored and housing a fireplace, in addition to a daybed, bookshelves, a number of tea tables and chairs, a coffee table and armchairs. A large garage matching the style of the home has been built off to one side within the past year, and Maxwell has been putting up flyers and internet ads offering space in his home at a negotiable rate.

Likely Scene Types: House party, good ol' "I need help and you're the nearest place" scene, potential boarder scenario (your character would have needed to call/email first, there are two, maybe three rooms if he converts the attic, available as I write this), any reason your character would have to come to his door would clearly take place here.

Crystal Springs Botanical Gardens: Just what you'd expect of botanical gardens, really: All kinds of local plant life with informational plaques, hiking and biking trails, picnic tables and so on. Entrance is barred at night, but that doesn't keep everyone out.

Likely Scene Types: Small social gatherings, encounters on late night walks, likely spot to chase down a creature.  Occasional date or meeting place.

Memorial Park: (Probably should be named for some local figure or another but honestly, I can't be fucked at the moment.) Distinct from a botanical garden, this has a more central location in the town, and many more open spaces. Well-lit, plenty of benches, picnic tables, small barbecue grills. One portion is a fenced-in dog park which, although technically 'closed' at night, is never locked. Another portion has a playground.

Likely Scene Types: Simple meeting/date spot, planned or unplannned; festival (bonfire, vendor stalls, etc.); carnival or circus; another likely spot to chase down a creature; include a dog, that's always fun!

Housing Development: Middle/lower-middle class development of townhouses. They have yards, but most are small. A maze of streets, small parks, the occasional wooded area.

Likely Scene Types: Probably another "may be chasing a creature through here" scenario. Maybe relevant to a hitchhiking scenario.

NOTE: These are not the only places one could play in in town. There are your random bars, shops, what have you. These are just places that have either been established in RP, or are nonstandard RP settings. Suggestions, like.

Always looking. . .

Offline TheKnifeWonTopic starter

Re: A vampire! Fun sex! Social conflicts! {Male character for any.}
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2013, 03:06:31 am »
OK, I've just thought of a new idea that I think could be interesting. It's simple, and left unspecific so as to give you some freedom to be creative yourself! I do, however, think this idea would better suit a female character.

Basic concept: Your character is desperately fleeing some kind of awful situation. Maybe she's aware of exactly what she's fleeing, maybe she's not entirely cognizant but knows she needs out, maybe she even has some sort of memory lapse about what, exactly, she's fleeing. She gets hold of a phone, though, maybe a phone book and, not knowing anyone in the area, either dials a random number, or opens up the phone book and chooses a random name. Whatever the case, Maxwell answers. They wind up meeting somewhere, and he winds up sheltering her and helping her recover. Or feel safe. Again--it depends on what this situation is for her.

What I can tell you about this, so far. . .

The character can be anywhere from 19-32 or so, depending on what makes the most sense with her story.

The main idea I have here involves leaving a cult (watching a movie about this is what, in part, inspired this idea). If you choose this option, there are a number of elements that may be included in this. Probably forms of abuse. I would prefer if you steered clear of sexual abuse that's too egregious, though I understand that it is, often, an element with cults. Basically, I think it's something that needs to be handled very carefully, particularly if you want the characters to have a sexual relationship. I try to keep character psychology as realistic as possible, under these circumstances.

Also, I'd err toward conditioning and rule-abiding ahead of having the Christ beaten out of her whenever she stepped out of line. As this is concerned, I see it involving a process of breaking her of restrictive ideas about how she ought to behave. Whether these are traditional belief sets as you might find in mainstream religions, or alternative belief sets that are still a bit twisted, is up for discussion.

Another interesting question is whether she knows about vampires or not. If she was raised into this cult, or kept in it for long enough (six years ought to do it), it's possible that she would have no means to learn about the Great Revelation at all. Alternatively, maybe the cultists taught her strange things about vampires. I'm going back and forth on whether I'd be interested in vampires, or other supernaturals, being involved in this cult business. It's one of those things that, if properly executed, could be intriguing, but that is very easy to mess up.

Please contact me if you're interested in this, I would love to have a discussion about it.