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Author Topic: Raven's search continues. (F for M)  (Read 779 times)

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Raven's search continues. (F for M)
« on: February 14, 2013, 11:11:54 pm »
Okay so I’ve been around the block several times in this department.  I’m looking for someone who will play a male to my female character who writes well and can be creative and add some fun twists to our games.  Some of these have a little more details than the others, but for the most part they can be discussed and altered.

”The Dragon 1”
Setting:  Modern .::.  Possible Non Con  .::.  Mating  .::. M/F

In modern day New York, the mystical world had come out of the shadows.  They were now just considered a part of civilization.  They were (for the most part) accepted as citizens, and are now governed by the law just as humans are.  However these creatures of the lore not only answer to the Human government,  but also a Lorean Council which is made up of only the rarest, strongest, and oldest of the main species.  There are the shifters (which is what the dragon would be in), Vampires, Fae, and Demon.

She had been stupid.  She had allowed her ex to know her abilities and in turn he had used her.  She had the psychic ability to undo any lock, a nifty ability if one would ever be kidnapped.  He convinced her to steal from the most feared man of the country, who also happened to be the most powerful dragon in existence.  Her magic was low class enough that he could not sense her breaking through his barriers, it wasn’t until that one item left the cavern she had crept into.  Now that she had successfully stolen from a dragon, she now must go on the run, preferably far far away from the border that the shifters weren’t allowed to cross if they had enemies.

”The Dragon 2”
Setting:  Medieval .::. Consensual .::. M/F

The dragon had terrorized them for thousands of years.  But it seemed that if they gave him a human sacrifice, he would leave them be for the year.  However this year they offered a female for the first time, who volunteered, catching the dragon’s interest.  Rather than maul her as he would any other man, he takes her to his cave to understand this insane creature.

”Friendship Lost”
Setting:  Modern .::. Consensual .::. M/F

Friendship Lost

She wasn’t in it for the fame.  She had founded the amazing team that made up Life’s Advocates, a band who made music simply for the love of it.  But when one of the band mates gets discovered and goes off on his own to explore the life of a solo artist, the band was left in the dark, trying to move on with the loss of one of their best artists.  They had been best friends from day one, and until that heartbreaking betrayal, she had been certain they would always be.

Years after their falling out, she landed a decent job as a barkeep in the more classy upscale neighborhoods of New York.  But on one fateful evening, that same man who had left her in the dark, feeling abandoned by not only a friend but by someone who she had secretly admired.

”Soldier/Drunk girl”
Setting:  Modern .::. Consensual .::. M/F

The moment their skin connected, electricity and arousal buzzed between the two almost instantaneously.  Both being with their own selected parties at a bar, alcohol buzzing strongly in their systems, they both let loose and somehow wound up in a hotel down the street in bed together.  When he woke up the following morning, he panicked, knowing that he was leaving that same day to act on his time with the Marines.  So he left, not wanting to make something harder than it already was.  And it was just like that he walked out of her life.

Two years later he is sent home indefinitely, but he could always be summoned back to the Marines.  But when he returns, his mind is instantly moved back to the mystery girl that he didn’t even know the name of.  But it just so happens that they are introduced to each other from a relative of his.  She works as an artist for his brother’s luxurious tastes, and he has commissioned her to paint murals around the city and sculpt his wife as a centerpiece in the foyer of his house.  So the two see each other quite some time since he chose to stay with his brother.  The sensation they had felt that first night still lingers there, but now she is more cautious, having felt the anger of waking up to nobody in bed with her, but also having his child, and not even knowing his name to give the child his name.  Now the two have to get to know one another and embark on their own adventure of knowing one another and him coming to terms of being a father after being assaulted with the fact of.

Will they make the same mistake again, or will they blossom into something more?  It’s up to us to find out.

”Biker X Good Girl”
Setting:  Modern .::. Consensual .::. M/F
Living with her uncle in a rather large garage that was notorious for the intimidating bikers and even more notorious for having different women there every night, she stayed out of the spotlight to help her uncle retain the intimidating aura of the shop.  They did custom jobs on collector's cars and dealt mostly with motorcycles.

My idea for this is that someone either wanting a custom design for their vehicle or is looking for a job as one of the men and somehow meet her.  Though if he wants the design he probably wouldn't meet her right off the bat, if he were searching for a job there perhaps he would meet her.  It would something like a forbidden thing because of the rules lining her job description.

”An Unlikely Alliance, Bullied Girl X Bully”
Setting:  Modern .::. Consensual/Possible Non Con .::. M/F
He had bullied her all through their entire school life.  Until she went away to a more exclusive College specifically for gifted individuals.  She was an artist with great leadership skills, or so she had been told upon admission.  Now at the age of twenty-eight, she was a world renown activist against bullying that she herself had overcome in her school days.  She was a motivational speaker who got paid to go from school to school, to speak to the student body, and then talk to those exclusively that needed the little boost to get through life.

His son/daughter was in the school that she was to go to next.  And unlike their father, had been bullied from the get go, not they bully.  The child was a special case, in a bad situation with the school he/she was in and was constantly being ridiculed.  Already the child had been put on suicide watch twice.  The father is invited to this motivational speaker's assembly, but first wants to see if she could do anything to help their child.  And that is where I want it to kind of start off.  I want it to be something where he tries to right his wrongs, perhaps in the process finding he has attraction for the woman she had become?  I don't know if anyone can help that would be great...kind of an itch I want to scratch now ^.^  This could even become something a little more domineering even if that would be of interest.

”Time Travel”
Setting:  Medieval .::. Consensual/Possible Non Con .::. M/F

A freak accident sent her flying, so far back that she ended up in a different time.  Now alone, hurt, and in a different time entirely, she must find a way home, she just so happens to be found by a warrior, can he understand her?  Will he help her?  Or will he think her a mad woman and kill her?

”Famous Chef X Employee”
Setting:  Modern .::. Consensual .::. M/F

He loved food.  Which was probably why he was now a famous chef, featured on the Iron Chef and various other cooking shows.  However his passion is the restaurant he founded in San Francisco, his current hometown.  Upon his return after months on the road, he finds several new employees, along with a cocky Sommelier/Bartender.

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