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Author Topic: Valentines Night - F seeks M fast paced RP  (Read 478 times)

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Valentines Night - F seeks M fast paced RP
« on: February 14, 2013, 01:08:37 PM »
About Me

Good evening guys.  My name is Brittany,and I like to think of myself as an educated, funny and kind hearted young SWF in my mid twenties living in the United Kingdom.  I got into roleplay around the age of 16 while playing an online game Ragnarok Online, and playing as a cute little cleric that healed the sick.  As I matured, and funnily enough began my career healing the sick, I ventured into sexual based roleplaying, something I enjoy particularly whilst single.  My views on life and love are a mish mash of traditional and modern.  I'm quite a romantic girl at heart, but also a bit of a realist.  I would wear white on my wedding day, I would be carried over the threshold, but I may well ask people to give me money for a honeymoon instead of buying pots and pans!  Two words I believe would describe me reasonably well are quirky and cute.

I have written a variety of roles and scenes, and tend to find my writing often draws on real life experiences and fantasies.  As such I am a realistic writer, finding myself slightly out of depth with fantasy roles.  I do not claim to be the best writer in the world, and I am sure this paragraph is already littered with inappropriate usage of commas.  I understand this is a dealbreaker for some, in which case I'm probably not what you are looking for.  However, I have good spelling and grammar (Queens English) and am able to write substantially, be it large passages, small paragraphs or even a few lines when that is appropriate to the situation.  My ideal style of writing would be fast paced one or two paragraphs at a time, the post being as long or as short is required in the context of the roleplay.

While I have been an active member of E for many years, I do tend to flit in and out depending on how busy my life is.  As such I've never really felt part of the "community" as such and it would be nice to change that given that I'm at a low ebb right now.   The majority of my roleplay at this site has been based on messengers, although I would be willing to try forum play, and that is the idea for this evening.  I am not a slow writer, and I wouldn't enjoy daily updates.  Fast paced roleplay over an evening or a few nights would suit me the best.

Despite my long tenure, I haven't really had much success with finding partners on E, due partly to settling for less and not really stating what I want, which is the purpose of this introduction.  My on's and off's are probably outdated, and I would say my tastes have changed over the years.  I won't go into details, but the next paragraph should give you some idea of what I enjoy.  If you are curious to what I have in mind, read on.  If you are hoping for fairies and elves, I'm probably not quite the lady for you.

About You

Firstly, as stated above, I am looking for a specific kind of partner and the purpose of this section is not to cause offence but simply to find something that works for us both.  I personally find that the best roleplays, the most fun, always comes when both partners can relate to their role.  I respect that there are younger men out there who can write for older roles, and there are women out there who can write as men, but personally I'm looking for you to be a heterosexual male and at least in your mid twenties or preferably older.   I would also prefer if you have had at least an average amount of previous relationships and sexual experiences, as have I.  I feel experience is something to draw on, and obviously I find myself attracted to attractive men.  I'd also like your interests to be either straight or slightly dominant.  While I'm not hugely submissive, I like take charge men and I like guys with a naughty side.  If you are submissive, I'm really not the right person for you. 

Another thing that is really important is that You want to play with Me.  This seems like such a common sense thing that it shouldn't need to be said, but the amount of "I really like your ideas.  But I'd like to change this, this, this, this, this, this, and this" that has happened on here over the years is more than I can count.  It's as though people see a thread, see an idea and feel they have to play.  If I don't come across as the right partner for you, or the scene is not for you, I'd really prefer it if you skipped me over. 

While this is coming across way more like a dating advert than I intended, I don't want to date someone I meet online and I don't want you to be looking for that either.  I am reasonably attractive and meet guys in my life on a reasonably regular basis.  When I have a partner, I am less likely to be available to roleplay.  I will and have called people I've met online, but never for sexual purposes and only after a friendship has developed.  If someone becomes too attached or applies pressure on me in any way I tend to walk from the situation, as I play online for fun, and am looking for someone with a similar outlook.  I'm a secure girl, I want you to be a secure guy.  I do however really enjoy getting to know someone as we play, and the friendships and bonds I have made over the years have been wonderful, so I'm looking for a nice fun guy.

A lot of people who contact me do so with "hi" and either want to build up a huge backstory or get to know each other intimately before we start.  If I am online, I am in the mood to play, and smalltalk can be a turn off.  On the other side, if a guy takes charge, sends a scene over or a pretty message, that is the message that captures my attention.  Even if it isn't to my taste, I enjoy you taking the initiative.  Overall, the general rule is that if I'd click with you in life, I'd click with you online.  If you've made it this far and you like what you've heard then feel free to say hello at any time.  If all goes to plan I will update semi-frequently.

Valentines Night

Premise: Violet Springs high school football team has overcome huge odds to make the final of the National Championship on February 15th and the school and town is buzzing.  Given that everyone from students, teachers, parents and players are going to be in New York City, the annual valentines day ball has been arranged for the night before the game in a posh hotel in the capital.  We will be arriving in NYC the night before the ball and staying until after the football game.  While usually restricted to students, everyone that has made the trip is invited, along with certain adults to ensure things don't get too rowdy the night before a big game.

My Character: Kate is an 18 year old senior at the school and is average in most senses of the word.  Average grades, intelligent enough to do most things, but never at the top of the class due to small errors.  Average looks, a pretty face, with an average body, most men would be happy to have her on their arm, but she isn't the one they'd make a beeline for at the bar.  And above all an average life.  Kate goes to school, comes home, does her homework, chats to her friends, and sees her boyfriend Ryan.  He's a nice guy, she doesn't love him, too young for that, but he was persistent and over the past eight months their relationship has progressed to a physical level, but she is still a virgin. 

Along with her friends Emma and Cassie, Kate was really looking forward to the weekend.  Admittedly New York shopping, getting dressed up and sharing a room with the girls was more on her mind than Ryan and the "valentines" part of the trip, but she would probably be getting a present, and maybe their relationship would progress.  She kinda felt a bit of an expectancy to put out, from both Ryan and her friends while not really wanting to right now.  At least not to Ryan, but that was another story, a private secret wish that she held close to her heart.

Your Role: You will play an older man (25+) that fits into the premise to be attending the ball, for example the father of a friend, a teacher, a community member or anything that fits in (not a bartender, it's unlikely my character would have a one night stand of that nature).

The overall direction I have in mind is for your character to seduce Kate and take her virginity in your hotel room during or after the ball.   As Kate is quite reluctant with her boyfriend I envision the seduction is most likely already underway, perhaps for quite a while.   I envision this to be quite a straight scene, with heavy emphasis on the seduction and on Kate becoming "more than average", exploring her becoming a young woman and finding her own path unique from the pressures of society, with the excitement and nervousness which comes with such a thing.

You are free to design your character and our characters history as you see fit.   Perhaps you are a friendly confidant, a role model, a strict authoritarian or a cheeky older guy that makes her laugh.  Regarding age, you are free to choose but be realistic with the details given.  A typical friend's dad would be late thirties/early forties, while a teacher could be younger.  Ideally you will be between 25 and 42 for this role. 

When? The role has come to me as I'm alone on Valentines night.  Perhaps we can have some fun together tonight or I am available all weekend until tuesday now.   I could play on Yahoo or on the forum, but I'd like reasonable quick responses rather than drag it out for weeks.  If you are interested send me a message :)  My timezone is the UK.  Happy Valentines Day x
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