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April 10, 2021, 07:58:37 pm

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Author Topic: Brutes of Another Type (Fandom)(M/F and F/??)[Light-EX]  (Read 464 times)

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Brutes of Another Type (Fandom)(M/F and F/??)[Light-EX]
« on: February 12, 2013, 10:35:00 am »
Before I get started, I want to say that I'm willing to play either character in every plot. Also the '??' in the thread title is because technically, Namekians are considered genderless even though they have masculine bodies (we can get creative with that). Anyway, on with the plots! PM me or post here with interest!

Tarble. He's the estranged, younger brother of Vegeta. He was sent away as an child for being too low in power level (like Goku was) and for not being aggressive enough and not possessing enough fighting skill. In his one movie, he's married to one of the inhabitants of the planet he was sent to, but she's very small and weak. I was thinking maybe something with him landing on a planet with a stronger species. Not super-human in strength, but very warrior like. Much like the Vikings. They take Tarble in and help him get stronger and help him to eventually become a real Sayian (while being impressed with his abilities). I was thinking that while he was growing up on this planet and getting stronger, he would eventually catch the eye of the Princess. Maybe at some point they make their way to Earth to meet Vegeta (towards the end of DBZ) and being with a Princess technically makes Tarble in higher standing than Vegeta (he'll be a king one day if he marries her, where Vegeta will always just be a prince).

***NOTES: Like Vegeta, Tarble is short in height. Like all Saiyans, Tarble remains rather young in body despite his age to continue fighting into old age. The OC female would need to be rather strong and powerful. Willing to push Tarble into the dirt and make him eat it if need be. She wants him to be as strong and powerful as she knows he can be.

I was also thinking a game about an OC Sayian in the early days of the Tuffle Wars on Planet Vegeta. While the Sayians are more physically powerful, the Tuffles are able to use their technology to hold them off at times. Kind of putting them at a stalemate till the once every eight years full moon. While the Sayians will kill any Tuffles they find, a few Tuffles are still willing to take in badly injured Sayians in the hopes that a negotiation or compromise can be reached. A Sayian is found injured and a small group of Tuffles take him in, hoping to talk some sense into him. It takes him a while to recover enough to fight fully and get away from the Tuffles and during that time he's guarded and taken care of by a Tuffle woman. Once he is able to escape, he kills all the Tuffles except for her and takes her back to his Sayian camp. While she's physically weaker than the Sayian, she puts up a good fight.

***NOTES: Tuffles are a rather OC species in the DB/Z Universe. Really all that is known about them is that they are highly intelligent and were wiped out by the Saiyans in the end. Basically, they are humans, but stuck on a planet with the barbaric Saiyans. This would basically be a Non-Con game. I don't see her ever really submitting to him and wanting him. The game would end with her death. So if you don't like character death, this is not the game for you.

Another idea involves another canon character. Raditz. In the Frieza Saga, Frieza mistakes Gohan for Raditz's son (before he meets Goku). I kind of figure that Raditz must get around a lot since Frieza didn't seem to think about either Vegeta or Nappa. I don't see the Sayians completely wiping out every planet they go to. Maybe Frieza just uses them every now and then to intimidate other planets. I image Raditz might have a flurry of illegitimate children on planets like that. While the scenes between the female (likely a warrior of whatever planet they are on) and Raditz would be short lived (eventually he leaves the planet), but I was thinking the bulk of the game could be about his child with the warrior woman. As he gets older, he starts having the Sayian urges to fight and conquer. Once Frieza is destroyed, he can freely leave the planet and do as he wishes. He can do as his father did. Fight, destroy, and conquer. By his side is a female warrior that has the same urges he does (though she's not a child of Raditz).

***NOTES: This is a consensual relationship with the half-breed Saiyan son of Raditz. The OC Female not only loves him, but takes delight in his violent nature. This game could edge into Bon-EX. Lots of space travel and adventure.

Another idea is the one we played before. A group of Sayians get attacked by Frieza's men and crash onto a rather weak and useless planet. They are viewed as Gods by the inhabitants, but several (including my OC Female) don't believe that. She's a Healer and is assigned to take care of the 'Gods'. Basically get them food, entertainment, and whatever they want. While their ships are being repaired, the Sayians enjoy the lavish situation and take full advantage of it. The leader of the Sayian group decides to take full advantage of the Healer woman. She resists at first, but submits eventually. Maybe even throw in a female Sayian in the group that gets jealous and takes some of her anger out on the Healer. Maybe even a male of her species that tries to fight the Sayian leader out of jealousy and anger and gets killed. Despite her seemingly kind nature, the Healer turns out to be rather blood thirsty and violent herself, but only the Sayian is able to bring that out in her.

***NOTES: The OC Female will be, appearance wise, rather fragile looking. Her job is that of a natural healer. She's likely spent most of her life taking care of people, though to what extent is up to the one playing her. Overall, I want her to be resistant at first (so likely some Non-Con scenes), but eventually find herself attracted to him.

Hell, also know as HFIL (Home For Infinite Losers) is where the evil entities of the universe go after their deaths. Despite that, it is not and overall bad place. While it is home to the evil spirits of the universe, it's also home to lost souls and those looking to repent for the bad deeds of their lives and hope to have their judgment changed and be allowed into heaven. If those who were strong enough in life to remain in their physical form in the after life do get out of hand, they are locked in HFIL prison by the guardians of the Underworld.

By the time Earth finally reaches a state when there could possibly be long term peace, HFIL is filled with the most dangerous of the universe. Not to mention the many, various, captains of the Red Ribbon Army, there is also Lord Frieza, King Cold, Perfect Cell, the allies of Garlic Jr, the Saibamen, Nappa, Raditiz, Brolly, the Ginyu Force, and many others. With so much evil now clogging the whole place up, the usual guardians (the Ogres) are unable to control them. They continuously overpower the ogres and attempt to take control of the Underworld. It comes to the attention of the recently deceased Piccolo that HFIL needs a more powerful guardian. Someone that can control these creatures and that is not so easily intimidated by them.

Deciding that he is the only one who knows these creatures well enough to put them in their place, Piccolo demands to be released from heaven and when his wish is not granted he forces King Yemma to send him to Hell by blasting away at Heaven and claiming that he is once again the demon King Piccolo. Even though King Yemma knows this is a ruse to get what he wants, he also knows that Piccolo will continue to destroy the peace and harmony of heaven till he gets what he wants. So he sends Piccolo to HFIL and designates him a guardian.

While there he finds himself with time to spare between fights with his Earthly enemies. He spends much of it training, even though he knows that progression of strength in HFIL is forbidden and/or slowly achieved. After many years of doing this, he finally decides that it's time to rest a bit. For the most part, there is peace in HFIL and he is even occasionally visited by his old friends from Earth as they slowly pass on from old age and enter the afterlife.

One day, while relaxing near the Bloody Pond, he hears some members of the Ginyu force acting up. He finds them pushing around a woman who appears human, though he knows there are human like creatures all over the universe. He's been here long enough to know that anyone with a physical body that isn't an ogre was strong in their living life. He just worries that she may not be up to taking on several guys at once while so new to being dead.

***NOTES: I'm looking for someone to play the OC female. She would be in her twenties and much like ChiChi in power (not personality). As for the reason she is in HFIL (Hell), we can discuss in PM. I'd also like to discuss in PM how intimate the story would get. I'm interested in exploring the idea of a non-intimate romance and an intimate one.

Just so everyone knows, I don't commonly play games in the canon universe of DBZ. I usually prefer all OCs and in a completely OC setting, so while this isn't a complete first for me, I don't do it often. I just find Piccolo and Nameks in general so interesting.

If you're wondering why the subject says M/F or ??/F it's because I'm willing to make Piccolo have a male human-esque body or we can work out 'something else' for his body parts. They are obviously a masculine species, but that doesn't mean they have to have a penis down there.

Planet Namek once was a beautiful meadow covered by Ajisa. Other species would pass it by, admire it's green beauty, and go on with their journey. It was a place to look at, not a place to land on. The few who had landed on it said it was one of the most beautiful places to visit. The Ajisa plants were simply the best looking and smelling plants in the universe, at least to those who had smelled them. The green waters that flowed over almost the entirety of the planet is what gave it the green color people could see from space. Even the clouds and sky seemed to have that emerald color to it. The part that discouraged tourist and regular landings was the fact that there was no night time. At all times of the day, there was a sun in the sky.

There was one species that didn't mind the three suns of Namek and loved the green coloring very much. That was the Namekians. The natives of the green planet loved their home very much and did everything they could to keep it as beautiful as it was. They are a quiet and peaceful species, never ones to fight, but always willing to defend their home. To many other species, they were strange looking. Humanoid, yet slug-like in many aspects. Their green skin could be found in various shades of green, but most had that grass green color to them, a select few were even born with that perfect emerald green that matched their planet.

Despite their farming abilities and simple lives, the Namekians had several great skills. One was technology, they managed to build some of the most wondrous space ships, yet hardly used them. They were also known for having strangely high fighting abilities. Many Namekians took to fighting easily and found it simple to learn new moves. But their most cherished skill was one very few knew about. Their magic. They used this so called magic to heal near fatal wounds.

But that all changed. Over the course of about a hundred years the beautiful green atmosphere turned murky. The ground began to cool, even under the three suns, and caused many of the Ajisa plants start to die out. When it wasn't cold, it was scalding hot out and caused many of the smaller species of fish to die. During this time, it was the Namekian's ability to survive without food that allowed them to live through it. They hunkered down in their easy to warm and cool homes and drank water to sustain their life.

Then the winds came. Dust storms made hundreds of pounds of loose dirt to turn their water sources to mud. The winds ripped the last of the Ajisa plants from the ground and carried them away. When more and more food sources started to disappear, the more vicious life forms on Namek started picking off the weaker Namekians. Soon, there were very few left at all and even sooner after that, there was only one.


The Namekian refused to give up. The climate finally started to normalize again and he knew he had to take care of his people. He forced himself into a hyper breeding mode and began producing many eggs. It took many years, but he soon had the population up to nearly a hundred Namekians. The breeding took it's toll on Guru's body and he became a Grand Elder and a Leader. His children knew he could no longer produce another child, but many of them found it difficult to produce fertile eggs. Despite the fear that extinction was still very close in their future, the Namekians attempted to rebuild their home. Trying to make it beautiful again.

One such Namekian was Katas. He was a rare hybrid Namekian. One who possessed the magical healing abilities of the Dragon Clan and the fighting abilities of a Warrior. He was the 90th child of Guru. Katas' skin was a lovely fern green color. His village consisted of the usual members. Six Elders, three warriors, and then the occasional odd ball Hybrid. Being the odd one out in his village, Katas kept mostly to himself. He lived just outside the main village in a small hut of his own. He'd been hatched in this very house and never intended on leaving it. It was his home and he loved it very much.

***NOTES: I would be playing Katas. What I'm looking for is an OC creature to crash land on Namek. I would prefer a Sayian, but any warrior like brute will do. It can even be a human, though I would prefer a more barbaric type. Be creative. The DBZ universe has dozens and dozens of unnamed species. Basically, I want some brutish man or woman to land on Namek (many years before Goku/Frieza/Ginyu Force gets there) and wreck a little havoc.