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Author Topic: A Dame in a Red Dress (A sexually charged Alt History 1920s Fantasy story)  (Read 439 times)

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Offline EvaleighTopic starter

In a world where magic has always existed alongside mankind, where werewolves and witches are as real as automobiles, humans have charged forth in dominance with science as their shield. True, some of the more violent fiends must hide in the shadows for humans are plentiful and they are so few.  Trolls live beneath the Golden Gate bridge and most of the French claim Elven blood in their history.

The year is 1923, crime is rampant and chaos rules many parts of the country kept in check by the crime syndicates.  Many politicians are corrupt, two-faced men with one hand kissing babies and the other feeding them to goblins.  A little magic set aside however and the world is business as usual—especially for smooth talking upstarts like Jonathan Revel and his beautiful armchair goddess, Lieska.

Lieska, a beautiful, elegant, and desirable woman whom wields the ability to manipulate a man’s heart.  She serves the social elite as an upper-class escort to the movers and shakers of the world and dear Jon was her pimp.  For reasons unsaid she obeys Jon most of the time though her obedience to his will is hard pressed and she often will tiptoe a lie of civil disobedience when it comes to the gentleman that makes all her decisions for her.  Jon’s ambition is her command and while she can be a bratty, opinionated, and arrogant whore at times Jon dictates her customers and through his choices he goads her to stay in line.

While Lieska can be instructed to behave however her mark deems appropriate at her very core she has a high opinion of herself.  Lieska views herself as a Lady not a prostitute in spite of how some may see her and often believes she has the right to have her opinions even if circumstances force her to swallow her pride.  Certainly for the right man she can be genuinely charming and for the wrong sort she can be a downright bitch.  Three things drive Lieska; luxury, eloquence and freedom.

If you have read up to this point I must at least still have your attention enough.  I want to be up-front in stating that this is intended to be a spring-board role-play for one-shots, repeat games and potentially long term with the right partner.  Any game I engage with for the first time with a new partner will be with the intention of a one-time game and we can see if our characters can grow from there.  The basic idea is that you will be playing one of Lieska’s marks, a man (or woman) who has been set up to receive Lieska’s services.  Your character does not have to be of particular influence or renowned, even a gutter rat will do because I can work out the premise in any case.

What I offer is a detailed, descriptive and interesting expansion upon the old notion of a whore and a John.
I encourage you to take a gander at my On/Offs for examples but anything "realistically" plausible within this setting is allowed.  The only absolute "No"s I have for this game is no snuff, no scat, no maiming, no gore.  Violence and the like is perfectly acceptable.

Offline EvaleighTopic starter

Re: A Dame in a Red Dress (A sexually charged Alt History 1920s Fantasy story)
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2013, 06:06:57 PM »
Sample Pairings
The following are example ideas for potential plot premise and pairings.  You are welcome to select any of them while available or come up with your own.

Lieska & The Virgin Sacrifice
The night was winding down to a close and hours prior Lieska had put to sleep the gentleman in room 408.  Now she was enjoying a drink in the bar of the Zoldar Hotel, a moment of relaxation and stalling the time when she would have to return to Jonathan Revel’s mansion.  It was one of the few times she was given the freedom to be herself—and one of her favorite past times was listening to the potential wit of men anxious to ‘get to know’ the exotic damsel at the bar.  Most of the lines were tried and boring—a fact she was all too quick to extend to the poor sap who thought he was worth her time or energy.  Yet tonight someone caught her eye—youthful, handsome, and obviously very wealthy he had a naïve look on his face as though oblivious to the world and the darkness it held.  He had no idea the woman was a whore only that she was different than any other woman he had met.
Concept: A stary-eyed, sheltered ‘White Knight’ sort of man who has been oblivious his entire life to how good looking he is or any woman who may have flirted with him in that overly subtle manner.  Lieska is more bold, more direct, more honest which takes this young virgin by surprise.

Lieska & The Sales Floor
The annual Goblin Convention is coming up.  It is a very private event that includes many merchants, movers and shakers.  The majority of those in attendance of goblins but a few of other species are invited for the closest, most prized business connections.  The event is not excactly a wholesome affair either—full of debauchery and vapid displays of flesh as depraved young women are flaunted.  In the exhibition hall the bigger the show the better the draw and nothing sells better than sex and sin.  It was for one of the upstart and “questionable” booths that Lieska was hired.  A bound woman, naked and exposed for the world to see and touch her entire body decorated with advertisements for the company and its sister conglomorates.  One was simply not likely to forget a booth where a woman’s swaying breasts bounced the company’s namesake while she was used as a male piñata.
Concept: Not intended for a specific one-on-one idea but rather a scenario of multiple sequential partners in a sick and depraved event.

Lieska  & The Senator
It was not the first time he had requested Lieska.  She had become somewhat of an obsession of his in spite of being a married man with a public image.  It is because of his political ties that everything had to be kept as hush as possible.  No matter what, when she was with the Senator she made him feel young, desirable.  She was one of the few women he could be his real self with.
Concept: A consensual, simple arrangement but perhaps with a hidden twist.  I would prefer the Senator to be non-human.  Monsters or something hideous and traditionally repulsive would be an added bonus.

Lieska & The Thief
He was supposed to be a mark like any other, a wizard of some skill.  Yet once he had Lieska he desired to keep her.  He made an attempt to kidnap her, to “rescue” her only he was not anticipating Lieska herself to foil his plans and aid Jonathan in her re-capture.