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Author Topic: The evolved world of Pokemon; LF Female(ish) characters  (Read 231 times)

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Offline Maximillian CrowloftTopic starter

The evolved world of Pokemon; LF Female(ish) characters
« on: February 10, 2013, 07:44:27 PM »
I would like to invite you all to a world where humans live in prosperity, war is a thing of the past and with technology advances further every year, making the daily lives of the city-folk ever more comfortable and enjoyable. Much of this technology is inspired by, or sometimes only possible because of the existence of other creatures that share this world with the humans; pocket monsters.

These creatures live in the wild nature of the Pokemon world and are often caught by humans who're commonly known as Pokemon trainers, or just Trainers for short. Whether this practice is recognized as a sport, a profession or something else entirely, it has always been a part of the human culture. Trainers become friends with their pokemon, lovers, treat them like workers of slaves. Once a pokemon is caught, it is legally considered the trainer's possession, allowing them almost complete freedom in their chosen method of training. And while most trainers frown on the maltreatment of pokemon, unless criminal activity is involved there are no legal consequences for punishing a pokemon that fails to meet a Trainer's demands.

Though this is not the same world that games are made of or the tv-shows show, it is a parallel, a different version. Something had gone horribly wrong a long time ago, and in today's pokemon world there is a distinct difference to the original world. A virus threatened to wipe out most of the pokemon species on the planet. Researchers were working tirelessly to find a cure, but the death-rates were spinning out of control. Several species were reported to have dropped below a thousand still living specimen. Something had to be done, and a plan with drastic effects was designed. Humans, were immune to the disease. And Pokemon bodies were designed in a way that allowed for the drastic change of their genetic makeup.

With great care even under immense time-pressure a solution was developed that would allow all the pokemon to absorb a small amount of human DNA as well as RNA to make them immune. It worked, within a few generations all of the reported known species showed no signs of being infected. But it had come at a cost, the introduced human DNA had changed some of the species, made them more like us.

Ofcourse people had to learn to live with these changes and groups formed to call for equal rights for pokemon. The governments, fearful of the collapse of their pokemon based economies reassured everyone that these were still the same creatures they held tournaments and contests with since the dawn of time, and that nothing was different or wrong in continuing to do so.

This is now a little over a hundred years ago, where all the pokemon are in fact pokemorphs, males and females of various shapes and sizes all a bit more 'human' than the tv-show and games portray them. With all the interesting results this entails~

It is this world that I love to RP, taking a trainer raised amongst the wealthy elite, with views regarding Pokemorphs as little more than tools or slaves, and bring him in contact with lovely female subjects of the pocket monster species that share many human aspects but are in the end, just animals~

Thank you for reading, I would also like to invite you to my F-list account and my Pokemorph Gallery for a specific kink-list, additional ideas, inspiration and visual to supplement the latter. Feel free to PM or email me if you are interested. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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