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Author Topic: Molly's Protector  (Read 569 times)

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Molly's Protector
« on: February 10, 2013, 09:36:35 AM »
There was a young woman who had an interesting friend. Molly lived with her family, mom and dad, and lived a happy life. They loved her, did anything for her and was not a spoiled brat like some only children are. She did not always get her way and was well behaved.

Molly would live a “normal” teenage life. She would go to school, come home, do her homework and then participate in the extra-curricular activities she is involved in. Having friends over to chill was the best, as she didn’t have any brothers and sisters. Usually she had the next door neighbor or a schoolmate came over. They would talk about the guys in their school or about homework they just didn’t get or thought was stupid to do.
When it is time for bed, Molly would see herself to sleep and drift off into dreams.
Sometimes they were happy dreams of her dancing along the clouds. Sometimes her dreams were very dark and hateful. She would wake up screaming or crying because of the nightmares she had. Instead of running into her parents’ bedroom(cause last time she checked, it wasn’t cool to flee to your parents when you are 16 years of age because of a nightmare), she has a friend. Molly would sneak outside and flee to her friend, Aleck.

Molly would run to a nearby cave that was close to the ocean. Running up to Aleck, she would hold out her hand to hug his large head and snout. He would always wake up, if sleeping, when she came to visit him. Yes, it was late at night but Aleck never minded. Molly would cry and cry on Aleck and all Aleck did was do nothing but give her love and support. After calming down a bit from the nightmare she had just had, Molly would walk all the way around his massive body and pet him everywhere. She gave him lots and lots of love. While giving this love, she would tell him all about the nightmare she had just had. Aleck couldn’t talk but she knew he understood what she was trying to tell him.

Once petting him all around his body, she asked if she could hop on and as always, Aleck would nod his large head yes. Molly climbed up swiftly to Aleck’s back placing herself in the saddle and strapping in. Leaning down to pet him and patted his back, he knew she was ready. He stood up, carefully, walked out of the cave then started to run to get momentum and then spread his wings to fly. Aleck was a very large fire breathing dragon that flew Molly every time she had a nightmare and was too scared to go back to sleep.

Usually they flew to the same place. Up. Aleck flapped his wings hard and flew high quickly. Molly loved looking at the stars over the ocean. Looking up, she would point out the different constellations she knew to Aleck. Maybe he understood and could point them out himself too. Flying higher and higher, they flew thru the clouds. Molly held out her hands and touched the clouds. They were a bit chilly, but that was ok, she still liked it. Sometimes she would try to grab them and then sometimes she would flap her wings just like her dragon thru them.

After a while, Aleck would go round and round in a 360 degree circle. Being strapped in, she did not fall at all. Twisting and twirling in the air, she had glimpses of the water below. Diving down, he skimmed the ocean. The spray hit her in the face gently as a mist. Molly smiled and giggled, petting her buddy to show that she was enjoying herself.

Then back up they went, high in the sky. Looking down again, she saw the reflection of the moon off the water. It was so beautiful, the full moon very white lighting up the light blue clean and clear water.

Molly petted him more and started to lay down on him. She was starting to get very sleepy. The moon was sinking in the sky toward the ocean. Still trying to look up, she saw those beautiful stars wanting to escape with them.

Aleck had started to head back to the cave. Looking down at the ocean, she saw his reflection with his massive wingspan and body. He was so beautiful.

Her eyes were getting heavier and heavier. Making it back to the cave at sunrise, she saw the sun just rising above the ocean. It was bright and gorgeous, very round, red, orange showing its rays on the ocean starting to light up the dark starry sky. He landed near the cave and walked in carefully. As he lay down, Molly unbuckled herself. Climbing down carefully, she pet him all the way. Walking around his massive body to face him, she pets his nose and leaned in to kiss it. Walking around to the side of Aleck’s body, she snuggled herself under his wing cuddling up to his body drifting off to sleep, knowing he will protect her from all the bad dreams.