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Author Topic: The Four Warriors  (Read 484 times)

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Offline DenivarTopic starter

The Four Warriors
« on: February 08, 2013, 02:25:26 AM »
"Four warriors, trained with modern weapons, modern techniques, could defeat any of the ancient armies"

The year is 2152. Technology has advanced in many ways, yet many are frustrated with a lack of social progress. Women are treated more fairly than ever before, but many still feel frustrated with progress toward true equality. Racism, homophobia, other social ills still plague mankind. Things aren't terrible, but it doesn't feel like there has been much progress in over a hundred years.

Meanwhile, after much research, trial and error, crazy theories, and hard work, scientists begin to develop theories of how time travel might be possible. The first time machines are designed to send tiny particles mere micro-seconds back in time. With success, the technology is developed. Next, small inanimate objects, and then more ambitiously, mice, are sent a few seconds back in time.

However, the science is not well understood. How time travel actually works is much debated. How are the paradoxes resolved? Disturbingly, even small objects sent back in time a small amount seem to cause strange events to occur within a small area -- tremors, disturbances in the air, shock waves. As the objects sent back in time get larger, and are sent back further, the affected area is larger.

It is thought that time travel is a dangerous technology. Sending things back in time could be highly destructive to the present. Many want the technology abandoned and forbidden forever, for safety, religious, moral, and other reasons. After an experiment where a mouse is sent back in time twenty minutes, which resulted in the mysterious death of several scientists -- apparently due to shock waves of some kind, time travel technology is classified as a weapon of mass destruction and civilian development of it is forbidden. However, it is rumored that the military continues to develop this technology in secret, a subject of much controversy.

Esther Hayes is a prominent feminist figure who is viewed by her supporters as a visionary, almost a prophet. She claims that all of society's ills, from religious fanaticism to racism to continued wars and crime stem from the patriarchal societies that have dominated human civilization for thousands of years.

The solution to all this, according to Ms Hayes, is to have it nipped in the bud. With this time machine technology -- that the patriarchal institutions that dominate society are developing and hoarding secretively -- we could go back to the most influential society in human history, the Romans, and rebuild them as a matriarchal society from the ground up. With a peaceful, enlightened matriarchal society, according to Ms Hayes, the world would reach the current state of advancement by the year 1200. From there, much much more could be achieved.

What impact would it have on the present day? She's not sure entirely, but she thinks it would be a much better world, and that is something worthwhile. Ms Hayes has a few powerful friends, and some ambitious plans.

She theorizes that all it would take is four female warriors, powerful, trained in a variety of ways -- in combat, in survival, in speaking Latin, but also in medicine, in diplomacy, in engineering. Send these four women back to ancient Roman times, have them accepted, most likely at first as Goddesses, and as rulers. They would have the power of death, but also the power of life with advanced medicine, and so be able to attract followers to support their rule.

You are the leader of these four women. There is a plan to break into a secret facility, gain control of one of these time machines, and be transported back in time. You have a set of supplies to take with you, and a fairly clear plan of what to do.

This role play is intended to be a slightly whacky GM-driven role play -- what will happen? Will the plan succeed? Will you end up as a Goddess of the ancient world? Or as an amusement in some arena? The slave to some Roman noble?

Please PM me if interested.

Offline DenivarTopic starter

Re: The Four Warriors
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2013, 02:27:45 AM »
Bumping this, still interested in this game concept, especially if I get multiple players who'd be up for playing in a small group game.