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Author Topic: On the Raggedy Edge - A Firefly Game (Group, Open)  (Read 588 times)

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On the Raggedy Edge - A Firefly Game (Group, Open)
« on: February 07, 2013, 08:04:59 PM »
It has been several weeks now since the cortex-wide transmission appeared on every screen in the System. The controversial footage regarding Miranda and the Alliance's role in its death and the creation of the Reavers has resulted in a flare-up of polarised view-points that hasn't been seen since pre-Unification. The Alliance's hold on the System has faltered and although Parliament is acting to return to its former position of unquestioned dominance, it will be some time before they succeed.

Its a good time to be living in that space between the lawful and the lawless...

On the Raggedy Edge is a game set in the Firefly universe, and will begin only a few weeks after the events of Serenity have taken place. Watching the TV series or movie is not a prerequisite to playing, although if you wish to learn more about the specific features of the setting you may wish to hit a wiki, such as this.

My plan is to run this as a drop-in, drop-out sort of game, so we'll see what works and what doesn't as time goes on! If you are interested in joining in, post in []this thread[/url] and we'll see what can be done! If you would rather just lurk, well you are welcome to do that too!

Crew Roster

Player Character Position Status Notes

ebpohmr Ulysses McGregor Captain Active Approved 20/02/13
IvoryTigress Kylie Elise Martin Pilot Active Approved 20/02/13
BadForm Eliza 'ED' Dawson Muscle Active Approved 20/02/13

The Calypso

Named after a nymph of Greek mythology from Earth-That-Was, the Calypso is a 03-K64-Firefly class mid-bulk transport registered out of Greenleaf. The ship's papers list Captain Ulysses McGregor as the owner under registry number 404-E-132-7B3A810.

The Calypso was originally designated as hull number G-96596 when its keel was laid in a small ceremony on May 16th, 2468 at the Firefly Ship Works on Hera. Purchased initially by a Blue Suns subsidiary, the G-96596 spent the next thirty six years as a corporate cargo transport that was eventually lost following a pirate attack. The ship was in fact taken as a prize and would reappear a year later as a smuggling vessel by the name of Swift Betty. With the Browncoat Rebellion, the ship was converted into a blockade runner and spent most of the war dodging military patrols to deliver profitable cargoes.

So successful did the blockade runner prove to be that the Alliance set the Tohoku class cruiser, IAV Copernicus to stop them. After a few run-in's near Greenleaf, the cruiser finally cornered the firefly in a trap and its gunship squadrons left the freighter a ruined wreck, adrift in space. The three surviving crew members managed to jury-rig repairs and pilot the crippled ship to Ryton. While two of the crew jumped ship upon reaching port, one member remained with the ship and spent the next two years working a variety of jobs to make the credits needed to repair the ship. Finally, in 2511, the ship was repaired, registered to its current Captain and launched back into space.

Landing, inspection and shipping records are somewhat spotty concerning the activities of the Calypso since her registration. This is due, in no small part, to her usual quasi-legal or outright illegal activities as the crew goes about making a living.

The story so far...

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