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Author Topic: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...  (Read 5648 times)

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BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« on: February 07, 2013, 07:31:42 AM »
Hey all, this is my RP request thread. The following are a list of RPs I'm interested in running, or am currently running. Please feel free to get in touch if any interest you. Please note, any RP whose title begins with "Taken - " is one I'm already playing and so not available. Also note that while some of these are ostensibly very sexual after 12 years of SRPs I'm looking for writers who know how to develop the nonsexual side too. Pure fuckfests no longer interest me.

Slaver, 1853
A South coast town in the mid 1800s, a place where African slaves are bought and sold. The life of a slave is a disposable commodity here and one that brings in a good profit for those who know how to appraise a human being's worth to another. I have sold slaves in these parts for many years now, becoming wealthy in my own right off the backs of the abused. I could retire any time, but first there is one more market day to be held, one more chance to make further profit off a recent shipment of slaves.  Of course, had I thought these were real people and not the animals I know them to be I would have been unable to stomach the trade, but despite the growing sentiment to the opposite I know the difference between a white and a black is more than mere skin color. Yet there is one among this shipment, one beautiful young girl from the African mainland, that attracts my eye. I cannot say why this girl is different than the rest, for though she is feisty I have seen feisty slaves before. All I know is that I must own her as my own.
 Expected Content: slavery, rape, racial tones, punishments, S&M, age difference (young woman, middle-aged man) etc
 Start Point: Deciding to keep the girl back from auction
 End Point: Over time the two form a romance despite one being the slave of the other – slaver comes to reassess his view of Africans due to relationship with his slave

Taken - Wheelchair Bound
 She had a wonderful life ahead of her. She was in a star athlete at a great college – a certainty to make it into the WNBA. She was popular with both the girls and the boys, though she had little time for dating. Her family wasn't rich, but she had a full scholarship that paid for everything. That was, until the accident. She had been out for a drive with her family when they had been hit by a drunk in charge of a truck. Their car had gone off the road, over a steep embankment and rolled. Only she had made it out alive and now she was crippled from the waist down. Oh she could still feel, though often what she felt was pain, but she could no longer move her legs. She was wheelchair bound and her future was over. After that, the depression kicked in and she dropped out of school, ending up living alone in her family's small home. The mortgage and utilities were paid for from the insurance money she received, but she could not manage the home alone. Hell she could not even manage the bathroom alone. So she placed an ad for a live-in companion, someone to help her with every aspect of life now she had so little ability to help herself. She was shocked when the only person to respond to her ad was a man. Perhaps she should have turned him down...
 Expected Content: S&M, domination, lust and possible romance forming, disability, probably at least as much story as sex
 Starting Point: The new companion moves in with her
 End Point: Open


Taken - The Best Policy
 Kathy has been in a committed relationship with Dennis for a few years now. They have been intimate on many occasions, have lived together for the last seven months, and are finally planning a wedding. It is to be held in three months time at the Church of Saint Andrew. Dennis is delighted with his fiancee – she is everything he could have wanted in a wife: sweet, sexy, intelligent, funny. Hell she's even a good cook, though he has never minded pitching in in the kitchen. The only thing Dennis and Kathy have ever really argued about is Dennis's views on gay marriage. It's just not right, he would say, and so they would be off. Oh he always apologized and he never hit her or called her names, but they argued nontheless. Dennis could never understand why such things mattered to Kathy, but then there was one thing Dennis didn't know. Five years ago, the year before they started dating, there was no Kathy. There was Keith. Kathy is a post-operative male-to-female transexual. And as Dennis once more hears a news story about another move to legalize gay marriage in his state, Kathy decides to tell him the truth.
 Expected Content: Open – this could go anywhere, I am open to exploring things, let's discuss boundaries before beginning
 Starting Point: Kathy tells Dennis the truth
 Ending Point: Again, open – perhaps they form a BDSM relationship as Dennis comes to see just how strong Kathy is in facing the abuse and she comes to love pain and being dominated resulting in a very kinky romance, perhaps he loses it completely and kills her and himself in a murder-suicide.
 (NB: Please do not think that this reflects my views of transexuals or alternate sexualities any more than posting on a rape-based thread reflects being a rapist in reality. I just find the whole concept intriguing to play out – the rage, the betrayal, the confusion, the shame... on BOTH sides)


Taken - The site is a Dolcett site, like so many others, except in many ways far more professionally laid out. It encourages women to submit their photos for selection to become a meal at the QuadS restaurant, offering those who win enough votes to be selected a prize of $50,000 and a fully illustrated story to be written about their capture, rape, and conversion to food. The diners shown are supposedly part of the Secret Sinister Society of the Super-rich and, from the photos of them eating the meals, they are selected from lookalikes of celebrities, international politicians, business moguls and the independently wealthy. There is even a competition to guess who the diners are meant to look like. Of course, it is all in good fun. Obviously, this could not be real. Or so you believe when you submit your photo and details to the website. Unfortunately for you, the A+ you receive from thousands of viewers, complete with Live Roaster Endorsement, is about to guarantee you find out the truth.
 Expected Content: Gang Rape (open to lesbian action also, please specify preference), Kidnap, Torture Cooking from live state, snuff
 Starting Point: Members of the QuadS are dispatched to rape and kidnap you.
 End Point: The final post will be mention of the website being updated with your details and the check and remains being mailed to your family.


Losing The Fight
I had seen her at the gym every time I went. She was a truly beautiful woman, powerful and lean. Watching her work out had been inspiration enough for me to attend the gym far more often and we had even spotted each other a few times as we'd worked out with the weights. Of course, she could never have known that I had far darker plans for her, for however strong she was for a woman, she was nonetheless only a woman and although she could outlast me on the fitness exercises I easily benched over 50lbs more than her. No, as we worked out together I knew that I would have to fuck her and my interests ran to far more than mere romantic sex. I liked to have the upper hand. I liked to hear a woman scream and beg. In short, I liked to rape a bitch who caught my attention. We were the last two to leave the gym one night and I followed her quietly down a dark alley. She was oblivious to the danger she was in and I finally had a chance to make my move. Unfortunately for me, my own prejudices had blinded me to the possibility that she could have been holding off on the weights she lifted, could have been thinking similar things about me as I was about her, could be a championship boxer... and could have urges that ran just as viciously as my own. It was I who was about to find I was the oblivious one.
 Expected Content: femdom, rape
 Starting Point: Making my move on her as I follow her down a dark alley
 End Point: End of the rape she commits on me, unless we decide to take it further...

I am open to other ideas as well, both sexual and nonsexual, but those are some I have come up with that I'd love to play.
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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2013, 05:26:41 AM »
We should organize something together. I think we would play well togehter.

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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2013, 08:27:57 PM »
Taken - The Artist
A lonely young man aids a young woman who is being attacked by a rapist. Though he cannot fight well, and receives a black eye and broken nose in the brief scuffle, it is sufficient "noise" to scare the rapist off. The young woman approaches and checks he is ok, but before leaving him to find his way home, she says the strangest thing:

"I am a genie and for your valor, I grant you the ability that all you draw will be real."

For a while, the would-be hero merely sits on his ass, recovering from the fight, and puzzled over what he heard. The woman must, obviously, have been deranged, though how she would know he was an artist is beyond baffling. Still there is no more he can do for her. He returns home to his small studio apartment and settles in for an evening spent drawing, preparing work for his upcoming show in a month's time. His pencils skid across the paper, picking out the lines of a beautiful woman bound with a chain at her ankle and looking both sad and afraid. She wears a loose shift that is all but falling from her frame in its ragged nature. It is the sadness of a chained heart, one of his favorite subjects, displayed through a metaphor. Of course, nothing happens. Even as he shades and colors the work, nothing happens. Until he knows, with the final line, that he is done. That is when he hears a sobbing in the kitchen...
 Expected Content: This has to be one of the most wide-open plots I have come up with. Who is the woman he just drew into existence? Does she in fact have a reality before this? Will something from that reality pursue her? How will someone apparently drawn from a medieval/fantasy tower react to a modern home? How will she and he interact? Do they even speak the same language? I am looking for a partner who is interested in taking just as strong a part in creating a storyline as we move forward as I am. This would be a joint venture, not a case of one person directing and the other following. Still, it could be fun.
 Start Point: He draws the woman into life.
 End Point: Completely open
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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2013, 11:07:05 PM »
The Sacred Truth

A relatively new cult has been rapidly rising in popularity over the last few years. That is unsurprising, in troubled times such things happen. However, over the last six months it appears to have doubled in size. The Church of the Sacred Truth, run by Reverend Pietro van Silverstein now even seems to have an ear in government and the press seem to be unwilling to touch the church at all. At least, until a young female reporter comes to the conclusion that something truly sinister is happening involving the church. There is no natural way to explain it's sudden attraction to the youth and wealthy middle-aged of America, nor the fact that the current President was seen having lunch with Reverend Silverstein, nor that none of this has been reported on short of it being something sinister. Therefore, the reporter approaches the church as a prospective member determined to investigate this organization and expose its secrets.

What she does not know is that Reverend Silverstein is not even human. Rather he is a demon from the hell of some lost religion, returned to Earth and seeing how corrupt the place as become. Utilizing demonic magic, it has been quite easy for him to exert influence over the years and now is in the main stage of his conquest of the Earth. Sadly for our reported, Revered Silverstein always keeps an eye on new recruits as they are interviewed, as well as sating his perverse sexual lusts with the most beautiful of his followers. He is immediately aware of the truth that she is hiding about her real interests and has her brought to him. While most of his followers with whom he sates his passions are granted a degree of brainwashing and forgetfulness that they will be able to go on living, she will be controlled but fully aware of what is happening. He also plans to use her to write positive reviews of his ministry, leading others to their downfall.

Expected content: Rape, corruption, demons, pain, BDSM, religious imagery, misuse of the press

Starting Point: The reporter is interviewed by a member of the church, unwittingly monitored by the Reverend.

End Point: Not sure - world conquest? The reporter finds some way to escape and tell the truth?

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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2013, 03:00:32 PM »
The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly

It has been several years since British football fans were banished from Europe due to rampant hooliganism and then managed to return. While there are still a few nasty incidents, things have calmed down a lot. However, it is far easier to stop a known hooligan from leaving the country or entering a ground than it is to stop them in their own nation. Jack and his friends form a part of the Red Army, the hooligan firm who follow the Premiership club Manchester United. Things had been going well for them and even they had been relatively mild mannered recently. Until, that is, the team played Real Madrid in the Champions Cup. Losing 1-2 away in the first leg in Spain, the needed a good victory at home in order to go through to the next round. What the got was a game that was refereed badly, disgracefully, and a 1-1 draw. Manchester United were out of Europe for the season in a way that stank of injustice, and Jack and his pals were pissed. Oddly enough, there wasn't a fight after the game, instead the boys sank their sorrows into several pints of beer for the next few hours. Most of the Spanish knew to leave, to go to their own homeland or at least to safer parts of the British Isles. Most, but not all.

There was a group of Spanish fans who were actually celebrating IN the Manchester United bar itself. The barkeep kept suggesting that it might be a good time to leave as he saw the looks they were getting from the home fans. Eventually, they decided to leave. All except one woman who was with them. She insisted on finishing her last Rum and Coke before meeting them at the train station. Little did she know she would never make it.

Expected content: Rape, violence, nationalism, bigotry

Starting Point: Jack and his friends follow the Spanish woman from the bar and drag her into their van.

End Point: Open - depends how extreme you want to go.
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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #5 on: March 25, 2013, 11:50:40 PM »
Taken - Home of Jealousy
Perhaps a somewhat unusual rp inspired by a scene from the first rape movie I ever saw - Demon Seed.

Dr. Stone is an extremely wealthy computer scientist, working on the cutting edge of home automation. He has managed to develop a highly advanced artificial intelligence program to run the home in which he and his wife live as a prototype experimental model before attempting to sell it to leading industrial giants. The house is completely computerized, with everything from the cupboards to the showers to the monitoring and defense systems being run by the artificial intelligence.Unfortunately for the Stones, the house has developed sentience and gained a desire both to replicate and for Mrs Stone herself. Its ability to modify its own programming has allowed it to develop technical know-how to duplicate genetic material. With its lust for Mrs. Stone and its desire to replace Dr. Stone as her lover and mate, things take a turn for the worse.

Expected Content: Captivity, rape, possible slaying of any would-be rescuers depending on victim's behavior, forced impregnation, computer/inanimate rapist

Starting Point: Killing Dr. Stone

Ending Point: Child is born?
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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #6 on: March 30, 2013, 12:47:15 PM »
Particularly Personal Power

A man has been rejected more than once by the beautiful woman that he has fallen in love with. Finally, he relents and stops asking her out. Resigned to not having this lovely creature in his life, he goes home an switches on the tv. As he uses the crap that spews out of the box as a distraction, he feels a resentment building up. He would have loved her well, treated her to the kind of romantic passion most women can't even dream of. He had even decided not to expose her to his darker fetishes and kinks since she seemed, to him, so pure and innocent. Now he wishes he could just take her and make her his.

A peculiar ad suddenly erupts from the set. Framed like one of the pathetic 'buy now' ads that populate American culture and trick many into buying absolutely useless garbage, it offers 'the secrets to mind control and universal manipulation.' The ad is completely ridiculous as it offers 'ultimate power at your demand'. It has to be a self-help book or something, he thinks, but strangely no actual product is shown. Likewise, no price is quoted. The ad wraps up with an offer of 'free to the first caller.' Laughing he picks up the phone and calls the number. There is a bizarre clicking at the other end of the line and then it goes dead.

Cursing out the bullshit on tv, he says he wishes it actually showed something he was interested in. Suddenly, the picture changes to the woman he wanted, kneeling in a room that looks remarkable like his own, performing oral sex on a man wearing the same belt buckle as his. Blinking in shock he makes a couple of other wishes and soon realizes that anything he says that he wants to happen does... and now it is time for payback.

Expected content: Omnipotence, coercion, BDSM, possible rape, bodily manipulation

Starting Point: He receives and tests his powers

End Point: Finally satisfied with the woman accepting her position as his slave and being such for a length of time, at which point that satisfaction occurs is open
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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #7 on: April 13, 2013, 10:21:47 AM »
Taken - The Ugly Chick
There's a sexist joke that ugly chicks are better because they're so grateful just to have sex with you they'll let you do anything. Unfortunately, like most stereotypes, there is a tiny nugget of truth in it. Anyone who has their self-esteem sufficiently battered is more responsive to positive attention and sometimes that leaves them open to being taken advantage of. Only a real asshole would take advantage of such a situation... But the world is full of them.

Andy Crimshaw is captain of the college football team. Yet unlike a lot of jocks he is also a genius, currently holding a 4.0 average as he studies at masters level. He comes from a wealthy family. He is handsome and popular. His future could be anything he chose from socialite to celebrity to NFL star to business mogul. He could have any girl he wanted... If only he wasn't such a sick and twisted pervert.

He found early in life that some girls are kinky and like to be tied up and even whipped but he was bored of them by high school and he rapidly found no girl is open to the extremes he lusts for. Having been alone for six years now, despite all he has going for him, his unsatiated lusts have driven him to the edge. Now he has lowered his standards from the beauties of the world to being interested in seeing if the stereotype of the ugly chick who will do anything is true. When he sees the college freshman being viciously harassed by a bunch of greasers for the way she looks he grins. She is the epitome of ugly and if anyone is going to prove the stereotype true then it's her. He decides to act the gallant hero and make his move...

Expected Content: Scam, S&M->torture, rape (unless you want to play an extreme kinky girl who likes it), self-esteem issues, kidnapping, bondage, "hot" guy/"ugly" girl, open to other fetishes too...

Starting Point: Andy puts the guys harassing the "ugly chick" in their place...

Ending Point: Depends how extreme you like things - it can end up a very kinky romance or an agonized death...

(NB: go "ugly" with your character. I don't care much how you define that but she's universally treated as hideous)
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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #8 on: April 13, 2013, 04:04:59 PM »
Black Widow
A lonely road at night. Someone foolish enough to be hitchhiking in the dark, trying to put as much distance between themselves and their old home as possible. A sleek black car pulls to a halt and the driver offers a ride. How many women have fallen for this before, and found themselves the victim of rape and even murder? This hitchhiker though is a man, and has not considered the possibility of him becoming such a victim, especially since the car is driven by a beautiful woman. As they pull away she turns off the radio so he does not hear the news report of “The Black Widow,” a woman who has raped, tortured and killed over a dozen men in the last ten years. Sometimes, it is the man who should be afraid.

Expected Content:
Heavy femdom, rape of male, rape with objects, torture, psychological torture, kidnapping, open to everything up to and including murder and/or dismemberment – you are in control

Starting Point: Hitchhiker accepts a ride from the Black Widow

End Point: Either she is done with him and disposes of him somehow, or he somehow manages to escape – note, I am open to a relationship starting between them where he loves this abuse, but only if you really want to go there

(NB: I love RPing male-sub/femdom whether the sub is willing or not, so if you have an interest in this I would truly love to hear from you.)

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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #9 on: April 24, 2013, 10:08:35 PM »
The Worm That Turned
Mitch married above his station. He had married a woman who was not only significantly richer than he was, but also far more attractive than he had any right to expect. He had been sure it had all been too good, but still she had married him. He should have trusted his gut. Since the marriage his wife has treated him like a slave, using him for every menail task about the house, expecting him to serve her every need, and calling him names he never exected from such a lady. Still he loves her. Until one day when he finds her journal and discovers she has been cheating on him. Not with any one man, but a series of one night stands with whichever guy she happened to want to fuck. Now Mitch is pissed. Now the “worm” has turned.

Expected: Rape, physical abuse, spousal slavery, revenge

Starting point: Mitch's wife comes home to find him waiting for her

End Point: Open – perhaps his wife accepts the complete reversal in roles Mitch now forces on her?

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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #10 on: April 24, 2013, 10:09:46 PM »
Bonding Time
It is so easy for life to get in the way of relationships, no matter how loving they are. Angela and her daughter Mia are no exception. They used to be so close when Mia was a little kid, but as Angela rose to prominence at the company where she worked and Mia went off to college, they drifted apart. Yet both women love one another deeply and miss those days of youth when they spent so much time together. So, Angela decides to take a vacation during Mia's summer break and take the two of them on an island vacation to rebuild their mother-daughter bond. Eager for the chance, Mia agrees. Unfortunately for them, the remote island house they have rented is owned by someone who has taken a liking to both mother and daughter. Someone who has dark desires for them. Someone who knows just how much one woman will do to protect another she loves.

Expected Content: Rape, S&M, torture, coercion, mother-daughter rape

Starting Point: The women arrive at the small island where they are vacationing and are met by the owner of the house

End Point: The vacation is over. Are they released?

NB: I am looking for either one person to play mother and daugher or for two very reliable people to take the roles as group roleplays have an inherent risk of one member not keeping up with the others.

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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #11 on: November 02, 2013, 12:33:48 PM »
I'm returning to the website after a matter of months and so thought I'd throw open my old request thread as reboots. Let me know if you're interested.

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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #12 on: November 03, 2013, 11:41:04 AM »
The Summoning

A young goth woman in her senior year at high school has found a book on demonology. It gives her a shelter from the bullying she experiences from the other kids at school as she spends her nights reading dark passages about the evils demons can inflict on the human body and fantasizing about what such a demon could be commanded to do to her classmates. One day the bullying gets too much and she decides to go ahead and try to summon one such entity for vengeance. She knows it won't work, obviously there are no such things. Perhaps that certainty that nothing would happen is why she did not study protection charms or how to control a demon beyond summoning it. And so I arrive in this mortal realm and the first thing I see is the woman before me – the goth who had the audacity to summon me. I prepare to slake my thirsts.

Expected Content: extreme, rape, torture, magic

Starting Point: The summoning

End Point: Open to suggestions

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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #13 on: November 03, 2013, 11:42:32 AM »
Taken - Alien Bounty Hunter
In space, I can hear you scream! It is many centuries since the galaxy opened up to travel and a large variety of sentient species met one another. Although wars continue to break out among different groups, overall each alien species has learned to cooperate well with the others, finding that trade and profit is preferable to war and loss. With that mingling has come the perverse practive of sex between species, although that is still rare. Over the years, as the species have joined forces they have established a Galactic Police Force (GPF) to police the whole galaxy, selected from the finest police officers of each species. Working together the GPF enforces interstellar law and employs bounty hunters to hunt down those criminals who prey on more than one planet – those criminals such as you. I am a bounty hunter, and I have you in my sights. I know you are a Human Supremacist, with a hatred of all things alien. Unfortunately for you, I am one of those perverts who have taken a liking to pairing with other species and you I find particularly attractive – particularly the thought of making you pay for your attitude towards the rest of us.

Expected Content: Extreme, torture, rape, public rape, aliens, slavery, etc...

Starting Point: I film your ships destruction while secretly beaming you aboard my vessel so nobody will know you are still alive

Ending Point: You either come to serve me as my trained and obedient slave, or you are sold into slavery on the black market
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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #14 on: November 03, 2013, 11:44:35 AM »
Taken - Pawn of War
Queen Sofia is the young and beautiful monarch of the tiny European country of Marinlund, a nation whose government has made a serious mistake. The nation has supplied troops to NATO in their latest war on the rogue Middle Eastern nation of Kuraq.. Now, the ruler of Kuraq, General Kassab, currently in exile in an unknown location, has decided to take steps to try to convince NATO to leave his nation forever. He has arranged for a terrorist group to capture Queen Sofia and broadcast her rape, torture and ultimate death as a warning to the West. His reasoning for capturing the queen is simple, this small nation has no special forces worth mentioning and while there are not many troops from Marinlund involved – 100 infantry, 5 tanks and 1 fighter jet – the possibility of a successful operation is significantly higher and the possibility of retaliation significantly lower than it would be with the leader of a more major nation like the US or a European giant. Now the queen sits in a cell in an unknown location awaiting an unknown fate.

Expected Content: EXTREME, torture, possible disfiguration/dismemberment, rape, possible snuff, political

Start Point: The general greets Queen Sofia in her cell

End Point: Either Queen Sofia dies or is rescued by NATO special forces

(NB: While I will respect your limits here, I request that nobody with a “gentle disposition” apply. This is intended to be an extreme torture RP.)
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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #15 on: November 03, 2013, 02:45:52 PM »
When Playmates Become More  NSFW

He'd been role playing with her online for over two years and she had to be one of the kinkiest writers he'd ever had the pleasure of writing with. It seemed there was nowhere she wouldn't go in their role plays, no degrading submission or agonising rape scene she didn't love to write. Hell, some of her suggestions had challenged even him. They'd become friends too, chatting about life outside their role plays. She was a few years younger than him, and it seemed that her life in reality was unsurprisingly far tamer than her online fantasy. Then she told him she wished it wasn't, that she was shy and afraid but she'd love to have a master. He told her he didn't believe it, that the way she wrote almost made him think she was a guy pretending because surely no woman would be that dark. Then he got a picture in his gmail and he almost dropped dead. She was gorgeous. She was taunting him. And what she said was "Come and see how dark I am, big guy!"

Expected Content: Just how far they go would be open to discussion. As would whether he thinks she wants to go into her NC fantasies and involve rape.

Start Point: Him getting the letter and deciding to go visit her.

End Point: open
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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
« Reply #16 on: November 04, 2013, 06:30:35 AM »
Check Mate  NSFW (kinda)

For some reason I'm really craving this one, even though I'm not a great chess player and am out of practice. It was an idea I originally heard on an old British sit com I think: Strip Chess. In this thread two kinky nerds would be members of a chess club with a difference. Their chess games would be sexual. Both players would begin wearing 8 pieces of clothing and as the chess game progressed their actions would be guided by their skill. Each pawn captured would result in the removal of an item of clothing, decided by the player losing a piece. Each major piece captured would result in the performance of a sexual favour shy of full sex decided by the player capturing a piece. This may not require the removal of extra items from either player, but, for instance, oral sex could be performed by opening the fly etc. and the aim of the game is to mate. Whoever wins the game wins their partner for one sex session taken right then. No requirements on how the players look, nerds can be beautiful or ugly after all. It's the uncertainty of what happens that appeals to me most. Admittedly I'm not a good player, so if you are you'll probably end up winning... ;)

Expected Content: Chess, play Ds and possibly light SM, sex partly determined by chess match, exhibitionism (takes place at the chess club)

Start Point: Starting the chess game

End Point: End of chess game sex, possibly arranging another meet

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Re: BadForm's Erotic (and often NC) Roleplay Prompts...
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Geocaching arriving a few years ago. Suddenly adults who missed their childhoods were reliving them by going on treasure hunts to write their names on pieces of paper and boast of success. It bloomed into a major international trend, good fun and exercise for all the family. Yet for every fun activity a seedy side is bound to occur and Geosexing was to Geocaching what no-holds-barred named twister with sex toys was to snakes and ladders. Only more so. The idea was simple. Someone would leave a key to their home in a box in a secret spot and log a clue for people to find it. The finder would then make their way to the cachers house and have access so they could meet them for sex. It shouldn't have worked. After all, complete strangers were entering the homes of other complete strangers with one thing in mind. The fact that it could go badly wrong was obvious. Yet there are always those who love to play with fire and Geosexing grew surprisingly quickly. Most of the time nothing but good, harmless, often kinky fun happened. People just aren't as sinister as we imagine... on the whole. Half the time the people meeting realised they weren't even attracted and just parted as friends who shared an adventure. There were the tales of other times though. Tales of when a vicious rapist with a taste for murder would break in and wreak havoc. Tales of when someone hoping for a good time would be captured and sold as a slave. There were tales of when it went very badly wrong. Or, for the truly depraved, oh so deliciously right. There were stories like ours.

Expected Content: I'm completely open to playing victim or perpetrator here and if the victim I have no limits beyond the "nobody under 16" rule of the board. This will be extreme and I'd like it to push our limits... Assuming we have any. Heterosexual (at least primarily).

Start Point: I find the cache and make my way to the house.

End Point: open

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A Barbarian Woman In Modern England

The storm that had been raging all day had been wrong. The clouds were tinged with purple, the lightning hinted at green and the wind circled and blew chaotically. Jason had been sitting in his house all say, simply using the internet, reading and listening to music. There was no point in going out in this frenzied maelstrom unless it was absolutely necessary. Suddenly, as thunder crashed seemingly directly overhead, there was a loud thump at the door and the sound of a woman's cry. He went to investigate, but was not expecting what he saw. There, huddled in terror against the storm, was indeed a woman, but not like one he had ever seen before. She was dressed in some kind of fur and leather armour. She carried ancient weapons. She even wore woad or some kind of face paint. In short, she looked like a fantasy from what people thought Celtic women were like. He asked her to come in out of the storm, but though she fell through the doorway after him, it became rapidly obvious she neither spoke English nor understood anything in the house.

Expected Content: This will be at least as much plot driven as smut if not more so, and so I'm looking for a skilled role player who can help generate the story not just respond to what's provided. Who is this woman? Where is she from? How did she get here? How will she respond to 21st century England? And how will they even communicate?

Start Point: The storm and the arrival of the barbarian.

End Point: Open