Nice and Naughty 2

Started by NileGoddess, February 07, 2013, 01:42:42 AM

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A while ago I did a story in which a neighborhood boy runs into trouble with his next-door neighbor, who happens to work as a weekend dominatrix: Nice and Naughty.

I'm looking to to a sequel of sorts, the same concept only with different characters. I would be taking on the role of a friend of the boy's mother, a middle-aged Asian woman who has aged very well, who works as a dominatrix. The boy ends up on her bad side somehow, her really bad side. However, being somewhat of a cougar, she decides to put him through a strict punishment regime. Rather than take the alternative (something like being punished by his parents) he has no choice but take her punishment.

The sub role for this would be a male, late high school/entering college age. Ideally, he would have a fetish for older women, which would make him all more susceptible to her teasing and punishments.

Things to be explored will be heavy in BDSM: corporal punishment, including spanking, caning, flogging, and whipping, sexual teasing and ownership, such as being locked into chastity, edged and teased, and humiliation, such as ass/foot/leg worship and facesitting.

This is not a first come first served offer. If you are interested, either PM me or post in this thread. A character profile will be required. I would prefer someone who is interested both in submission as well as BDSM. Any questions concerning the plot or themes can be addressed to me.


Interesting!  Goddess, are we talking Japanese Asian or Chinese/Korean Asian?  I'm trying to determine the size differential between her and the boy.  By the way, what happened with the original Nice and Naughty?  It seemed to have halted at a rather interesting point.
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My partner at the time was unable to continue, so the game had to come to a halt.

I haven't decided what exact ethnicity she would be. I was going for something more 2nd or 3rd generation, so she might have an Asian surname but an American given name. More likely Japanese/Pacific Islander ethnicity at this point.


Bumping this thread, since my original partner is no longer active on the site. Please refer to the opening post for themes/ideas I'm looking to explore.