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April 24, 2018, 09:49:53 AM

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Author Topic: fresh, young, unproven, unsure, and looking for Players. draw the wild card.  (Read 705 times)

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Offline IronCharmerTopic starter

Hey I'm really new to this so I'm a little nervous but we must all leave the nest and spread our little role play wings and fly.. so here I go.

Role Play Ideas

--Rings of Romance and Remorse--

A meteorite is on a collusion course is on route for a planet inhabited by a now very frightened civilization, but mankind has rallied together to form a  plan of survival a giant rocket has been mounted in the city of Valerance , a people that put vanity above all, the site was chosen do to strategic location but trouble brews when these vane people, who out law ugliness and cast the not beautiful from their city walls...hatch a plot to delay the launch of the missile in a hope of destroying the meteorite close enough for the broken up matter to be brought into earths orbit creating a new series of rings, but the plot thickens when an anarchist group who is manipulating the Valarians to not only delay the launch...but to stop it! thus destroying 99% of life on the planet except for their elite fundamental group that has built a super strong safe hold to live out the 1000 year dust storm, and then repopulate the earth as the heirs to the planet!

Basically the Characters would be a Male Rocket engineer who is head of the project to save earth...but he is seduced by a representative of the council of Valerance , a very attractive but self centered women who sees those that are ugly as pests and puts the outer image over all, she's a spy to sabotage the missile and delay the launch to blow the meteorite later then it should be...but she's being manipulated by an evil puppet master bent on destroying the world so his super race can rebuild it after a 1000 year scourge of life.

---Narcoleptic Lovers----

Jack has suffered from narcolepsy his entire life and is subject to falling asleep at any time without warning, he has joined a support group and worked threw this, despite his very unpredictable work hours jack has become a successful individual that has money and respect but having a hard time finding true love, little does he know that in his support group is the love of his life...only he doesn't know that because they've never met for a strange fated reason whenever she (Jill for now) wakes up...Jack falls asleep, and when jack wakes she falls asleep...thus they can never be in the waking world at the same time... but via fate they fall in love with each other through seeing the things one another has done and when they try and begin a courtship (tho heavily thwarted due to the condition) they eventually meet and somehow overcome the cosmic universe's joke and live together happily forever (maybe a sleeping beuaty kiss will do the trick who knows) Jack will plan the most romantic dinner date full of roses and violins only to stand up jill because he'll be rendered asleep when she wakes up and rushes to meet him... but somehow they overcome this and eventually maybe even realize their strange condition.

That's all I have for right now, I'll update any new ideas I have in the its off to work on my "on's and off's" PM me if you'd like to talk about maybe doing a role play...I'm new to this but I'd like to make friends and maybe become a better writer and who knows maybe even a better lover.

My big list of generics

1- The lonely housewife and the plummer
2- The Distraught ticketee and the Officer
3- The Doctor and the recently diagnosed cancer patient
4- The Flight attendant and the pilot
5- The Teacher and the cheer leader
6- The Employer and the desperate interviewee
7- The Funeral Director and the grieving widows daughter
8- The Drivers ed instructor and the nervous student
9- The Priest and the girl in confession
10- The Mall Santa Clause and the soccer mom
11- The mini-golf teenage worker and the social climbing wife
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