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Author Topic: Apple's Idea Box  (Read 2695 times)

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Offline PrettyxPoisonxAppleTopic starter

Apple's Idea Box
« on: February 03, 2013, 04:20:14 pm »
Welcome to my idea box! Please do not message here, Send me a PM instead (:
This is where I will be jotting down little ideas that are clogging up my head. My hopes are that a literate fun-loving and decent human being responds to them. If you are lacking in these things then we may have an issue. Otherwise feel free to contact me!

What doesn't kill us...
I really want a story of two lovers who fall into a deep, dark and intense romance that stumbles along the thin line of love and hate. I will write a female because that is where I am comfortable. I do not mind which gender you are or which gender your character is. I think drugs could make for an interesting element in the story but that can be discussed. I want them to be so incredibly in love with each other that it drives them insane. I want them to share moments of pure intimate love and affection as well as moments of jealousy, anger and hatred. Their fights should be violent and there should be a scene of destruction after every one, such as car crashes, holes in walls, destroyed possessions, fire damage, and minor injuries etc.

It takes the best part of an hour along a dirt track through dense pine forest to reach nowhereville. It’s a small community based around a prison that holds geriatric inmates whom society has long forgotten and no one cares much for. The sky is forever a bleak shade of grey and it really is the most depressing place on earth, But every one is here for a reason, Every one has a story, This isn’t the kind of place you lived in just because you liked the shade or the look of old bricks. No, you only came here if you were not fit for the rest of the world. Perfect for my character! She murdered her mobster boyfriend for reason you shall not know just yet! Filled with guilt, shock, horror and self loathing she ships herself out to nowhereville. No one would ever think to look for her here and the constant dreary atmosphere is her own self issued punishment. Your character I leave up too you. Shock me with some not so perfect history. And together we can lead our characters through some serious self development, adventures in the pine forests, prison escapees/riots (woo old criminals!) anything our hearts so desire in this fucked up little place. 
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Offline PrettyxPoisonxAppleTopic starter

Re: Apple's Idea Box
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2013, 03:50:30 am »
Bat out of hell.

I want a story of runaways. I have a two different ideas of how this could be played out and am open to suggestions.
First option. Grown up runaways. Friends one abused constantly by family/partner/boss something along those “has an unpleasant exsistance” lines and the other diagnosed as terminally ill decide to leave the bullshit behind and just leave, no destination, no plan just pooled resources, a car and the desire to make some good memories. Let the fun begin.
Second option. Teen runaways. This is where I go all cliché, do not judge me. Keep it high teens like 18 or 19 they can be from bad homes, bad communities not much going for them, and will never amount to anything but dream of getting the hell out of dodge they steal daddy dearest or who ever’s gun, steal a car and leave. With no money  they will give into stealing and robbing stores just to survive. They will be constantly out running the law, with no intention of ever handing themselves over. Some form of will die standing then live on my knees kind of pact in place.

Against all odds.
Again two separate ideas here.
First option. The cliché option. And this could be made into a group game. Some kind of accident be it boat/plane/train take your pick leaves people stranded, injured, dead, debry every where. You know how it goes. Surviving that, surviving the wild, surviving each other and all the while trying to get rescued.
Second option. The world is dying. Actually dying and it is taking the people with it. The major cities air is so polluted people are starting to die and its only getting worse. The water is so polluted that it can only be ingested if boiled and treated. The government is suggesting genocide. Maybe not in those words exactly but when you pull out the dictionary there it is in black and white. Genocide. Masks have to be worn in the towns if you wish to survive but they have only issued so many per city. Again can we say genocide? This story needs a lot of work, a lot of plotting and a whole bag full of effort.

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Re: Apple's Idea Box
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2013, 11:25:36 pm »
Lost in space

So I am completely stealing this idea from my favorite ever TV show and adapting it to fit my own needs. Basically our characters will be aboard a space ship that is the size of a small city. Due to poor repairs there has been a radiation leak and the entire crew has been wiped out except for our characters and the AI that is now senile. Now our characters survive because they were in stasis for reasons you can make up yourself OR if you insist you can be a hard light hologram (Or a cat...long story you really need to know the show! But its nothing like that furry stuff people talk about. Nevermind.) They are released from stasis after three million years (that is how long it takes for the radiation to clear) to find they are three million years into deep space and the AI is senile, hilarious but mostly useless and they now have full control over the entire ship. And if one person gets all smart and technical on this story I will slap them! This is for fun only! And the goal of the story would be to get back to earth but along the way they can meet various other life forms (all of which will be hostile) Or other fun spacey stuff we can discuss. It will be fun promise!
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Offline PrettyxPoisonxAppleTopic starter

Re: Apple's Idea Box
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2013, 04:38:15 am »

I hate to be vague but I am craving something taboo. Just to be clear this does not mean incest. Ideas that would be nice are...
Vast age difference.
An affair.
Something Romeo and Julietish?
Something sci fi/fantasy like opposing races
Basically something that is not supposed to happen but does. Care to help me out?
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Offline PrettyxPoisonxAppleTopic starter

Re: Apple's Idea Box
« Reply #4 on: May 26, 2013, 01:54:19 am »

Anything. Everything. All of it. Must have. Please some one!! Can be set in any age though modern would be preferred. Must contain graphic writing, romance, sex and violence. And no they will not sparkle. I thoroughly liked the ones in trueblood both books and tv series so something along those lines would be great but not expected, am fully open to ideas.
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Re: Apple's Idea Box
« Reply #5 on: March 08, 2017, 09:37:15 pm »
Fast asleep

I have had this one floating around nonstop for what seems like forever. Basically I want a story that blurs the line between awake and asleep. They would have normal what ever lives but the minute they are asleep go somewhere else a different life some where vastly different and when they sleep in dream world wake and up again in real world and so on and so forth until characters are unsure of which is real. Might be cool if some one is a coma patient and is stuck in one world? Really keen or hashing this out with some one and getting it going. Could also be a cool group role play?? I want this one to be darker and more intense as opposed to light and fluffy.