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April 10, 2021, 05:05:24 pm

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Author Topic: Ms. April Jones and her Executive Personal Assistant (M looking for F)  (Read 719 times)

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Offline Rog the RakeTopic starter

** Short Version - Male seeking Female for long term plot driven, sexual word play where she is in position of power and control and he likes to please her with his work, making her look good, and making her feel good. **

Looking at her no one would ever guess that this thirty something woman held such strength and power in her delicate frame, she was tiny.. pixieish in size in fact under five feet tall all her life she had fought tooth and nail and no one who ever attempted to get the better of her had succeeded.

When April was eight her parents had taken her to a physician and she had been told that her diminutive size was a biological condition and that there was nothing medicine could do for it, however her parents and she had nothing to worry about because except for smaller size her life would be quit normal.

Oh how incorrect the doctor had been, being smaller then the other children she often was mocked and as for boys.. well.. April was no fool nor was she willing to be a slut like some of the girls as she grew up.. aged that is for she her body to her never really matured. It was her mind that did grow and her studies so she threw herself into her school work and though she did make friends and did date it was always by her own choice that this occurred and as she matured she found that she did not need to be a 'bitch' to do so.

There is a select percentage of people that do can see beyond looks and April was lucky to acquire several of them as Friends and one as a lover when she went to college, her boyfriend was a find as she had decided this was the man who she was going to explore sex with, but on HER terms and he had the mind set that he enjoyed doing what she asked, the fact that he also was the person she started her sexual exploration with excited him as first but then she got too 'kinky' for him and after one rough night where she had tied him down on the bed in her room and pegged him with a strap on.. something he had enjoyed but had been humiliated by the fact that he had the two broke up.

It was just as well as April having explored her sexual outlet realized that now was not the time to get too involved with a single person as she had plans when leaving college and one of them was not getting 'knocked up' (if she could) or married.. not yet. Thus her last year at college was spent on graduating and finding a starting position at a top 100 company, a feat she succeeded at. At 28 she left the company to take a senior position in a top ten company where she quickly rose and in only two years held an Executive position inside and was known as the 'Tiny Tigress' all through her rise she had acquired a few lovers to sate her sexual needs but she never had found the correct one and contemplating her latest promotion and the time consuming task of dealing with needy men she came to a conclusion.. she would get herself a sexual consort who also would serve as her Personal Executive Assistant ... with a wicked smile she leaned back in her leather office chair and having decided this knew it would just be a matter of time till it was complete.

(( Ms. April Jones - Height 4'11" - Weight 99# - Hair Short Red - Eyes Green ~ Sexual Appetite high, both receiving and giving she
 is the dominate force in relationship which will include the act of enjoying to PEG.. sexually stimulate her male partner from behind, but is not centered on this just a major enjoyable aspect of control she needs. Hope is that April will realize that what she had looked for and found is actually more then just a sexual consort but the mate she thought she'd never find ))

~ Enter Daniel February

   Daniel had excelled in school in sports and other athletic activities but had been smart enough to know that though his father had plans on him making it as a pro athlete if something should happen he had to have something to fall back on, not as intelligent as the grade A students Danny would often have to seek help of teacher and as he grew older a few of them decided that this young man needed to be taken in hand firmly to assist with his education and help his concentration.

   One such teacher Ellen Grace offered private tutoring at her home to the seventeen year old boy, but in fact she had other things in mind and Daniel was soon not only doing better in school as well as sports being more happy but little did his family know it was because his teacher had taken him as a lover. Her 'Pet' lover and was schooling him in more than math and history but sex as well. When he graduated an honor student Ellen as well as a scholarship to a top ten college for sports Ellen wrote two letters or recommendation to professors which Daniel obediently gave and it was a good thing he did because his second year in was a tragic one.

    During a practice session an accident occurred and Daniels suffered a compound fracture of his left leg, shattering his left knee and ankle, his sports career and sports scholarship were over, his parents crushed however one of the professors stepped up and informed them that academically he was excelling and that she had spoken to the school and offered to take him on as an assistant and offer a new scholarhip to him as long as he wished it in business.

    Actually she and a few other professors had started a select program for grooming certain men for a new world where powerful and up-incoming woman were holding places of power and like men in the past who wanted attractive Executive Assistants to cater to there every need.. and by every ... they meant business and sexual .. these woman were hand picking the best of the crop to excel and compliment these woman of power.

    Thus it did not take Daniel long, (after months of therapy and recovery of course), to agree and gladly accept the scholarship and his education continued. At the age of 24 he graduated and was given documents to a placement service that the professors had established with one of the women who had benefited by there special courses and his resume was sent out.

(( Daniel February Age 24 - Height 6'2" , Eyes of Blue - Hair short and blond - Body excellent ~ Daniel has schooled to be attentive at work and concentrate on all tasks needed for his boss to succeed very charismatic he will do whatever is needed to get done what she wishes and strive for compliments, his sexual appetite and control has been honed just as one would do to an athlete his need to excel at sports being turned to excel in the bedroom etc.. for physical size I leave it to the imagination though I am not looking for him to be considered a SISSY simply an attentive submissive to his boss and lover and hopefully in time they become more))


   This is where our story would pick up... I am seeking someone to play April who yes is a powerful attractive woman however small in stature, she decides the time has come to find an Executive Personal Assistant to handle more then just her needs at work though that is important to her as well. Step up Daniel February competent and with papers from a special 'head hunter' listing his many qualifications

  Intrested PM me.