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Author Topic: Team Kyuubi  (Read 543 times)

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Team Kyuubi
« on: February 02, 2013, 06:26:01 AM »
i started writing a fic based on my friends Naruto Oc's they made

the wind carried the smell of smoke throughout the forrest, as a small child jumped from tree to tree, she was defying her parents wishes by being out there but that was nothing out of the ordinary, she did it on a daily basis, she was from the country of wind, and her parents estate was not to far from the border line where a massive forrest lay just beyond it. that was where most of the samurai trained, and the young girl had found herself mesmerized by the art, and spent most of her spare time watching them from the shadows, not wanting to be caught, and sent back to her parent for a harsh scolding.

coming to a grinding halt it had seemed that the young girl had caught sight of a lone boy practicing his swordsmanship alone, she sat on the branch and watched in silence from above, he was a samurai from the country of wind and seemed to belong to the clan that lived in her village as she liked to call it, taking in a deep breath she called out loudly “ Hi there” startling the boy “ can I learn to?” she asked with a smile only to be snubbed off and ignore,  she couldn’t believe it, he was actual ignoring her, not even  a single response, she had even asked in the nicest voice she had but yet he had ignored her, jumping down she strolled over jumping in front of him as he had slice at the air, the girl had some how managed to avoid the deadly attack “ hey” she said slightly annoyed and shocked “ that could of killed me you know” she said with a slight hiss but the boy shrugged his shoulders at her and turned away “ well don’t get in the way ” he said harshly, as the seconds rolled by and the silence set back in the young girl had began to brood as the boy started to head back “ hey just wait one minute... I asked you something a minute ago at least you could answer me?” she said somewhat nastily “ oh you did... I though that was the sound of the leaves in the wind, my bad what did you say?” he said sarcastically adding more fuel to her growing rage “ I asked if I could learn as well?”  she said nicely as she grinned  teeth, she was trying her hardest not to lose her cool, but their was something about this boy that just pissed her off “ nah” he said bluntly as he began to head back to the village “ this isn’t something for a mere girl like yourself can handle, why don’t you run on home and have you mummy teach you the art of flower arranging or the tea ceremony or something girlie like that” he said waving her off, her hands where clenched tightly into fist and she was about to knock him one for that comment, when the sound or others coming towards them caught her attention “ a crap “ she said scrambling up the tree as fast as she could, hiding herself in the shadows as the boy turned to meet the men “ master sho... its terrible, the village is on fire, and your father, his... his “ the man was out of breath “ his what saichiro... what do you mean the village is on fire?” the girl was in shock, why was the village on fire, what was going on these where the thoughts that kept running through her head, but it didn’t seem to make much sense nor did it matter all she knew was that she had to get home quickly and as undetected as possible, if there was a fire in the village it would be surely that both her mother and father would be running around the estate like headless chook looking for her.

she wasted no time making her way swiftly but silently back home, only having to stop once as she hide her self from ninja’s had appeared to be camped out “ konoha ninja’s? she whispered to herself doing her best not to get caught, but she knew one of them had seen her, a blonde haired ninja, who had a big bright smile on his face.
the samurai had been right, the village was on fire, she could see it from the top of the cliff.

every thing seemed to be tinted a foul shade of orangey red, and her house had fallen into darkness as the sun had already began to set, the long corridors where shrouded in darkness but she had no choice but to run through them looking for both of her parents.
she turned down several  emptied hallways, stopping outside on door as she had recognized her fathers voice “ I wont let you have them” he yelled angrily ‘who was he talking to’ she thought as she pushed the door open, he was on his knees while his head was bowed. her eyes meet his tear filled “ I love you my child” he managed to chock out as the man hidden in the shadows brought down the full force of his blade, slicing her fathers heads from his shoulders. she stood in absolute disbelief this couldn’t be happening, this was all just a nightmare it had to be, but the realization began to set in as the man set out from the shadows, a rouge ninja from the village of sand, bitting her lip she pulled herself out of her state of frozen fear and ran to her mothers room “ she could hear one say leave her we’ll get her after we perform that jitsu on you” she had enough time to find her mother and hopefully escape before they could be found, or at least she had hoped so.

Finding her mother was easy, she burst into the room and flung her arms around her “ its so bad, we have to get out of here” she said holding back the tears “ dear you are being rude” she said  turning her daughter around, where she came face to face withe the konoha ninja she had seen in the forest, now she was very confused “ whats going on?” she asked “ your being sent to konoha” her mother said rather flatly “ its all been arrange young miss, me and my team are here to escort you, as of now you are no a resident of the hidden leaf village “ but why I don’t get it why wont you listen to me, something terrible has happened to father, please mother will you listen to me” she pleaded with her mother to listen to  her “ why my child what do you mean nothing has happened to me” a voice said stepping out from the shadows, the girl hissed at him “impostor” and her mother sighed “ and that is why we are sending you to konoha, you are getting to much for us to handle, naruto-san if you would please” she said coldly pushing her own daughter away.

naruto seemed to disapprove oh her tone, but did as she asked, picking her up and throwing the screaming girl over his shoulders, its a pleasure as always my lady to be in your company, I look forward to seeing you again when you visit us in our village” he said politely as he possibly could as he made his exit whispering softly in her ears “ your mother knows what is going on, so please have faith in her ”.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mystic woke in a cold sweet to the screeching of her alarm, she sat up letting her head rest gently on her knee as she looked out the window, she cursed at her self, she had been having that same nightmare again and again, the day she was forced to leave her home land, but that was in the past, it had been 10 years since she had been in konoha, and she had chosen not to live the comfortable life that had been planned for her, instead she choose to become a ninja, it was something she knew she would be able to do easily, she had very little emotion in battle, and was very protective of both her original team mates and current students.

mystic was a konoha jounin, and had agree to take on a squad of her own, but only one for know, and as much as she would hate to admit she had enjoyed training with them, but next week was the start of the chunin exams, and if all three past this would be the very last week she would be training the as her students.

dragging herself out of bed, mystic made her way to the bathroom turning the hot water on full, not even bothering with any of the cold, she needed the pain to bring her back to reality she couldn’t have a clouded mind when she trained other wise she would never live it down if she faltered during a sparing match with ronin, and that was something she didn’t want to have to go through again, even now he still reminded her other the time she slipped and fell on her ass in the mud, but she always had her own way of paying him back if he ever dared of mentioning it in public.

Mystic and ronin had what some would call a mutual hatred towards each other, or what they called rivalry between themselves, it wasn’t that they really hated each other it was more the fact that most of the time they couldn’t stand each other, and over the years mystic had developed a cruel sense of humor when it come to him, its was probably a fact that if it wasn’t for uchiha misaki, mystic would have probably have killed him ten times over by now.

the sun was already beginning to rise as mystic pulled on a black pair  of shorts and a singlet before grabbing her gear and heading out to meet her team down at the northern training grounds group training and then a light sparing match with ronin.

 sahara, corrine and celeste sat on the sideline’s, the trio where thoroughly exhausted, mystic was merciless when it came to train, and improving their skills, and with the chunin exams only a week away, intensifying the training was only natural.
the three always watched in awe when mystic and ronin did battle, to mystic and ronin it was just a sparing match, but to mystic’s team and probable any other onlookers it was a battle, it was probably due to the fact that one of them would always end up in hospital, a few broken ribs, broken arms, deep and nasty head wounds and the list went on.

steal met steal as the battle drew to and end, mystic was getting agitated and ronin seemed to be off in his own world. knocking the kunai out of his hand, she grabbed him by the collar and flipped him over her shoulder, before pinning him beneath her, digging her knees into his side as he kunai hovered a scarce few millimeters from his throat “ahhh” she hissed putting her kunai away and helping him get to his feet “ your off in your own little world ”  her agitation was clear, it was in the way she spoke “ geez what up your ass, so what i’m a little distracted,it happens from time to time” ronin was trying to sound annoyed but he ha to much on his mind, “ ahhh I’m sorry ok, ive just been on edge the past couple of day’s and i don’t know why” mystic bit back, it may have sounded nasty how she had said it but it was her way of apologizing, “ something happening, something big, that’s the only think i can think of for this” she said waving her hand in the air  “ any way way are you acting like a air head... does it have to do with kitsune?”  mystic knew she had hit the mark, ronin had that cheesy grin on his face that gave him away “ haha yeah... i finally got the nerve to ask her out on a date next week and I’m not really sure where to take her... I’m just dazed at the fact that she said she would go out on a date with me, i mean can you believe that Uzumaki Kitsune said yes to me, I’ve had a crush on her for so long” he was starting to ramble, and mystic sighed to herself, her team had already left, and mystic and ronin needed to head back into the heart of the villiage where misaki would be waiting for the pair. the group would normally choose one day out of the month where they’d  meet some where other than ramen to catch up and chat with one another, and knowing misaki she would already be seated at a table tapping her fingers waiting for them .

the cry of the hawk had mystic and ronin looking to the sky “ you gotta be kidding me, this can’t be for real?” ronin complained, he had skipped breakfast this morning hoping to stuff his face at lunch “ ah suck it up princess, and come on... if where late ba-chan will have our head” mystic laughed racing off a head, ronin shivered at a not to pleasant memory, tsunade was not a woman you would want to get upset.

pushing the door open mystic and ronin headed in to the hokage’s office “ well this is a surprise you both on time for once and misaki is the one thats late” tsunade beckoned the to to enter  “ both of you listen good i have no time to wait for misaki... the three of you need to got the the country of wind” mystic and ronin exchange a quick glance at each other “ but tsunade-sama naruto swore to us that we would never be made to missions there” ronin began to explain, before tsunade raised her hand to silence him “ I am well aware and normally naruto would be the one to go as konoha’s representative, but since his currently on a mission I need to send his team instead.... it’s simple all the three of you have to do is attend a funeral as the representatives of konoha” she explained “ may I ask who’s funeral is it... I mean why does konoha need to send representatives to it?” mystic spoke softly, this could have been why she felt so on edge “ lady chiaki, The daimo’s wife has sadly passed” mystic stood frozen in horror as a few seconds seemed like hours “ mystic?” tsunade said softly “ is every thing alright, you seemed to have blanked out there for a moment “ she was silent for a second long “ we’ll do it... as long as me and ronin can use oiroke no jitsu, and do the mission as the opposite sex” ronin gave mystic a horrified and confused look, she knew he though her crazy for mentioning it “done” mystic made the seal “oiroke no jitsu” ronin stood  watching still trying to make sense of what was going on but as he herd footsteps heading there way he decided to follow suit and he’d ask mystic later about itthe door made a clicking noise sounded before swinging open “ you summoned Tsunade-sama” misaki said in a soft and sure voice looking at the other two ninja’s in the room. the pair looked familiar but she was certain that she had never met them before. “ I was told this mission was to be with mystic and ronin, are the running late again?” she asked standing between the two  “ actual-” tsunade started before being cut off “ they where here before us.. and as a result of your tardiness you missed out on joining them on there mission so instead you have to put up with us” mystic said taking the chance to rub in this rare moment, although misaki would never know, both ronin and mystic were force to keep the smiles from their faces as pure shock registered on misaki’s face, there was a moment of silence before mystic and ronin headed towards the door “ aren’’t you going to wait to see what the mission is” she said rather nastily as she turned to face the pair leaving “ we’ve already been told... so you might as well just follow us and will fill you in as we travel, ne Ryoko-chan” mystic said saying the first female name that came to mind before heading out “ wait up matsuyo-kun” ronin called out chasing after mystic.

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Re: Team Kyuubi
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2013, 06:34:47 AM »
he caught up to her quickly, grabbing her arm he pulled her back spinning her around to face him “ can you tell me what the hell just happened... you know we can’t go back there” he said looking around to make sure no one was paying attention “ i know that” she said snatching her arm back “ its just i have to go, i have to see something with my own eyes” she said “and why oreke no jutsu then?” he asked misaki must have been in a state of shock or was demanding answers from the 5th “ at least this way we wont get recognized, we’ll be going as a different gender, please ronin just go with it” she begged him, she turned and began to walk. ronin stood in a stunded silence “ did she just say  please?” he said softly to himself “ who said please?” misaki cut in startling ronin  “ ryoko-chan is every thing ok, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost “ she asked with a smile on her face” i’m fine, i’m fine... any way lets head out, well give you a mission run down along the way”

misaki was filled in on the mission while mystic filled both misaki and ronin on the protocal that would be in place at the funeral “ for a konoha ninja you sure now alot about the politics of different nation matsuyo-kun” misaki said sounding impressed, but all mystic could manage was a cold stare back at her before taking the lead.
there was and awkward silence that feel over the group before misaki fell into line with ronin “ ne, Ryoko-chan its safe to say that you and Matsuyo-kun know each other right?” she asked making sure that red head up front couldn’t here them “ ah yeah, we’ve been team mates for years, why is there some thing wrong?” ronin asked looking up ahead at mystic, then back at misaki “ ah no... not really i was just wondering whats his problem,his acting so up tight have i done some thing to upset him, or is he always like this around girls i mean, i’ve never had a guy peak to me so rudely as he has... and its not just that i mean he doesn’t look at me.” she said starting to get herself worked up, ronin looked at her in pure confusion “ what do you mean?” ronin asked “ i mean he doesn’t even register i’m here, i’m a girl and he hasn’t even looked at me” misaki was bordering on hysteria, and all ronin could do was laugh which earned a deep frown from mystic as she looked over her shoulder at the pair of em “ shhh “ misaki said clamping her hand over ronin’s mouth “ i’m sorry i’m just in a bad mood, i shouldn’t direct my anger towards him.... “ she said feeling ashamed for her little out burst, ronin laughed again, but some how he was able to keep mystic from hearing “ you have no need to worry, i wont tell i promise ” he said winking at her, and misaki smiled back “ it’s just between us girls” she replied, and ronin repressed the urge to laugh yet again, at least there was un upside to this mission “ though try not to blame matsuyo for his current attitude, it is just painful for him, for the both of us actually” ronin said in a softer voice “ what do you mean by painful?‘ misaki inquired “ well you see, matsuyo and my self are originally from the country of wind, and we haven’t been back since we were children” ronin aloud the silence to take hold of the trio as he took his position at the back of the formation, he had know that mystic’s past would have been as painful as his.

the remained of the journey was carried out in silence, nearly a full 3 days without a single word said to one another, and it was driving misaki crazy she almost hugged on of the servant at the daimo’s palace just for speaking to her, the trio was shown to their room, mystic having the appearance of a guy was given a room to herself since it seemed unbecoming for 2 women to share a room with a male, even if they where team mates, ronin on several occasions couldn't help but laugh “ if only they knew” he whispered to himself, following misaki into what wold be there room for the next 2 nights, mystic glared at him daring him to try or do anything perverted with misaki, ronin never dream of doing any thing even as a joke, but he liked to messing with mystics head so he glared back daring her to try and stop him,a small smirk crossed mystic’s face as she threw her back pack into her room, and stalked her way over to the two women, singling out the brunette  until she had been back up against the wall, slamming her fist against the stone wall next to ronins head, mystic leant in and whispered in his ears “ if you even dare i’ll be sure to let kitsune know” mystic’s voice was quiet enough so that misaki was unable to hear her, and with a devilish smirk on her face mystic nodded to misaki “ enjoy your rest lady’s” she said before stalking off into her own room

ronin threw himself onto his bed burying his head into his pillow and sighing deeply before rolling over and closing his eyes, he herd misaki close the door then silence.
when he opened his eyes he didn’t expect to see misaki looming over him, startled  he rolled off the bed “ gez... you trying to give me a heart attack” he said rubbing his head he crawled back onto his bed “ i’m sorry ryoko-chan, i didn’t men to scare you” misaki said laughing at the same time “ so?” ronin asked stretching out lazily “ so, what?” misaki replied sitting on the edge of her bed smirking to the girl across from her “ are you going to tell me what is what you wanted, i mean there was a reason for you hovering over me like that...or is it your into women, and you find me attractive?” he asked jokingly, misaki burst out laughing “ oh please... i’m into men” she said laughing uncontrollably, ronin raised and eyebrow “ ah... sorry its just that you reminded me of ronin then... it would be something that he would say” he laughed along with her until he noticed the wide smirk on her face “ what...what are you smiling about” he asked a little nervous “ oh nothing really... just thinking back on what happened out there in the hall a few moments ago”she said looking down at ronin as he lay on the bed “ what  about it?” he questioned “ nothing... i just know whats going on, i mean it makes sense” now ronin was confused “ ok now you’ve lost me”  he said scratching his head “ the reason why matsuyo-kun doesn’t look at me.... either your dating or he has the hots for you.... i mean come on, why wouldn’t he look at me all guys look at me” she said with confidence “ ronin doesn’t” it was out of his mouth before he could top himself, “ ronin is different... and how would you know anyway?” she questioned, “ ahh... does it matter” he said trying to cover his tracks.
now she was curious, standing up she glared down at ryoko a devilish smile crossing her face as she took a step towards the woman “ i have ways of making you talk you know” she said in a low voice, taking yet another step forward her hands reaching out towards ryoko “ what are you doing misaki-san” he said, weary of his teammate, as she seemed to be slowly advancing on him “ a torture technique mystic uses on me to talk ” she whispered with a slight laugh.
the colour in ronin’s face drained, as he looked up at her with what felt like fear ‘if mystic taught her i’m a goner’ he thought to himself, he wanted to run but misaki was already on him, pinning him beneath her, her hand going straight for his breast. stunned he looked up at her, “ what are you doing?” he ask, but his only response was the smile on her face before her hands seemed to take on a mind of her own.
mystic lay exhausted on her bed, she had made sure she had locked the door so she was able to cancel the oreoke no jutsu, having being force to use it for close to 3 days straight had chewed through at least half of her chakra, and since she didn’t have to share a room with any one there was no point pretending she was a guy.
“nearly 10 years” she said sighing to herself  looking up at the plan and boring ceiling, ronin was right, they shouldn’t of came here what in the world had she been thinking, though she was never going to let him know that he was right.
the weather seemed hotter than she had remembered, but time had changed alot of things.
looking around the room she sat up “ i need get out of this place” she whispered needing t spend as little time in the palace as possible. Knowing she couldn’t go out as her self, she contemplated heading out to the local market place as matsuyo, but she would expand to much chakra if she did “ think girl, there’s another way, theres always another way ” she almost laughed out loud, she could disguise herself like when she was younger, jumping to her feet she shoved the bed and it frame away from the wall, where she knew a small button was located, pressing it gently she braced herself as the floor seemed to fall from under her.
lucky for her it was a short fall, slightly painful but short, she rolled over onto her knees hitting her head on the floor boards above. cussing in a low voice she looked around “ just as i remembered “ she whispered before making her way to her desired location.
it took her no more than 5 minutes before she was crawling back through the trap door, carrying what looked like a bundle of clothing with her “ right” she said throwing it on her bed before looking for the items she needed. once she had dressed she headed for the door, stopping and looking back at the remanding pile of cloths that lay scattered every where “ why do i have a conscious “ she said before stamping her way over to misaki and ronin’s room and pounding on the door, luckily for her her entire face was hidden behind a head dress so all she had to do was change her voice.
Misaki  looked at the door, then back at ryoko “ saved by the bell” she said smirking as she released her team mate, getting up to answer the door, she was slightly surprised to she a barely dressed masked woman at the door “ can i like help you at all?” she asked letting her annoyance be known “ my master wish’s to have a moment with ryoko-sama and has sent me to bring her to him” the masked woman replied, misaki looked at the woman with a suspicious gaze “ and may i ask what it is your master wants with my team mate?” she question as ryoko came to stand by her side “ who is it misaki-san” ryoko asked looking at the woman standing in the door way, “ ah ryoko-sama, my master whish’s a moment of your time, please if you would follow me” the woman said grabbing her by the arm and dragging her away “ hey wait just a minute” misaki started before ryoko waved apologetically at her “ I’ll be fine I’ll try not to take to long, i promise” she said and waited till misaki went back into the room, he didn’t walk very far before the woman shoved him into the near by room “ what the hell is going on” he said as the woman turned around to face him, removing her head dress to reveal her true identity “ mystic?” he said sounding dumb founded “ shut up... and don’t you dare comment on the outfit” she stated firmly, before looking him in the eye “ I’m to tired to stay as matsuyo and i can’t stand being in this plce, so ‘m going to head out into the markets” she informed him, scooping up a pile of cloths before throwing them at me, and I though you might want a break from being ryoko... and I’m pretty sure there are places you’d wanna check out... make sure you keep your face covered” and with that she re-covered her face before leaving ronin alone in the room.