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Author Topic: Hope - A Doctor Who Fanfic  (Read 477 times)

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Hope - A Doctor Who Fanfic
« on: January 29, 2013, 01:27:30 PM »
This is a massive WIP, but I'd love to have some feed back for what I have so far....thanks :)

Prologue - 1980 Earth

A women's face appears on the recording, at first she's looking behind the lens, to an unseen figure in the room. "Is it recording now?" a male voice in the background responds, urging her to go on, she turns her attention towards the lens, she's fairly attractive with a youthful appearance, her short brown hair just long enough to have it tucked behind her ears, but the look in her eyes, you would think she'd lived for thousands of years. She clears her throat and begins to speak.

"I'm recording this for one very in particular man, in the hopes that someday he'll understand why I've done what I have, and that he won't hold my decisions against Jack. I have sworn him to keep my secret, but in the chance that it must come out someday; this recording will prove that his story is indeed true. Doctor, you already know who I am, but for anyone else watching, my name is Innocet, a childhood friend of the doctor's, though we haven't always been friends, and a cousin of the House of Longbarrow." she sighs and continues.

"A year ago, in the drat cards, I foresaw a day when you, the doctor, would be the last remaining time lord, the decisions that led you to those events will weigh heavily on you, and I'm afraid cannot be changed, because your decisions and along with the war with the Daleks have created a fixed point in time. However, I looked again and again and I saw a beacon of hope for our people, our race. I travelled to earth, to 1979 on my own and without the consent of the others. This is where I met Jack Harkness, he was searching for you, doctor, but instead he found me. I won't bore you with the details, but we've had a child." She holds up what appears to be a 3-month-old baby girl.

"She is half time lord and half human, but you and I both know Jack is much more than human now, since the incident aboard Satellite 5, Jack has become a fixed point in time. My hope is that combined with my time lord DNA our daughter will also be a fixed point in time that will protect her from any harm, but just in case, I am concealing her time lord half within a locket. Jack and I are going to put her up for adoption, where hopefully she will be raised in a normal family as a normal girl. Without her time lord half she risks dying just like any other human, but it will keep her safe from the fate for the rest of the Gallifreyans......."

The transmission ends. Jack leans back in his chair, having watched the recording so many times he knew it by heart, but still, every so often, he pulls the recording from his safe and watches it again. He had found “his” reincarnation of the doctor finally, but after all that had happened, he couldn't bring himself to tell the doctor he wasn't alone anymore, that there was another time lord out there. Then after the incident with the Master, he felt it was even more imperative that he keep his daughter's identity a secret, not just from the Doctor, but also from anyone that might wish her harm, just because of her biology. He convinced himself keeping the secret was for her best interest, and had nothing to do with the doctor leaving him behind on Satellite 5 all those years ago.

Stretching, he rose to his feet and carefully placed the recording back into his safe, looking around his office he paced back to the desk. The others had gone home for the evening; it was just him there, always just him at the end, always alone. He often wondered if that is precisely how the doctor felt now that he thought he was the last and only time lord, but he still couldn't bring himself to tell the doctor the truth. Not feeling very tired, Jack decided to go for a late night patrol of the city, grabbing his jacket, he shut off the lights, and headed out.

Chapter 1 - The Truth

There was a distinct chill in the air, forcing Rabekah to pull her sweater tighter around herself. As she made her way from her car towards her mother's door she had no idea what to expect, all she knew was that her mother needed to talk to her, she said it was important. There had been a tone in her mother's voice she didn't like, something felt, she couldn't describe it, but she couldn't help but feel like someone was holding the rug, ready to pull it out from under her at any moment.

She slowly made her way up the walkway to her parent's front door and peered quietly into the window next to the door, she did not see anyone in the immediate vicinity, so she opened the door carefully, trying not to make a sound, and stepped into the warm foyer. Taking a deep breath and untying her sweater, she could hear voices coming from the kitchen. She moved towards the voices, as quietly as possible, pausing outside the kitchen door.

A male voice with a distinctly British accent can be heard, She's 18 now, it's time she knew the truth.” The truth about what she wondered, pushing her face up against the door to hear better. Normally the sound of her Father's voice had a calming effect on her, but what he was saying now; her nerves were suddenly more on edge now than they had ever been.

“I know, but what if she hates us, for having lied to her, her whole life?” Her mother's voice sounded scared, her New England/American accent always sounded heavier when she was worried. Her father had met her mother while she had been studying in England for her doctorate, this had given Rabekah the status of dual citizenship, and the family often spent time in both countries, but were currently back in Maine, where Rabekah had graduated high school a few months earlier.

Well, she's smart, she'll be shocked at first, but we've raised her, we love her, for all that matters we're her parents, so she's not blood, but she's still ours, and th…………” At that moment the door she had been leaning on swung in, revealing her presence. She looked over at her parents with a doe-eyed-caught-in-the-headlights look. She didn't know whether to cry, scream or run the other way, so instead she just stood there, staring at them.

Her mother moved towards Rabekah but in her confused state Rabekah took a step back from her, her eyes pleading for answers. I’m so sorry, we probably should have told you sooner, I didn't want you to find out like this.”

Her father jumped in, Honey, blood isn't important, we've raised you, we love you, nothing changes that.” A million questions flooded Rabekah’s head, sure, she believed the people standing in front of her loved her, that they had good intentions, but who was she. Why did her birth parents give her up, did they not want her, she couldn't think with all the thoughts flooding her head and suddenly the walls felt like they were closing in on her, like she couldn't breathe. Not being able to stand the pressure anymore, she ran back the way she'd come and out the door, she had to think, she had to be alone, the locket she'd worn for as long as she remembered felt warm against her skin. The clasp had always been broken, so she'd never opened it, but right now all she could think about was running, running where she had no idea.