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June 17, 2021, 09:38:36 pm

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Author Topic: Characters that are Open (Everyone)  (Read 609 times)

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Characters that are Open (Everyone)
« on: January 26, 2013, 08:41:05 pm »

So I wanted to add characters that I usually roleplay with.  Below are just a hand full of my favorite Characters, I added a picture and character description as well as a Ideal plot for each of them.  If you want to play, just send me a PM with the character name and a starter.  I do ask that all rp's have a plot and storyline, which we can discuss before hand.

Cyclone Havoc ~ The Heroin

Name: Cyclone Havoc
Age: 21
Species: Human
Orientation: Bisexual

   Eyes: Red
   Hair: Navy Blue and Caution Yellow
   Skin: Tan
Height: 4’11”

Archetype:  Gentle and passionate, she stands up for what she believes in and isn’t afraid to find herself in a fight.  She is very innocent and can come off perky and energetic at times.  She presents herself as a very serious level headed person.

Background:  When she was a little girl her father snuck her onto a ship as his son.  During their escape, her identity was revealed and she was then thrown overboard.  She washed ashore on a beach of an island barley alive.  A group of scientist found her and were determined to revive her.  They used gene splicing, and ended up creating a monster.  She lived in a cage the majority of her life, until there was a mishap where all the experiments escaped.  She has been living in secluded areas away from as many people as possible in order to keep her identity hidden.

Ideal Plot: Futuristic, Modern, Fantasy, Historical

Jaya Meon ~ The Cute and the Cuddly

Name: Jaya Meon
Age: 24
Species: Human
Orientation: Bisexual

   Eyes: Brown wears glasses
   Hair: Purple long hair
   Skin: Tan
   Height: 4’ 11”
   Extra Features: A bird tattoo on her right arm.
Archetype:  Super bubby, artistic, softy.   Super energetic and always optimistic, though she isn’t going to let anyone run her down, and sometimes has to show a more stern and darker personality.  She is defiantly a flirt, and loves to tease.

Background:  Jaya Meon, moved to the city in order to fulfill her dream as the owner of a coffee shop that displays local artists.  Unfortunately her coffee shop went under and she was forced to live on the streets where she met up with a band of people who live in an abandon apartment building.  Though she lives with a group of rebels, she keeps her happy and cherry attitude.

Ideal Plot:  Modern

Shirongbi Otowashi ~ The Researcher

Name: Shirongbi Otowashi
Age: 27
Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Human
Eye: Green eyes. 
Hair: Pink . 
Height: 5’ 6” in height.  Athletic Build. 
Extra Features: Tattoo of the sun on her upper right thigh a brand that links her to the Society and all its official members.

Archetype: A half hearted villain (She respects and honors her position, but this does not mean she won’t have the means to question her teachings.)

Background: Shirongbi Otowashi, takes her job seriously, her home is the lab where she works.  She was introduced to the AOTTW society at the young age of ten, when recognized for her ingenious perception of numbers and symbols.  She was later trained as a military officer.  At the age of 16 she was signed up to partake in a risky procedure that fused increments of her DNA with hundreds of samples taken from other species.  From what she knows, the experiment was a failure.  She was promoted at the age of 25 into the position of Head of research and Development, where she was branded with the Seal of the sun to represent her caste as a person with power.

Ideal Plot:

Futuristic/fantasy Plot: 

Sample: Taking down a major facility that has a high world power.

AOTTW is an organization that is located underground, it’s the housing facility of one of the largest population of multi-species intelligent Life forms (Elves, vampires, Humans, the works).  They have the largest laboratory and testing facility in the world, most of their experiments are top secret and unreachable.  One of the leading scientist and the Head of Research and Development is Shirongbi Otowashi (description below).  She knows the ins and out to the whole AOTTW systems, including access to high priority research. 

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