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As few things to note before you read any further:

  • Please don't respond to this thread.  If any idea catches your interest, shoot me a PM and we can discuss the details.
  • I am pretty picky at the moment.  I already have a number of stories I am committed to at the moment and am not exactly seeking.  Admittedly, if anyone wants to write of my ideas, I'll be more than willing to hear them out; this is why I have put them up.  Still, this thread is more of a repository for a few ideas that I've had rattling around for a while so I don't forget them.

On me as a writer:

It's taken years for me to elucidate my own thoughts on me as a writer.  It's half the reason why I don't have a definitive ONs/OFFs page even after over six years of being at Elliquiy.  This is for prospective writers to save them a bit of time.

  • I am pretty busy in real life and so I write on a schedule.  My current schedule is under construction - anyone who writes with me, please be patient.  The most consistent time recently has been Saturday morning from 8 am to noon EST.  I can and do write outside of these times, but chances are if I didn't respond to your thread during those times, you may have to wait until the next stated time for when I have an opportunity to sit down and write.
  • It's a weird quirk of mine, but I generally only do one thread with one writer at a time.  I rarely will do two threads simultaneously with the same writer.  Normally I've found breaking this rule kills my muse.  It's really no one's fault; it's just the way I am.
  • I am a slow writer.  I try and keep a list and order to spread out my writing to all those I agreed to write it equally, but it doesn't always happen.  My muse is a fickle thing.  If I am struggling, I will try and let you know.  Normally, you should give me five to seven days before sending me a PM to ask what is the status of a story.
  • I absolutely adore PMs with content, especially brainstorming PMs.  While I may only write at set times, I do check for PMs, plot twists, and ideas frequently.  It's not even a problem when someone I am writing with sends me multiples at a time.  To me, brainstorming and plotting out he story via PMs before we actually sit down and write it is half the fun.  Normally, I try and get back to you within the day if possible.  I spent a great deal of time in PM more than I do on the forums; I actually find it very helpful for inspiring my muse.  So PM me lots!   ;D

Onto the Ideas (What Everyone Wants...)

Darkstalkers - I absolutely adore this universe and its characters.  In particular, I'm looking someone these possible plot seeds...

My Sister, My Keeper [Fxf] - From the established canon, we know that Morrigan Aensland beat her other half, Lilith Aensland, and obtained the Aensland throne and also became the ruler of the Makai world.  This would take place in a AU setting where it was Lilith who had won and not Morrigan and is the current ruler of Makai.  Details to be discussed but I would like some of these elements in the story:
  • Breast Envy - Lilith's jealousy of her other half's more developed form.  I would enjoy a lot of focused attention on Lilith's verbal degradation of Morrigan's bigger breasts, coupled with slaps, titty twisters, and other breast abuse and humiliation.
  • D/s themes - A cruel, sadistic Lilith as the Domme, a defiant Morrigan as the sub.
  • Futa! - Option for giving Morrigan a gigantic 18-inch, uncircumcised horsecock along with her sweet, sweet pussy exists.  If so, I would like to include the themes of uetheral penetration, auto-fellatio, and other mindfuckery madness that only a pair of succubi can cause.
  • Inventive torments/humiliations - Perfectly willing to be a little wild/out there with these because of the nature of succubi and the fact that Darkstalkers was always a little crazy when it came to such things.  Especially if there is a way to incorporate the Darkstalkers motifs in-story in a believable way (e.g. Lilth's Special - The Gloomy Puppet Show where she has someone perform on a stage before grading them and punishing them, but do it in a sexualized way)

You Will Kneel, Moppet [Mxf] - A similar idea in some respects, except I would prefer if Morrigan is conquered by Demitri or Jedah and is forced to be an unwilling mate/wife for the new ruler of the Makai realm in an attempt to consolidate their rule.  Themes I want to include:
  • D/s themes - Demitri or Jedah in the driver's seat.  Morrigan being their captured flesh puppet.
  • A twisted coronation/marriage ceremony - Where Demitri/Jedah are crowned and Morrigan is subsequently humiliated.  (e.g.  Morrigan dressed in a virginal, white wedding dress with obvious sexualized tones - short skirt, topless corset, monoglove and gag.  She is forced to say vows before the Makai realm then abased as the finale of the wedding ceremony.)
  • Chastity belt/orgasm denial torture - Where Morrigan as a succubus has obvious needs and is prevented from obtaining them in a way to break her down and gain her submission.
  • Pregnancy and child-bearing - Turning Morrigan into a dutiful wife.  Demitri/Jedah casting spells to ensure her hyper-fertility and then making her beg them to bear their offspring.

League of Legends - I only found out about this recently and am really quite taken by the lore.  Here is a plot seed or two...

For Demacia! [Mxf] - Looking for someone to write a Garen Crownguard to my Katarina Du Counteau.  This one is really quite generic at the moment and I don't have a particular theme.  I'm simply interested in seeing how they would interact.

Who Wants a Piece of the Champ? [Mxf+] - An obvious shoutout to all Jax fans!  I'm hoping to find a writer to write the mysterious Grandmaster-at-Arms and his adventures paired with and against the various lovely ladies of the League.  The most obvious candidates are Fiora, Sivir, and Evelynn because of their already established relations to Jax.  However, I'm quite open to writing other female champions so don't be afraid to ask!  Below are a few things I want:
  • High Councilor Reginald Ashram - Already a well-accepted theory before the whole "OMG, they redid Jax's splash art to include Aatrox in the flames!", I would like to explore this canon more.  Namely, that Jax is actually Reginald Ashram in disguise.  I think this canon works quite well as it explains three major points of Jax's lore: 1) why he has become the undefeated champion in the League when he was only an "unremarkable solider-for-hire" before entering the League, 2) why his Judgment is the quickest in League history and why he has no recorded Observations or Reflection, and 3) the disapperance of Reginald Ashram followed by the League sanctions under the leadership of the new High Councilor Heyward Relivash when Jax went on his mind-boggling win streak.
  • Amazing Fight Sequences - I am also hoping this would be approximately half of the thread with both myself and my partner, being able to write numerous other champions for Jax to confront and defeat.  These fight scenes would range from 1-on-1 encounters to Jax simply being a wrecking ball and taking on an enemy team by himself (Can you say PENTAKILL?)  Obviously, these fight sequences would include numerous references to the actual gameplay and abilities of the champions to help create the League of Legends atmosphere.  In particular, I think a fight with Jax versus Wukong or a Jax versus a group consisting of Garen, Xin Zhao, and Jarvan IV could be really fun to write.
  • Love'em and Leave'em - On the more steamy side of things, the other half of the thread would be focusing on how Jax is the ultimate pimp daddy with all the League ladies swooning over his manliness.  No one is safe! *insert evil, maniacal laughter*  (Yes, we are making Jax a Gary Stu...)  I imagine with some, Jax will romance them by being their protector and savior in the actual matches so they fall for him afterwards.  For others, I see them as "rivals" of Jax, those who want to beat him for one reason or another.  And failing to do so, he will then master them in the bedroom after besting them on the battlefield.  Regardless, all female champions, whether willing or unwilling initially, end up lusting after Jax because he is just *that* good in the sack.  Hopefully, this will allow us to use female champions both in one-shot scenes and also as reoccuring characters, depending on where our interests lie.

Beneath the Mistletoe [F+xf] - I am looking for a Luxanna Crownguard and a Fiora Laurent, written by the same author.  The idea is that Luxanna enlists the help of Fiora [With her Headmistress skin, please!  ;D ;D] to capture Katarina Du Counteau.  The goal?  By Christmas, to turn her into a submissive wife as a surprise gift to Garen Crownguard.  Themes included in this little beauty here are:
  • D/s themes: A bat-shit insane Lux as a Domme.  I want the yandere-style, I-love-my-big-brother crazy Lux! That's what she kidnaps Katarina.  And at the same time, hates her and is jealous that Katarina has Garen's attention/affections and not her.  And a cool, collected Fiora who is every inch a Mistress.  Firm, but not cruel. (Yes, this is a crackfic.)
  • Bimbofication of Katarina - Essentially, her Christmas skin with its pole stripper dance.  Blonde, big breasted.  So, I would like the hair-dying from red to blonde.  Breast enlargement procedures.  And strict training from Headmistress Fiora to teach her her new dance.  Even giving her a Valley-girl accent and attitude.
  • Pet play - piddlefours style bondage for Katarina during her training.  Based off her Kitty Cat skin though obviously more restrictive in its bondage.  Especially would like a focus on the anal/tail plug play.  Enemas may or may not be included.

Drow - Because face it.  I love the drow.  You love the drow.  Everyone's a closet drow-lover!

Mind Your Betters [Fxf] - I would love to play in Menzoberranzan between two original characters.  The story premise would either be the eldest daughter overthrowing the matron mother and deciding to keep her around as an object lesson OR one House defeating another and the Matron Mother capturing the rival House's second daughter and deciding to make an example of her.  Themes included in this one:
  • D/s themes (A pattern perhaps?  :-) ) - Either the eldest daughter as a Domme and the former Matron Mother as the sub OR the Matron Mother as the Domme and a rival Second Daughter as the sub.  This is also a rare game where I would also be open to either being the Domme or the sub for the game.
  • Cunninglingus/analingus - worship of the female bottom half!  Lots of kissing and licking in this one.
  • Forced Monster Sex - the submissive drow is forced to service all the "lesser" races.  From drow males, to bugbears, to orcs, to goblins, to even kobolds.  She is the lowest of the low.  I would love to see forced oral with this one (e.g. where she is bound somewhere with an O-ring gag and made open for public use to all the unwashed slave workers.)
  • Loss of Identity - Where the submissive drow is forced to undergo a polymorph that turns her into a beautiful, ridiculously buxom surface elf and is brainwashed into forgetting who she formerly was.

A Time of Trouble  [???xf] - My drow character gets thrown into an alternate dimension ala Twilight Zone.  There, during the Time of Trouble, the male segment of the Drow population rebelled and took over.  Since then, they have set up a rigid caste system where all female drows are slaves, but here is the twist.  From childhood until they reach adulthood, all female drow are taught of their superiority to males and other things of the olden drow culture.  Just so the males have more fun abusing and breaking them.  My character will simply be a time traveler displaced and will either suffer the same fate as all the other female drow or will actually start a revolution!  I'm looking for a GM on this one who is comfortable during story and multiple NPCs.  A few themes I would like to see:
  • Michael Manning Transception World - Drow females are used for everything.  Sexualized maids in the house.  Ponygirls for transport.  Constant female slave traffic, which has become the primary business of the drow even their primary export to other races.  Drow women are valued both for their looks and their high libido and longevity.
  • Bondage - lots and lots of bondage.  Not necessarily of my character.  At least not right away. ;)  But have it permeate every facet of the culture of the alternate universe.
  • Actions and Consequences - Ideally I would enjoy some system-lite where there are rewards and penalties to every action my character takes.  And some random factor towards success and failure.  Somewhat like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book.

X-Men - Another well-established canon I enjoy writing in.  In fact, my first attempt using canon characters on E involved the combination of a goth-styled Rogue ala X-Men Evolutions and Emma Frost ala headmistress of Generation X.  {Read It Here!}  In particular, I absolutely adore writing as Emma Frost.

Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice [Mxf/Fxf] - If you ended up reading the link I provided above, I wouldn't mind revisiting this concept.  Essentially, I'll play as Emma Frost, CEO of Frost International, the headmistress of Xavier's School for the Gifted, and the former or current Hellfire Club member, the White Queen.  What I am looking for is someone to play as the dominant male or female that conquers Emma and slowly turns her into his/her personal toy.  I prefer canon characters, but will also accept well-crafted OCs.  Below is the singular theme I really want to explore:
  • D/s themes - The usual par for the course for me.  Your character as the sadistic dominant and Emma Frost as the conquered sub.
  • Loss of Control - I want this particular theme to play out slowly.  Initially, Emma is introduced as a dominant and wields a great deal of power over your character - whether you are an employee at Frost International, a student at Xavier's School for the Gifted, or something else.  During this part of the story, I will play Emma as a frosty bitch who you don't want to cross to the tilt.  Over time, your character slowly begins to chip away at her grasp on her power base and undermines her.  We will need to discuss some semi-plausible way your character can work around/subdue her telepathic powers.  Initially, this will start with small, innocent actions - like defiant attitude towards her or a failure to obey her direct orders - and then progressively escalate to larger and larger items - forcefully seducing her, abducting her and placing her in strict bondage, locking her in a chastity belt, taking control of her all financial assets, having her resign as CEO of Frost International, quit as the headmistress, lose her status as the White Queen and her Hellfire Club membership, and finally turning her into a cuckquean trophy wife who only takes it up the ass.  Eventually, Emma's final fate will be a weak, teary-eyed submissive, wrapped up in layers of severe and strict bondage - e.g. severe corsets and monosleeves with fuck-me, thigh-high heels and locked in a chastity belt - scurrying around in a rigged game of trying to please your character and failing as a lowly servant of some sort.  I see her demeaning and abasing herself in all sorts of delicious ways to try and earn an orgasm while your character cruelly denies her again and again.  If your character is male, I would like for the story to end with him getting Emma to agree/beg/plead to be turned into a breeding bitch before he then forcefully impregnates her with his child.  If your character is female, we will need to come up with something cruelly inventive poor Emma.

The Avengers - a recent inspiration thanks in no small part to both Avengers and the Winter Solider.  Natasha Romanoff is someone I would simply adore to try and write with!

It's Always the Quiet Ones... [Fxf, Fxmxf]  -  I am stealing a very rough inspiration from Iron Man 2 where Natasha Romanoff is sent to infiltrate Stark Industries, aiming to get a position as Tony Stark's PA - possibly sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to steal designs of the Iron Man suit.  However, she can only secure her position as Pepper Pots' secretary - a position that Natasha considers good enough for her mission.   But in a twist, it's not Tony that Natasha needs to watch out for - the real power behind the throne is none other than the lovely Ms.  Pepper Potts who is a deliciously cruel Domme behind closed doors and knows all about Miss Romanoff's intentions...
  • Office Scenes and Intrigue - I want to play out sequences where Natasha has to pretend to be a flirtatious sex kitten as her cover identity - something which she struggles with at times [see her spar with Happy Hogan in Iron Man 2].  From there, she is doing her best to hack into Stark Industries' central database, flirting with Tony to get into his good graces, trying to undermine Pepper's position and replace her, avoiding the advances of Happy, and most of all - trying not to get caught red-handed doing it all.  Expect heavy foreplay and steamy office scenes!
  • Dominant Pepper - I love the concept that one who really wears the pants at Stark Industries is Pepper.  So the whole time Natasha is trying to get in good with Tony and being snotty to Pepper - she's actually misread the situation and Tony can never act on Miss Romanoff's flirtations because Pepper has him secretly locked in chastity.  Then, Pepper will slowly play a mind game with Natasha, knowing she can't afford to blow her cover, Ms. Potts will start to push Natasha's limits.  For example, criticizing Natasha's wardrobe and picking out new outfits for her to wear from now on at Stark Industries.  Calling her in for work that wasn't done to Ms. Potts' level of satisfaction and requesting Miss Romanoff place her hands on Pepper's desk and bend over for a spanking  >:)  Eventually, Pepper will have Natasha also blackmailed and trapped in her role as Pepper's personal secretary - where everyone knows the only way an "incompetent slut" like her can keep her job is because of the great cunninglingus she gives her boss.  So Natasha is forced to shamefully report to S.H.I.E.L.D. week after week she is still hasn't made any progress of her mission through a cell phone before Pepper hangs up the phone and openly gloats while idly tapping her riding crop against Natasha's bare ass, who is suspended in some extreme bondage, her muscles quivering from the strain and knowing soon Ms. Potts will be using that twelve-inch strap-on to break in her ass.  Oh, and as a final indignity,  Ms. Potts orders Natasha to start accepting Happy's advances and letting him be the "man" in their relationship - having her throw fights versus him, stroke his ego and his cock via handjobs during office hours, and give thank-you-blowjobs for having him train her in the gym after work.  However, Natasha won't be allowed to fuck him because her pussy will be locked away in chastity belt, much like Tony's poor cock...

Pokemon - Yet another well-established canon I would enjoy writing in.  In particular, I want to write as the sexy and engimatic Cynthia/Shirona, the female Champion of the Sinnoh region.  Below I have included two storylines with a different emphasis though I am also open to merging them into one...

Pokemon: Champions' Edition [Mxf/Fxf] - In this one, your character and Cynthia are on the same side.  Initially, they will start as friendly allies with a flirtatious element and then progress into lovers over time.  A few themes I want in this one:
  • Pokemon Battles! - I want the epic six-on-six battles, full of strategy and also fun storylines.  To make this semi-plausible/realistic, all the battles will occur in a prestigious tournament that will either be canon or completely made up by us.  In fact, I expect this to be approximately half of the thread - with either myself or you writing a variety of other characters (gym leaders, Elite Four, random opponents we dream up) for both your character and Cynthia to fight and win against.  Please note that sometimes, we will play to the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokemon types and other times, we will straight up ignore them with the use of Plot!Armor.  This is especially true in regards to an iconic Pokemon like Cynthia's Garchomp.
  • Romance! - I plan on Cynthia as an older MILF with a healthy, sexual appetite.  She will be confident, flirtatious, and not above coming onto your character.  You may either have the choice of playing a more innocent, shy character who Cynthia will end up seducing or an equally strong, sexually aware champion that welcomes and encourages her advances.  Please plan to include well-known themes like her modeling her black or white swimsuits and asking for an opinion.

I Want to Break the Very Best [Mxf/Fxf] - In this one, your character and Cynthia will develop an antagonistic relationship, with your character being an aspiring upstart and Cynthia being an established, world-renown champion.  And for some reason that we'll need to discuss, you want to bring her down and humiliate her.  Fun, exciting themes in this story include:
  • Epic Battle - Like the above plot, I want to write out the epic six-on-six battle that will lead to Cynthia's defeat.  Let's really put our heads together and brainstorm up something entertaining to read and write!
  • Objectification - I want Cynthia to be treated like a newly captured Pokemon.  So upon her defeat, when she wakes up, she is trapped in a Pokemon-themed gimpsuit, complete with heavy bondage.  The type of Pokemon is negotiable.  From there, your character will use her as a Pokemon in his/her lineup, keep her trapped in a luggage case shaped like a giant Pokeball when she isn't in use, oversee her 'training and development'.  I'm imagining a slow breast growth/expansion theme where your character uses some special gel he/she received to stimulate nerve growth in Cynthia's breasts, applied with a very thorough, erotic massage every evening.  In addition, there will be some 'relationship-building' Master/pet themes, and Pokemon battles where he will reward or punish her afterwards based upon her performance.
  • Breeding - I fully expect Cynthia to be thoroughly bred both by your character and with various Pokemon.  With your character, these sessions are 'taming' sessions where the Pokemon owner is attempting to forcibly increase his/her Pokemon's affection (i.e making Cynthia addicted to shameful pleasure he/she is forcing upon her.  Expect ahegao and mindbreaking forced orgasms themes.)  With the other Pokemon, it is used as a way to humiliate and demean her.  Bonus points if her former Pokemon are turned against her and bred with her!  To make sure she is always in the mood and ready to go, powerful aphrodisiacs will be applied, both as rubbing gels and also pills that are crushed or mixed into her food and drink and force-fed to her.  Expect a lot of wild resistance, tears, and begging for your character to stop doing this as another spoonful is sadistically shoveled into her trapped, open mouth.

That's all for now!  I will add more as inspiration strikes!  And once again, remember to PM and not respond to this!  Thanks!!!   ;D ;D ;D

I saw pale kings and princes too // Pale warriors, death-pale were they all;
They cried—“La Belle Dame sans Merci hath thee in thrall!”  -- John Keats, 1884 

Writing Drabbles - Sampler Platter
Plot Ideas -  Darkstalkers, League of Legends, Drow, X-Men, Avengers, Pokemon!!!
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Update Bump! 10/15/13 - Added to League of Legends - "Who Wants A Piece of the Champ" and brand-new X-Men, Pokemon plot seeds!

I saw pale kings and princes too // Pale warriors, death-pale were they all;
They cried—“La Belle Dame sans Merci hath thee in thrall!”  -- John Keats, 1884 

Writing Drabbles - Sampler Platter
Plot Ideas -  Darkstalkers, League of Legends, Drow, X-Men, Avengers, Pokemon!!!
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Update Bump! 04/19/2014 - Added brand new Avengers plot seed - "It's Always the Quiet Ones..."

I saw pale kings and princes too // Pale warriors, death-pale were they all;
They cried—“La Belle Dame sans Merci hath thee in thrall!”  -- John Keats, 1884 

Writing Drabbles - Sampler Platter
Plot Ideas -  Darkstalkers, League of Legends, Drow, X-Men, Avengers, Pokemon!!!
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esclavage's Posting Corner
  • I will use this post as a maker for my posting order; recently, I have felt that this might help me and any other people who plan to write with me know what I am currently writing or not writing.  Hopefully,  I will edit this post frequently to reflect the new order of what my muse is doing...
  • All the current people I write with are straight-up amazing, super-reasonable people who are willing to put up with months of a lack fo a reply - this is mainly for myself to hopefully help my own consistency with writing on E.

Current Threads:
  • Doomtown [Group Game] - Because this is a group game, I will always prioritize posting to this first.  This is because my commitment is to a larger body of writers instead of simply one.  However, so I don't burn myself out like I normally do in groups games - I only ever plan to be in a maximum of two scenes at any given point in time.
  • Do Bounty Hunters Dream of Electric Whips? [with consortium11] - Massive doesn't even begin to describe my posting load for this.  I guess if I'd put a theme on it - I'd say a sci-fi, drama, soap opera with a heavy focus on bondage and humiliation...
  • T.H.O.N.G. Issues: Superheroines in Peril [with NileGoddess] - A fun thread that never fails to get my muse inspired when I begin to write for it.  Stories of drama, bondage, and bumbling superheroines!  Exactly what it says on the tin and a great guilty pleasure of mine.
  • Faraday's Cage [with Ciosa] - A thread which developed fast with Ciosa.  I'll be as interested as any potential readers in seeing where this goes!

Current PM Planning:
  • This section is for all those who I have been busily PM planning with, but haven't started an official thread on E with.  You are not forgotten and I hope to have enough time to explore all said ideas I've been brainstorming with you!
    Cerulean Dreams

Current Posting Order aka "What Everyone Really Cares About!":

Status Meaning:
    WRITING - What it says on the tin
    EDITING - Post is done, awaiting other writer's approval and final edits
    PLANNING - My partner's turn to write OR some back-and-forth PM planning for the next sequence
    1.  Doomtown - PLANNING
    2.  Faraday's Cage - WRITING
    3.  Do Bounty Hunters Dream of Electric Whips? - PLANNING
    4.  T.H.O.N.G. Issues: Superheroines in Peril - PLANNING

I saw pale kings and princes too // Pale warriors, death-pale were they all;
They cried—“La Belle Dame sans Merci hath thee in thrall!”  -- John Keats, 1884 

Writing Drabbles - Sampler Platter
Plot Ideas -  Darkstalkers, League of Legends, Drow, X-Men, Avengers, Pokemon!!!
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