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Author Topic: Looking for long term fantasy plots! M for F characters.  (Read 9194 times)

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Looking for long term fantasy plots! M for F characters.
« on: January 25, 2013, 08:31:47 PM »
Current status: Looking for 1-3 roleplays.

Good day! This is obviously a request thread for new roleplays/roleplay ideas. As a player, I tend to focus on fantasy RP’s, though I do not solely do fantasy. I do tend to prefer stories that are set on a more imaginative side, so fantasy be it generic or something unique and with a slightly different spin, modern day RP’s where the supernatural lurks in the dark, to science fiction that might involve anything from the neon lights and shady underbelly of cyberpunk, to the lofty ideas and hopes of space opera. I also tend to prefer things a bit more ‘light’, as I prefer stories be more of an upbeat, positive feeling though even in something more light, I do expect maturity and shades of gray within!

As far as my personal details and RP goes, i’ve been writing for quite some time and I enjoy doing such. I like talking to partners, working out stories and ideas to go with them, and doing my best to make the story as engaging as I can for my partner! With summer over and my nephew back in school, it leaves me both more free time and inspiration for RP, and I can usually post once every other day as a good reference. Obviously, I might be late a day or two... But I can also reply far sooner and far more often than even I can anticipate. I do try to give warnings or notices as to when i’ll be unavailable however, and I know real life can occur for everyone.

Below are a few of my ideas, not really organized in any preference of want or desire. I do suggest looking at my ons and offs, as well as past post history to see what you can expect of me. Should you be interested in any of these ideas, or if you think we might be compatible with one another and would like to brain storm an RP, i’m all ears! Do send me a PM!

Mutual harem play
So I know lots of people here like harems and such - as do I of course, but the opportunity to play with one is rather rare as obviously playing so many people for 1 partner is often a thankless or more detailed task. I have something of a solution for that - though it requires two roleplays. I would happily play a harem of characters for an interested partner... Provided they are willing to do the same for me, and are open to discussion on what the characters and plot are. Maybe it's one of the below stories, somewhat modified? Or it could be something completely new and different - i'm pretty open to ideas on this front, and would be happy to work out two fun roleplays where we both satisfy each other's desires!

Vampire Hunters
So a recent show I watched helped to inspire this plot. Maybe you can guess what it was! but in short, the world is slowly turning to darkness, roads and the wilds become infested with dark creatures and horrible nightmares - and the few institutes of power humanity has are either unwilling to help or unable to. It falls on a somewhat experienced monster hunter and whatever soul they can help to aid them. The hunter can be either the male or female character - with the other character acting as perhaps an agent of the church, a rogue magician, maybe even one of these creatures of darkness seeking to stop the world from being overrun. Vampires and similar creatures of the night would factor heavily into the story, and I do love the idea of a romance forming between the two characters of course. A good amount of action would be included as well, given the nature of the RP and the professions of the characters!

Beauty and beast styled RP
The picture above is what inspired the RP, though the beast itself would more than likely look more wolflike/werewolfish than boarlike – As I find a wolf would be better than a boar. The plot itself would be a cursed man with the shape of a beast who would be a warrior of some sort – A general of a small country. Rumors say that he was once a common soldier who became a knight... Only to rebel against a corrupt noble who was killing his own people. With the nobles dying breath, he cursed the knight to take the shape of a beast, and to be alone. Others say that a demon cursed a man who desired power and prestige, and even more state that he is just a demon himself – Whatever the case, he is a warrior of repute, and despite his monstrous visage is in control of a small kingdom that does seem quite loyal to its reclusive master. As of late, he has begun to wage war against another small kingdom, and has been winning. The king of the other land had become desperate, seeking to appease the monstrous general at any cost... Offers of riches, land if he stopped, and trade did nothing to appeal the wolf... Though one day, the king did get a letter saying that the war would end – If the warlord was to be given the princess/the daughter of the king as a wife and lover.

The princess herself is young (18-21 or thereabouts), and younger than the prince who would be rightful heir. Snubbed and doomed to more than liekly be wed off for political reasons as it is, she would be carted off in a carriage, dressed rather scantily as per the wolf-lords orders to await an uncertain fate as she arrived.

Her arrival would begin the start of the RP, of course. I am seeking for something that might start out with a more aggressive beast and a somewhat demure princess – Though not a complete ingenue. As she discovers a softer side to the rough beast, she would soon find herself as a budding queen, with a strong being who seeks to claim more land and become a true king himself. Perhaps she would be interested in helping conquer her old country, seeking more power and to get back at a family who only used her as a bargaining chip? And of course, the people would need a loving and beautiful face, a populace who would think she has tamed the beast when its the other way around...

Asian styled fantasy
Wuxia, martial arts, bamboo forests and hot springs. These are some of my favorite things! As are shitty rhymes. SO, thanks to Blade and Soul and other recent games or things i’ve dealt with, i’ve been wanting some asian fantasy! Assassins seeking revenge for their killed master, swords-women traveling, saving a beautiful maiden from danger. Martial artists seeking to master their spiritual inner strength. All of this sounds awesome! And i’d love to do something with it. The idea is kinda loose, but in general, give me something a little out of the box, or we can brainstorm something up together!

Wicked Angels! fuxf
Sci fi RP! Something different! Riffing faintly off of Dirty pair, I like the idea of two mercenary ladies up against the world! Perhaps they are just mercenaries, or a duo of space pirates. Either way, destruction and mayhem tends to follow this pair of women as they travel across the galaxy in search of bounties, glory, and fun. Whether it’s busting up a gang of slavers and criminals, or trying to enjoy their free time on a resort planet, this RP would provide plenty of opportunity for off the cuff fun!

Playing a futa
So this has been an interest of mine for a while, playing a futa character and all opposite a female character. It could work with any of the plots below or we could brainstorm something new - maybe a princess being guarded by a lady knight that none suspect to have well, something different? A torrid love affair, perhaps?

Fate/series style plot
Playing fate/grand order has really rekindled my desire for a fate/ style RP, whether it be a grail war where one plays master and one plays servant, or something more akin to Grand Order where a mage and servant must deal with various tangles and obstructions in time, I think it could be a lot of fun! I'd prefer to play an original master or servant though I am hardly against using a canon servanteither, depending. Given that so many characters from history have become servants there's a wealth of them to draw from, of course!

Magical Academy RP
This is another fantasy RP – I like the idea of playing what amounts to collegiate level magical students in an academy. Two students working together to help one another advance their own magical studies, or perhaps one summons something they shouldn’t have and obviously they need to rely on their friend to help them keep the situation from getting out of hand? The big idea is that in this academy, the best and brightest young magical minds are there to further their advancement in magical studies, which might also mean things such as adventuring for lost knowledge or artifacts and to increase ones skill, or perhaps to simply go out and gather rare reagants for alchemy and potions. It’s something that can be toyed around with quite a bit on how the RP goes and what could be included, but the general idea is something a bit slice-of-lifeish with the chance to really make the RP unique as we come up with fun ideas for it.

Call of the forest
It had been years, but he remembered the event well. A young noble, he had been injured and lost in the forest while hunting and would have died in it. That is, if not for the witch who dwelt in the forest and who saved him, returning to him to his family despite mages in the land being shunned and scorned. It had been years since then and the young boy had become a knight, proud and skilled, valiant and fearless. Returning to his family’s home, he’s surprised to see a curious letter for him. Upon reading it, he realizes that it’s from the witch who once saved him, and now she needs his aid. Something foul stirs within the forest, and she cannot fight it alone, she needs help – and calls upon the debt the knight owes her. Obligated to aid how he can, he puts his family name at risk to aid someone mistrusted... Yet, it is not the witch who summoned him, but her daughter. The threat is still true, and she needs his help. Can they fend off whatever grows within the forest? Be it dragon, demon, or some other darker power?

This is an established/canon setting, the same from the RPG. I’m looking for a freeform RP of it following a pair of outcaste/lost egg dragon blooded. I love the idea of them being separate from the major powers of the realm, and being a pair of wanderers. Perhaps they’re a pair of tomb hunters and raiders, seeking out lost artifact and items from the first age. Perhaps they even work as thieves, maybe they seek to steal from the guild and make a small fortune for themselves? Maybe they were once rivals in a war, but found one another and decided to travel together. Or perhaps, there’s some other plot we can work out. I’m thinking they wouldn’t deal with the overall power games of the world, though the thought of them eventually seeking to build a small nation of their own could be interesting. Of course this idea can be done with Solars as well if you like! Or even a solar/lunar pairing (I could play either), but this is just an idea I thought of for dragon blooded initially, and is something that I think could be quite fun.

Sky pirates
Piracy is something i’ve always enjoyed, and I have always thought the idea of airship based pirates could be rather fun! So this takes place in a fantasy sort of setting – not exactly steampunk but there may be similar things. In short? It’s a world separated by the sky , whether it be from some calamity, the world being more akin to a collection of floating islands and continents, or one reason or the other, our characters are freebooters of the sky. We owe no allegiance to any nation or navy, and seek to survive. Perhaps we’re bitter allies who have had to ally with one another, perhaps one hides a secret! (One may be a displaced noble or princess, perhaps one is the child of a legendary pirate lord?), maybe they both seek a lost treasure... And worry when the other will backstab them? A lot of potentially fun opportunity, so i’d be happy to discuss a plot for it!

In a city led by a cruel leader, brutality and iron fisted enforcement is the norm against the citizens. Growing unrest has caused a rebellion to bud and ferment beneath society. Through hard work and subterforge, an agent of this rebellion has been hired as a bodyguard for the rulers daughter, and the agent has been sent to take the womans life. However, within her he finds a kindred spirit, a hatred of her father, a desire for something more, and change beyond that. When the leader of the rebellion is rounded up and executed in a mock trial, it leaves the agent and the rebellion at a distinct and poignant edge. Does he go through with his plan? Or, perhaps he can take up leadership of this rebellion, the daughter of the man taking up arms against her father?

Mecha/sci fi RP
A more sci fi/somewhat animeish idea, I love the idea of playing characters in a military squadron of Mecha. Is it a war being fought by earth and alien or interstellar colony invaders? Or vice versa with non-earth colonies seeking out their independence? Are they loyal soldiers fighting for a cause, mercenaries out for the highest contract... Or perhaps even rivals who have devleoped a deadly infatuation for one another? I think there area lot of different ways to go with it, as long as there’s high octane military/sci fi action and mecha of some sort!

A samaritan's aid
In a fantasy setting, non humans are second class citizens in the land. Relegated to simple workers and labor, they are seen as lesser by most and below the law. Not all think that way of course - but perhaps it is far too common. I would like to have the RP revolve around a relationship that might be seen as 'wrong' in such a society, and I like the idea of it happening simply by one helping the other. Perhaps it is an elf or half elf who helps a human, or perhaps a human protects the same from being the victim of a crime? One way or the other, they get close to one another, and must deal with both their affection and those who see it as wrong!

Supernatural, modern RP
Hi there! Some recent thoughts have left me interested in trying this again, something a bit different. I do like the idea of a modern RP with a more supernatural bent, though I would like to avoid some of the ordinary hum-drum of covens, masquerades, etc. Not to say they can’t be in, but I would like to make something a bit more unique! Two young mages who discover one another and decide to work together to make a name for themselves, perhaps acting as liaisons for various supernatural beings to help them deal with modern life. Perhaps a detective or a journalist who finds their most recent assignment leading to a world they would have never thought possible? A priest discovering good and evil exist, though perhaps not in the way he thought they would? Obviously this is a bit more open ended though i’ve laid out a few potential ideas to go with it. In general, I just like the idea of the supernatural and the modern world not just clashing, but perhaps even meshing well despite the differences.

Bounty Hunter and Witch
In this fantasy RP i’d be looking for someone to play the part of a Witch who has been accused of unlawful magic, killing others with her powers, or even consorting with demons. My character would be a bounty hunter hired and tasked with hunting her down to bring her back to proper authorities. When they meet however, theres far more tension between the two than anticipated – and during a game of cat and mouse, more questions are asked than answered. Was the witch framed? Are there darker powers at work seeking to influence the government and keep her on a leash... or dead? Or perhaps she did do what they claimed, yet the hunter can’t stop thinking about and desiring her? Do they work together and go on the run? Does she use her own charms and passions to convince him to abandon his duty? Are there greater threats to face or do they only barely trust one another as they seek to figure out the others game? I figure this is an RP that could go a lot of directions, though I do like something that would be darkly passionate!

Sci fi RP
Naturally, I say most of my RP ideas are fantasy and the first one I list is a sci fi RP. So, I have a few general ideas for this. I’ve always liked some sci fi stuff, though I tend to go for less ‘hard’ sci fi, while still keeping some physics and important things. One idea is focusing on the people – perhaps some sort of mega corp in a cyberpunk setting, playing disenfranchised workers or people rebelling against the system. Some sort of runners, the security who might deal with infiltration and espionage, or even just bystanders getting caught up in something more. A cyberpunk setting is rife with opportunity, and I wouldn’t want to squander it!

Another idea is something more sci-fi focused, involving more interplanetary/galactic drama. Perhaps the crew of a spaceship that salvages wreckage? Maybe soldiers fighting in a war of survival against an alien aggressor, or maybe even fighting for independence and freedom from tyrannical forces? Whether it’s foot soldiers, dog fighting in zero gravity, or something involving power armor or mecha, I always do like a fun war story and what might happen off the battlefield!

The last thing is settings, I am open to a few established settings. Star wars, Mass Effect, Warhammer 40k – i’d be interested in potential stories with all of these!

Red riding hood?
Okay, after this one I promise the cheesy takes on fairy tales will end! (Maybe!)

So again, image with an idea. This one won’t be as involved, but I always do like lovely girls lost in the woods. Whether she’s a noble on a trip, a merchant, just some lovely woman from a nearby village, she’s found herself lost in the woods at either day time or night time. There are rumors of dangerous beasts in the woods, from bears, to wolves, to... Other things. Another wanderer finds her, a ranger/hunter who offers to take her back to village before nightfall. Why before the night? What sort of secrets does the man know? And... What if they don’t make it back before dark?

Arranged marriage/culture clash RP
So this is another idea taking place in a fantasy setting. The premise is somewhat similar to the idea below with a young noble who was raised by birth as one or whose family was elevated to nobility. I liked the idea of him being wed to someone of a different race/culture (IE: Elven, another kingdom, etc), that would obviously have different culture and mores than his. Perhaps he was trained as a knight and in his culture, women aren't necessarily weak but are meant to keep out of fighting. She's far more independent, strong willed, perhaps even magically inclined? Whatever the differences there would be adaptations on both sides, and since this is a bit of an RP idea with a lot of possibility i'd like to settle the specifics with a potential partner so as to make things interesting and dynamic!

Maid/Master RP
This is another fantasy setting, I had thought about the idea of playing a young noble who had either been raised as one by birth, or elevated to nobility after service in a war or due to his family’s status as merchant. The young (around 25 or so), Noble has a good heart and a sense of humility which would make him favored around the city and among its people... But not so much in the court of intrigue and politics. Having to deal with constantly learning the best way to deal with other noble and get what he wants, he’s a bit surprised by the new maid/servant his family has employed! Both lovely and kind, she just so happens to also have a keen mind for politics and helping him deal with the varied social situations of nobility. It’s something of an unlikely and even taboo relationship (Nobles are obviously suppose to wed other nobles), but I liked the idea of them having to keep their relationship hidden!

The forests and its dangers
This is another fantasy RP, dealing with lycanthropy and a werewolf. The setting is a kingdom – large and influential, though the woods of the land are of course filled with danger. Be it beasts and monsters, or even just brigands and thieves. A noblewoman or perhaps other woman of some sort is traveling through the forest – or even lives in one of the towns that live so close to these dangerous woods. One day she is attacked, and rescued by a savior. Rangers and woodsmen are not unusual in these lands, but one who lives in the woods is seen as very rare, and very strange. He comes to the town, trades skins and other things from the forest for what goods he needs, and is rarely seen. But he strikes up a friendship of sorts with the woman – perhaps finding himself in her graces often, or escorting her through the woods. An attraction develops, but what happens when not all monsters in the woods are easily seen as beasts? And what happens when inner animals can’t be controlled?

Not all riches are gold
This would be a fantasy or steampunk centered RP. I’d be playing a thief – a man who grew up on the streets and had to live & survive on his own for years. He’s gained a reputation, not the best thief in the world... But a man who will readily take a challenge, always seems to come out on top, or barely makes it through by the skin of his teeth. One night – taking the request or just challenge of robbing a nobles house in the middle of the night, he walks in on the scene of an assassination attempt against either the noblewoman, or perhaps the nobles elder daughter. Taking a stupid risk, he helps fight them off and impresses the noble enough to not have them take him away or arrest him... And instead, requests his services to figure out whats going on – who wants them dead, and why? With a rather passionate relationship ensuing...

Catgirl RP! Variety in tones and setting
Good evening everyone! Tonight I am looking for a roleplay that is not my usual, given what kind of character i’m looking for someone to play with mine. In short, i’m looking for a fantasy, sci fi, or steampunk RP where I play a bounty hunter alongside a rival hunter, thief, or maybe even his target... Or perhaps someone who gets caught in the crossfire and has to go under his protection. The catch is she’s not human, being either a catgirl or a more humanoid cat-anthro/furry. I don’t normally go for furries, but I did find a few images that piqued my interest and that I would love to play alongside. I’m not sure if i’ll get any hits! But for now, I am kind of posting what ideas I have for it, and may as well see if I can get any hits or interest. Worst that happens is that this thread slowly fades off the front page, and I continue my RP’s with other partners!

I’d suggest all partners read my O&O’s to see what I like/dislike, maybe skim my post history to see how I rp, and then of course PM me if you wanna! But for now, i’ll post what ideas I have for the settings I listed. They’ll be somewhat similar, but each will have a few variances given the time period! I welcome all genders to RP with me, provided you are willing to play a female character!

The idea for the fantasy RP is the basic, skeletal one. Here, my character would be a general bounty hunter, from a sprawling city, to maybe the seven (or more!) seas, on contract to hunt down someone. A bit aggressive in his hunting, he’s still skilled and driven – and doesn’t go after the innocent or anything that would leave a trail of corpses (Unless he needs to fight through thugs and monsters of course). Here, I think it would be kind of fun to have him be either paired up with a rival hunter who he would have an initial love/hate relationship with, maybe a thief who’s related to the person he wants, or even the target herself. Be it just a criminal mastermind in a city, a pirate seeking to make her fortune, or even just an old acquaintance of his that he  meets after years. I do love story and action with hot smut, so expect there to be fighting, bloodshed (No sexual gore or murder of PC’s!), bickering, and angry sex in some amount!

For steampunk, I would say its similar to above, but instead of swords and magic there would be gunpowder, engines, airships, and still probably magic! Again, theres the idea of his partner being someone he dislikes, but I also like the idea of a noblewoman or some other type who needs protection and hires him. It could even be an exploratory RP where she needs his aid in uncovering some ancient treasure or relic, one that might be pursued hotly by rivals, criminals, militaries and mad cultists! A bit of a pulpy feel, as I am open to negotiations. Should she be a noble I do not expect her to be a damsel in distress (though such can be fun once or twice), as I would think it fun for her to at least be a crack shot with a pistol.

Sci fi! Will trade out magic and oil for fusion drives, powered armor, and gauss rifles. (or maybe even laser swords!) here, I like the idea of a mercenary hunting down a space pirate or marauder and again having to work with a rival, or being in a station and quickly having to rescue some sort of business woman from the crossfire. Of course, ‘rescue’ might me ‘Get on my ship before this station explodes!’ Of course, given a sudden change in life style, I also like the idea of him training her in self defense, creating his own partner in crime from anything from a business woman, a waitress, a noble, to gods knows what!

Now as I said, there were images I had in mind for this from anthro to not. Well! I do! (not work safe!), and while most there are kind of catgirl more than anthro, there are a few there that show off the kind of anthro/furry I want. (IE: more human than cat. No muzzle/maw/etc, but with fur perhaps). While I don’t mind you playing a catgirl, I do want something just a tad more than ears+tail, ya know? Something a bit bestial! You also do not HAVE to play an image from this, this is just an example of what i’m looking for, though it would be ace if you saw one there you liked or have one of your own!

Thank you for reading this! Hope to hear some interested replies!

Bounty Hunter and the Princess. Science fiction/fantasy, cheesecake
This RP is a science fiction/fantasy mashup. Meaning that in addition to the potentials for space travel, futuristic technology, and all the other sci fi trappings there is also magic, swordplay, sorcery – etc. The plot is an intergalactic bounty hunter has been chasing his target for some time – months to maybe even a year! Finally tracking him down to a specific planet, the hunter intends to land, only for his systems to go haywire during landfall. He survives the sudden crash, but his ship does not. Escaping the wreckage with a few bruises and scrapes, he sees the investigation group armed with archaic weaponry and one armed with modern, futuristic weaponry. On the run and trying to hide, he sneaks his way into the first city he finds – and comes across a land conquered or being conquered by the pirate he hunts. The pirate apparently also crash landed, and while his ship is being repaired he has taken over the country and seeks to expand as some sort of ‘god king’ given his technology.

Of course, the people of the world have a power of their own. Sorcery is seen as nothing more than a fable, and yet these people seem to defy the very laws of physics! The hunter soon finds himself involved with one of these mages, be it a scholar, a rebel against the new king, or perhaps the exiled princess of the kingdom herself, on the run. Magic can be ‘charged’ by many ways, but the easiest and most direct way to charge it is physical intimacy between partners – so while the magician is strong, she needs a helping hand to keep her full potential. Will they manage to deal with the pirate before his ship is repaired? Do they sneak aboard his ship and confront him there? Do they find another way to escape the planet and save her people?

This would be a very sexual or sensual RP with lots of science fiction and fantasy elements. I will have no qualms in saying this would have a lot of smut, as well as some romance. Even then, there would be character development in addition to the smut, and lots of action, intrigue, and adventure. They would eventually get off the planet, and enter the science fiction stage at large. This is science fantasy in a similar vein like star wars, except with magic instead of the force! This is an RP that I think would be very fun as well.

A Monster Girl. Fantasy!
This RP is not as detailed as the others, but as of late I have been interested in an RP with a ‘Monster girl’. Lamias, and most things from Kenkou Cross’s Monster Girl Encyclopedia. The idea of a human falling in love with something both human and not is greatly fascinating! And I would love to explore it more. I had in mind the idea of a mercenary perhaps hired to hunt down some terrible beast in a lair, be it cave, temple, or some dungeon – only to head there and see that his ‘target’ is not a complete beast, and is something so much more. The idea of hem learning about one another, him traveling with her to keep her safe, falling in love with her, et all is quite fun. The profiles would not have to be used, but they do also provide an interesting springboard, do they not?

So, I have a few specific ideas for various monster girl RP’s! None of them will be incredibly long, but they are good starting points.

A traveling scholar needs a bodyguard, or comes under attack from bandits and brigands on the road. He is rescued by a monster girl – anything from a Wyrm, a Lamia, or even a catfolk/animal person – who decides to travel with him.

Or the reverse, a warrior/sellsword rescuing a monster girl from those who would enslave or sell her. Maybe a Holstaurus/cowgirl, or any number of ones who may not be as aggressive? Together they travel, and he finds himself tutoring the woman to fight for herself?

Or perhaps a mercenary is given a Kitsune or other ‘docile’ monster girl as a slave/servant as a reward from a task he has done. The monster girl could be subservient, or could require ‘breaking in’ should one wish to.

A demon unbound
This is another fantasy RP, perhaps the more light hearted of the ones currently up. A brave, bold, and strong willed warrior ventures into an old mages tower in search of artifacts of power or at least things to sell – and accidentally unleashes a being of power, perhaps a demoness or a djin/elemental of some sort. This woman is feisty, free, and... bound to him. Not totally subservient, but yet she is unable to leave him, to both of their irritations. Perhaps there is a magic item somewhere that can sever the ties that bind, or maybe they don't quite want to be unbound. Hell is no place for a demon who isn't totally evil, which this demon is not. Mischevious, aggravated, perhaps even hot tempered and haughty, but she is not evil. She prefers the world of man, and perhaps she just needs a man to help settle her into it. And of course, another ally in adventuring never hurts, especially one who is capable of feats many are not! Again another RP with romance in it, and various complications that can be thrown in easily.

The second idea I have for an RP with a demon is again, a fantasy setting. Instead of a warrior it is a young priest in a temple who reads a tome or grimoire of magic that contains a bound demon, who is freed and suddenly finds herself bound to the priest. With her being unable to be detected by others, she decides to follow the priest and both tries to make his life more difficult, but also engage him on a more personal level. Is she trying to corrupt him? Or is she trying to challenge the priests views on ‘evil’ and demons? Perhaps the succubus herself isn’t even evil, but she views the task of seducing men as a necessity for existence. I do like the idea of them falling for eachother, reaching a mutual viewpoint! But the specifics are up for discussion.

Fire emblem based RP
So I've been playing fire emblem awakening for the 3ds (Great game!) and I love how the game works in romance and camaraderie among the motley crew protecting its kingdom. I had the idea of basing an RP off of the game series, possibly involving a noble (Or mercenary) who must take arms to defend his kingdom, and fighting alongside allies, experience love with a certain comrade that develops into a deep relationship! Action, travel, adventure, combat, all of these things and more would be in the game as they try to survive a kingdom and possibly continent ending plot!

Tribal based RP
This idea is a bit barebones at the moment, but I did think an RP involving a tribal woman could be fun, a clash of idealogies between her and someone more 'civilized', though still something like an explorer. This would be a fantasy RP, involving an explorer getting lost at sea and waking up in a strange land, more than likely a jungle. There, a woman finds him and helps him recover - an (exotic) native woman. Cooperation, trust, survival, action, steamy romance - all of the fun fixings, and i'd be happ to discuss this further with someone interested.

The dancer and the guard, fantasy
This is a fantasy RP centering around an exotic dancer of sorts, a woman who could be anything from a bellydancer, to some sort of mage or spirit caller who uses sensuous dancing to channel, calm, or speak with spirits as well as put on a performance. My character would be a warrior or mercenary who would be her body guard of some sort, be it them already knowing one another, or perhaps him saving her from trouble and then gaining her trust. Romance would be a big part of this, as would sensuality on the womans part. She would dance, often in revealing outfits to do her performances, and naturally this would interest many men. He would keep her safe, give his opinions on her dancing or new performances, and various other things. Perhaps she eventually catches the eye of an avaricious nobleman, who seeks to claim her as a concubine or slave. Maybe she is an elf, traveling through human lands... or a combination of both! Or any other ideas you think might be interesting for this.

Exiled swordsman x assassin
This shall be a bit of an unorthodox RP! Well, unorthodox for me. It’s very faintly based off of something else, but no one would ever really guess what it’s partly based off of so that doesn’t really matter. The idea is in a fantasy setting, an empire had went to war against a more peaceful nation and sought to conquer it. The invading empire was known for its brutality, callousness and disregard for the land it took, and the other kingdom known for its spirituality, sense of balance, and beauty. The male character is a warrior from the invading lands, one who had been heavily wounded in an ambush on his unit. Surprisingly he was taken in by a priestess and healer from the country he was invading, and healed slowly over time. They surprisingly fell in love, and got wed when the war ended and ceasefire was declared, the invading nation having taken part of the other countries lands, but not all of it. This could be a story in and of itself, but the plot continues! Some time after the marriage, she was murdered – assassinated. With the people of the land still blaming his kingdom, the blame was put upon him for her murder. Knowing he was innocent he decided to flee rather than face an angry mob. For years he’s traveled both lands, no longer feeling at home where he was raised, and now an exile in these lands. A wandering swordsman, he’s found some ply in traveling from town to town, killing beasts or solving problems with his blade. An uneasy peace continues, yet as a string of murders from town leaders, to military personnel, and perhaps even rulers begin... he receives a message. Someone knows who killed his wife, and why. The person writing the letter wishes to meet in secret, where they’d explain everything. The balance of two lands is at stake, and they’re the only two who can save both.

A rebellious princess
This would be another fantasy RP of course. I had the idea of a lovely, young, 'sexy' princess being kidnapped by bandits, enslaved, etc - but finds a way to break free of her captors before meeting a solitary mercenary. Being tired of a quiet, sequestered life waiting for some knight in shining armor to wed her, she has a different idea... To travel with this wandering swordsman and learn from his tutelage on how to fight with a sword, and to be his apprentice. I was thinking this would be something of a slightly sword & sorcery, cheesy & cheesecake filled RP. You name the cliches from possible chain mail bikinis, orcs and monsters to fight, high adventure, sexy outfits, etc etc - its there. The princess would be gorgeous, sexy, and know it - but stills smart, capable, and everything that an adventurer needs. Perhaps her father fears her new tutor/lover might be a bandit who kidnapped her, sending knights and placing a bounty for his head.

My character in this game would be something of an death knight. He would have used dark, unholy magics and sorcerous might at some point, having been risen from near death as a warrior of destruction and death... Only, something has happened that makes him want to repent. Perhaps he was forced into servitude, part of him seeking to break free and regain his humanity. Perhaps he hit a breaking point, having done or seen something horrific that caused him to realize the actions he's been taking, and seeks to atone for his sins. Whatever the cause, he has broken the source of his bond to his destructive powers – A runic blade he was given as part of his oath. Traveling alone and marked by death itself, this knight now seeks to atone and regain his humanity. His partnered character could be many things. A priestess who has heard of this man and wants to see if he is honest. A literal ghost from the past, perhaps one of his past victims who has been tasked with helping him come to terms. Perhaps an angel or elemental of the earth, looking to help him be cleansed of corruption... Maybe even another knight like him, who has redeemed herself and is now aiding others. In any case, he has other problems. Traitors to oblivions cause are hunted down by both demons and undead horrors, and perhaps a spurned lover or comrade now seeks to kill the one who betrayed them. This would be somewhat darker in tone, looking at a character who has done evil actions that were not entirely in his control. Now seeking redemption, its a race against time to find salvation and forgiveness.

Rune Factory inspired RP
So! If anyone is familiar with the DS/3DS Rune Factory games, well... this is kind of based off of that! I like the idea of something set in a fantasy town or village with an emphasis not on adventure (though adventure will probably somehow get involved!) set around some of the occupants of this village. Farming, smithing, more mundane tasks, something that might seem a bit slice of lifeish but would have a story behind it all. The idea of playing someone like heir to a farm who has to balance farming with dealing with the towns unique people, or a young blacksmith opening a smithy and making a name for themselves in the village, or maybe a merchant who helps the various crafters in the city sell their goods could be fun - said person might be able to hold their own in combat as well, because sometimes you find yourself traveling in all sorts of strange places! This RP idea is more open of course, because i'd love to see what someone might be interested in for this RP and am more than happy to cook up something fun! Monster Girls for this RP would be particularly awesome, but i'm not picky.

At eachothers throats(fantasy)
So this RP might be a tad different! But in short, I like the idea of playing a pair of opposites in a fantasy setting. A paladin and a sorceress who were once rivals or enemies? Perhaps a warrior chasing after a thief who stole from him? Or a priest with a cultist or some warlock? It’s a bit of a simple plot but I love the idea of two people who dislike eachother who are obviously forced to work together, whether it’s initially to just survive some dark forest or dungeon, or perhaps to even uncover some greater threat. The thought of two people who can barely stand eachother having to deal with the sudden tension and being in a tumultuous relationship is always fun. This has a lot of opportunity of course, and is a little open ended but I like the idea of them having been enemies for some time, at least a year so theres some animosity. Obviously the nature of what they are can be discussed, but I was thinking fantasy.

4/12/17: Added the Magical Academy RP.
6/23/17: Added fairy tales idea.
11/1/18: Addded Vampire Hunters idea.
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Updated with a new idea.

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I've never done a one on one before... I often peruse, but I suppose I've never come across a story I was all that interested in... Suffice it to say I don't usually do this, but the dancer and the guard caught my eye. If you still seek a partner for it, please PM me.

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warrior and demon(ess) interests me!  PM me if you are still interested in that idea.

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Updated as of 2/4/14! Added a new idea, revamped some older ideas.

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Posted a new RP! Exiled swordsman x assassin! Check it out! Or don't, i'm not your boss! (You should check it out though!)

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Posted a new idea for warcraft roleplays.

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I will admit to being interested in being a monster girl who rescues a male character. More specifically, a Kami known as a Kitsune saving him in a field because he has a pure heart and then becoming curious about him. She leaves her field to continue a guard mission that others fled from because this mortal man's mission intrigues her.

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The intro has been revamped, as well as a new idea being posted! Still looking.

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