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Author Topic: F for M or F; FFXIV/WoW/Video Game worlds, and NC! Some vanilla ideas too... ^.~  (Read 1384 times)

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Offline Sweet Cherry PieTopic starter

Hello, all....  ;)

So... I've been away from E for a while, and I'm very sorry, but I've seen the light and I'm hoping to find someone to have some fun with. I have several ideas but I typically enjoy non-con, though this is not a requirement. A lot of these ideas are set in fantasy or video game worlds, but I'm also okay with full realism. Check my Ons/Offs for more information.

  • Final Fantasy XIV... - I have been craving this a lot lately. I'm a big video game nerd and have recently taken a liking to ERP based in this world. I've got several ideas, but it's always fun too just working within the confines of the races of the game and coming up with ideas.

    • Frustrated Tias - A deviant little hyur finds herself in a miqo'te tribe one evening, and the tias of the tribe take out their frustration at lack of mating by utilizing the girl's numerous talents...
    • I've never... - This is basically "The first time" in FFXIV setting. A curious hyur female alone in a bar, approached by a sexy, confident female who won't take no for answer..
    • Together Alone... - The idea behind this is basically two adventurers, my ingenue and perhaps your more experienced character are doing some kind of 'job' together, whether it's killing some kind of beast in the forests of the Shroud, or helping protect a caravan as it travels through the deserts of Thanalan, or even just hunting down a valuable mark together. Somehow the pair would end up alone, together and.. well, I'm sure we can use our imaginations. ^_~ This one also has the potential for long term or romance involved.
    • The Beast Within... - This would involve my character with one of the beast tribes in the game, probably the Amal'jaa since they're the most humanoid, but basically the idea is that my character is out wandering around in the wrong parts of the desert when she gets picked up by the wrong kind of Amal'jaa. They'd take her back to their camp and... that's where our imaginations come in. ;) 
    • More and more... - The possibilities in the FF world are endless. Want to do something with primals? Raubahn? Generally, I only play original characters, but if you would like to play an NPC from the game, let's work it out! ^^

  • World of Warcraft Universe - This isn't so much a pairing as much as it is a statement of my enjoyment for WoW based games and characters. ^^ I'm willing and eager to do any of the more humanoid races from WoW in some kind of pairing, be it two fighters out in the wilderness together, or whatever scenario we want to think of. Races I'd play as/play with - Dranei, Human, Night Elf, Blood Elf, Tauren, Troll, Orc. I haven't actually played this game in a long time, but, there's a lot to work with in the vast world. Some potential ideas:

    • Captured - A character (or characters) from one faction (YC) capture a character from another faction (MC) and use some rather controversial interrogation techniques to find out more about their enemy's location and bases. Unfortunately for them, my character might like the 'interrogation' a little too much. ^_~
    • Rising through the Ranks - MC is willing to do whatever it takes to get that promotion, even if it means sleeping with the higher-ups. Unfortunately for her, just one time won't be enough to keep YC satisfied, and she'll soon find herself spending more time on her knees and on her back than out in the field. ;)
  • Wildstar This is another potential video game world I'd be interested/willing to play in. I only played this game for a short time, but it was pretty fun, and could definitely be a great start to building a more futuristic/sci-fi game.

  • Skyrim Yet again, another game... anybody noticing a trend? Heh. I swear there's more to me than video games. But yes - Skyrim is a huge world we could play in, with any number of character and race combinations. (Helloooo Lydia. ;) ) Is MC being controlled by the Dark Brotherhood to do some other kinds of devious acts? Did someone owe the Thieves' Guild a tremendous sum and now they're out to collect, by whatever means necessary? Or perhaps MC has been hired by a local hero or jarl to be his personal 'housecarl' in more than just protecting him and carrying all his stuff. ;P PM me if you liked this game as much as I do and want to find a way to make it (more) sexy. ^_~

  • The first time - a bicurious girl seduced by lesbian.. This is an absolute favorite of mine, and it's one that only works with female characters. Two strangers at a gay bar on ladies night? Friend of a friend of a friend meet at a party? Perhaps there's liquor involved.. maybe a game of truth or dare... maybe there's not much clothing... Either way, my character is a shy, curious girl who can't keep her eyes off all the beautiful, feminine shapes around her. After a few too many drinks, maybe she'll finally let her curiosity get the best of her...

  • Schoolgirl/Teacher (Or Principal.. or Dean) - This is one of my favorite base ideas for games... There are many different ways we can go. A misbehaving student is called into the office for a reprimand... A student with poor grades comes in looking for some extra credit... A new student transfers to a school on the day of an exam; the teacher can't exactly test her, so he (and the students?) find ways to occupy her instead... A student is with another student (A pretty girl? A boy?) in the throes of passion (the locker rooms? The janitor's closet? The bathroom?) and they're caught and must face the consequences.. If you want to punish a naughty schoolgirl, send me a message.. ^o~

  • Anywhere but Work.. Maid/Employer - Again, there are many different routes we could go with the base. Perhaps my character is a new addition to the household and her employer wants to "break her in." Or, perhaps the maid has been working there for a while, but her clumsiness around a prized vase or other possession lands her in trouble and she must be reprimanded..

  • Let Me Go - Kidnapping/Abduction - Many different modes we can do in this one. PM me and we can set up some kind of backstory, but the idea is to have a character plucked up against her will and forced into whatever her abductor so desired...

  • Tentacle Monster! This is something completely new for me that I'm rather excited about. I *love* to look at tentacle porn, but have never actually roleplayed a character with one. I'm not really sure about the specifics of this idea, but it's very exciting right now and I'm very curious. I love the idea of something with the monster Ultros from FF - he's such a pervy monster! ^^

All this, and more. I'm looking for non-con above anything else; if you have an idea of your own, send me a message. If you want to force down a sexy, feisty blonde and make her beg for you, check my ons/offs, send me a message, and let's have some fun...
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Offline Sweet Cherry PieTopic starter

Re: F for M or F; Non-Con/Bondage, Realism, and FUN! ^o^
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2013, 03:32:27 PM »
Been a while so I will be bumping this...  :-*

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Re: F for M or F; Non-Con/Bondage, Final Fantasy, and FUN! ^o^
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2014, 11:02:31 PM »
It's been far too long, darlings. Time for a bump... ^_~

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How time flies... Bump!

Offline Sweet Cherry PieTopic starter

Re: F for M or F; Looking for Final Fantasy, Non-con, and fun! ^.~
« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2016, 09:14:25 PM »
Updated today with some new video game world ideas! ^.^ I swear there's more to me than just being a huge nerd... heh