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Started by Kimbersqk, January 20, 2013, 10:48:31 PM

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Life is an amazing mysterious thing. A person can do so many things with their life they are given. How we live each day is a gift. There are people who live to only 5 minutes of breaths or 101 years of breath or more. How many breaths have you taken? How have you lived your life?

Jan 18, 2013 Friday evening four people’s lives were taken away, cut short. One of them was 9 years, another was 7 and the youngest was 3. I knew this family. These two kids had attended the school I work at. The police are unsure of what happened and why this horrific accident occurred. Really, the answers don’t matter, do they? What matters is 3 children’s lives were cut short by a car colliding with several objects then a tree. The tree stopped them going further. The father/driver also died. There was nothing left to the Lexus that was driven.

At school on Tuesday, how will the school take it? How will the kids take it? The oldest was in third grade, the middle was in second grade and the youngest wasn’t in school yet. I work with the second grade classes closely. They may not understand how or why their friend is gone, but they will realize eventually their friend will not ever come back to class. I just hope somehow the children will be ok in due time.

Now, I ask again… How are you living your life? Are you taking every breath as you want to? Are you living your life the way you should and want to or are you just living it to survive in the world that goes round and round?

These children don’t have a future. They will not grow up to take all the tests to graduate high school. They will not get a diploma to show they worked hard and graduated college to show they got a BA or a BS to hang on their wall. They won’t have the chance to create a family or get a career job they loved. Their life was cut short. Their innocence was not taken. They were kids who had fun and played with their classmates and worked hard for all their grades they brought home.

I ask again, are you living your life the way you want? Are you living it to the extent and taking chances? I know I have some regrets, wish to go back and change. Yet, at the same time, I learn from the mistakes I have made and have become a stronger person for it. Right now, where I am, I have settled to focus more on work and making money than having fun and living life. Very soon, that will change.

I think about those kids whose lives were cut and look at myself where I just work and work more. I keep thinking, I’ll have time later. It will be ok, I can go some other time. I can hang out with whomever next time. Now is the time! You never know when life will be taken because of a sudden health issue or a car accident where the car is so mangled, nobody survives.

How are you going to live your life?
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I would first like to say my condolences for the family, the school, and of course you for dealing with the tragedy and pain. It's a terrible thing but sometimes it takes instances like these to make you value what you have; to shake you out of your regular daze of living to remind you to really experience things.

I have always found myself to be a very "in the moment" kind of person. While we all have regrets, I would like to believe I've not let them weigh me down from living the life I choose for myself. Ultimately, that's probably the greatest piece of joy I find, even when things aren't at their best. The fact that for better or worse, I chose my paths.

Like you though, I'm at a stage where I've sacrificed my "enjoyment" of things purely for the sake of making money, and keeping myself available to do so. It will pass for you and you'll be all the better for having that experience. When it does pass, you'll be reinvigorated to enjoy what you can, when you can, and however you desire.