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June 20, 2018, 04:29:31 PM

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Author Topic: Band (in the rain) practice. See an idea, or want to bring one? (M/M, M/O, M/T)  (Read 289 times)

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Offline band in the rainTopic starter

Hey everybody. Hi Doctor Nick!

Being more or less used to offsite roleplay, I'm going to have to ease into this forum setup. I don't have as much confidence as I'd like, and the medium is an aspect, if a small one.

Anyway, I'm not used to forming as full of concepts or stories before roleplaying. I will discuss with my partner what they want to do, who they feel like being, where, and other various things beforehand, but at most it's taken the night before. (I do come up with my own ideas as far as those variables go, but they are rather dependent on compatibility. I also occasionally get plotline ideas, but I'm more of a revisionist (not an overriding one) than a creator of stories, unfortunately.)

I probably can handle longer planning sessions, and much longer ones at some point, but I like things sort of loose to avoid issues of unstated expectation. I'm open to changes midstream and advice out of character. I have done both first and third person roleplay, personally preferring the former. I tend to take after my partner's writing style, where it doesn't go beyond my capability or sound awkward. When I start a session I generally do so with an establishing description of the location, sometimes mixed with dialogue or character description.

As far as wordiness or sentence counts I'm more worried about not being repetitive than I am putting out a lot of sentences. I'm more uncertain as to whether I get my feeling across than I am uncertain of my apparent literary capabilities. That being said, it's another area I try to meet people at least halfway on. I will match quick posts with quick posts and long wordy ones with what I can manage. I can't yet manage a post the size of an average page of a hardcover book though, so don't expect too much from me.

 I also would like to reserve the right to opt out if things just don't work. Preferably we could work on it or salvage things, but I really don't want a repeat experience of a time I couldn't deliver on someone's idea and they got angry at me, ruining even the lead-up. I'm personally a person that likes to drop things that will not produce any positive growth on either side.

Anyway, I'd love to chat, or discuss things here in this thread too. I understand how vague I can seem sometimes, and I'm perfectly willing to answer any questions.

A possibly important bit of information, aside from my preferences (which are quite informative and have a few character profiles I've put together(something I haven't historically kept doing but want to)), would be that if you are sexually inflexible, aka a "top" or "bottom" only in roleplay (if gay, I guess), we might not be very compatible. As much as I love the concept of receiving anal sex and giving oral, it's not fun if you can't switch the order ever, and it's certainly not fun when you can't combine them either way. If this is a story dynamic though, and involves development, that's another thing and potentially interesting.

Another bit, which I suppose bears mentioning is that I don't play "masculine" male characters. I play either gender-neutral or genderqueer males. The most I acknowledge gender rules is by breaking them or having a character feel a little conflict.

My attitude on the more individual fetishes (including ones on the BDSM spectrum) is that it should likely not be taken like a duty, more of a privilege of a deep relationship, and ideally has little effect on a character's life. I don't really do the whole master or slave thing, injury, denigration, or harmful mind-games. I just can't effectively put someone's experience before my feelings of empathy. If it's not something that I could like or deal with I'm not entirely comfortable with dishing it out.

Which if you're interested, these are BDSM specific nos:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Branding, Burning, Caging, Castration, Coersion / Blackmail, Death, Diapers, Enslavement, Vore, Age Play, Kidnapping, Mutilation, Non-Consensual Scenes, Breath Control, General Control. The one case where I will outright state that I do not understand being told how to do everything, who to talk to, what to look like, etc. Not guidelines OOC mind you, I'm talking people that enjoy this sexually, and in the actual scene. However I am okay with light bondage and light pain-based activities including candles.

I will not play (or play with) underage characters. 17 is my lower limit. I have had to play them for other people enough to hate doing so on many levels. I don't like figuring out curfew and all the other crap (transportation, logic, etc) just to roleplay sex with someone pretending to be immature or to do so myself. I don't like that sort of immaturity. It's also creepy in its own sense, to me at least.  I do however like some immaturity, though it's more comparable to cartoon characters than childishness.

-as I need to I will be updating this thread, expanding it, and filling out sections.-

EDIT: I updated this post and decided I should put up the themes that I've done before and can handle. I have not done fantasy themes, aside from a tiny bit of steampunk. I have mostly done realistic themed adult roleplay, generally with a romantic element to part of it. Things like dates, chance encounters, workplace stuff, and the odd tragic romance. As far as things I want to try, I would definitely like to try the same with more dynamic characters, as well as the following list - like the others in progress.

In these I'd generally accept either player, but all the first roles are ones I've been comfortable with before, except in the case of Common Interests where I played the male sibling. Feel free to use any of these that you like in your own sessions or threads.

Art-school collaboration: Two art college students collaborate on a project. Even better if we come up with more than just the "nude reference" trope to work with. (Kidding. I know there's better concepts to go with that one.)

Squatters: People either living in an abandoned building or out in the middle of nowhere, content with the quiet, their conversations, and their diversions. I see minimalists in their element, rather than the average criminal, junkie, or burnout. Low intimate light, minor inadequacies in heating that pull people closer, and maybe the odd philosophical rant would show up here.

Common interests: A story about how an already odd pair of (18+) siblings get an even stranger relationship with the eldest's boyfriend. She's the big sister, and he's her younger brother, who's taken to sharing most of what she owns. Old clothes, her music, and her shampoo are a whole other ball-game from sharing him, right? It's getting late to set boundaries from the sounds of it...

Bad Rhetoric: I did this one with a friend once, so I know it could be great with the right partner. Two siblings raised separately meet again after quite a long time, both developing similar tendencies despite how they seem. One has accepted himself and rejects religion, and the other rejects himself and listens to all the wrong people without thinking for himself. For simplicity, A and B. A wants to see his brother free, feeling that the bitter truth and risk of missteps and temptation are the only way to really grow. B immediately wants his brother to be less expressive, to change his sexuality, and essentially compromise entirely out of the discomfort with himself he inspires. This is a very story-based idea, having many arguments, conversations, locations, and themes. There was drug use last time, nearly forced group sex with B in a vulnerable moment with A's boyfriend, who my partner kind of swerved after they got together, and the obvious religious themes. Er... it's complicated and hard to describe here, and almost something I would write as a book despite the pathos.

Walk among us: A young man in real danger of being called a poseur or wannabe gets taken under the wing of an all too real vampire who seems to be humoring him far too much to just want to drain him. He gets his chance to run with one of the "children" of his city, perhaps eventually cutting his teeth on some thugs with his new friend if he gets far enough. If more people wanted to be involved as other initiates that could be pretty cool. Need a partner that can play a certain sort of jolly psychopath.

Figuring out some way to roleplay in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. eg. Shadow of Chernobyl universe/setting: As stated. Whether it's two friends, rivals, or even (secret, I guess) lovers, it would be interesting to delve into that lonely, eerie world with someone.

You could say I don't exactly lack variation through my own volition. I am just used to a single partner with a very simple style and predictable ideas. (I could have kept talking to people before they up and disappeared, and I could have looked sooner for more partners. Not their fault considering I hardly asked for more either...)
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Offline band in the rainTopic starter

I have updated the first post with a few plots and fixes to the general text. I would have put a little (updated--/--/--) thing if there was room in the title instead of posting this.