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Author Topic: Substantial and plot-driven, yes please!  (Read 258 times)

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Substantial and plot-driven, yes please!
« on: January 15, 2013, 10:49:21 PM »
Hey there! After a long time away, I've decided to try roleplaying again. Right now I'm mainly looking for a roleplay that focuses on the plot and character interactions more than any sexual activity. If the story takes us to the bedroom I can deal with it, but if you're looking for a sweaty romp with a story wrapped around it, move on and save us both the frustration. I post several paragraphs and keep my spelling and grammar pretty well in check. I would love it if you did the same. I'll play over pm, forum thread, or over email (or in-game if you pick a WoW-based game). If you'd like my contact info, give me a nudge! Plots are dependent on the characters involved, but I have quite a few of my own for you to pick from!

Craving: World of Warcraft. Show me a Wrath of the Lich King plot and I;ll be delighted. I absolutely love playing in hopeless, gritty settings, and the undead are a favorite of mine. My established characters are listed below, if this interests you at all.
I've also got a bug up my butt lately for a Harry Potter roleplay. Specifically, one set in either the first war with Voldemort or an alternate-reality where he actually won.
In case you didn't pick up on it, any darker fantasy setting is likely to win me over. Bring any plots you have to the table, I'll listen to anything you throw at me!

Warcraft Characters:
Herja; Blood-elf; Death knight.
Early in life, Norisel showed great faith in the Light and at one point hoped to become a priestess. The only child of a middle-class merchant family, her devotion and kind heart made her a favorite of the Quel'Thalas priests. As the Scourge crept closer, Norisel realized that the Light needed her to protect her home and family. She became a holy Paladin, rising swiftly through the ranks. Though skilled in battle, she wept for every life (and un-life) she took. Her faith never wavered. During the fall of the Sunwell, she was struck down and her body taken to Archerus. Death was not as promised. The Light did not take her. For all her piety and sacrifice, Norisel awoke with the impression of cold and crushing blackness. She served the Lich King, slowly gathering the fragmented memories of her life. Her talents at resurrection earned her the respect of the Valkyr and they soon called her "sister". Norisel took the name they offered, becoming Herja Grimnismaal. The living learned to fear her name. While slaughtering the townsfolk of New Avalon, Herja was suddenly aware of her own brutality. Though aware of her actions, she followed her orders and spent the next two days brooding. The light was a lie, she decided, but she could not embrace the will of the Lich King. When Darion Mograine left the comfort of the King, Herja followed numbly. In the years since, she has served the Horde without question, finding comfort in obedience. She has a fascination with her life, but avoids the priesthood and any religious figures. She can most often be found in Dalaran's rowdier bars, enjoying the company of soldiers who have never heard of the Paladin Norisel.

Ruthrice; Undead; Warlock
While alive, Ruthrice was a moderately gifted mage. She instructed many children in the basics of magic over her life before succumbing to the plague at age 25. She discovered after death that she was much more comfortable summoning lesser demons, and soon "befriended" several. Her favorite is an imp named Lazpep, who seems to find the idea of a walking corpse hilarious. Death has done nothing to quiet her sense of humor. Between her almost perfectly intact body and dry wit, most people find her likable (if a bit unsettling). She speaks multiple languages in varying degrees; Gutterspeak, Orcish, Common, Eredun, and Goblin the most fluently. She prefers to spend her time between Shattrath and Undercity, but Shattrath is her favorite because she enjoys speaking to living humans.

Jevaxr; Blood-elf; Death knight.
Though raised at the same time as Herja, Jevaxr had been dead for some time. She has no memory of her living life and doesn't seem to miss it. Gleefully violent, she is both respected and feared by those she fights alongside. Her childlike excitement and bubbly cheer make a strange counterpoint for Herja's stoicism. She views the other death knight as an older sister, albeit a stuffy and dull one. Her name was given to her when the Archerus necromancers asked her what she had been called. "Jevaxr" was their approximation of the noise she made while choking up grave dirt.

Makaeda; Blood-elf; Rogue
Makaeda is fairly young. She has yet to truly start her adventuring career and, quite bluntly, is happy that way. She was the youngest child of three, born to a prosperous family, but the war took it's toll on them. Addiction took hold of them all, and only by running away from home did Makaeda find the strength to stand it. Presumably, her parents and two brothers have become Wretched, but she hasn't spoken to them in a year. While most other girls would find the streets of Silvermoon dangerous and degrading, Makaeda revels in her new life. She took to lock-picking and petty theft with zeal, and looks forward to moving on to bigger cities. For now she can be found in Silvermoon's Murder Row, tucked away in the alcove she calls home, but she hopes to eventually make the pilgrimage to Outlands.

Dreki; Orc; Warrior
Once mocked by his brothers for his small size, Dreki has grown into a strong warrior. He is a fixture on the battlefields and just as often in pubs, where he can be found comparing kill-counts with his companions. Unlike many of his compatriots, Dreki is fascinated by magic and is trying (unsuccessfully) to become an enchanter. He is already a skilled scribe, and most of the scrolls and glyphs in his squadron he drew on his own. The orc's uncharacteristically open mind endears him to many Blood-elves, including a mage by the name of Vyndaelan. Dreki and Vyn spend most of their free time in Dalaran, trying to improve Dreki's abysmal enchanting abilities.

Vyndaelan; Blood-elf; Mage
Vyn (as he is known to his best friend, Dreki) is a petite young man, even by elf standards. More inclined to study than combat, he finds himself ostracized by every battalion he is forced to join. When assigned to Dreki's squadron, he assumed that there would be no change in his treatment but Dreki (a well-respected warrior) stepped to his defense. Vyn would be dead a hundred times over if not for Dreki's careful protection. The two share a love of the arcane (and fine elven wine) that the rest of the soldiers cannot understand. Vyndaelan has an older brother and a twin sister, both of which reside in Terrokar forest, near Shattrath.

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Re: Substantial and plot-driven, yes please!
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2013, 11:03:32 PM »
I absolutely love your WoW story lines! I'm an avid player myself and I have a few toons I'd love to have a great role play with. I'm mostly interested in Makaeda and Herja, my main right now is a Blood-elf Paladin named Weiryn. Would you ever be interested in a Horde/Alliance forbidden kind of scene, where we'd start trying to kill each other and then have to work together?