Female Looking: Beasts, Tentacles and Monsters!

Started by MishaLeeA, January 15, 2013, 09:39:12 AM

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<Changed the Entire Content! Cheers!>

As the title suggest: Beasts, tentacles and Monsters indeed! What eactly does this imply? It implies that I'm looking for players that, in general, love/get a kick out of playing creatures of any kind! Be they small, big, hostile, friendly, ugly, beautiful, poisonous or anything else! Bestial players in short! On that note, I gladly take requests for certain scenarios if my partner has something in mind, but will also come with some of my own ideas for those who don't find themselves in the inventive corner - My main objective with this advert is mainly to find players that enjoy Beasts and Monsters!

As such, I find it only appropiate to provide a "kink-list" of things that'd I'd personally by fond of seing within a roleplay, but they are not at all a neccesity.

King List Ahoy:


A special kind of kink that I've grown quite attached to. Vore at it's basic level involves someone being swallowed whole by someone, be it human or creature. In this case, it's obviously a creature of somekind. Snake scenes, or made-up creatures, as well as plants, are easily able to preform this kind of kink, with great erotic effect.


Egg-laying, breeding, call it what you will. Being pregnant with a creature, what-ever kind it may be, is another kink that is quite niché, but one I love with all my heard regardless. Whether gettings eggs pumped into the womb, or being conceived by normal means, the act of becoming the female mother of a creature is amazing!


A kink I haven't gotten to play around with all too much, but one I personally think work very well in conjuction with what I'm looking for: Beasts! Snake's being able to give that oh-so alluring stare, a female monster that is able to shoot out hypnotising pheremones, apendages somehow making a female lose control over will!


So much so that they were included in the title of the advert! Tentacles of any kind are better than no tentacles at all! Plant tentacles, I.E vines, or monster tentacles from a beast of thought of mind! Mhmm! Lots of fun can be had with this kink, and creating a creature with them isn't all too hard, either!


Transformation. Lovely. By magic means or more biological in nature, a character of mine being transformed partly, or fully, into whatever creature is advancing upon my female is of great interest! This can go well in hand with the tentacle kink.


I've always been a fan of "Game-Over" scenario's. They provide an interest side-story to the whole "what if" side of stories. What WOULD happen if the mighty heroin didn't manage to beat the nasty big dragon at the end? What would happen if the young amazon huntress failed in her very first hunt, with fatal following?


Primitive creatures! This doesn't neccesarily mean that said animal is dumb, rather than it thrives on it's very instinct. Raptor's are dominant and territorial, and act a lot upon their very instinct. I find great joy in players that are able to use creatures in a beliveable, primitive manner. Food --> Reproduction --> Sleep.


Again, I want to remind anyone interested: These kinks are NOT obligatory! I find great interest in them all, but my main goal here is to find people that enjoy the main-kink, Beasts, just as much as myself.

Whether the scenes we do together are long or short term is up to my partner. I've tried both, and don't mind either one.

I hope users here from Elliquiy find my post interesting, and I'm eager to hear from possible applicant's~

Should there be any questions regarding the advert, you can include it in a personal message, and I'll see about answering it as fast as I can!
Friends are a funny bunch.

If worst comes to worst, you can always eat them~


Updated the advert COMPLETELY!
-Thanks for taking an interest!
Friends are a funny bunch.

If worst comes to worst, you can always eat them~