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Author Topic: Tuku's Musings All genders welcome  (Read 629 times)

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Offline uncletukuTopic starter

Tuku's Musings All genders welcome
« on: January 13, 2013, 11:02:28 pm »
The Lord and his Owner
M/M M/F Anything in between

Extreme only  may include any or all topics covered in the extreme one on one rp forum with this one.

I am looking for my first role-play here on E! :D  This is an idea that I have tossed about for a long while but have never written down.

Ardent is a bored royal, during the day he goes about his business, taking care of what needs to be done and generally going through the motions. Most nights there is some social event to go to where he is forced to mingle and "enjoy" the company of his fellow royals. Even taking the slaves back to his bed chamber after has lost its luster to him.  There is one highlight though, a little happening every few nights that keeps him going.

After all have gone to bed or passed out and only the servants and slaves roam the halls cleaning up after their masters and mistresses, Ardent slips from his room quietly and out of the castle in what is essentially peasants garb.  Once away from the towers and walls of the castle he strolls into town and strait to the tavern where he buys 2 drinks and sets at the same table in the same corner. A large man then comes and sets at the table with him. They talk about everything and nothing for a bit and the big man leaves Ardent to himself.  In this particular Tavern the barmaids are prompt with their cleanup and refills so the cup is taken away swiftly but there is always a small slip of parchment under the large mans cup when he leaves. Ardent takes that parchment and reads it then quickly rips it into tiny pieces and drops each one over the candle to be burned. This is where the excitement starts for him. You see the parchment named a place and a person’s name, or the name that they wanted known at least. What Ardent normally did after this was go to the specified location and knock 3 times slow then 2 quick to be let in.  After that whoever was named on the parchment was his personal master or mistress for the night. He would do some of the darkest and depraved things just for the asking.

All of this started on Ardent's first time venturing into the lower city among the peasants. Being the bumbling royal that he was Ardent stumbled into the tavern and sat at a table in the back corner just as a young woman was walking up. She sat down and promptly told him that he could not be at this table and had to leave. He asked why and she was about to tell him off when a large man walked up and looked down. This man informed Ardent that he should move from his seat. Ardent looked up at the man and politely asked why this table was reserved. The man reached down and pulled him up. Ardent was startled and slinked over to another table before setting down but he watched them. They seemed to get into a heated discussion before the woman stood up and walked over to Ardent.

She introduced herself as Avrial and sat with him. She informed him of her trade in prostitution, said she had an eye for potential talent and that Ardent of all people had that potential. What followed was a long session of question and answer between Ardent and Avrial that ended with him smiling and happy with his arrangement.  He had told them that he did not need the gold pieces because he worked during the day on a farm and got by just fine there.  Now this was exciting, sold into prostitution on his first night out! Of course he only meant it to be a temporary thing, eventually he would part company with the large man and find something else to do but, he found that he liked it. Someone else was paying for him to service them. His adventurous and open-minded attitude got him a reputation as a deviant who would do almost anything and thus his clients where more and more depraved and dark in their requests of him. 

Three years this has been going on and here Ardent is again, setting at the same table and the same large man sets down.  This time though he is very brief and places his hand on the table looking directly into Ardent's eyes.  He asks Ardent if he is sure that he wants this. It is made perfectly clear that nothing, not even Ardent's father, the king can stop what will happen if he goes to this location and knocks slow three times and fast two. Ardent gives a nervous but happy smile and nods.

This is where our story begins.  You see Ardent had a falling out with his father and left the castle for good some time ago, the spies of the king had been looking for him but never found him as Ardent had come to work for the large man full time, even revealing his true identity to the man. After long though and more than a few close calls Ardent asked the large man if he could be sent away. The Large Man said yes and arranged for it but Ardent had one request. He wanted to be sold to a slaver, one specializing in sex slaves of the extreme type. 

This story ends with Ardent knocking three times slow and two fast on the door of a hut outside of town, his palms sweating and his hands shaking.

Ardent, the man himself...

Our story however begins. I am looking to start this role-play at the slave auction and you (my partner be it man woman or anything in between) purchasing me and taking me home.

What I am looking for in a partner is a sadist, but one who recognizes that Ardent enjoys pain and dark depraved acts and uses his/her slave for their mutual enjoyment.

I do not have an O/O yet but I’ll say my only real turn off is huge age gaps and vore... Beyond that feel free to have your way with me hehe.

On second thought, my favorite things...well Ardent's favorite things are
Pain (receiving)
Anal (receiving) He is omni sexual

This roleplay will go in the Extreme section to be sure so please keep that in mind. This is the level of dark and depraved that I am looking for.

I have always wanted to explore the things that I can't/won't do in real life and I think that E is a great place to do it.  Please reply in PM because I may add new ideas in new posts :D