Anime/Books/Mythology (Gender open)

Started by Arcanum, January 10, 2013, 04:22:54 AM

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A brief introduction of myself.
I'm V, though Arcanum is fine as well (As that's my SN).
Literate roleplayer. I average 4-5 paragraphs per post, though I can go up to 8-10.
I'd prefer email based over anything, though I'm fine with both forum and skype/msn.
I'm 25, female. Though I'm comfortable playing both male and female roles (actually tend to lead more toward male).
I don't write slash (m/m) though I'm open to trying f/f.

I'm looking to play in either Bleach [Anime]
Harry Potter [Book]
Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit [Book] or
Ancient Greek [Mythology]
My overall preference right now would be the first two

There is one Harry Potter based storyline I've really been itching to play out.
An arranged marriage.
I would be playing the male [ for bio].
I'm looking for someone to play the female.
A brief description is an older woman, about 5 years older than him.
Demanding, bossy, queen-like personality.
An entrepreneur that was forced into marriage with a young man she's never met.
Of course I'm open to more than just that.
I have a large variety of original characters I can use for anything you may be interested in as far as that genre goes.

For Ancient Greek
I'm actually looking for someone who'd be interested in writing Achilles before/during the Trojan war.

Other than that, I'm very open and flexible with ideas. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope to hear from you soon!