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Author Topic: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]  (Read 18069 times)

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #75 on: January 13, 2013, 02:56:08 PM »
Harme smiled at Robin before cupping her hand in her own. "You are a very nice person Robin. Please, do what you can. Even if it comes to nothing. I'm honored that you would try," she said before looking over to the Doctor. "Doctor, what are your thoughts?"

"I think..." the Doctor began as he glanced around the room. "That if an enemy wanted you dead that badly. Then they would have waited it out and dished some dirt on you, rather than risk failing to get through one of the strongest medical spacecraft's in the universe." The Doctor said before scratching his chin. "I mean... yes, trying to pawn your murder off on your allies is all well and good, but there's a flaw in that plan."

"A flaw?" Rogan asked curiously. "What do you mean Doctor? If it was believed that our allies were the ones to carry out the assassination then we would tear ourselves apart in civil war."

"And if someone told you that they were going to take away your house while you argued with your neighbor, would you keep arguing with your neighbor?" The Doctor asked. "And if your neighbor's house was being taken away too and you were the best of friends before the argument? Would you still do nothing for them?"

"No, there's something missing here. Something big. Something so massive that it's staring me in the face," the Doctor spoke rapidly and began to pace around the room as he struggled to put the pieces together. "Robin I want you to try and scan Harme's memories. Nothing too deep, just everything since she was committed to the hospital."

"Doctor?" Harme looked troubled as she watched the Doctor. Rogan shuffled uncomfortably on the spot. "Why do you want to do that? Are you sure that's the best idea?"

The Doctor stopped pacing and turned to her. He looked at Rogan and then at Harme before nodding. "The great detective Robin needs information. If we're to stop them from killing you then we need to know everything."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #76 on: January 13, 2013, 03:18:07 PM »
Robin looked back and forth between the Doctor and Harme when he suggested scanning the cat's memories. She had never done this sort of thing on purpose, and she wasn't quite sure she was capable. Gulping nervously, she looked back down at Harme, trying to smile reassuringly. It wasn't really clear if it worked or not.

"Um, okay, well," she said, her voice trembling a little, "I've never really... done this. So if I hurt you, tell me. I mean I don't think it should hurt but I don't know. And if there's anything you don't want me to see, try to hide it." She looked down at the dying woman for confirmation, and Harme searched her eyes before nodding. Robin breathed deeply, and then let her eyes flutter closed.

Withdrawing into her mind, she tried expanding the boundaries of her thoughts. Tentatively, slowly, she reached out and touched Harme's mind, and her thoughts were afraid but sure. It seemed that she really trusted the Doctor, and that was good. Robin thought so anyway. Then, she started searching for memories, and all at once a barrage of old happenings slammed into her thoughts.

She saw the Doctor, the dark woman, Harme, and the Face of Boe huddled together. The Face of Boe seemed to be dying, and everyone in the room had tears running down their cheeks. Robin thought she was crying as well, and hoped no one saw. Then she heard the Face speak to the Doctor, his booming, telepathic voice saying four words that seemed to be very, very important.

"You are not alone." Robin shivered as the memory shifted, knowing that that statement must have led to many adventures for the Doctor. But suddenly, she was in a hospital, and not the one she was currently inside. It was a tall building instead of a spaceship, white and gleaming and healthy. All of the nurses seemed to be the same species as Harme, and they were busily walking from patient to patient, checking their charts and administering medicines.

She could see Mistress Harme, young and beautiful, sitting beside a still-alive Face of Boe. She seemed to be taking care of him, and Robin smiled. The vision shifted again, and Robin looked with horror upon an army of sick people, with boils and sores and other diseases. They were walking around the hospital, touching the healthy people and killing them. She could hear the Doctor's voice saying that they had "all the diseases in the universe." The sight of them made Robin sick and sad at the same time.

Suddenly, she could see the Doctor, who was dumping a vat of something on himself and spreading the cures to all of the sick people. Robin had to smile at that. Of course he would risk his own safety to ensure the well-being of these unfortunate humans. Then it seemed she was withdrawing from Harme's mind, and she opened her eyes with a small gasp.

"Well, Doctor," she said, her voice shaking some. "I saw you, and Harme, and... Martha, I think? Anyway, you were with the Face of Boe and he was dying, and he said you are not alone. Then I went to the hospital, and I saw you curing all of those... sick clones. But does that have anything to do with now?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #77 on: January 13, 2013, 05:05:06 PM »
"I don't know," the Doctor replied before turning his head to Harme, who was now avoiding eye contact. "Robin has low level psychic powers. They're erratic, but quite effective, however she shouldn't be able to delve too deeply into anyone's mind. Not yet anyway." The Doctor crossed the room and returned to Harme's side and pulled out one of the white chairs next to her bed. "The only thing she should be able to view is what you've been thinking about quite recently.... Mistress Harme, why have you been thinking of your past so much?"

"I am dying Doctor. Can I not repent? Can I not mourn my mistakes and those who I could not save?" Harme asked, her voice filled with regret.

"That was a very long time ago Harme. You are not that person any more and their blood is not on your hands, you know it as well as I do," the Doctor spoke before leaning forwards on his elbows to stare deeper into her eyes. "What else do the enemy want Harme?"

"I can't tell you...I promised the Face of Boe that I would not let anyone know."

"Then let me figure it out and you won't break your promise," the Doctor spoke before closing his eyes. "You've been thinking of a promise you made to the Face of Boe. Something big enough to take to the grave. Something that must never fall into the wrong hands...but you've also been thinking about your past mistakes. The experiments with the flesh, artificial life infected by every disease in the universe..."

His golden eyes bore into hers. "You spent a long portion of your life living alone in the under city of New Earth with the face of Boe, protected from the super virus that had decimated the surface of the planet. You lived alone for all that time..." the Doctor stared at her hard, scratching her chin as he put the pieces together. "....and using your knowledge of tried to find a cure to the virus in case it still lurked on the surface or needed to be dealt with again."

Harme's eyes were brimming with tears. She wiped them away with the back of her hand as the Doctor came to his conclusion; "And in order to do it you found a way to replicate it. Your mind has knowledge of how to create every virus in the universe and then some. Your brain is a giant blue print of every biological weapon."

The Doctor reached out and placed his hand on top of her paw before smiling at her sympathetically. "You've written it all down haven't you?"

"All of it is in my memoirs. My sins were too great Doctor!" Harme cried, "Everyone believes that I am some saint who helped bring humanity back and still have the drive to bring help to those who need it, but I am not any of that. I am a person who has done so much wrong and strove to do right to make up for it. I need everyone to know that I am not a saint. Surely you understand that?"

Harme began to weep into her hands. The Doctor rubbed the back of her shoulders, shushing her softly as she sobbed her heart out. "I understand perfectly Harme. I understand more than you will ever know."
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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #78 on: January 13, 2013, 05:17:50 PM »
It was truly incredible to watch the Doctor work. The gears turning in his head were almost visible. He was a genius. Crazy, yes; ridiculous, yes; infuriating, yes, but a genius nonetheless. Robin wondered how long someone would have to travel the universe to gain the sort of knowledge and logical skill that he could pull out so easily.

Her head snapped up to look at him when he reached his conclusion, and her eyes widened in shock. Harme had thought of every conceivable cure, but had also thought of how to create every conceivable virus... The scale of this was too enormous to think of, and Robin stood up and paced the floor. If someone got hold of Harme's knowledge, they could not just take over the Earth, but the whole universe.

Suddenly, a strange thought entered her head. Her eyes searched everyone in the room, but the thought came from neither the Doctor, Harme, or Rogan. The image she saw was simply Harme's catlike face. It was the only thought in the person's head, and for some reason, Robin felt very nervous because of it.

"Doctor," she said softly, grabbing his arm. "I don't mean to interrupt, but I just saw something. Someone not in this room is focused on Mistress Harme's face. And I mean focused on it."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #79 on: January 13, 2013, 05:57:58 PM »
"It's genius when you think about it. They'll kill you in the disguise of a comrade, start a civil war on Earth and then they'll release every virus onto it's surface," the Doctor said with a grim shake of the head. "They'll insist the entire planet gets sterilized once every life on Earth has been extinguished. And then they'll carve up the Earth for profit. It's evil genius at it's finest."

When Robin alerted the Doctor he stood in alarm and reached into his pocket to pull out his sonic screwdriver....then he remembered that Rogan had taken his jacket and all his toys with it. "Uh oh..." he mumbled before looking frantically left and right, "Everyone remain on guard. They're beginning their plan!"

Rogan pulled out his gun once more while the Doctor began to march up and down the sides of the room, pressing his ear to the walls as he moved from one corner to the next. For a moment it seemed as if nothing would happen....until a red ball of energy suddenly appeared in the middle of the room.

"GET DOWN!" Rogan yelled before the ball of energy shot towards the bed, but before it could strike Harme down Rogan leaped into the line of fire and head butted the ball of power. A great bang echoing through the room as it exploded.

"Rogan!" Harme shrieked as the soldier lay in a pile on the ground with a head covered in fire. The Doctor ran to his side and grabbed the sides of the burning helmet, yelling out in pain as he flicked the clips that held it in place and tore it off.

"Are you all right Rogan?" The Doctor asked urgently as he looked down on the exposed head of the leader of the Claws.

It turned out that Rogan was also a cat person. Except he was obviously male and where as Harme looked as if she was related to some form of tabby cat, Rogan looked as if he was related to a leopard. Dark spots dotted his head and his fur gleamed a dangerous vibrant yellow. "I'm fine Doctor, but we need to get Harme out of here," he growled before getting to his feet.

"Excellent idea Rogan. Robin I need you to give me a hand getting Harme out of bed," the Doctor said to Robin as he got to his feet and rushed to Harme's side.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #80 on: January 13, 2013, 06:07:30 PM »
Robin yelled as the red ball appeared in the room, ducking down at Rogan's command. Looking at him in shock as he headbutted it, she ran to his side with the Doctor, concerned that he was hurt. When he seemed to be fine, she accompanied the Doctor to Harme's bedside. Slipping a hand under one of her arms, Robin tried to give her a reassuring smile, but she wasn't sure how well it worked with the scar across her face.

Suddenly, Robin felt a stabbing pain in her mind, as if someone had plunged a psychic knife directly into her thoughts. She cried out in pain and crumpled to the floor, unable to move. She knew someone would try to help her, but she knew these people were after Harme, not her.

"Go!" she shouted over the commotion, lying on the floor. "Just go, get her out of here! They don't want me!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #81 on: January 13, 2013, 07:47:02 PM »
The Doctor was about to speak and tell Robin to get up, but to his surprise Harme was the one to tell her first. "Don't you dare girl!" She snapped, before grabbing her by the shoulder and tugging. "I will not have the person who just help save my life be left to die! Get up!"

Rogan had bean tapping buttons on the tablet computer he had pulled out of the wall. His leopard head glared at the machine menacingly, a trickle of blood running from his forehead as he thumbed the buttons furiously. "Everyone gather in the center of the room. We will bounce in five seconds!" He roared at the others.

"Robin, do as Harme says. I'm going to need your help, we can't leave you behind!" The Doctor yelled at her whilst dragging Harme over to Rogan and handing the frail feline to him. "If we leave you then whoever is attacking will just send up another blast of energy and it will get you anyway. Don't be a hero!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #82 on: January 13, 2013, 07:53:15 PM »
Robin felt so weak, so tired... All she wanted to do was lie on the floor and take a nap. As Harme tugged at her, she groaned, pulling her arm away in irritation. There was no pain, only extreme exhaustion, as though she'd been running for hours... and hours... and hours... But then the Doctor was yelling at her as well, and her eyebrows furrowed.

The Doctor. He had saved her twice in the face of almost certain death. He had taken the Wire's electricity out of her and put it in his own head. If he could go through so much pain for her, then she could do it for him. As quickly as she could, she dragged herself across the room and grabbed hold of the Doctor an instant before the teleport launched.

The strange weightless sensation happened again, but then they were somewhere else. Robin didn't look around, she simply sat on the floor, a little dazed. Looking up at the Doctor, she tried to focus on his face. So handsome... she thought, giggling. Well, perhaps she had said it aloud. She didn't know. Suddenly, all of the weariness was gone, and she was back to feeling just as healthy as before. Shaking her head, she stood, going to the Doctor's side. She blushed furiously and hoped that she hadn't said that out loud. He would never let her hear the end of it.

"What did they do to me?" she asked in a soft voice. "And where are we?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #83 on: January 14, 2013, 07:18:47 AM »
"We're in the cafeteria, and it wasn't so much what they did to you as what you did to them," the Doctor spoke while rushing about the room they were in, tracing his finger tips along the walls. It seemed amazing that he could do so when they had just shifted through reality. His mind must have been more focused on the task at hand. "What you felt in that room was the psychic backlash from the incoming laser blast. The weapon was alive..." the Doctor's voice trailed off before he gazed at the ceilling and smiled a little. "A laser blast with conciousness, a suicide bomber, more effective than a heat seeking missile. We're up against some professional killers."

"What do we do now Doctor? Can we expect another attack?" Rogan asked as he helped place Harme on one of the many chairs scattered about the room they were in. Rows upon rows of white benches and tables stood before a large counter, filled with empty trays that would have contained piping hot food.

"We certainly can, but unfortunately the attack has already begun," the Doctor said before rushing to Robin's side and helping her to her feet. "Are you all right? The backlash from the dying weapon must have hit you quite hard."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #84 on: January 14, 2013, 08:02:21 AM »
The cafeteria. How strange. Robin had thought that in such an efficient hospital, there would be no need for a cafeteria. Maybe the family members needed somewhere to eat, or the staff. Shaking her head, she wondered why her thoughts were in such a jumble... Psychic backlash. Perhaps that was it. She hoped fervently that it didn't have too long-lasting effects, because she didn't like feeling so scatterbrained.

She walked to Harme's side and took her hand gently before answering the Doctor's questions. It just felt like she should know that Robin didn't blame her for anything. When the cat looked up at her, Robin smiled, and the cat returned the gesture. With a nod, Robin left to stand by the Doctor, hoping he would stay still for a few minutes.

"I'm fine," she said with another smile. "A little woozy and I can't really control my thoughts all that well, but I don't feel any pain or quite as strange as I did a few minutes ago. What can I do to help?" She tugged nervously on the little gold locket that hung around her neck, a habit she'd had since she could remember.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #85 on: January 14, 2013, 05:27:53 PM »
"What you can do to help is keep me updated with how you're feeling every few minutes," the Doctor said to her before patting her on the back. "You are incredibly important and very brilliant. I need you to keep me posted about anything and everything you're feeling. Even if it seems silly."

"Doctor," Rogan called from Harme's side, his wild eyes staring him down. "You said that the attack had already begun. What did you been by that?"

"It's simple really, take a look around you Rogan," the Doctor replied and gestured to the deserted room. "Look around you. Where are all the people Rogan?"

"Oh no..." Harme wheezed as she stared helplessly at the empty chairs. "He's right. These facilities are for the staff to relax and socialize. The cafeteria is never empty. Doctor, what's going on? What have they done with the staff?"

"I'm assuming that it doesn't stop at the staff Harme," the Doctor said with a frown before crossing the room and pressing his ear to one of the walls. "I think every single life on this ship has suddenly vanished. I think that we're the only ones who remain here."

"No!" Harme cried, covering her mouth with her hands before letting out a sickly cough. No doubt brought on by the stress of the situation. "I never wanted this to happen! Even if we failed our mission, I never wanted anyone to get hurt. What have they done to them Doctor?"

"I'm not sure, but I've got my best girl on the case," the Doctor spoke before returning to Robin's side and placing a hand on her shoulder. "Robin, I need you to stay as in tune with everything as possible. I'm not entirely sure what has happened here, but if anyone to can figure it out, then it's you."

He smiled at her before ruffling her hair a little. "You may not think you're a great detective, but I see a lot of potential in you Robin."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #86 on: January 14, 2013, 05:38:08 PM »
At the Doctor's request, Robin rolled her eyes. It seemed as though he was both putting her in the middle of this situation and trying to remove her from it. It was so hard to keep up with, the changes in his thought processes and his actions. He was like a child suffering from ADHD, the way he ran around and changed subjects and rambled on and on.

And Robin wouldn't have changed him one bit if she could.

When he mentioned the fact that every life in the hospital had vanished, she gasped along with Harme, her eyes widening in shock. It was true; everything seemed much too quiet the past few minutes. She guessed they were lucky that they were even alive, but all those poor people... All Robin could do was hope that they'd been transported somewhere and not killed.

When he ruffled her hair, she scowled at him.

"Again with the hair," She mumbled, batting his hand out of the way. Then, she sat down next to Harme and closed her eyes. Opening her mind again, she searched for anything, anything at all. Suddenly, she saw something. Something fleeting but she thought she knew what it was.

"Doctor, I saw something," she said softly, opening her eyes. "I only saw it for a second, but I'm pretty sure it was a set of blueprints for the hospital. What could that mean?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #87 on: January 14, 2013, 06:25:13 PM »
The Doctor had dashed back to the wall he had been pressed against a moment ago while Robin did her best to use her amazing gifts. He turned to face her and scratched his chin, a look of deep concentration on his face as he thought over what she had told him.

"Well... my first thought would be that the enemy knows the layout of this hospital and we should be prepared for an attack at any time," the Doctor said before shaking his head. "But these are trained killers who knew exactly where Harme was being held anyway. Why would the layout of this hospital be such a big deal? Surely they've know those details for months."

The Doctor paused to think it over for a little longer. And then he walked back to Robin's side and ruffled her hair again.

"Sorry, you have very ruffable hair," the Doctor said with a grin. "Good work, keep it up."

"What should we do now Doctor?" Rogan asked, his eyes shifting to Harme as she let out another sickly cough. "The mistress needs medical attention. We need to find the enemy and neutralize them before they can do any more damage."

"No," Harme croaked with a defiant shake of her head. "We need to find my memoirs. If what the Doctor says is true then there is a chance they have found the secret compartment in which they have been hidden. We must make our way to my old office."

"If that's what you think is best I have no problem with your decision. Your life is in danger so we'll go where you go," the Doctor said with a nod before flashing a grin at Robin. "See? Being a hero in next to nothing isn't too bad is it?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #88 on: January 14, 2013, 06:40:49 PM »
Robin made a face at him as he ruffled her hair again. It was a very patronizing gesture, and she didn't like it very much. She knew he was a lot older than her, but he didn't look it, and there was no need to intentionally make her feel like a child. Nonetheless, she made the face, knowing that it was immature.

"Ruffable hair," she muttered, standing again and walking around the cafeteria. "I've never heard something so silly." Turning back as the group began to talk of plans, Robin focused on Harme. She was so brave, risking her own life to keep others safe. Robin only hoped she could be like that one day, facing death in a moment of weakness and still soldiering on.

She flushed at the Doctor's next statement, and scowled at him again. Her hands reached behind her to cover herself again.

"Actually, it's quite uncomfortable," she said stiffly, trying to keep dignified even in the ridiculous gown. "Mistress Harme, would you happen to have any clothes in your-" Robin's hand flew to her head and she sat hard on the floor as something accosted her mind. It was... whispering. Sinister and dark, it resounded in her head almost painfully.

"Doctor," she said as the feeling faded, "I heard something else. Just whispering. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I definitely heard some scary as hell whispering."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #89 on: January 14, 2013, 07:51:29 PM »
"What? There's nothing wrong with having ruffable hair. It's a compliment!" The Doctor said cheerfully as she gave him the worst look he had seen on her face yet. He laughed at her expression before reaching up to his collar and removing the bolo tie that hung around his neck. He began to unbutton his shirt an removed it before hanging the bolo tie back around his neck, lie a strange necklace.

"She's got the shirt off my back. Next she'll want my hand in marriage," the Doctor said to himself with a smile before motioning to Rogan. "Come on Rogan, I need you to scope out the way ahead with me to check that it's safe. I would offer to do it all by myself, but I don't have any of my gadgets. Which is a real shame because I've been itching to try out my psychic spanner," he said with a huff.

Rogan nodded before placing his hand on Harme's shoulder in a comforting gesture before marching out the room with his rifle raised. The Doctor walked over to Robin to give her his shirt.

He stopped when Robin keeled over and gripped her head between her hands.

"Robin!" He cried in alarm before kneeling by her side and asking her what she saw. When she was done explaining his expression seemed to darken, but the confusion was still evident in his gaze. "I'm not sure... I've got a lot of idea's and I'm narrowing them down, but I have nothing certain."

He handed her his shirt and helped her to her feet again before frowning. "Maybe if my brain weren't so broken I could be of more help," he sighed before motioning to Harme. "Robin, I need you to keep that up, but I also need you to help Harme out of this room. She can't stand by herself and Rogan is our only means of defense. Can you do that for me?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #90 on: January 14, 2013, 08:06:47 PM »
She laughed feebly as she accepted his shirt, pulling it on and leaving it unbuttoned. It was just long enough to cover what needed to be covered, but she was sure she looked ridiculous.

"Oh look at me, the height of fashion," she said, batting her eyelashes. "Doctor, marry me!" Feeling silly, she placed another kiss on his cheek before rushing to Harme's side. "Of course I'll help her out," she said, her voice kind. Offering her hand to the cat, she waited until she felt ready, and then gently hoisted her up. She lifted the other woman's arm around her shoulder so she could carry most of her weight.

"Ready when you are, Mistress Harme," she said with another smile. Harme nodded at her, and Robin slowly guided her toward the door, letting her get her bearings a little before continuing. She paused and turned to look at the Doctor, a little worry clouding her expression.

"Doctor, watch our backs," she said softly. Then, another wave came over her, but this time she managed to keep her feet under her. "I got another one, Doctor. This time it was just... emotion. Excitement... Excitement about killing." She gulped hard as she stared at the man they all hoped could save their lives.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #91 on: January 15, 2013, 03:39:00 PM »
"Urgh, girls!" The Doctor moaned immaturely before pretending to wipe his cheek. "We'll need to move as quickly as possible, but we mustn't be careless. Rogan should be able to hold the front. A catking male with a proton powered obliteration rifle is a lethal body guard, but the leader of the Claws of Sontrai wielding a proton powered obliteration rifle is a death sentence on legs."

"He was such a timid kitten when he was growing up," Harme chuckled weakly before gratefully smiling at Robin as she helped her to her feet and aided her as she walked to the door. "Thank you again for your help Robin. You are as brilliant as the Doctor says."

"I'm always right Harme," the Doctor called back before nodding at Robin's order and racing forward to join Rogan. When he joined him in the corridor he found Rogan standing with his fingers tenderly stroking the trigger of his rifle. So far he had met with no resistance, but it was clear that he was eager to rip apart the first enemy to cross their paths.

When Robin joined them and announced her vision the two turned to face her before looking at each other.

"What does that mean Doctor? Are they preparing another laser blast?" Rogan asked, his white fangs glowing red from the aura of the energy cell loaded in his rifle. "My armor can take another hit, but if we don't prepare a counter measure soon then we'll be gunned down quickly. What should we do?"

"Keep on course Rogan, we'll get Harme to her office. If we move fast enough we'll be able to out maneuver any blasts that they send our way by jumping into patient's rooms or traveling down and up stair cases," the Doctor explained before the group began to make it's way down the corridor. "They may be alive, but my guess is that those laser blasts don't have particularly good steering."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #92 on: January 15, 2013, 03:58:40 PM »
"I'll help you any way I can, Mistress Harme," Robin said softly, hugging the cat a little closer to her side. "And I'm not brilliant, I'm just following orders. You are brilliant, and kind, and it has been an honor to meet you. A real honor." She smiled over at Harme, feeling fatigued but empowered with her desire to help the woman and her friends and the future of the human race.

Rogan was formidable with his fangs and his armor. Obviously a fierce warrior, he stood strong and proud in his place, ready to defend his Mistress with his life. But no matter how scary he might look, Robin knew that the Doctor was easily the more frightening of the two. He stood there, looking silly shirtless with a bolo tie and rolled-up pants, but behind his ancient eyes lurked a scary intelligence and a readiness for battle that Robin couldn't even fathom.

"The Doctor will keep us safe," Robin reassured Harme with a little smile. "He's saved me twice now and he hardly even knows me. You're much more important and he knows you well, so I know he'll get us out of this and get those memoirs for you."

Another wave came over her then as they walked, more of the same excitement and thrill, but she thought that the Doctor didn't need to hear repeat news, and she kept silent.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #93 on: January 15, 2013, 05:47:44 PM »
Harme tried speaking, but couldn't bring herself to. Whether it was because of her illness or because she had been deeply moved by Robin's words, she didn't let on. When she did finally gain her voice she spoke softly and warmly to Robin and smiled gently at the young girl. "My dear, never believe that you are not as important as I am. Everyone is. That is what the Doctor believes and it has been my belief too for a long time."

No attacks came while they ran through the corridors. Just like the cafeteria they encountered no signs of life. It seemed that every level of the hospital was completely deserted, from corridors to the rooms of the patients. Although neither Rogan nor the Doctor stopped for a moment to comment on the missing people, it was clear from the urgent way they ran that both of them were angered by the turn of events.

If the innocent people of board turned out to bed dead, there was no doubt that both of them would make whoever killed them pay.

"Up ahead Doctor!" Harm coughed as they turned a corner and came across a heavy bolted door with the plaque that bore the same symbol as Rogan's armor. Gathering what little strength she had, Harme pressed her hands against the great symbol and whispered something to it before stepping back as it vanished and the door opened with a heavy clunk.

Harme's room was neat and tidy, but it looked as if no one had used it in quite a while. A great white desk stood in the middle of the room, resembling a sort of flat cloud with legs. Built into it's surface was a large black screen that seemed similar to the screens on the tablet computers around the hospital. Behind it lay an even larger plaque of the strange cat symbol, surrounded by pictures of healthy looking patients who had sent their thanks to Harme for curing them of their ills.

The Doctor rushed about the room once they had entered. He began to check every nook and cranny of the room, presumably to look for foes and hidden traps.

He checked under the desk, around the plaque, under the chairs and even checked the strange empty fish tank that stood adjacent to the desk by plunging his head into it before pulling himself out and shaking his blonde messy hair free of the water.

"No threats in there. Just a Sea Puppy tank," he panted before running his fingers through his hair and looking over his shoulder at Harme. "Never figure you the type to keep a Sea Puppy."

"I named him the Doctor," Harme said with a weak chuckle. "Something to remind me of my idol and savior."

"Oh stop, you'll make me blush," the Doctor said before shaking out his hair again. "Rogan take up point. Robin stay alert. Harme, find the memoirs."

They nodded and set about their work. Rogan aimed his rifle at the door, whilst Harme began to touch random places of the large black screen whilst whispering code words under her breath. Once she was done she gazed over the pictures of patients, until eventually she came across a photo of a small boy with a head wrapped entirely in bandages.

"There we are," she whispered before reaching out to the photograph and twisting the image, which had turned out to be the door to a secret compartment. "Once we have my memoirs I can trust them to you, Doctor. You can take them and spread the word without endangering any more lives. And I can finally rest in pea-" Harme stopped talking and let out a wail of despair. "No! This can't be! They're gone!"

Sure enough, the compartment was empty.

"They have my memoirs..." Harme whispered before slumping into the chair behind her desk and shutting her eyes. "All is lost."

"Robin," the Doctor spoke softly as he turned to face her. "What can you hear now?" He asked, sounding on edge. It was strange, but he didn't look like a man who just found out their efforts had been for nothing. Instead, he looked like someone expecting danger.

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As everyone went about their duties, Robin watched with amazement. The Doctor was efficient but erratic, sticking his head here and there and even into a... Sea Puppy tank. She rolled her eyes, amused, and sat down with her eyes closed. A face swam behind her eyes, but it was not a face she thought had anything to do with their current situation. It was a kind face, intelligent and beautiful, and for some reason... familiar.

Shaking her head, she cleared it from her thoughts, wanted to focus on the task at hand. For a moment, all she heard was the excitement and the sinister whispering. Her eyes snapped open when Harme began to wail about the memoirs being gone, and Robin flew to her feet and hurried to the cat's side. Taking her hand gently, she looked at the Doctor with panic.

When he spoke to her, she caught the intense, almost frightened look in his eyes. It made her heart beat quickly, pumping adrenaline through her system. Nodding, she closed her eyes and concentrated fiercely, listening for everything she could. Amazingly, she could hear things from those in the room with her, but she quickly tuned them out. Then another jolt of pain shot through her head and she sank to her knees with a short cry.

"We have it! We have it!" She yelled at the Doctor, echoing what she heard.

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The Doctor closed his eyes and sighed a heavy, heavy sigh. "Those clever, clever villains," he muttered before running his hand through his hair and slowly started to pace in a circle in the middle of the room. "I should have seen it. The clues were there, but I didn't see it."

"What's going on Doctor?" Rogan growled before raising his gun as a sudden tremor rippled through the room. Outside of the door they could hear the sound of foot steps marching towards them. Each step sounding wet and slippery as they slapped on the floor. "How did they know where the memoirs were? How did they get to them before us?"

"They didn't Rogan," the Doctor replied with another deep sigh. "They didn't know where the memoirs were and they didn't get to them before us."

"What do you mean Doctor?" Harme asked, dropping her hands from her face.

"What I mean is that they've pulled a trick on us. And it was staring us right in the face," the Doctor said before pointing to the fish tank. "Harme, where is your Sea Puppy?"

"I-I don't know, maybe moved him elsewhere?" Harme suggested. "Why does it matter Doctor?"

"It matters because we haven't seen any organic life on this ship. All we've seen is man made structures. No people, no animals and not even food or water. Which is especially odd because the Nightingale provides twenty four hours food service for all of it's staff. Those trays  in the cafeteria should have been full," the Doctor explained, beginning to pace again as he went through each detail. "Do you know why we haven't found any living matter? Because living matter is near impossible to suddenly replicate within seconds. It's like doing the scientific equivalent of writing with your opposite hand."

"In comparison, artificial materials like the ones that the S S Nightingale is made of are a little easier to replicate. Especially if you have a particularly good piece of technology or are a particularly powerful creature. If you've got the right know how then you can replicate anything so long as you have a model to base it off."

"So what are you saying Doctor?" Rogan asked, gun locked on the door. "Has someone... copied and built the inside of the S S Nightingale?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying Rogan. They had a lot of idea's of where Harme's memoirs could be and had the blue prints of the system, but they couldn't be sure where she had hid them," "And they couldn't risk sneaking in to one of the most secure ships in the universe. You can't check a patient out with triggering an alarm. Just imagine the security protecting vital information."

"So what they did was launch a simple attack in the form of a living laser. And then, they hijacked our teleporter and beamed us aboard this replica. And waited until we had gone to search for the memoirs so that they could watch us and find out exactly how to break into the S S Nightingale quickly and efficiently."

"But what about the people Doctor?" Harme asked, confused. "Where have they been taken?"

"They were never taken anywhere Harme. The enemy just took advantage of the replicators weakness of being unable to produce organic matter and made it look as if they had gotten rid of them," the Doctor explained. "And now...they're coming for us, because the replicator has let them know the job is done."

"What do you mean? How did it know the job had been completed?" Rogan asked with a growl.

"It knows everything Rogan. What do you think Robin was hearing?" The Doctor asked before looking up at the ceiling with a big frown on his face. "I had her scan constantly to keep track on the enemy. What I didn't realise was that the enemy was everywhere."

Harme let out a gasp and Rogan jumped back and pointed his gun at the ceiling and then the walls as realisation dawned on them both.

"The replicator is a living thing, an alien of gigantic size, and we're inside it," the Doctor spoke solemnly. "It's a living stage set."

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Robin stared, dumbfounded, as the Doctor began speaking. Another trap... Another dangerous situation... Robin groaned. It was all her fault, too; if she hadn't been captured, they wouldn't even be here at all, and none of this would have happened. She felt horrible, but kept quiet, because the Doctor still hadn't stopped speaking.

"It knows everything Rogan. What do you think Robin was hearing? I had her scan constantly to keep track on the enemy. What I didn't realise was that the enemy was everywhere." Her head dropped into her hands at his words; she should have tried harder, and maybe she would have been able to warn them... She made a crappy psychic, that was for sure.

"The replicator is a living thing, an alien of gigantic size, and we're inside it. It's a living stage set." A gasp escaped her as he said this, and another jolt went through her head. This time, it was simply laughter. Evil, manipulative, gigantic laughter. Robin looked up, her eyes searching the room, wondering how anything sentient could model itself after something like this. It was incredible how little the people of her time knew about the universe.

"I'm sorry," she whispered in a choked voice, "I should have seen it... I should have been able to tell. This is all my fault. Mistress Harme... I'm so sorry." Her breath quickened as she heard the footsteps approaching. "Doctor... What are they? Are they going to kill us? Why does everybody like to put you in traps?"

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"It isn't your fault Robin. Don't blame yourself. I am the one who dragged you into this mess," Harme spoke with a frown as she gazed helplessly at the door, listening as the sound of wet marching grew even louder. "Doctor, what is that sound?"

"More than likely it's our death sentence," the Doctor spoke. "Robin, get by Harme. Rogan, stay by my side." He instructed before walking to the door and taking a hold of the handle and opening the door a little so that he could look through.
The Doctor looked through the slit and saw ten strange slimy creatures with thick skin the color of clay. Their flesh was moist and slippery and their bodies looked as if they had been created from bits of muscle. They had faces, but their eyes, nose, ears and mouth were just empty holes, like finger prints in mud.

"Doctor, what's out there?" Rogan asked.

"Alien Anti-Bodies. The white cells of the creature. Something this powerful is bound to have total control of every function of its body," the Doctor said before looking back at them and offering a weak smile. "We're hopelessly outnumbered, but I have an idea. It may not be the greatest idea ever, but it's a clever idea that uses the element of surprise. And we all know how well that works."

"What are planning Doctor?" Rogan asked.

"Just be ready with your gun Rogan," the Doctor spoke before wrenching the door open, raising his arms and yelling at the top of his voice; "HI I'M THE DOCTOR AND I'M SHIRTLESS! LOOK AT MY CHEST!"

The creatures were certainly stunned. Their sockets seemed to widen as he stepped out and yelled. Giving Rogan the perfect opportunity to jump in and aim his weapon and hold them at gun point, causing the Antibodies to back up a little at the sight of the weapon.

"Well, I'm glad that worked. Even though I'm sure you'll rip us apart after Rogan fires the first shot, getting hit by a Obliterator Round is going to hurt," the Doctor said before smiling at the creatures and gesturing to them. "I believe your boss will want to get in touch with us to gloat?"

The creatures didn't reply, but one of them did step forward and push fleshy fingers into his chest and tear it open to reveal a screen in his body. The screen flickered a little before a completely spherical lime green head filled the screen. A smug smile on its face as it gazed at them.

"Well I expected that Rogan would remain alive at the end of all of this. You can always count on the Leader of the Claws to survive. Must be a combination of cat kind stupidity and sheer luck," he chuckled before glancing towards the Doctor. "But, I expected to see that fur ball wench standing next to him...who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor and I'm one of three people who are standing between your goons and Mistress Harme," the Doctor replied with a friendly smile and a laugh in his voice. "I'm going to make things very difficult for you, Mr....?"

"His name is Greme Skinrad," Rogan snarled viciously. "He's the owner of a galaxy wide pharmaceutical company known as Skin Kind. He supplied Earth with chemicals and medicines. He's been known to many as one of the kindest faces in the dare you do this to us Greme, you scum!"

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Alien anti-bodies. It was possibly the strangest thing Robin had heard so far. She'd thought that after bodiless plasmic energy, giant green Slitheen, and cat-people, nothing could stun her any more... But to think that they were inside a giant alien and that they were being attacked by its white cells.. Well, it certainly came as a shock. She squeezed Harme's hand reassuringly, though she herself wasn't sure they'd be making it out alive.

And then, of course, the Doctor did something so absurd and completely insane that Robin had to laugh in bewilderment. Jumping out in front of an attacking group of antibodies and shouting about being shirtless... It was just so true to the Doctor's character that it was impossible not to be amused even in the current situation.

Then, one of the things had opened its chest to reveal a screen with the image of a strange green head. It began to talk, and Robin looked on with revulsion. It looked like a fleshy bouncy ball that she would have played with as a child. But there was some sinister undertone to it... It was like the whispering she had heard. Something in the voice that sounded not quite right.

Greme Skinrad. What a strange name. And to think he was betraying the Earth, when he had supplied so much for it... Robin looked on with interest, wondering what the alien planned to do and what the Doctor was planning in return.

"Mistress Harme," she whispered as quietly as she could, "I don't know what the Doctor will want us to do... But get ready to run. I know you aren't strong, and I'll help you as much as I can. Just be ready."

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"I know you will," Harme spoke with a smile. Her breathing was starting to become even more uneven, but she didn't look as helpless as she had a moment ago. "I trust you, as I trust the Doctor. May Sontari be with us and bless us in our moment of need."

"How unlucky for you to get involved in this mess Doctor. I try not to kill bystanders in my plans, but when people stand in the way of my business I find I have no choice." Greme said apologetically, but it was clear from the look in his round black eyes that he didn't care in the slightest. "I have to make sure that no one knows the truth about me. My empire would crumble. And I've done so pretty dishonest things to build it. I wouldn't want the effort to go to waste."

"I can guess the dishonest things you've done," the Doctor spoke before looking around the corridor and gazing over the Antibodies. "You've got a living spaceship as an assassin. A completely organic life form capable of replicating matter like a simulation machine. Weapons like this are the product of a true war profiteer."

"I assume the pharmaceutical company is just a front for your chemical weapon breeding war program?"

"Chemicals allow me to have my hand in a lot of businesses. Chemical weapons and planet ownership are just the higher paying products," "Once I've obtained the memoirs and got all those idiots fighting each other I'll wipe the Earth clean of their presence and turn the whole world into a factory for my chemicals." A drop of purple drool dribbled down the corner of his puffy mouth, the very thought of profit was making the villain salivate.

"Then I will start manufacturing the cure for the viruses right alongside the weapons. Whole universes will be able to go to war with each other using the arsenal of biological weapons that I will provide and the victims of the brutal assault will also come to me for the cures. I'll be richer than the kings of old!"

"And we can't stop you at all, because you're about to kill us and no one will know that it was you once you've dressed it up to look like it came from one of the allies," the Doctor said, still smiling as he watched Greme's face light up with sick delight. "You'll smell of roses despite how much filth you've wallow in."

"A good reputation is the foundation of good business," Greme said before gazing past the Doctor into the room behind. Harme had now gotten up and was standing in the doorway, glaring at the screen with all the venom she could muster. "Oh how it must burn you Harme... to do all that good. To work so hard making up for your sins. And yet it amounts to nothing."

"I could care less about whether I have atoned for my sins. That is for Sontari to decide," Harme whispered. "My only regret will be that I have let down the innocent people that you will hurt."

"And now I feel a speech coming on," Greme sighed before clicking his fingers. "Anti-bodies, kill them. It doesn't matter if one of you gets shot in the process, the rest of you will rip them apart." The anti-bodies began to take steps towards them. Their feet making squelching noises with every step.

"Before you kill us I think you may want to listen to me," the Doctor called out to Greme as the squishy troops began to form in one them. "I'm about to tell you something very important. It will make you think twice about your plan."

"Oh really, Doctor?" Greme said with a smirk.

"Yes, really. And you should really listen, because it's very, very important."

"And why is that Doctor?"

"Because what I say next is going to stop you."

Greme let out a laugh that echoed through the corridor. The Antibodies were closing in, forcing the Doctor and Rogan back into the room and trapping them in the small box. Soon they would close in and do whatever horrible things they had been programmed to do.

"Doctor, you are on a life form completely under my control. You are trapped and currently facing an army of Antibodies that will rip you apart, and even if you did manage to kill them my assassin can just create more. I hold all the cards. There is nothing you can do to stop me. So please enlighten me as to what could you possibly say that will stop me, when I have every advantage."

The Doctor grinned the biggest, broadest grin he had ever pulled. His eyes sparkled with mischief as he savored the words that came out of his mouth.

"I'm wearing a wire."