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Author Topic: STAR WARS: Shatter Point (Gladiator0161 & Asher17)  (Read 755 times)

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STAR WARS: Shatter Point (Gladiator0161 & Asher17)
« on: April 07, 2013, 09:36:08 PM »

The Coruscant Underworld. Coruscant Underground, Lower Coruscant, or the Coruscant Underlevels, were the lowest region of the city-dominated, galactic-capital world of Coruscant, laid with a mixture of ancient and forgotten ruins from the planet's prehistory along with modern-looking, crime-ridden venues and clubs. A massive ventilation shaft offered access to the heart of the underworld, in fact it was probably the newest thing that had been built there.  Different regions and levels ranged from the merely seedy, such as the Uscru Entertainment District, progressively worsening as one descended, ending in areas of unending darkness populated solely by hypertrophied vermin and zombie-like devolved humanoids. The Underlevel's streets were riddled with thugs, the walls and streets were home to all manner of strange creatures.

Most of the Underlevels rested more than a kilometer below the urban surface and city platforms. It was beneath some of the greatest skyscrapers in the galaxy, and other closely-spaced spectacular buildings of Coruscant, where few rays of light filtered through to the gloomy section known as the Underworld. The Coruscant databanks referred to it as Level 1312, and was located one thousand three hundred and twelve levels above the planet's core. It was rightly named Underworld, and the one place in all the glories of the planet that felt like home to Xerron Delzaren. Whereas most people went to extraordinary lengths to avoid such a place, he felt safe here. Dressed in black robes, an equally black mask covering his features, and some basic armor styled in a Battle Harness, and armed with only two Lightsabers that he'd made himself years ago as a boy in the bowels of Kashyyyk, the Wookiee homeworld. A number of aliens were on what passed for streets, and more than one was dangerous looking. They meant less than nothing to the young Sith. He felt a number of the beings interest in him, more than one wondering if they could take him in a fight, and alot more were terrified of him and what he represented. He smiled beneath his hood and mask, basking in their fear.

The Sith moved confidently through the dangerous streets, eventually coming to an alleyway filled with gangsters, thugs, and Swoop Racers, which were little more than glorified thugs. Xerron would never understand the attractions to Swoop Racing. He'd done it before and found it tedious at best, he much preferred the exhilaration of combat and the thrill of the hunt. The aliens in the dead end alleyway turned to see what had attracted the attention of their gangster friends, and he heard the startled intake of breath as their collective eyes took him in. One of the group, a chubby Snivvian, an alien from the Outer Rim world of Cadomai Prime, made his way up to him, swaggering all the way. Xerron mentally rolled his eyes as the creature narrowed his eyes and put a hand on his pistol, demanding his payment for the information he'd sent. Not threatened in the least Xerron just looked at him for a moment, his eyes glowing red "Very well" he said eerily calm before snapping his Lightsaber into his hand, activating it, and taking the ugly alien's head off before the poor creature even had time to draw his weapon. Surprise permanently etched on his face and in his eyes. The robust round head hit the ground with a wet smack and rolled away a few feet before stopping, the body falling to the pavement a millisecond later. Everyone in the dead end alleyway stood up then, blasters drawn.

Xerron activated his other Lightsaber and smiled, not saying a word.

The eight aliens in the alleyway hesitated, some even dropping their weapons. The rest looked at their comrades, as if for support but, a moment later lowered their weapons at the urgings of their friends. Xerron turned around "Good choice" was all he said as he started to walk away. In an instant one of the Rodians in the group raised his blaster and fired, thinking to get an easy kill. Drawing upon the Force, Xerron flipped one of his Lightsabers around and moved it over to intercept the blaster bolt all without looking. The blade of energy bounced the energy bolt back at the gunman that had fired it, hitting him high in the chest and throwing him backwards. He was dead before he hit the ground, a hole burned into his heart. Xerron stopped and looked back at the remaining seven men. None of them moved. Xerron smiled and left. There was an eerie silence as he walked towards one of the hovertrain platforms that would take him to the surface, and to his next target. This one would be better protected, and more fun. He hoped.

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Re: STAR WARS: Shatter Point (Gladiator0161 & Asher17)
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2013, 08:54:17 PM »
Coruscant: The Undercity

Captain Vimes of the Coruscant Security Force (CSF)... to be continued
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