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May 22, 2018, 06:44:01 PM

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Author Topic: The Hub: Recruitment Thread Now Open (Dark Sci-Fi, Plot Driven, Action)  (Read 330 times)

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Welcome one and all to what I hope will be a fantastically fun group game!

Ok so if your still reading then maybe you can stomach enough of my enthusiasm drive to make it through the rest of this. Now please be aware that as with all world building project, the complete universe wide setting is still expanding and growing and even in the immediate setting not all will be made immediately clear, though that is tantalisingly deliberate  :D

What I'm looking for:

I'm hoping to find players who will bring their own flavour to the game with their characters and contribution to the game as a whole. I'm looking for people who have initiative to drive their characters towards their own goals and seek out answers to their own questions. Do not come here if you're looking for a game where every opportunity for your character will be rolled out for you. To survive and excel on the Hub your characters will need to be intuitive, quick of mind and sharp of tongue, which means you should be too! :P

So here's the basic tone of the game...

Far into the future, humans have colonised deep into the galaxy. Space travel is both common and commercial meanwhile the Earth gathers dust as a forgotten relic most have never heard of. Mankind is slowly dividing, it's voyage into the stars neither graceful or entirely well intentioned, but never heinous in its crimes against the galaxy as a whole. Until now.


Lhart Dominion: The leading faction of this human civilisation is Lhart Dominion, a militarised zealous faction controlling approximately a third of the known galaxy, a war machine rolling across the stars in the name of human interests and their sole occupation of the galaxy. Reminders of the Dominion's vicegrip are visible in every settlement within its realm. Sanctors of the Sanctorum Regulae, protectors of the truth and purity of the greater human race patrol every town and village, their  vast order as indoctrinated and martialled as the armed masses of the Dominion Crusaders themselves. The Dominion army is made up of a combination of dedicated soldiers, highly trained, drilled and totally faithful to the purity of man known as Crusaders. The rest of the army is made up mostly of conscripted men, hardened criminals and religious zealots, providing the massive manpower needed to maintain control of newer settlements until Sanctors can arrive and begin the induction of the new world into the Dominion, and also the all to common bridge of desecrated corpses used to deliver the Crusaders to victory. The beginnings of the Dominion have been lost to human records, mostly through the widespread seizures of libraries and schools by the Dominion as they continue to expand, burning and hiding more and more knowledge as they go. Through generations of inbred ignorance and whispered fallacy the vast majority of the human population now agree with the words of the Dominion and march against the galaxy filed with xenophobia and greed.

Guthri: Within the Dominion only one form of alien life is sanctioned, a genetically altered race known as the Guthri , though individually Guthrak and Guthral are used to distinguish between male and females. Once an independent alien empire, freely trading and cooperating with human settlements, the Guthri were one of the first major victories for the Dominion, driven almost to extinction before the remaining population were captured and genetically altered over a few centuries of breeding and genetic purifying as the Dominion called it. This selection process left the Guthrak and Guthral instantly separate, almost different species. Both were programmed with different brands of obedience, hardwired into their brains once they are imprinted at birth but that is where the similarities end.

Guthrak: The Guthrak are imprinted at birth to a commanding officer, maturing to full adulthood, and battle readiness, in sixteen months. Resistant to hostile environments, requiring only forty percent of the oxygen, water and food humans do whilst reaching easily over seven foot tall with the strength of a dozen normal men, the Guthrak are engineered warriors. Guthrak only sleep four hours every 48 hours making them even better adapted for extended conflict and spearheading assaults. The Dominion could never let such power go unchecked, the Guthrak population culled through suicide missions and cullings at birth against mutations and evolution. The entire population is never more than 100,00 across the entire Dominion and every Guthrak is implanted with a subspace transceiver along with a registration code so that individual members may be signed in and out like a weapon at the armoury. There are stories of Guthrak that have escaped, been registered dead then escaping from a corpse ship later, though such cases are rare and Guthrak are not accepted in Dominion society.

Guthral: The Guthral were engineered in almost an entirely different way. Guthral are instead imprinted onto the wealthy and respected as maids and more exotic servants. Enhanced learning centres allow they to master tasks faster than any human, and a mechanically maintained immune system prevents disease, brain degeneration and pregnancy. Their brain manipulation extends as far as to remove anger and rebellion as even possible thoughts, providing the workforce for the entire Dominion. The Guthral are slightly more accepted by Dominion humans than the Guthrak though still have no legal standing, rumours often speaking of Guthral servants disappearing in the night after overhearing something they shouldn't or showing any glimmer of unfiltered thought. The appearance of the Guthral is also instantly recognisable from the Guthrak. Their skin is smooth, coloured from pale blue to deep purple. The variance in colour cannot be explained by the Dominion Sanctors who preside over them though independent studies and experimentation have linked the colour to the harmless varieties of cosmic radiation that penetrate the atmospheres of habitable planets. As Guthral age the colour slowly fades as their skin becomes less opaque. Death from unnatural causes results in a much more rapid change as the skin becomes clear then crystallises as to prevent the spread of infection from the corpse. Their hair is technically a transparent structure but over time the pigment of the skin seems to spread to the hair usually making the hair a similar colour but different shade to their skin. This spread of pigment also affects their iris colour although to a lesser extent as only faint shades of either violet of sky blue show in the iris.
Other Human Populations:  Although the Dominion represents most of humanity some humans exist separately as refugees, illegal traders and pirates. Many of the human originally occupying the  outer edge of Dominion space have fled into the Border Provinces to avoid Dominion rule, whereas others have taken onto massive cargo ships, renovated into living space, living in space for generations, constantly avoid Dominion patrols, ducking from one backwater trading post to another. Some of these ships found ties harder than others, lack of food and supplies killing off the crew or eventually leading them desperately to piracy and guerrilla tactics. Smaller, more nimble ships often support a much larger ship, or fleet of ships through piracy launching raids against Dominion territories before retreating to the mothership. Although the Dominion desperately tries to quell these attacks the empty space between clusters of Dominion colonies is vast and would take millennium to search thoroughly enough to flush out the pirates. Not all pirates are so well intentioned, some not raiding to support some freedom group but simply for the spoils of war, so that they may one day vanish into the Xenos Sector without ever looking back.

The Hub: Unknown to the universe before being stumbled across by the traitorous pirate crew of the Mael’s Saviour. This mysterious complex doesn't register externally, and even within it doesn't seem to exist in the material universe at all. Identical doors line the seemingly endless corridors of this place, stopping only for what appears to be the occasional relay station and so far the only reachable living space. Few of the infinite doors will open, though what lies beyond the few that do is truly unbelievable. Each door was a portal, though not a wormhole, not a teleporter of any kind, just, doors. A step through one of these doors brought you to some places where the stars were unrecognisable, the entire landscape entirely alien and bizarre and to others where the curses of the people and scrawled names of brothels and drinking dens made it instantly clear which backwater scum world you had found. Now colonised by the rising military faction the Void Brethren the Hub is home to almost four hundred people, and a staging post to potentially the entire galaxy.

Mael’s Saviour: Among the crews of refugees convoys and pirates alike a common story is told, a story more than a century old of the crew of the Mael’s Savior, a pirate vessel supposedly crewed by a renegade unit of the Dominion's finest and led by the infamous Captain Daveth of the Genaris to Pensuva IV purge. The Mael’s Saviour was the greatest pirate vessel to ever threaten the Dominion, the crew skilled and resourceful and the ship nimble and quick. Over twenty years the Mael’s Saviour supposedly circled the galaxy, raiding, trading and confirming the dreams of common men with ever tavern they drunk at. Until tragedy struck. Routinely slipping down the Corin V corridor the Mael’s Saviour was ambushed by a fleet of over thirty Dominion ships. The chase of the Mael’s Saviour took the Dominion fleet across half of their territory before all trace of the pirate ship was lost, and never seen again.

Void Brethren: More than a century on from the initial colonisation of the Hub by the eighteen crew of the Mael’s Saviour, the Hub is home to close to four hundred people, taken in from the Dominion and refugee vessels, taught by the wise men found cross the galaxy, given hope by the promise of a new life on soft earth under warm sun. The Void Brethren are trained from the fit and able among those who join the Hub, armed by weapons brought or later stolen from Dominion convoys. Finally a new power has arrived with the drive to strike back against the brainwashing and greed of the Dominion, only two hundred soldiers given something to fight for against an empire of oppressors. Marching under the banner of Daveth and the remaining crew of the Mael’s Saviour, they march with a dream of final peace and their solemn vows they have taken before their induction into the ranks, serving them as a reminder of the cost of their dream and what they may have to sacrifice.

Justice is but a measure of blood against a need for it. Revenge, the need for more blood than could ever be spilled. Loyalty, the measure of blood it takes to empty a man’s heart of his dreams and fill them with another’s. We swear our loyalty this day, not to one another, nor our superiors nor our honour. We swear loyalty to the dreams within ourselves, hopes of freedom and peace and eventual final slumber, we swear together as one. For the dream.’

There are still some patches to fill in in the setting so if you have any questions just post them and I'll get right on it.

Characters (Filled):

Captain Daveth: The military leader of the Void Brethren and alleged Pirate Captain of the Mael's Saviour. Prone to unexplained stretches of reclusive behaviour as of late, someties rarely leaving his quarters for weeks except for the most pressing council meetings. (And not just as an excuse so that the GM can hop in and out easily!!!)

Characters (Open):

Captain Daveth's Former Guthral: When first promoted to Captain in the Dominion military Daveth was gifted with a prized Guthral, imprinted onto him for assured obedience. After rejecting the Dominion Daveth sought out surgeons and doctors to try and restore the Guthral's brain to it's pre-engineered state, but with only limited success. Eventually the emotional inhibition was removed allowing her access to the full range of emotions, some years later followed by the removal of the thought sanitation centre which had previously prevented any thought of betrayal or rebellion from her mind. Unfortunately the only thing that could not be remove was the imprinted obedience meaning that uncontrollable she will follow Davth's commands (Though I wonder how that works with sarcasm....). The Guthral now serves as Daveth's speaker on the council and often as his hidden hand, suspected of espionage and back room deals, secured when Daveth needs them most. the Guthral is one of the highest members in the command structure of the Hub and essential to Daveth and the success of the dream.

Council Members (Not to many PCs, mostly comprised of NPCs): The council is made up of Representatives of the population of the Hub, striving to secure their best interests and sometimes their own. The council members are usually people with a sway over their particular populace, former tribal elders, ships captains, wise men etc.

10th Squad: The 10th have quickly proven themselves the elite of the brethren army, though disapproved of at times by the council. (Too hard? Too soft? Discipline issues? Trigger Happy? You decide amongst yourselves)



Combat Engineer?:

Troopers: Just wanted to say something here as I know how group games are often viewed. The troopers are really important in this game to maintain the questing, mission based side of things. Troopers will also be able to manage their career from the ground up, earning promoions and befriending the council members they would most like to be associated with. Previously only Daveth could give promotions though with the arrisal of the council and it's members growing power they now how the power to promote troopers and officers alike. So, who's lackey are you willing to be to head straight for the top?

Character Application:

Not Required but nice if you can find one.
Description: Appearance and personality.
Background: Ask me anything about fluff is you want to check or want to throw me an idea.

So, that's it for now, I'll be positing more soon hopefully and maps are underway, have fun and thanks for reading  ;D

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Re: The Hub: Recruitment Thread Now Open (Dark Sci-Fi, Plot Driven, Action)
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Just adding a second post for maps and any other resources, the first post is pretty packed as it is.

The Hub: Sector Map

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