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April 10, 2021, 04:31:07 pm

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Author Topic: The Hub: Interest Check and Inital Idea (Dark Sci-Fi)  (Read 393 times)

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Offline BrokenCollarTopic starter

The Hub: Interest Check and Inital Idea (Dark Sci-Fi)
« on: January 05, 2013, 09:27:39 pm »
Hey everyone, and thanks for at least glancing at my thread, views give me hope!

So, have been working on a world now for a while and have finally succumbed to putting it out there as a group roleplay setting. The world is still in creation at the moment and will continue t be developed as the game grows and so does the scope of the characters. Forgive the sketchiness of the initial setting as alot of the grander schemes are being held close to the vest so players and their characters can discover the secrets of the plot as the game goes on. So, onto the setting:

The setting begins far into the future, humans have colonised, space travel is commercial, and Earth is a forgotten relic most have never heard of. The leading faction of this human civilisation is Lhart Dominion, a militarised faction controlling approximately a third of the known galaxy, a war machine rolling across the stars in the name of human interests. Although the Dominion represents most of humanity some humans exist separately as refugees, illegal traders and pirates. Within the Dominion only one form of alien life is tolerated, a genetically altered race known as the Guthri collectively, thought individually Guthrak and Guthral is used as a distinction between male and females. Once an independent alien empire the Guthri were one of the first major victories for the Dominion, driven almost to extinction before the remaining population were captured and genetically altered over a few centuries of breeding and genetic purifying as the Dominion called it. This selection process left the Guthrak and Guthral instantly separate, almost different species. Both were programmed with different brands of obedience, hardwired into their brains once they are imprinted at birth but that is where the similarities end. The Guthrak are imprinted at birth to a commanding officer, maturing to full adulthood, and battle readiness, in sixteen months. Resistant to hostile environments, requiring only forty percent of the oxygen, water and food humans do whilst reaching easily over seven foot tall with the strength of a dozen normal men, the Guthrak are engineered warriors. Thought such power could not go unchecked the Guthrak population is culled through suicide missions and cullings at birth against mutations and evolution. The entire population is never more than 100,00 across the entire Dominion and everyone is implanted with a subspace transceiver along with a registration code so that individual members may be signed in and out like a weapon at the armoury. The Guthral were engineered in almost an entirely different way. Guthral are instead imprinted onto the wealthy and respected as maids and more exotic servants. Enhanced learning centres allow they to master tasks faster than any human, and a mechanically maintained immune system prevents disease, brain degeneration and pregnancy. Their brain manipulation extends as far as to remove anger and rebellion as even possible thoughts, providing the workforce for the entire Dominion. Within this universe is the ship ‘Mael’s Saviour’ a pirate vessel renowned across the Dominion and the Border Provinces, areas of space beyond the Dominion in the process of being conquered. Crewed by traitor soldiers to the Dominion, the bounty on the ship runs at more than the value of small planetary systems. The ship was finally being pursued by a fleet of over thirty Dominion ships when all trace vanished.

That traitorous crew now exists on board a mysterious space station, seemingly nonexisistant in space, known as the Hub. Identical doors line the seemingly endless corridors of this place, stopping only for what appears to be the occasional relay station and so far the only reachable living space.  Eighteen people, the crew of Mael’s Saviour, came aboard the Hub, slowly venturing through the endless maze. It was a year almost before the desperation for food led them to enter one of the doors. In an instant they found themselves walking on a recognisable planet, a green tinted sky over an alien landscape. They found food and something resembling water before returning to the Hub. They ventured back, through that door and others, sometimes being able to identify the planet they found, other times not. Eventually the Hub’s mysteries began to unravel, showing that each door was a portal, though not a wormhole, not a teleporter of any kind, just, doors. Now, almost a century onwards, the Hub’s population is nearly four hundred, bound under the banner of the Captain of Mael’s Saviour, Daveth, this band of people, rejected by their worlds, unite as the Void Legion, appearing from nowhere to take food, resources and weapons from any world they find, and soon, they will march as more than pirates, they will march under Daveth and the banner of the Void legion and take however much of the galaxy as they can get away with.

Sorry for the frantic clunkiness of it all, I will tidy it up as soon as I get the chance. I’ll also have a list of needed position up as soon as possible, so just let me know if it seems interesting, if you want to contribute to the creation of the world, or have any questions before sticking your name in.

This is still only a preliminary sketch, I’ll tidy it up some more and fill in more details before we start and as the game expands.