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Author Topic: Visna's Bedroom (MxTG, FxF)  (Read 1698 times)

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Visna's Bedroom (MxTG, FxF)
« on: January 05, 2013, 01:26:49 PM »
~ Visna's Bedroom ~

I've been meaning to revamp this for some time, so I figured I'd begin the process... Welcome and hello!

First off, note that I'm extremely flexible. See something you don't like? Feel free to ask if I'm okay with changing it. I love collaborating and fixing a story so that both of us are happy with it before we begin. If one of the ideas sparks your interest, feel free to message me or post here. Titles are definitely not set in stone. A lot of my inspirations come from images, so after each idea is an image that could match it. Like the other items, this isn't a necessary part of the plot. It is merely there for my aid and to maybe inspire somebody as well. The images are almost all NSFW!

As a writer, I enjoy both long-term and short-term stories. Many of my ideas are focused around only a few scenes. Rather than stretch a story out too long, I actually enjoy keeping some of them short. With that in mind, my ideas:

New Stories & Ideas:

Introduction to the Industry FxF

This is more of a setting than a plot, but I've been craving a story involving the lesbian pornography scene. I was thinking we could follow the beginning of a young actress's career. Her agent plans her first gig, and it happens to be a lesbian film. Although it wasn't her preference, she knows that it is a solid starting point for her career. She finds herself landing job after job in the lesbian scene, and she soon becomes a big name. She has the appearance of a typical starlet, and so she is often placed opposite of butch women or older women for films.

Nothing romantic has to occur, but that is an option as well. I figured we could focus mostly on the friendships that she makes with her fellow actresses and those that film her shoots. Her sexuality would evolve over time, and there would be a lot of character growth.

Black Women and Butches! FxF

If you enjoy writing as either of these, I'd love to write with you. I have lots of ideas, so feel free to send a message my way.

Stranded! FxF

I love the setting of a pair or group of women being stranded on an island. A fantasy or a realistic modern setting would be great. Lots of ideas, so let me know if this general setting interests you.

The Olympics FxF

I'd love to write a romance centered around the homophobia and chaos surrounding the Olympics in Russia. Our characters could be from Russia or, perhaps, a visiting country. They're both in the same sport, perhaps figure skating, and wildly in love. I would play the more submissive of the two who wishes to keep quiet about things to avoid drawing the media's attention. Your character, on the other hand, wishes to use their pedestal to speak out against hatred. There would be a fair bit of smut, but a lot of dialogue and seriousness as well. Let me know if you like this thought so far.

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Fate TGxM

I'm not sure I'll ever find somebody who is also interested in this story, but I figured it was worth a shot to put it on here.

Your character would be a transgender call girl in Brazil. She had trouble earning a living, and she got lost in the wrong crowd. She decided to enter into the prostitution business and started hormone treatment. One of her friends told her that transgender girls make loads from foreigners, and so she went along with the thought. After a few years, she had changed entirely. She is taller and larger than most men, and, at first, things were rough. And they didn't pick up.

Until he came around. He was a young man on a business trip from America. After one evening of work, he decided to explore the town. After all, he was away from the judging eyes of his friends, family, and coworkers. He winds up in her bed, and the two spend the night together. He falls in love with her and returns again. She begins to wonder if this is her ticket out of poverty, and perhaps if she holds feelings for him as well.

I have a lot more in mind for this, so let me know if it sparks your interest.

It's Complicated FxF

I've been dying to write a romance story between a Christian woman and her girlfriend. We could start from the beginning, although my preferred starting point would be their wedding and honeymoon. There wouldn't be any conversion attempts, but, rather, the irreligious girl would respect her friend's beliefs and work with her. No sex until the honeymoon, of course! One would be extremely experienced with love, while the other isn't. I think it is an interesting dynamic, and I'd love to share more ideas about it.

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The Lucky Cell FxF

I love prison stories in general, but I've been dying for a particular take on one lately. A lot of prison stories involve non-consensual elements, but this idea is nothing of that sort. Any sort of modern or historical setting could work well.

My character is a new inmate that has recently been found guilty of her crime. Her cell mate is an older woman. She's a bit rough around the edges, but a generally friendly woman. It doesn't take long for my character to find out that she is one of the many women in the prison who engage with each other to pass the time and get off. My character would ask her one night if she would consider sleeping together. Nothing serious, but to pass the time like everybody else.

The story would follow their partnership, which may or may not include romance. At first, the older cell mate would try to tell your character that is is a bad idea and a slippery slope, but she reluctantly agrees.

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The Big Woman On Campus FxF

This story could take place in a high school or college setting. One of the players on the women's basketball team has risen to stardom. ESPN highlights, Sports Illustrated articles, the whole works. And she is an open lesbian. Everybody on campus, and even the media, knows it. She is as smooth with girls as she is on the court, and this makes things complicated at times.

We would follow the relationship between her and her girlfriend. There would be a lot of cheating and drama, mostly as a result of the player's poor choices and ego. But my character is a loyal girlfriend who sticks by her through everything, although not without some arguments.

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Twitter, Bringing Folks Together! TGxF

I found this long ago and thought it was sweet. This is more of a one-shot idea rather than any complicated story, but I'd like to follow a porno scene between a TG actress and her female idol in the industry. A simple exchange would occur over Twitter, and it would lead the the star's agent connecting with the transgender actress's agent. They set up a scene, and things unravel from there.

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Old Stories:

I'd still be up for these with the right partner.

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The Tenant TGxM

This story would follow the abusive relationship between a tenant located in the Middle East and a traveling student.

A young, American student enters into a program where he can spend a whole semester in the Middle East. Since he is majoring in international studies, he likes the idea of learning more about their culture and religious practices. He loves learning first hand rather than through books, so he applies. After some time, he learns he is accepted into the program, and he books a flight out to the country. The program is set up so that he rents a room from a local so that he can learn how they live and more about their language while studying there. The rooms are always located near the campus that is set up there.

He meets his tenant and instantly finds her a bit odd. He can't figure out her gender, but the person refers to herself as a woman. Whatever the case, she is middle aged, ugly, and crude. The woman makes some strange advances which are rejected. Finally, one night, the student wakes up to find her in his bed. He is about to rush out of the home when she reveals her plan to keep him there. Maybe she snapped pictures of him while he was asleep and plans on going to the officials claiming rape? Maybe there is a loophole where the student cannot change rooms without reapplying? Whatever the case, the boy is stuck there. The woman happens to be a MtF transgender. Eventually, what the student first deems as repulsive becomes habit. It grows to the point where he can't imagine not spreading for his tenant when he comes home from class. And what happens when he has to finally fly home?
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Don't Ask, Don't Tell FxF

This story would take place in the United States under the DADT policy.

A young woman is in the United States Air Force serving out of the country. When people ask about her love life, she doesn't tell them, primarily because she is homosexual. Back home, she believes she has a loyal, loving girl friend. She had been dating an older woman for about two years, and she believed their bond was quite strong. When on tour, she was loyal. She never went out with her fellow soldiers and paid local hookers. She loved her old lady back home...

Ironically, her "lover" isn't so loyal. While her younger, servicing girl friend is away, she adventures into the beds of many other women. When she returns for holidays, she hides the evidence and sleeps with her darling as if they were married. But how long can this scandal last? How long can she so cruelly cheat on such an innocent patriot? Quite some time. The plot would focus on the inner turmoil that the older girlfriend faces as she lies to her lover and plays her simply for her younger body, while also looking into the mind of the soldier who wants to propose to this woman who she worships and believes is loyal while she is away.
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The Flight FxF

This would take place in an alternate history setting.

As a wave of socialism swept an Eastern European nation, strikes and uprisings began to sprout across the lands. The mobs found the head of state, along with his wife, and hung them publicly. Thus the search began for his six children. In total, five were found and killed over the course of the week. One, the youngest daughter, managed to escape. A man close to her father managed to sneak her onto his friend's shipping boat. She had potential; she was beautiful, young, and educated. For weeks she survived on the boat, eating what little the captain offered her as she hid inside of one of the boxes. Nobody could learn of her escape.

During the long trip, the girl matures into a young woman. The captain stops in a South American port where he lets her off. He gives her a stack of letters he had received from her father's friend. They are from her siblings and her father, along with some of her father's aids and allies. They describe the events that led to the killing of her entire family. Devastated, she seeks a new life. Not once does the strong willed girl consider taking her own life.

The slums of the city present a perfect place to disappear forever. She doesn't seek anything fancy; she merely wants to survive. She has no dreams of returning home, because her home no longer exists. As she wanders about, her pale complexion and blonde hair make her stand out. Nobody can understand her native young. Houses are tiny and made of tin boards. People sleep on the streets and in hammocks. Yet, she does not judge them. She begs on the streets for food, and she is given some. The fear of being raped is constant.

An older woman approaches her. She is widowed with, possibly, children. Her husband died in a gang dispute. She is kind, and knows the traveler's tongue. She takes the young woman in, not as another daughter, but as a lover and second mother to her children. She offers the girl shelter and food, begins to teach her the language and how to make a living, and romances her. The noble must adapt, but she is eager to learn the ways of the streets and repay the woman who gave up so much for her. The two fall for each other over time, but their love flourishes a bit slower than their bodily attractions do.
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The Fallout MxTG or FxF

They were called lunatics, nuts, and, most commonly, "Enders." Set in a futuristic society, a small, vocal group of people have been preaching that apocalypse is near. Of course, their message became public, but everybody ignored them. They built bunkers and blocked themselves off from society. They were considered mentally ill, and people used them in jokes. Nobody realized how right they truly were.

A meteor shower consisting of millions of meteors pelts the earth for days. As the first wave closes in on earth, people had nearly seconds to react. Most of the population was killed: except for the "Enders." Their safe houses that they had designed and improved upon for years proved to be resilient. One boy, who had previously made fun of "Enders" his entire life, was moments from being hit by a meteor. Just as he thought his life was over, somebody pulled him from below. A loud crash rang above him.

An "Ender" had pulled him into his safe house and saved his life. His savior proves to be quite the strange one. He is quirky, yet intelligent. The boy that should have been dust can't help but be grateful. Yet, the two are forced to live in the small, one room home until the shower ends. And the shower seems to take weeks... Naturally, the "Ender" wants some sort of reward. His choice is the boy's bum. He reminds his guest how he saved him quite often, and he sometimes threatens to push him back to the surface. It doesn't take long for the quirky "Ender" gets what he wants. He saved the boy for that purpose alone, although he grows quite "attached" to him. He had predicted every step of the process, so he is quite arrogant at times.

The setting will always be in the safe house. The area is cramped, and, over time, it grows a bit messy. I have a lot of ideas in regards to this. Also, I'd be up for changing the characters to females.

The Teacher (Another cliche... But a bit different.) FxF
Almost everybody has played out a school focused romance between a teacher and her student. I'm craving such a romance, although I want to take it in a more realistic manner. I had an idea to twist the story of James Hooker and Jordan Powers (for anybody who hasn't heard of them, a simple web search will reveal everything you need to know) into something slightly different. For those of you who don't know, James Hooker was a teacher at a high school. He fell in love with Jordan, one of his students, and the two began to date. Of course, unlike most teacher/student stories, things didn't stay so pretty. Hooker had to quit his job as a teacher, and Powers withdrew from school. Powers mother started a public crusade against Hooker. The three appeared on Dr. Phil and the media covered it heavily. Powers moved into an apartment with Hooker (who was married and left his family to do so) and admitted to sleeping with him. To some, their romance is a bit taboo, but it is interesting to me nonetheless. I want to take this general story and twist it in a FxF form. A married, older teacher falls for one of her young female students. Their families, the media, and the public would scrutinize them for it, but they'd have to deal with everything and grow. Lots of hiding from the media and things of that nature. Both of them would work to use the media attention to campaign for true love and acceptance for homosexuals. I have a lot of ideas with a lot of drama, so hit me up if you're interested.

I'm Only Me When I'm With You (Taylor Swift!) FxF
I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan. I've attended several concerts, know almost every song by heart, and love her persona. She is one of my biggest celeb crushes, in fact. It has always been a fantasy of mine to play out a story in which Taylor Swift falls for another girl. Guys just don't seem to be very good for her (so many break ups!), so why not change things up a bit and have her be a lesbian? I'm up for a ton of different routes when it comes to this, and I'd love to play either character. Is the lover a fan? Does she have good, innocent intentions, or does she plan on corrupting America's sweetheart? Does Taylor fall for a butch? Does she conceal it from the public or try to campaign for teen lesbians across the country? How does she go about writing songs about her new lover? Tons of options!

Necessity FxF
This story would focus on the thought that two straight women, when unable to satisfy themselves sexually, choose to screw each other rather than starve their bodies of pleasure. The setting would be a jail, although the type of jail is up for debate. Is it just a typical prison in the US? Is it the PoW camp of an enemy nation? Is it a futuristic jail in a sci-fi setting? Are they allowed to leave their cell? These are all variables that I'd love to talk about. Whatever the case, two women (the reason they are in jail is also up for debate) are cell mates. Due to their close proximity to each other, it is impossible to masturbate without the other knowing of their deed. I imagine them agreeing to a pact that allows them to pleasure each other without them admitting feelings for one another. They agree to screw and sleep with each other for bodily pleasure only. Does a romantic relationship form from this? Does one of the women begin to take advantage of the other? These are all possibilities I'd love to talk about!
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The Protest FxF
This is a romance I'm really dying to play out. I'm up for either role, but would prefer to play the traveling student. MC is a student (probably American, but that is negotiable) who is taking her first trip to Europe. She plans on spending a few weeks there (it could be for a university program, or a vacation with or without friends). Whatever the case, MC plans on living life to the fullest while she is there away from her peers and family. She wants to try new things and meet new people. She had lots of rebellious ideas in mind (most of which involving drinking due to the lower age limit), but what she didn't plan on was meeting YC. YC is an avid protestor. She is unemployed, living off of government funding for food and housing. She's a butch lesbian and proud of it. She spends most of her time protesting capitalism, homophobic laws, and anti-drug policies. Her morals are very lenient; she smokes, she sleeps with whatever girl approaches her, and she generally doesn't care what happens around her. MC is touring around the city and she passes by a pro-gay protesting group outside of her hotel. Being quite progressive herself, she likes that people are politically active, but moves on with her day. She passes by the next day and the people are still there. In particular she notices one young woman who seems to be leading the group's chants. MC instantly falls for her. Later that evening she approaches the group and joins in. She speaks to YC (who probably knows some broken English), and the two spend the rest of the day protesting. MC learns that YC is homeless by choice at least presently. She spends the night in tents or sleeping bags to save money to spend on drugs, mostly. YC also falls for the beautiful American. She is perverted and shameless by nature, so she makes this quite clear. YC has been with many women, and she recognizes that MC has feelings for her as well. She uses her European and masculine charm to woo her until the point where MC offers to spend the night on the streets with her and join the protest for the remainder of her trip. YC gladly corrupts the girl, teaching her the ways of the street, drugs, sex, and protesting. What happens when the time comes for MC to leave?
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Below are some of my older plots. I just copy/pasted them to save some time, hence why the set-up is a bit different. Nevertheless, they are still definitely available. Most are not fleshed out as much, but I definitely have loads of ideas for them. If you're interested, feel free to message me about them.

The Assassination Plot FxF
The story could take place in an alternate reality or in modern society. It could be set anywhere between the 80's to 2050. Two women from an underdeveloped country are international terrorists. One of them is a mastermind when it comes to her job, and she has been devising a plan to bomb an entire sky line in order to start a war. Her motives are filled with revenge and hate, and she is determined to complete her task no matter the cost. Her partner in crime is her female lover. She is quiet and beautiful, which is why she is liked by her partner, but she has a lot of doubts about their mission. There will be a lot of drama involving their romance. Will the more conscious partner turn on her lover to try to save the city, or will her lover keep her in line and fill her mind with propaganda? Choices... choices...
The Strength of the Pen FxF
Although bondage is a possibility, the story would be focused mostly on the romance side of things. The story would be set in a modern setting, located in America, and involve and mention a lot of issues that are present today. One of the women would be a middle-aged woman who is a blogger, feminist, and gay rights activist and planner. She is one of the biggest voices in the media, and has been planning and running several gay rights events over the past few years. The other girl is a young student straight out of college with her undergraduate degree. She is extremely poor, unable to find a job, and has a nearly useless major, but she is positive and a big supporter of social rights. She is also a huge fan of the other woman, reading and subscribing to all of her blog posts. She attends one of her events, and, by chance, runs into her and starts up a conversation. The younger girl admires her for her activity in the gay rights scene, her intelligent mind, and her own open sexuality. She even admits that the writer was one of the people that helped convince her to come out of the closet to her family and friends. The older woman finds this younger girl funny, attractive, and playfully naive. They exchange numbers, and decide to meet up the next day during the convention for coffee.  Things hit off quickly as they realize how much in common their views are, and how much they both adore their personalities. The writer has been single for quite some time, breaking up with her last girl friend over personal reasons, and she is quite interested in this young girl. The same can be said for the young, experienced student who worships the courage that the older woman possesses.

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Re: Some Ideas that Need Partners (MxM, MxTG, FxF, FxM)
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2013, 05:37:37 PM »
Added several new plots. Much more to come (some cliche, some otherwise!) Keep checking for updates.

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Re: Visna's Bedroom (Stories for all genders! MxTG, MxM, FxF, Futanari)
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2013, 08:26:25 PM »
Removed a few stories I wasn't interested in any longer and added "The Protest". Really dying to find a partner for this new story.  :-)

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Re: Visna's Bedroom (Stories for all genders! MxTG, MxM, FxF)
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2013, 06:54:23 PM »
Added a few more plots. Much, much more will be added over the course of the next few days. Stay tuned~ Still need a lot of these to be filled!

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Re: Visna's Bedroom (Stories for all genders! MxTG, MxM, FxF)
« Reply #4 on: March 08, 2013, 07:14:18 PM »
Added The Tenant. Dying to do this story!

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Re: Visna's Bedroom (Stories for all genders! MxTG, MxM, FxF)
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2013, 11:04:22 AM »

The teacher takes two, sounds amazing, such a complicated  story, with so much frustration involved.  would love to discus with you.  It may be to complex.  Please contact me when you can.

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Re: Visna's Bedroom (MxTG, FxF)
« Reply #6 on: January 30, 2014, 05:08:27 PM »
Updated with a few stories... Always looking!