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Started by Zaila, January 01, 2013, 02:46:43 PM

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(Before listing these ideas I feel it is important for me to explain something that sets me apart from the majority of people on this site.  I don't play out sexual scenes.  I do like kink, but only in the form of collars, leashes, bondage, and things along those lines.  I don't like the BDSM side of domination, just the control aspect.  If a sexual scene -does- happen, which I understand it's necessary to further the roleplay, I would like it to simply fade to black and fast forward.  Details of pain, restraints used, or anything else relevant to how she would feel afterwards, or marks she acquired, would be discussed through an IM or a PM to make sure I'm adhering to what was done.  If this is a problem for you then I understand, but I still appreciate you checking out my thread.  If not then please feel free to check out the ideas below and tell me if they interest you.

I feel I should also go into what I am seeking here. Despite the fact that I enjoy dominant overtones I am not looking for the dominance that might immediately come to mind: sexual. I see dominance as a mindset, a state of being, not something that leads to a sexual release. I simply like being under someone else's command, and receiving reprimand for not cooperating with those demands. I adore a strong presence, a stern and commanding voice, an intimidating demeanor, and a piercing gaze. Dominance should just naturally exude from someone rather than just existing in the bedroom.) Now onto the plots!


Millioniares and Billionaires- Alright, basically the idea is this. There's a black market organization that only millionaires know about because they're the only ones that can afford it. They contact the organization and request a form that's sent to them. The form contains questions about certain criteria they're looking for in a girl. Eye color, hair color, height, weight, personality, demeanor, nationality, etc. The organization then goes out and looks for a girl that matches that criteria perfectly and takes her to give her to the millionaire with the corresponding form.
(This one would be centered around the organization, but it would ultimately be a one on one)  I have a request for this one already, but I will take one more before labeling the idea as taken.

A Different Kind of Friend- Melania and David (name is subject to change) have been friends since elementary school.  When they were younger they were inseparable and as they grew older they came to depend on the other's company.  David views Melania as a younger sister, someone he wants to protect, but over the last few months something else has been developing.  There are nuances about Melania's personality, subtle submissions, that are alluring to David and it's making him curious about investigating it.  To gauge her reaction, he's been giving her small commands and invading her personal space.  Having received positive reactions,  he's chosen to take it a step further and offer her his collar.  Melania is completely vanilla to the entire concept so David knows he will need to ease her into it and convince her that being his pet will be worthwhile for both of them.


Waking Nightmare- Everywhere you look there is lore pertaining to demons, faeries, ghosts, and anything else supernatural. It tells you not to invoke them, not to try and communicate with them, and definitely not to use a ouija board in an attempt to bring them into the waking plane. Naturally, when you tell someone not to do something, and it's told in so many different sources, it creates a sort of morbid curiosity that needs to be sated or else it becomes overwhelming and impossible to ignore. Jessenia and her friends gave into that morbid curiosity one night and decided to try and communicate with whatever beings were listening. Three girls, including Jessenia, were doing the reading, but the other two felt nothing calling it bogus and fake. Jessenia, however, saw him... Right there in her mind's eye was a dark, mysterious man with jet black hair and piercing, yellow eyes that rooted her to the spot. Inwardly she felt...trapped, targetted, her breath getting short. The girls watched as their friend's eyes widened, staring at something they couldn't see. "Jess? Hey, Jess, you alright?" After a couple more moments of them attempting to make contact with her, she finally snapped from it. "Gotcha," she joked, but it was no joke... She just wanted to assuage her friends and rid them of their worried expressions. They laughed, and she joined in, but in no way did she feel happy or joyful... Something wanted her and she had no idea what would happen now that it made contact.
(I'm looking for someone to play the being she saw. I'm thinking it was attracted to her pure energy and saw her as a prime target for its dark magic. That and something about her was...alluring, I suppose. I would prefer if the player is a para as I can usually get about 6-7 lines per post, more if the person I'm collaborating with types more. Also, you need to have a messenger, either msn or aim, so we can schedule games since I'm going to be going back to school. Any questions, feel free to ask.)

Beautiful Silence- I haven't entirely fleshed this idea out, but the main aspect is that my character will be mute.  Whether it is selective muteness caused by trauma, a defect from birth where the vocal chords never developed, or an effect implemented into the character if she is a creation of some occult user.  I mainly want to use this as an avenue to both stretch and improve my descriptive capabilities and work on introspection for characters.  Given the muteness there won't be any vocal interaction so expressions and body language will be her sole form of communication.  If you're interested feel free to PM me or add me to messenger.  As I said, I don't have ideas for this at this time, but I'm always willing to brainstorm and create original storylines with people.

Modern/Science Fiction

Obedience- What do parents do when they feel like they can do nothing to make their children listen to them? Who do they turn to when they have tried every avenue imaginable and heralded no results? Well, granted they can afford it of course, they turn to the Institute of Behavioral Modification. Zaila's parents had heard about this wonderful facility and a new experiment they were very confident in called "Obedience." They brought Zaila in and in two weeks time the process was complete. Her neural pathways had been rewired to respond to any authoritative pitch in voice. If her father said to jump, she jumped. If her mother said to sing, she sang and so on. This was 16 years ago, Zaila now at a prime age of eighteen, still suffers from the effects of this experiment. Every day is a struggle for her and all she can hope is that no one else knows of the experiment, or her, otherwise her life would immediately be in danger. I look forward to playing with people. Oh, one more thing, please make an effort to make things interesting. I hate being the only one making the effort in an RP.
(Just because this character is forced to listen to commands when given them doesn't mean she's going to be some boring, run of the mill slave.  I play my characters defiant and this is a character I have played on a couple different sites.  I know how to work her "gift" so that no one knows she has it, but she still complies when given no other options.)

The Newest Specimen- (This particular idea will require a GM or a DM to control the setting and environment at all times.  If, after that disclaimer, you're still interested then keep reading!)  A girl goes to sleep one night in her own bed.  The comfort of her covers swaddle her as she submits to the arms of sleep, fully embracing it as it falls over her.  That sleep is deep... so deep... deep enough that she doesn't feel herself being wrested from that comfortable, familiar bed.  Hours later, she wakes up in a white room.  Everything is white... The walls, the ceiling, the bed, the bed frame, the door...everything.  It's blinding and it takes a moment for her to get used to it.  Only then does she look down and realize that her pajamas are gone and have been replaced by a white shift that falls all the way down to her ankles.  It's plain, with absolutely no detail, other than a stitched on #13.  Naturally, the number doesn't make any sense to the girl, but the scientists are already recording her behaviors, monitoring her through the small camera mounted in the back left apex where the wall meets the ceiling until they choose to subject her to the testing.  (I do not want this turning sexual.  I want this to be a horror game rife with twisted visions and experiences that my character endures.  I envision her being turned into something at the end, morphing into something not human and no longer having human characteristics.


Divine Servant- A girl is a servant of a god. She's given tasks to do by him and failure to complete those tasks results in punishments. However, since he's a god, punishments can cover a myriad of areas. Her powers are directly tied to him, as well as her soul, so he can affect her physically as well, take away her speech, movement, muscle function, etc.

Quar (Taken)- There's a race of people called the Quar.  They exist in a walled off society surrounded by mountains that are infused with rare crystals known as Quar crystals, hence their name.  The crystals give off energy signatures that change the composition of the energy signatures of anyone exposed to them for a long period of time so...anyone brought up in this world would be affected.  The result is the females give off a signature that searches for a partner.  Once that partner is found and a link is established, the male can control everything about the female: her abilities, how she moves, how she talks, if she talks at all, etc.  Now, a female doesn't necessarily have to be linked and most of them don't want to be since it damns them to be nothing but servants to their husbands.  The Quar females tend to be fiery and hard-willed because of this.  Generally, a Quar female and a Quar male would know they're meant to be linked if when they touch they feel some kind of...spark.  It could be small or something that causes a convulsion in one of their muscles.  If they ignore that then, eventually, their energies will make them seek out each other so it's best to establish the link immediately.  If someone's interested in this then we can either play out the world or we can play just one on one as the relationship, it's up to you guys!

Historical Fantasy

Eyes Like Daggers- I am absolutely in love with the Tudors series.  This idea is based off the portrayal of Anne Boleyn in the series.  If you haven't followed it, that's perfectly fine since it's a loose base rather than an encompassing one.  My character, Jessamina Du Ponte, is famed for being harsh, icy, headstrong, intelligent, witty, and not tamable.  Many men have tried to win her heart, but she just sees them as boring, typical, and not worth her time.  They woo her, court her, say sweet words...but she doesn't want that.  She wants a confident man and one that can actually make her feel like she's not in power.  As a lady of the court she used to people acquiescing to her and wanting to please her, but she wants someone steadfast and not easily swayed by her wiles or the notion of her position in society.

(Feel free to PM me or reply to this topic if any of these interest you ^_^)





Updated my list with "Eyes Like Daggers" and also categorized the games into emboldened, black headings to make it easier for both the readers and for me when I add a storyline.


I would absolutely love to play Waking Nightmare with you, it really sounds like my kind of thing. I do have MSN messenger (even if it is merged with Skype now) and also YIM and am happy communicating over email any details we need to discuss off-forum. If you like, I can PM for more details.
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I'm actually already doing that one, but I don't mind coming up with an alternate storyline :)  PM me with your messenger details so we can chat or you can add my msn or YIM :)