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Author Topic: The Wanderer, Scottish Lord, and The highb100d (Homestuck) (F looking for M)  (Read 638 times)

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Offline Lady ScytheTopic starter

The Wanderer
(Sorry about that little piece that was here, I am indeed working on this plot line as a book, but also wish to Roleplay it)

Quick Summary: Main character, a 21 year old, fluffy, slightly curly, deep red/brown hair that goes a little bit below mid back. Very pale girl, around 5'11. Her name is Ash. Last name "Dubh". She has a silver nose ring in her right nostril. She has a silver industrial bar in her right ear. She has a tendency to wear large black pearl studs in her pierced ears.

Shit just isnt going the way Ash wanted it to go. Life was supposed to be beautiful. Straight out of high school she was supposed to go to college, be a normal 21 year old girl. But, the harsh reality is that usually life doesn't pan out to the way we so meticulously plan it to go.

Life doesn't hold the same luster. And Ash finds her dreams hold a sacred shimmer. A lustrous light at the end of the tunnel. She finds herself sleeping more. And the funny thing is, her dreams have become more vivid. Full of color. She has become, more aware in her dreams. She KNOWS when she's dreaming now and has begun to manipulate her pseudo-reality dreamscape.

But this has caught the attention of a secret world of slumberous evil. The Dream Demons. Her depression calls to the fiends. They plague her dreams with nightmares, made worse by the vividness.

Then they offer her a tantalizing solution. This door. This door wasnt there before. They tell her that behind it lies an escape. An escape from her harsh reality and her night terrors.

She feels uneasy, that door, so beautiful in it's rustic pale rose finish. Something is wrong with that door. But an escape from her world makes her heady with want, With desperation.

Surely it wouldn't hurt to peek?


Duke Trimasel, was a handsome demon lord. He needed a break in his treasured alchemy and wished to know more about the "mare" demons. They lived a very excitable life, constantly in contact with humans. Or as close as they could get.
He watched as human spirits, the wanderers, became husks of themselves. The mare demons mating possessively with their human partners, stealing the life from them, gorging on their inner depression and despair.
And then he saw HER, glazed eyes, an air of apathy, as she opened the heavily decorated red gates of dream hell. She has the smell of fresh human. No mate. Not even the beginnings of the sick husks that wandered the red pit.
Curiouser and Curiouser.

Scottish Lord

Things couldn't get any more depressing. The boyfriend (of 3 years) she gave her virginity to had dumped her and sent her Back home, when she returned back home she found out her grandpa had died and she wasn't even told about his bad health condition or that his funeral  was already happening , and now she had to go with her grandma to his house and pack up his belongings.

While she was packing stuff in the attic, she comes across a scratched up wooden box next to a painting of an old scottish castle. In the box lies a ring with a large shiny emerald.

It wouldn't hurt just to try it on would it?

She is spiked with demonic rage in an instant as a dark cloud engulfs her, she is thrown back in time, in the middle of a battle between an army of thieves and the Scottish army of lord Alexander, The Lord of all the land she has now been thrown on to.

the highb100d

(While I was away , sick, I began reading this webcomic called Homestuck, I became fascinated, I have since then searched far and wide for omelet to Roleplay Equius to my Aradia)

So basically, I'll be sticking, for the most part, to the plot line of homestuck. With some variations. This will be with alive aradia and alive Equius. I'm looking to make it a LOT of sex and definitely a romance thing.

(This is obviously for someone who has either begun reading homestuck or has read homestuck)

Edit: I'm a writer, so I appreciate those who can respond with what I give. So, I guess what I'm saying I'm looking for someone who can/likes to write a lot.
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Offline Lady ScytheTopic starter

Update really quick.

The Cerulean

Pretty much very similar to the mass effect video games, as a reference. I know many of you don't know of/haven't played, the video games.

>there is an intergalactic council made up of numerous alien species
>my characters species is the ceruleans. They are blue/purple hued creatures, with long silky hair that turns into a glowing/smoky/fiery substance when aroused or angered.
Every female of their species hold gemstone freckles that glow brilliantly when touched. Some have many, while others may have one. My character has hers located, 3 each  In a Graceful curve, under her eyes.
>my character is sort of a prodigy on her home world, although she feels constricted and wants to be free
>when I say prodigy, I mean she has a lot of potential in the ceruleans natural talents (telekinesis, force field, and flying). She has only mastered the first and is still in training/testing out her abilities in the other two.
>not all ceruleans are as strong as others with these abilities.
>a cerulean can be stunned by certain colored lazors that can be shot out through a lazor/ray gun. They can also be contained by things made out of iron
>there are two "cerulean" planets. One planet consisted of their civilized, peaceful world, the other is those they have exiled and criminals. The intergalactic counsel is keeping a steady eye on this criminal hive. A good 25-35% of ceruleans will new duo abusing their powers and turn to evil, or being banished to the criminal planet

So basically, your character would be a captain (he can be human/alien) and he has been commissioned by the council to gather a crew and fight an "enemy", the enemy being the evil ceruleans who are out terrorizing other species, killing, raping, plundering. Pretty much most of society is starting to think poorly of the ceruleans, and are constantly suspicious, so maybe that can be used with your character.

You find my character in a bar, that she visits to take a load off of her studies, you see her use her powers and are instantly curious/suspicious. You wish to interrogate her (more than likely like a prisoner until she gains your trust)
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Offline Lady ScytheTopic starter

I'm thinking of doing a sort of skyrim inspired Roleplay (no we aren't focusing on the characters, plot line of the game)

I was thinking more, that sort of fantasy/time period

Two warriors. One can be whatever sort of medieval race you prefer, mine will be an female elf warrior (very rare in the world this Roleplay is based on)

I'm back and forth over the basic direction I wasn't this to go. I was thinking Among the different plot lines of

1. My character is at battle with your character over some deep seated hatred for each others species
2. My character is in an army and your character is in an opposing one and we base it off of some sort of rivalry
3. My character is on a quest for some sort of power to save her people, that will require her to face a few very strong foes, she meets your character along the way, etc
4. For some reason my character is captured by your character, the general of an army, and there could be some BDSM involved here

But if you have a better plot line you wish to pursue I'm all ears.
I'm looking for a male character who is really dominant, probably has a short temper, and is very possessive. It would start out more than likely as both of our characters hating the other, probably seven exchanging some witty and snarky insults at each other often, and then begrudgingly, with both dragging their feet, they end up in a relationship.
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Offline dale108

CuteEmoGirl, do you have someone to roleplay "The Scottish Lord" with you yet?  If not, I'm interested.